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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-08-22

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Quick Tip

Joel from Solomons writes:

Where can I get drivers for old devices designed for windows 98?

To find drivers for older versions of an operating system the best bet is to try to find the manufacturer’s website and search there. If you cannot find them on the manufacturers website (or the manufacturer isn’t in business anymore) your next best bet is to turn to Google. The best way to search is to include either the manufacturer part number or unique hardware identifying numbers, plus Windows 98 and driver.

For example, Google search:

“hp laserjet 4l” + “driver” + “windows 98″

This will search for HP Laerjet 4L and driver and Windows 98 all in the result. If you just type “HP Laserjet 4L driver Windows 98″ you may get a lot of results that mention HP driver or HP Windows or Laserjet Window,s but not exactlywhat your looking for.

Note: Make sure to run any older driver you may download through a virus scanner first, as some nefarious websites will use the lure of a working driver for an older product to convince someone to bypass this important security step.


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Overwhelmed With Tons Of Paper?

Documents? Receipts? Written Notes? Forms?

If Your Desk Looks Like This...

Then We've Got The Answer You've Been Dreamin' About!

Revolutionary Software Converts ANY Document To Digital!

Easily Re-Create & Edit Any Piece Of Paper On Your Computer!
Even Convert Handwriting To Text!!

Turn a Pile into a File for Only $29.97

How many times have you had something only on paper that needed to be completely retyped, because you didn't have the file on your computer?

How about things you have written down that you've been meaning to type out? Maybe you have a stack of recipes, a journal of poems, notes, a resume, or any other stacks of documents on your desk or in a filing that you keep wanting to get around to typing. You keep putting it off, simply because let's face it - re-typing a document takes time (usually lots of it too).

What about a spreadsheet, flier, form, etc. that you wanted to re-create, but didn't have the saved file on your computer? You know it would take you hours, maybe even days, to recreate the exact replica.

And how about when you get a PDF emailed (or a fax) that needs corrected? Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could make the change yourself? Let's face it - it's not always fun playing "email or fax tag" back and forth for hours or days.

Hang on tight! This is about to BLOW - YOUR - MIND...

I've found something to END all of your document dilemmas (or nightmares)!!

You'll be able to edit and re-create any piece of paper with this program! Scanned images. Faxes. PDFs. Recipes. Magazine & Newspaper Articles. Written Notes. Bank Statements. Medical Forms. Receipts. Fliers. Emails. Research Papers. And More!

That's right, you can transform any piece of paper imaginable into a document that you can edit with just the click of your mouse! All you need is Readiris Pro 12 and a scanner.

Readiris Pro 12 is gonna save you a ton of time and frustration!!!

With this, you won't have think about re-typing ANY piece of paper ever again! Readiris Pro 12 does he work for you!! You'll seriously wonder how you lived for so long without it!

Just look at all the output formats that Readiris Pro 12 can produce from a scanned image or PDF file:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Corel WordPerfect
Open Office
Sun StarOffice & More!!

You gotta check out the video demo below and see how EASY this really is!!


It's incredibly EASY to re-create any piece of paper into an editable document in practically any format!!

Readiris Pro 12 even lets you edit PDF files! Think about how many times you've opened a document in a PDF and weren't able to edit it. With this you'll easily be able to save ANY PDF file as a document (Word, Excel, etc.) and edit any necessary changes.

I'm tellin' ya...this is the software you've been waitin' your entire life for!

So, how's it work? Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Scan your document or open your PDF file
  2. Highlight and select the correct format for each section - ie. text, image, hand writing, even bar codes
  3. Click on "Recognize & Save"

You're done!! Pretty simple stuff. This is so easy that 9-year old son was able to figure it out.

Want it even easier? With the BRAND NEW SmartTasks buttons, you can simply the process to just one click. Nothing could be quicker or easier.

Plus, if you want, you can reconfigure SmartTask to do more specific tasks.

WOW! Now, this is the MOST ACCURATE program like this on the market that I've ever seen too! Just double check your document for any changes that may need to be made, which will only take seconds to edit or correct. Oh, check this out - this can recognize practically any font and 126 languages!!

Check out how Readiris Pro 12 will turn a written note into an MS Word Document:

Check out how a scanned article can easily be changed into a Word document:

Just imagine...being able to free up all of those piles of papers, files, and folders once and for all!

I used to have 3 huge file cabinets full of important documents. What once was a file cabinet full of papers has been turned into files that I store on a flash drive!! Just imagine replacing that ugly filing cabinet with a tiny flash drive...just think of all room you'll save in your office!

Heck, this can even save you tons of hard drive space! How you ask?

Any documents that you scan and save to your computer, are saved as image files. Image files are always gigantic when compared to text files. With this, you can save your scanned file as a new, editable text file and delete the scanned image file. POOF!! Instantly Hard Drive space is saved!

WOW!! And over 10 million sold - so you know THIS has gotta be the best-of-the-best!!

I'm not the only one giving Readiris Pro rave reviews. Just, check out what everyone is saying:

"Free your words from inconvenient paper with Readiris - a professional OCR package capable of doing anything from pulling content from your scanner to converting locked PDFs into editable documents." - PC Format

"Another innovation is the WYSIWYG output which allows you to convert documents in webpages and to re-crate them maintaining the original lay-out." - PC World

"The recognition accuracy and format rendering faithfulness was very good. Faster, less expensive, great accuracy, multiple and mixed language fonts capacity, and very user friendly interface are all factors that result in a strong recommendation for Readiris Pro to any one needing OCR capability." - Blue Chip Magazine

"If you fancy moving closer to the paperless office by moving your printed documents into the digital world, then Readiris pro is the tool to help." - PC Plus

"Readiris Pro is the perfect solution to generate fully searchable PDFs, create web pages in HTML format or generate editable word processor files - all this in a large combination of languages." - PC Answers, June 2003

Outrageous Prices

I am still feeling a little dizzy from hitting my head when I found out our price on these! Readiris Pro 12 is selling for $100 or MORE online - just check out the graphic above - and we've got 'em for just a fraction of the price! Just $29.97 and US shipping is FREE!!

Trust me, you'll be as happy as a tick on a fat dog the first time you use this!

PS - Grab your copy today and get rid of those mounds of files, folders and paperwork...they are a fire hazard after all ;-). Head on over to the site before Thursday when this amazing software goes up to $39.97


Computers 101

Kenneth from NY writes:

Is there a way to change the icon of the new shortcut you pinned to the task bar?

The taskbar makes it simple to quickly bring up any program you need to use frequently, but if you are going to always be seeing the entries on your taskbar you may want to change their icons to something more pleasing to the eye. For whatever reason, the ability to change icons for any program or folder pinned to the taskbar has never been built into the Windows operating system. But like most problems experienced with Windows, there’s a workaround available to bypass the issue. In this case the problem is incredibly easy to overcome, as you only need to unpin the program, change the icon through the desktop, and then re-pin it to the taskbar.

Windows 7 only allows you to change icon files if you are currently logged into the operating system with an administrator account. If you run into an error message while trying to change the icon, navigate to the “Shut Down” option in the “Start” menu and click “Switch User” to switch over to an administrator account.

To get the process started, right-click the icon on the taskbar that you want to change and then select the option labeled “Unpin this program from the taskbar.”

Unpinning a Shortcut

Check to see if you already have the program’s shortcut positioned somewhere on your desktop. If the shortcut isn’t already there, navigate to the program or folder in the “Start” menu. Click and drag the icon over toward the desktop until the “Move to Desktop” option appears underneath the image. Release the mouse button to move the shortcut to the desktop.

Moving Shortcuts to the Desktop

Right-click the shortcut and click the “Properties” option to bring up a new window with another list of options.

Opening Shortcut Properties

Click the “Change Icon” button, which is positioned underneath the “Comment” heading and to the right of the “Open File Location” button.

The Change Icon Button

Scroll through the list of available icon images and click the picture you want to use. Click “OK” to save your selected image. If instead you want to use a custom image saved on your computer, click the “Browse” button and locate the file’s location on your hard drive. Double-click the name of the file to select the icon and then click “OK.”

Keep in mind when using custom images that only files that end in the “.ico” file extension can be used as icons. If you have a GIF or JPEG image you want to use, you will first need to convert it to the ICO format, which can be done by using a free online conversion tool such as ICO Converter or iConvertIcons.

Selecting A New Icon

Click the “Apply” button at the lower-right corner of the window to change the shortcut’s icon to the selected image.

The Apply Button

Right-click the shortcut again after the icon has been successfully changed and select the “Pin to Taskbar” option to return the program to the taskbar.

Pinning to the Taskbar

If you ever want to change the icon again, simply repeat the process of unpinning, modifying the icon file, and then re-pinning.

~ Ty Arthur

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On The Move

Adding Words to the Android Dictionary

Android phones contain an extensive dictionary, but there will still be occasions when a word in a user’s lexicon won’t be recognized. These may be proper names (or improper names), trade terms, or words in languages other than the default language. There are several ways to add words to this dictionary; some more convenient than others. However, as it is with all things Android, the method for each device, model, and version may differ (at least slightly) from others.

In Android 4.0, one quick way is to type the word, and then tap the displayed word in the suggestions that appear above the keyboard, and tap it again to save it to the dictionary.


Read the rest!

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From The Archives

Roger writes:

I have someone I e-mail a lot, and I get tired of opening and closing Outlook. Is there any way to e-mail someone without having to do that?

Hi, Roger!

If you want to e-mail a certain person quickly without opening and closing your e-mail client (such as Gmail or Outlook), there is one way you can do it, and that is by creating an e-mail shortcut for the person on your desktop. It’s easy; here’s how:

Right-click in an empty space on your desktop and on the menu that pops up, highlight New, and then left-click onShortcut.

There's more here!

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Today's Feature

Chuck from OH asks:

I have always wondered what hackers could see on my computer if they ever broke in. Can they see my passwords? My Files? I’d sure appreciate some insight!

Excellent question; and one that I’m sure most people have wondered. The prospect of someone with ill intent having access to everything you store, or do, on your personal computer is a little scary. Just because you aren’t visiting questionable websites or writing anti-government propaganda doesn’t mean you want just anyone to have access to your personal life on such an intimate level. And let’s face it, most of us store a ton of personal information on our pc… whether we mean to or not.

The simple answer to your question is “yes”. Yes to all of it. However, consider the following: Hackers may be seedy individuals, but you may be able to take a little bit of comfort if you consider what most hackers are after. First, hackers generally don’t know you or care anything about your music files or the pictures from your latest parties. Hackers are in the business of attaining information that makes their time and effort worthwhile. Hackers are after your money. Not always, but almost always.

Read the rest of this article here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Wild Horses

Welcome to Wild Horses – a site devoted to information about the wild horses of America and raising awareness to protect them. 

Navigation is straightforward – you’ll find all the links you need featured on the main page. There is a fifteen minute documentary video detailing why the horses need to be protected, what issues they face, how they are removed from public lands by the government, and the impact that removal has on the horses. The video highlights the controversy surrounding the removal of the horses. I found it piqued my interest to learn more about the issue. 

 As you scroll down the site presents other websites about wild horses, which serves as an amazing selection of resources. It took me forever to write this review up because I spent so much time checking out the other sites they highlighted. I would suggest you check out any of the sites that catch your interest – you’ll find non-profit, photography, and informational sites. 

Past most of those you’ll find a section on Dude Ranches and Yoga which features more links to information on the subject. Basically, they teach yoga techniques to help horse handlers communicate with horses. I thought it was an interesting extension of yoga.

While the site itself is a launch pad for other sites all their links center around amazing wild horses, so check it out today and I promise you that you’ll learn a lot about America’s wild horses.!


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One More Big Deal



It’s Sleek. It’s Bright! It’s Unobtrusive!

It’s the Coolest Little TABLETOP / FLASHLIGHT Combo Ever!


We’ve seen a lot of LED lights come through our store over the years, but we all took a shine to this one, and had to offer it to you!


You know it does!

The base almost looks like your mouse and the styling just keeps getting better as you follow the slender neck up to the 12 LED headlamp! YES! 12 Super-Bright LEDs!

Did you notice the ergonomic design of that neck? And those black grips on the front and back? That’s because you can grab this table lamp and use it as a flashlight too!

With such an advanced interplanetary design in your grasp, you just might begin feeling like a Star Trek character as you boldly go where… well, let’s not get carried away!

But you gotta admit, your little in-house Starfleet commander would love one of these on his desk!

At 8 inches tall, it fits perfectly on any desktop without taking up valuable space.

Did we mention that it pivots! It does, up to 180 degrees. It locks into 8 up-or-down positions with just a gentle touch!

So you can set it on your desk and light up your keyboard!

Or angle it down at that paperwork nearby!

Or tilt it up for some ambient light in the room!

It’s your choice!   ISN'T IT GREAT TO HAVE OPTIONS!

The 12 LEDs provide plenty of light and will last 100,000 hours! And they run on only 3 “AA” batteries.

Have you ever been in any of these situations?

You want to set up a corded lamp in a certain spot on you table or desk, only to find that the cord was just a little too short to reach? So you're off hunting for an extension cord?

Or, your surge-protector strip is already so full, that when you go to plug in your new table lamp    the fire department should be put on alert?

Well there are
NO CORDS to limit where you place or take this great lamp!

Put it on the workbench, take it to the basement, set it in the laundry room, take it camping, set it on the nightstand so you can read in bed… you get the idea!

A simple press of the button on the base will provide a great light; and a simple press of this link  will provide a great deal on it!

Today's sale price is only $10.97!!!!

And as always, it ships for FREE within the US!


Monthly Wallpaper

August Wallpaper!

OK, trying something different this month. Due to a crazy schedule, I'm going to do a "best of" wallpaper series this month. These images are our most popular for wallpaper, so enjoy!

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Mesa Arch Sunrise

Late August, Canyonlands National Park, 4:30 AM at the Mesa Arch parking lot. It’s empty! If you’ve never been to Mesa Arch, you might be thinking... (more)

Dead Horse Point Lightning Strike

We had just been out scouting around for new location in nearby Arches National Park and had decided to come back to camp for a break when these thunderstorms really began to pop (late afternoon). By the time we arrived at the Dead Horse Point, I couldn’t get to the overlook fast enough. We scrambled down the sandstone to a spot that I had scouted out the day before and... (more)

Split Rock Moonrise

The day this was created was the day after the full moon, with moonrise coinciding with sunset pretty closely. I knew from checking my compass that the moon would be in a good location, but you can imagine my disappointment when... (more)

It can all be found here:




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