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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-08-27

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Quick Tip

Cheryl from MI asks:

Should I buy those inkjet refills or budget inks?

You want to save some money by buying ink refills? Well, in general, I recommend not using refills.

They are probably OK for printers with ink nozzles that are NOT built into the cartridge (like Canon printers), but I would still be careful. The ink may not be the same quality as what you would get from the manufacturer, and therefore may cause harm to your printer.

If you are using an HP printer, typically the ink nozzle is built into the printer cartridge and is not meant to be run refill after refill. When you replace your ink cartridge, you also replace your old nozzle with a brand new one. This helps keep the print quality good (especially important if you’re trying to print out detailed stuff, like photographs).

Another point to consider is that when you bought your printer, you were probably looking at print quality. Why take a chance on compromising that print quality to save a few bucks?

Those budget ones you get UCE (“Uckie”—unsolicited commercial email) about aren’t that great either. Usually they are made with recycled ink. Better to spring for the factory stuff or a decent generic from your local office supply. I know we all want to save money, but I prefer good quality prints and longer printer life.

I know I’ll probably have tons of e-mail over this from people who refill their cartridges with no trouble – and good for them, by the way – but I get email all the time asking for my opinion.


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We've all heard it or said it before...

"What are you trying to do, heat the ENTIRE neighborhood?"

Whether you're cooling off in the Summer, or warming up in the Winter, you always make sure that all the windows and doors are shut tight. Heating and AC are expensive!

But that's not always enough. In reality, almost any home you go to will have spots of poor insulation that can result in literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of extra heating/cooling bills over the years.

And with Winter just around the corner, you don't want to get left in the cold.

You can prevent that money from floating through the cracks!

With this amazing little device, all you need to do is a quick survey of your house and BAM, you're on the road to a bigger bank account.

It's as simple as checking the surface temperature of the area around your doors and windows. If you're leaking heat, the outside area will be way warmer than it should be.

And with the non-contact thermometer, it's literally just point and click. Utilizing infrared technology, it can calculate the temperature of a surface just by being pointed at it.

If you paid someone to do this for you, it'd cost twenty times as much money and then you have to trust that they're not just gonna gouge you anyway and pressure you to replace ALL your windows. It happens a lot more than you might think.

It's YOUR home and you should know every nook and cranny.

There's never been an easier way to save so much money.

That's not all it's great for though. You're gonna get SO MUCH use out of this.

Love to Cook? Sometimes a normal thermometer won't cut it. Especially if you like cooking with liquids or especially soft products. This is a must-have for any baker or anyone who makes confections. Make the perfect treats for your holiday parties!

Car Troubles? Overheating can be a serious problem. And if your gauges aren't giving the proper readings, you might be in for a dangerous surprise. Pop the hood open and point your infrared thermometer at the engine. It's that easy, and you might prevent a disaster!

Stay in the Know! These are just a few examples of what you could do with this incredibly versatile device. Possibilities are endless, and you'll be surprised at how much you can learn about potential problems or dangers just by getting the temperature.

Never get burned again.

This is just one of those no-brainer tools that everyone needs. Unless you live in a bomb shelter, I can almost guarantee that this device will set you up to save some serious cash.

And with the ridiculously low price for this tool, you'll be probably profiting from it by the end of the first week of November. For only $23.97 with FREE US SHIPPING, you can save hundreds or thousands by keeping your heating or cooling INSIDE the house.

PS - These things are HOT and they're gonna go fast. Don't leave yourself vulnerable to the elements, because on Monday  they're going up to $29.97. You know, assuming there's any left.


Computers 101

How to Stop Low Disk Space Warning

Are you getting one of these annoying popups telling you that you have low disk space? This message can be helpful if you don’t know you’re reaching the capacity limit, but sometimes you’re aware of what you’re doing and don’t need a reminder.

So, how do you stop these popups?

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On The Move

O! Market for Windows Phones

There are over 50,000 apps for Windows Phones, compared to hundreds of thousands of iPhone and Android apps. However, quantity doesn’t imply quality, and sifting through thousands of apps is quite an uphill task. Now, how are you going to sift through thousands of apps? Here is where it’s an advantage that Windows phone apps are fewer to deal with.

…but then again, sifting through 50,000 apps can also be quite a task.

Get the scoop here!

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From The Archives

Open File Location in Task Manager

Curiosity usually gets the best of me, and in the realm of computers that’s especially true. Say, for example, when my computer’s running extra slow – I usually open up Task Manager to see what’s up. I hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Ctrl+Shift+Escor right-click on my task bar to start the Task Manager, and in seconds I’m looking at what’s gobbling up my precious processing power.

So, I know what’s eating up my resources, but where’s the culprit hiding, exactly?

It's easy! Go here to find out how!

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Today's Feature

We need your help! Have you always wanted to know how something works in the tech world, but never asked? Now's your chance! Email Tim at with your questions and be a part of our "I've Always Wanted To Know..." tip segment!


I’ve Always Wanted To Know:
How does a GPS work?


GPS or Global Positioning System, is a group of 24 satellites that are in high earth orbit which are used with a GPS receiver to show your location on the planet. The system was completed in 1994 and today you can find handheld GPS units, car mounted units, cell phone GPS and even cameras with built in GPS functionality. How does it work though?

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Amanda's Coolsite


Summer is winding down here in Ohio. The incredible heat has dissipated and it’s starting to feel like fall with clear blue skies or rain and much cooler temperatures. Things may be cooling off here, but my roommate is about to head off to Florida to visit her mom for a week, so there are plenty of summer opportunities left for her. She asked what I wanted her to bring back for me, and I suggested she bring me seashells if she and her mom hit the beach during her stay.One of my projects this summer was to identify and sort the shells we already have and I accomplished it, but now I’m out of shells!I

I used this site to help me identify the shells we had.  My favorite shells are the sea urchin spines we have. They are lovely dark purple with white rings around one end.  To get help identifying shells use the navigation strip across the top of the page and click Identifying. Then select the type of shell you want help with. Or if you don’t know what kind you have look at all of them till you find a match. 

You’ll find three other  sections on the navigation strip: 

Beachcombing – this section explains what beachcombing is.

Cleaning and Preserving – Here you’ll find tips on how to clean and preserve your seashell finds, as well as sealife finds (sand dollars, sea urchins, star fish, etc.).  

What to Do With Your Finds – this section gives you ideas of what you can do with the the shells you’ve found, cleaned, and preserved. 

I hope this site helps you identify, clean, and preserve your amazing beach finds! Check it out today!


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One More Big Deal

MP3 Player

There's a ton of portable media devices out there, and they're pretty much all for just music or just video. You've got one for your music, one for videos, an e-Book reader, maybe a camera nearby, and even a portable radio of some sort, too.

Can you imagine carrying all of that around all the time? Talk about weighing yourself down.

You need to consolidate all that into one tiny, hand-held miracle. And we've got JUST the thing.

Get ready to empty your pockets, because this MP3 player is going to replace pretty much EVERYTHING you're used to carrying.

First off, it's a 3" touchscreen display. That means easy-to-use and the sleekest design out there. No giant panels covered in twenty different buttons. With that touchscreen you have access to ALL the cool features it comes with.

Smooth simplicity.

MP3 Music Player!

As you would expect with any MP3 player, this thing can store so much music for you and playing it back is easy. It supports pretty much any audio file you'll have, from MP3 to WMA.

You don't even need headphones to enjoy your music. The built-in speakers let you share your tunes with anyone.

The standard device stores up to 4GB. And if that's not enough, you can pop in a microSD card of up to 8GB to expand that to a whopping 12GB of storage!

That's a lot of music, pictures, or video.

Prefer the radio? No problem! Just press the radio button and find a station! Pop on the included headphones and enjoy your personal pocket radio.

Plus, the record button lets you record your favorite broadcast to listen to whenever you want!

Doing everything never looked so easy.

Photos and Videos!

With a 5MP built-in camera, you'll ALWAYS be ready to take the perfect picture. It even comes with some special you can use!

Or maybe you want to record some video? Easy! You can record up to 25 HOURS of videos. And it comes with cool effects like sepia or black and white for your recording!

It even PLAYS videos. Show off your own recordings, or transfer videos from your PC to watch wherever you go. Supporting AVI, MP4, and FLV, whatever video you have, you can probably bring it with you.

It's a webcam too! Seriously, this thing does it all. Hook it up to your PC and activate the webcam mode and you've got yourself one little do-it-all device that'll have your socks blown off.

No need for a bulky camera or webcam ever again.

Extra Features!

We aren't even done yet! This baby is packed FULL of useful or fun extras that'll blow you away.

Pocket Library - With an eBook and TXT reader, you can bring a bookshelf worth of reading material with you.

Voice Recorder - Record notes or important information at the touch of a button! Make sure you never forget anything again.

Tools and Toys - You've got a calculator, stopwatch, calendar, notebook, and even a minesweeper game! It's infinite entertainment.

Accessories - With the included headphones, you'll save money and effort from not having to buy anything extra. You'll get tons of use out of the USB 2.0 cable getting all your favorite music and videos onto the Ematic MP3 player.

Heck, it even comes with its own cleaning cloth so your touchscreen stays as pristine as when you first got it.

Free software! Take advantage of Arcsoft's incredible MediaImpression 2 program to organize and edit your media on your PC. Also included is Ematic's own video conversion software to make sure your videos will play on your amazing new MP3 device.

This MP3 player does it all! It's honestly kind of insulting to call it just an MP3 player. How do they even fit all those features in a device this small?

The only thing this WON'T empty your pockets of is your money. At the incredibly low price of $32.97 with FREE US SHIPPING, you can have it all, right in your hands.

PS - Your pockets are gonna be so depressed (mostly from all the weight they'll be holding) if you miss this deal. Grab one before Monday or the price'll be up to $42.97



Monthly Wallpaper

August Wallpaper!

OK, trying something different this month. Due to a crazy schedule, I'm going to do a "best of" wallpaper series this month. These images are our most popular for wallpaper, so enjoy!

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Mesa Arch Sunrise

Late August, Canyonlands National Park, 4:30 AM at the Mesa Arch parking lot. It’s empty! If you’ve never been to Mesa Arch, you might be thinking... (more)

Dead Horse Point Lightning Strike

We had just been out scouting around for new location in nearby Arches National Park and had decided to come back to camp for a break when these thunderstorms really began to pop (late afternoon). By the time we arrived at the Dead Horse Point, I couldn’t get to the overlook fast enough. We scrambled down the sandstone to a spot that I had scouted out the day before and... (more)

Split Rock Moonrise

The day this was created was the day after the full moon, with moonrise coinciding with sunset pretty closely. I knew from checking my compass that the moon would be in a good location, but you can imagine my disappointment when... (more)

It can all be found here:




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