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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-09-14

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Quick Tip

Bing in Different Countries

So, say you want to view search results from a different part of the world – what’s the simplest way? Well, if you’re using Microsoft’s Bing search engine the answer is easier than you think! Follow along, and I’ll show you how to change it so you can search country-specific results!

First, browse over to In the upper right-hand corner you’ll see the option to sign in. Near that, you’ll also see United States (or the country in which you currently reside). Click on it.

On the resulting page, you’ll see a host of different countries to choose from. Simply select the one which you’d like to use as a search platform. I chose Japan.

When Bing redirects you back to the main page, you’ll notice that the background image has changed to reflect the country you’re searching in. Now, perform a search and check out the results. They should all be relevant to your chosen country!

To go back to your native country’s search platform, first click English, which is located in the upper-right, then click the country name to select your home country again. 

Let’s hear it for country jumpin’!


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Stop Fumbling With Your Phone!

Make It 100% Accessible At ALL Times

Flexible, Versatile Mounting For Almost ANY Device

Right In Your Car!

Phones, GPS, ANYTHING! Right Where You Need It

You'll Clap for These Clamps

Universal Perfection Like This...

Definitely Doesn't Come In a Standard Model!

Your Car Is About to Get Upgraded!

Let Me Hold That for You, Sir!

Aren't we all tired of fumbling for our phones in the car? It's annoying, it's frustrating, and above all, it's DANGEROUS! It's no surprise that phones are one of the leading distractions that can cause serious car accidents.

Until now, your only options were really to just put up with digging for your phone or leaving it out somewhere, maybe on the passenger seat. That's risky, though. Ever had someone sit on your phone? Or a sudden stop can send it crashing into your dashboard... that's an expensive mistake.

It's time for a REAL solution to get our phone in a ready-to-reach spot without letting it flop around the car.

With the Grip-It All mount, you're going to have full access to your phone at all times. Finally!

How's it work? Easy, that's how! Just use the adjustable clamp arms to grab on tightly to your phone. That phone won't be moving at all. Wanna talk about a wide grasp? This thing'll hold anything up to 4.25" wide. Wow!

You'll feel like you had a phone installed directly into your car!

Those clamps are padded, too. Your devices are going to feel real comfortable and secure. No scratches and no phones flying through your car.

No more hunting around for the specific (and definitely overpriced) mount designed EXCLUSIVELY for your model.

Two Ways to Mount - A versatile suction cup allows you to get your mount exactly at the height you want it for the easiest viewing possible. A quick-release lever gives you the ability to effortlessly remove the mount.

Or if you prefer, the included vent mount makes a great alternative for keeping your devices right where you need them.

Flexible Pedestal - Is there any part of this thing that ISN'T adjustable? Full control gives you your phone in the perfect position.

Truly Universal - Don't be fooled, phones are great but these clamps were made for holdin' and they work on ANYTHING that fits. GPS, MP3 players... if you need it in the car, this mount is on the job.

That means whenever you upgrade to new devices for your car, you can be sure to have a little helping hand from the Grip-It All.

Why constantly rebuy the expensive and limited car mounts for each device when you only need one?

The Grip-It All protects your devices, which means it protects you. It's never good when you drop your phone in the car, but it can be REALLY bad. Saving yourself from phone fumbling is just a clip away with this incredible mount. And its only $16.97 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. Wow!

PS - We won't be able to hold onto these forever. If there are any left, these are going up to $24.97 on Saturday so don't miss out!


Computers 101

K.Vee.Shanker. from India writes:

The option for displaying desktop wallpaper is absent in Windows 7 starter. Is there any way I can still display wallpapers in my system?

There are six different editions of Windows 7 currently available, though not all versions are available for retail sale. Although most editions of Windows 7 offer many of the same features, Windows 7 Starter is a barebones version of the OS that may be too limited for some users.

Windows 7 Starter is typically only found on netbooks and smaller laptop computers. The mindset behind the starter edition is that it offers a low-cost option for manufacturers to preinstall on netbooks, which are computers specifically designed for Internet browsing, word processing and other basic tasks. These computers have less powerful processors and may not come with as much memory as more powerful computers. Because Windows 7 Starter is less feature-rich and requires less memory and processing speed, it is a perfect match for these computers.

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On The Move

How to Use a Portable GPS System

A Portable GPS system can be used in many ways, and is a great tool to own. For example, you can use a GPS tracking device in your vehicle to help you find your way while you are driving to a new location. You can also use it on a boat when you are fishing, if you are taking a long bike ride, or going on a hike. Using a GPS system, you will never get lost again.

You can also use a portable GPS system as a tracking device. For example, if you have an expensive motorcycle, you can put a GPS tracking device on it so you will be able to track it if it gets stolen. Many business owners use tracking devices on their company trucks so they can keep up with their employees and know where they are driving.

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From The Archives The Quickstarter Option

If you access programs frequently then it may be worth the bit of extra memory used to put the Quickstarter in your system tray at start up.

Basically what you’d see when you start your computer is the logo in the tray.

Right-click on the icon and you’ll be given a pretty direct menu of choices.

Your solution is here!

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!


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Amanda's Coolsite

Dog Shaming

Do you have a dog? Has your dog ever gotten into something they shouldn’t have? Destroyed something they shouldn’t have? As an owner of two dogs who often misbehave and do ridiculous things, this site is really my cup of tea. Dog Shaming is a hilarious site where people submit photos of their dogs with hand written signs that describe their wrongdoings. 

Navigation is easy! Just scroll down the page, and then use the Next Page or Previous to go back and forth between newer and older entries. Warning: you may lose track of time while laughing at these dogs, don’t look at this site when you have deadlines to meet! Also because of the occasional strong language I don’t recommend this site for kids, but I think any adult who owns a dog will love it! 

I miss my dog Braeden (he died a few years ago) but he would have been a prime candidate for this site. He destroyed two dog beds, chewed a door and a chair, and would sneak sips of coffee if it was left unattended. Dulcie, our Shih Tzu, is trying to beat his record by licking the back of the couch, trying to chew metal, and stealing catnip toys. If I can catch her in the act or directly after I might just snap a photo and submit her to the site.

Do you have a dog you’d like to submit? Just click the Submit Dog for Public Shaming button and then read the guidelines. If your photo fits the bill, click the choose file button, select the image from your hard drive, and then click open to attach it. Write a caption for the picture in the text box, select which tag it would go under (dog shaming or bad dog, or both!) and click Submit!

What are you waiting for? Go check out Dog Shaming and have a laugh!


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One More Big Deal

What an Awesome Wireless 3D Optical Mouse!

Stop Fighting With #$!%# Cords!

Even Save Battery Power!!!


Yes, it's WIRELESS, but you get an Ingenious Back-Up Retractable USB Cable Included! We'll explain in a minute!

Perfect For Both Desktops and Laptops!

WOW! Best Mouse You'll Ever Own!

Limited Quantity Available!!

Sick and tired of all those pesky wires on your desktop? Me too! Well, grab this mouse today and help unclutter that rat's nest of wires! You'll wonder why you kept that old, annoying wired mouse for so long!

Here's the exciting part about this one!
You know what the number one problem is with wireless mice?The stupid batteries ALWAYS die at the worst possible time! I hate that! Having a wireless mouse is fantastic, until it's late, you need to finish something up, your mouse is belly-up, and there's no "AA" batteries to be found. Well, these guys thought of that and created a backup plan - this has a retractable USB cord that you can plug in!

You read that right! Next time your batteries die, just pull out the retractable cable and plug into any free USB port and get right back at it! FINALLY - someone designed a wireless mouse with a brilliant backup plan! When you get new batteries, just retract the cord and you'll never know it's there!

With that said, the above problem is gonna be rare for you because this guy is a big-time battery saver! When this mouse is not in use, it will actually turn off, saving you tons of battery juice! Replacing the batteries will no longer be a weekly ordeal - these batteries you will you a LONG time!

In addition, this mouse uses amazing optical technology! You know what I hate about regular "ball" mice- they collect dirt and dust. Do you remember always having to dig out a Q-tip, take apart the mouse, and delicately clean out that area so it would "roll" correctly? DO you still do that?? Not with this guy - no cleaning necessary!

Now so far this mouse is sounding pretty awesome- but you gotta check this out too!
This mouse has a fantastic three button design with a scroll wheel that acts as the third button! This type of design really provides the fastest, most proficient navigating ever! It's like driving a Lamborghini down the information super highway!

Plus, this mouse is extremely comfortable on your hand! You'll be able to use it for hours and never have to worry about your hand cramping or being uncomfortable! Oh, and talk about great quality! Last time we featured this, we got TONS of comments about the amazing quality of this mouse - it feels solid in your hand like it was really built to last! I like it so much I replaced my Logitech mouse with it - I absolutely love the quality and the optional cord has been a life-saver! Wait till you get your hand on it :-)

Think setting up a new mouse is going to be a pain? With this mouse you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it is truly plug and play. There is nothing to install! Just make sure the mouse has two working AA batteries, plug in the USB receiver, and you are all set! It really couldn't get more easy!

And your cost is unbeatable! Get this sweet mouse for just
$14.97 and US shipping is FREE! Try it for a few days and you'll agree it's worth 3X that much! Hey, and if you don't love it, send it back to me within 2 months and I'll give you a refund! Nothing to lose - treat yourself to this amazing mouse today!

PS: This mouse is sooo cool! Once you try it, you are going to wonder what you did without it!


Monthly Wallpaper

September Wallpaper Is Ready!

It's that time again - time to dress up your monitor with some brand spankin' new wallpaper!

Big Sable Lighthouse At Twilight

Finally got it! This shot was literally 2 years, 5 hikes, and two separate trips in the making – but I was finally - finally - able to pull it off June 2012! My son Grant and I had been to Ludington State Park the year before and stayed several days in an attempt to get a good shot of the Big Sable Lighthouse – and we failed. Every evening we’d ...(More)

Three Irritated Little Owlets

Think they had enough of me? Sure looks like it from the photo! These little bundles of joy were photographed in Cape Coral FL in early summer. And, in reality, they were pretty happy with me for the most part – I think I just caught them at a...


Roaring Fork Rush

This image was captured on a trip to the Smoky Mountains that featured a LOT of excess water. Normally, Roaring Fork isn’t all that robust, but this time is was really flowing with some serious enthusiasm. So, we started hiking upstream looking for compositions. We skirted the bank for as long as we could, and….. (More)

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~ Steve


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