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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-09-18

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Quick Tip

Locate Mouse Pointer

Have you ever lost your mouse pointer? I wouldn’t blame you with today’s content-rich websites and new-fangled programs with complex interfaces. It just happens, but thankfully Windows has a neat little feature that’ll locate your mouse pointer with a simple keystroke.

Let’s learn how!

For Windows XP and Vista: Start>Control Panel>Mouse.

Windows 7 users: simply click Start and in the Search Box type “Mouse Pointer”, and in the results click “Change how the mouse pointer looks

In the resulting window, make sure you’re under the Pointer Options tab and put a check next to “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key”.


Now whenever you press the CTRL key a locator ring will draw your attention to wherever your pointer is at!




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Remember the old saying, "Too Much of a Good Thing…"?

You could have too much light in your yard!

Stop blinding yourself, and waking up your neighbors whenever you need to see out at night!

Sure, there may be plenty of occasions when you need your flood lights to, well, flood your yard with light! BUT NOT ALWAYS!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a softer light that offers protection and the ability to see all night long without making the neighbors squint!


This SOLAR, LED LIGHT is the perfect soft light alternative!

Haven't we all had at least one of these experiences...

The dog needs out at 2 o’clock in the morning! You realize you left the shed doors open just as your heading to sleep! Or you wish you could lounge on the deck with enough light to read, but not so much that it looks like it's daytime!

This light provides that perfect amount of soft light!

AND it’s Solar-Powered and Automatic! At dusk the sensor turns on the light and at dawn it turns it back off. All through the day it recharges itself for the next night! CAN YOU SAY ECO-FRIENDLY?

There is no hard wiring needed! It is fully portable to any location!

In fact, you can simply CLIP this guy to your gutter wherever you need the light! A giant, heavy-duty, spring-loaded metal clip is provided so you position it anywhere.

Don’t worry about scratching up any surfaces with this clip – it’s got rugged rubber caps to prevent damage!


And don’t worry about the weather – it’s resistant to it! You’ll have endless nights of soft light come rain or shine!

Besides hanging from the gutter, this light is perfect for over entry ways, on decks and patios or farther out in those dark corners of your yard.

You can even bend the metal arm on the clip to adjust the angle of the light! Once it’s set up, forget about it! The sun will do the rest!

If you want enough light to see where you're going, and to make yourself feel a little more secure, this might be just what you've been looking for!

Today's deal for this guy is a mere $14.97!

And shipping in the US is absolutely FREE!


Computers 101

Gmail – Delete ‘Em All

I work for Worldstart, and I get a LOT of e-mail. We’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of messages – all of which Gmail keeps in one place or another for me to access at any time.

So, when I finally go in to do a little spring cleaning, I’m met with a nightmare. I select all and delete…

…100 messages at a time…

But I’ve found a way to delete ALL my old, useless messages all at once, so I thought I’d share.

In Gmail, make sure you’re in the folder which you’d like to delete all your messages, (spam, trash, etc.) and click the box shown in the image below…

…and click All – this will select all the messages on screen.

Now, notice that at the top of your inbox there’s a message that says “All 100 conversations on this page are selected.”and next to it a link that says “Select all XXXX conversations in (insert folder name here)”

Click it to select ALL messages in that folder.

…and then click the trash can icon to delete.


Note: Make sure you’re ready to permanently delete these messages – otherwise you’re going to be one unhappy camper!


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On The Move

Flashlight LED Genius App

If you have an Android phone, you already might have a preloaded LED Flashlight app. However, you might find it difficult to even find it, because it’s not in the main apps. This is because it comes as a widget which you have to enable. And then, sometimes, it’s buggy at best and doesn’t work consistently – like the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

So let’s hit the marketplace!

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From The Archives

Easy Auto Correct Additions

I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of words that I just can’t seem to type correctly… whether it’s my inability to hit the keys correctly or a simple brain-block of the correct spelling… there are just certain words that always end up underlined with that little ugly red squiggle line.

It’s definitely frustrating!

And what seems to make it worse is that there’s so much Word’s AutoCorrect will fix and yet not the one or two quirks that I have.

I could spend the time adding them to the AutoCorrect but you and I both know that when I open the AutoCorrect dialog box I’ll never remember everything. The logical conclusion is that I’ll spend a lot of time going in and out of the AutoCorrect dialog box to add them as they come up.

Or will I?


Check it out here!

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Today's Feature

Bulk Watermark Tool - Add Watermarks To Your Photos

There was a time when watermarks, (text on an image that usually says who made it or that it’s copywritten) were reserved for wedding photo sample books because the only way to copy a photo was to go to a professional photo lab.

The digital photography revolution changed all of that.

So how do you let people know your images were taken by you and are copyrighted when you want to share photos with friends via e-mail or Facebook? 

Until now I’ve been doing it the hard way: open an image I want to post in an image editing program… make a new text box… type in my text… save my image… repeat the same process over and over for every image I wanted to upload. Eventually I got lazy and just stopped adding it… and now people can use my images without giving any credit to me.

Until now! Bulk Watermark Tool is a fantastic application which lets you add a text watermark to all the images in an entire directory with a few simple button clicks.

Get this handy tool here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Mars Panoramas

I’m still obsessed with Mars and the Curiosity mission, so when I found another great full color panorama site of the previous mission, Opportunity I wanted to share it with you. Then when I arrived they also had a new full color panorama from Curiosity on Mars!

I’ll be honest I clicked the link to head over to the new panorama from Curiosity first – but no matter which one you start with navigation is the same. Click the full screen button and then use your mouse to change the viewpoint. You can mouse up, down, right, and left, as well as use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. 

I also suggest reading about Mars Panorama where you can learn about the missions and why the images are captured in false color. 

Another great set of panoramas that allow you to explore Mars from home! Check it out today!


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One More Big Deal


Stop being caught in the dark with no light and no directions!

This is a SUPER-BRIGHT LED Light AND Compass that Clips Anywhere!

No more fumbling to unlock your door - EVER! You can't imagine how bright this tiny LED light is - it is ultra-bright!! You'll have light available anytime, anywhere!

This baby is super handy to keep on your person as an all purpose flashlight - it's that bright!!! It could be a lifesaver! Whether you are walking to your vehicle in the dark, lookin' for that money that you dropped, or trying to unlock your house door - it's ideal!

It's small enough to hook anywhere! Clip it on your backpack, your purse strap, your belt loop, or carry in your pocket! If you're in a power outage it is certainly safer than an open flame from a candle!

Plus -- this LED light will last A LONG TIME- you could leave it on for 10 years straight...and it would still be going strong!!! Talk about reliable!!

Do you go camping? Hiking? Forget where you parked your car at the grocery store? (Sorry, can't help on that last one!) This is the perfect companion for you outdoors types! The liquid-filled compass is conveniently right there with the light!

Did you catch that? It is a liquid filled compass? What does that mean? It means it's not some cheapy gizmo that they just stuck onto this clip! The fluid protects against excessive swing or woble of the magnetized needle, reduces wear, and improves readability! It means quality!

The fastener is not on the cheap either! It's an aluminum carabiner-style clip!

This isn't just a stylish accessory - it's a functioning tool! One you should have with you at all times!

And did you notice the manufacturer? eGear... a company synonymous with quality energy-efficient survival equipment!

Now here's the best part - THE PRICE! Today we're offering this little guy for only $4.97

You read that right! You can get one for only $4.97! At this price you may want to get more than one!

And never forget that the shipping is absolutely FREE in the US on orders totalling $5 or more!

NOTE: Colors may vary.


Monthly Wallpaper

September Wallpaper Is Ready!

It's that time again - time to dress up your monitor with some brand spankin' new wallpaper!

Big Sable Lighthouse At Twilight

Finally got it! This shot was literally 2 years, 5 hikes, and two separate trips in the making – but I was finally - finally - able to pull it off June 2012! My son Grant and I had been to Ludington State Park the year before and stayed several days in an attempt to get a good shot of the Big Sable Lighthouse – and we failed. Every evening we’d ...(More)

Three Irritated Little Owlets

Think they had enough of me? Sure looks like it from the photo! These little bundles of joy were photographed in Cape Coral FL in early summer. And, in reality, they were pretty happy with me for the most part – I think I just caught them at a...


Roaring Fork Rush

This image was captured on a trip to the Smoky Mountains that featured a LOT of excess water. Normally, Roaring Fork isn’t all that robust, but this time is was really flowing with some serious enthusiasm. So, we started hiking upstream looking for compositions. We skirted the bank for as long as we could, and….. (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:


~ Steve


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