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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-09-21

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Quick Tip

In The News 09-21-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

iPhone 5

Say Hello To 5

It may be true that Apple pops up a lot in these articles, but when it comes to news in technology Apple tends to make the biggest splash!

Apple made their most recent big move earlier this month by announcing the new iPhone 5.  The mobile device boasts features such as a new 4-inch retina display screen, an updated A6 processor chip, a brand new (and smaller) dock/USB connector, and probably the most exciting feature for most consumers – 4G LTE connectivity.  The new features, especially 4G and a larger screen, help the iPhone 5 to catch up to many other smartphones on the market.  Apple consumers are fiercely loyal and will continue to buy Apple, but these new updates help to reduce some of the criticisms recent iPhones have received.

Online pre-ordering for the iPhone 5 began last week and the phone will be available in stores starting Friday (9/21/2012), guaranteeing massive lines at Apple stores nationwide.  Sales have already surpassed the projected estimates of experts, who were already bullish on the new phone.  New sales reached 2 million in the first 24 hours, more than doubling the sales numbers of the iPhone 4S in its first 24 hours.  Record numbers of pre-orders were also reached by AT&T.

Not everything is 100% for some customers, however.  Because of the new dock connector iPhone users will have to purchase a new adapter if they want to connect the 5 to existing Apple and iPhone accessories.  In case you’re wondering, the Apple version of that adapter comes in at $30 per adapter, or $39 if you want a cord attached.  Ouch.


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Drowning In A Sea Of Paperwork?

Amazing Breakthrough Saves YOUR Day!

Revolutionary New Software!

Effortlessly Turn Any Piece Of Paper...

Into A Document You Can EDIT On Your PC!!

Documents - Forms -  Receipts - ANYTHING

Your Paper Mess Instantly Becomes A Digital Bliss

"For Dummies" Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need to Know...

In a Quick and Easy Guide

FREE BONUS Electronic Filing Cabinet Software!!

Let's face it - we all have paperwork. Bills, notes, spreadsheets, fliers, a resume, journals, secret family recipes, receipts, magazine articles, tax returns, legal documents - the list goes on forever!

And it's all just sitting there useless... on PAPER! ARRGH!

Paper is SOOO last century!

Think about it...

  • Have you ever retyped an entire document just to make some easy change?
  • Ever had to fill out a form - by hand?
  • Maybe need to make a change to a Fax or PDF document?

We've heard your cries for HELP - and we've come to the RESCUE!


NOW if you can scan a piece of paper, you can turn almost ANYTHING into a document file that you can edit on your PC!

What used to take DAYS takes only MINUTES! WOW!

And if you think this already sounds too crazy, don't worry: "Going Paperless For Dummies" is going to give you the step-by-step know-how to make sure that your friends call YOU the expert.

Think of almost any document you've ever had: Paper bank statements, fliers, receipts, e-mails, medical forms, research papers, magazine or newspaper articles, even scanned images and PDFs - the list goes on and on... all of these can be on your computer - and totally editable - with just the press of a few buttons.

That means you can share, edit, or just enjoy them on your favorite laptop or desktop PC.

This is no fairy tale, the days of being overwhelmed with paper are OVER, we can finally take back control of our desks and filing cabinets. All you need is Going Paperless For Dummies and you're ready to live life on easy street.

You don't have to believe me, though, just watch this video and you'll be shocked at how easy this really is!

Going Paperless for Dummies gives you full control over your documents! You can even edit PDF files! That's right, no more uneditable PDF files... all you have to do is convert it and you're ready to fix or change anything you want.

Turning your documents into usable files takes only moments. It's this easy:

1. Scan your document or open the file on your PC

2. Highlight and select the correct format for each section - whether it be text, image, or even BAR CODES!

3. Click on the Recognize & Save button

That's it.

You're done.

How much EASIER could it possibly get?

Now you'll never have to deal with those annoying documents that you have laying all around the office or home. It's PERFECT!

And as far as OCR (or optical character recognition) programs go, this thing is powered by some of the BEST the cutting-edge technology for near perfect recognition!

 The time you spend making little edits to your scanned files is going to be a FRACTION of the time you'd spend just RETYPING them onto your PC.

Take a look at how accurately this article is recognized and converted into editable text!

If you're anything like me, you probably have a filing cabinet SOMEWHERE with a bunch of papers and forms that you wish you could make more manageable.

Well, after grabbing this software, I was able to turn my entire filing cabinet into PC files that fit on a flash drive. I was AMAZED at how quick, easy, and CONVENIENT this whole software is.

Just imagine a world without paper... it's pretty peaceful - ohh and look at all the room you freed up in your home!

Oh, how about a FREE BONUS PROGRAM!!

That's right, when you order Going Paperless for Dummies, you're going to get a FREE copy of Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies. When it comes to organization, this program is your life preserver.

Normally you'd have to buy this individually, but now you can get this $50 value at NO EXTRA COST! YES!

Just look at how extensively you can organize ALL your important financial details:

Every tax file, every bill, ANYTHING you need to manage and keep tidy on your PC is going to fit right into this software where you can organize it how YOU need it. No more hunting for your tax return files from two years ago, and no more trying to figure out what month some random form you found on your computer is from.

This is PERFECT for your home or even your small business. Losing important documents can be a SERIOUS issue! Peace of mind is only a click away with this amazing FREE program.

There's only one thing more shocking than how useful this software really is: the price. We took a look around to see how the competition was GOUGING customers, and it was just what we expected. Look at these PAINFUL PRICES they're trying to sell this for:

We've got the EXACT same software at the kind of price you've come to expect from WorldStart. Paper messes can become digital bliss (then neatly organized in your free bonus software) for the INCREDIBLE price of only $22.97 with FREE U.S. SHIPPING! YEAH!!

You won't find another kind of software that helps make life THIS enjoyable.

PS - Software like this doesn't come around every day. Missing out on this deal would be the mistake of a century, so grab your copy before Monday when the price goes back to $29.97 !


Computers 101

Ron from NC writes:

I’m a little confused – I bought a new computer last year with Windows 7 already installed. After a couple of rough spots, I’ve grown to really like it, but now they are coming out with Windows 8! So, if I just want to keep 7 and not mess with 8, is there anything I have to do, or can I just keep on with 7 and not upgrade?

…and will these upgrades ever stop? 

Great question! A lot of people are in the same boat and wondering can they keep using Windows 7? Do they need to upgrade to 8? Will they still get software patches and fixes for Windows 7?

The good news is that Windows 7 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Microsoft has traditionally offered long support cycles – for businesses especially, due to corporate customers needing guaranteed support for 3-5 years at a time. In other words, Windows 7 will continue to be supported by Microsoft with software patches, security updates and software.

Additionally, Windows 8 is also built on the same basic code that Windows 7 was built on, thus allowing software developers to easily build programs compatible with both. Since all estimates indicate Windows 8 will be most popular on tablets and notebooks with touch screens (with slower adaption by desktop and laptop users), software companies will have a strong incentive to keep releasing Windows 7 compatible software.

Will the cycle ever end? I doubt it. Windows 8 does represent a massive leap forward on ease-of-use for people with touch screen computers, but the good news is computing power may finally be reaching a point where new computers no longer speed up “basic” tasks; just increase the types of amazing things you can do or the speed of more advanced tasks.


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On The Move

Take an iPad Screenshot

Okay, big day – you’ve finally beaten Angry Birds, with three stars on all the levels, and you want to show off. So, what’re you going to do? Carry your iPad around with you everywhere and never play the game again?

No! You take a screenshot so you can post it and e-mail it to everyone!

Find out how here!

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From The Archives

Terry from Biloxi, MS asks:

How do I get the Internet Connectivity icon back in Windows Vista?

While working with networking connection in a Windows Vista operating system, you may sometime lose the small network icon in the Windows taskbar. You may have been tweaking some settings and suddenly discover that the network connections icon is missing from Windows taskbar.

The problem with the missing network connections icon is that you have to repeatedly open control panel and go to network and sharing center to manage your network connections. Another annoyance is that you will not be able to figure out to which network you are currently connected to.

Here is an easy way to bring back the network connections icon in your Windows Vista taskbar:

-Right click on Windows taskbar and choose “properties


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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Time Capsule

Do you need to remind yourself to do something important? Or congratulate yourself for getting something done? Perhaps even tell someone something important? Well now you can with OhLife’s Time Capsule. It allows yourself to write a letter to yourself that you’ll receive on the date you specify.

Just fill out the form with date you want the letter sent on, write what you have to say to yourself,  then provide your e-mail address and click submit. Then on the date that you chose an e-mail will arrive with your letter. 

This form could be easily used to send a letter to someone else in the future as well. Just address it to them and provide their e-mail address and click submit. 

Once you’ve submitted your letter it shows you a clock of how many days away that is. (The exit page from there takes you to a listing of their services if you join the site, but there’s a cost of a $5 fee a year). 

I was having a particularly lousy day filling out graduate school applications (I swear they’re like a test to weed out the weak) and so I sent myself a letter set just after they should all be turned in congratulating myself for finishing and turning them in on time. Now I have even more motivation to plug away at them!


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One More Big Deal

Remember the old saying, "Too Much of a Good Thing…"?

You could have too much light in your yard!

Stop blinding yourself, and waking up your neighbors whenever you need to see out at night!

Sure, there may be plenty of occasions when you need your flood lights to, well, flood your yard with light! BUT NOT ALWAYS!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a softer light that offers protection and the ability to see all night long without making the neighbors squint!


This SOLAR, LED LIGHT is the perfect soft light alternative!

Haven't we all had at least one of these experiences...

The dog needs out at 2 o’clock in the morning! You realize you left the shed doors open just as your heading to sleep! Or you wish you could lounge on the deck with enough light to read, but not so much that it looks like it's daytime!

This light provides that perfect amount of soft light!

AND it’s Solar-Powered and Automatic! At dusk the sensor turns on the light and at dawn it turns it back off. All through the day it recharges itself for the next night! CAN YOU SAY ECO-FRIENDLY?

There is no hard wiring needed! It is fully portable to any location!

In fact, you can simply CLIP this guy to your gutter wherever you need the light! A giant, heavy-duty, spring-loaded metal clip is provided so you position it anywhere.

Don’t worry about scratching up any surfaces with this clip – it’s got rugged rubber caps to prevent damage!


And don’t worry about the weather – it’s resistant to it! You’ll have endless nights of soft light come rain or shine!

Besides hanging from the gutter, this light is perfect for over entry ways, on decks and patios or farther out in those dark corners of your yard.

You can even bend the metal arm on the clip to adjust the angle of the light! Once it’s set up, forget about it! The sun will do the rest!

If you want enough light to see where you're going, and to make yourself feel a little more secure, this might be just what you've been looking for!

Today's deal for this guy is a mere $14.97!

And shipping in the US is absolutely FREE!


Monthly Wallpaper

September Wallpaper Is Ready!

It's that time again - time to dress up your monitor with some brand spankin' new wallpaper!

Big Sable Lighthouse At Twilight

Finally got it! This shot was literally 2 years, 5 hikes, and two separate trips in the making – but I was finally - finally - able to pull it off June 2012! My son Grant and I had been to Ludington State Park the year before and stayed several days in an attempt to get a good shot of the Big Sable Lighthouse – and we failed. Every evening we’d ...(More)

Three Irritated Little Owlets

Think they had enough of me? Sure looks like it from the photo! These little bundles of joy were photographed in Cape Coral FL in early summer. And, in reality, they were pretty happy with me for the most part – I think I just caught them at a...


Roaring Fork Rush

This image was captured on a trip to the Smoky Mountains that featured a LOT of excess water. Normally, Roaring Fork isn’t all that robust, but this time is was really flowing with some serious enthusiasm. So, we started hiking upstream looking for compositions. We skirted the bank for as long as we could, and….. (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:


~ Steve


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