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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-10-09

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Quick Tip

Paul from UT writes:

I am on Windows XP Pro and am very used to it, but I want to upgrade to 7. I understand that 7 has a “XP mode”, so if I upgrade how do I put it into “XP Mode” – and which version do I need to have?

Windows XP mode is a feature of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Edition, and allows a virtual instance of Windows XP to be opened inside of Windows 7 to run programs that are not naively compatible with Windows 7.

What XP mode does not do is change your Windows 7 interface to look like Windows XP. Windows 7 will still be there; you’ll just have the ability to open a Windows XP program which will contain a virtual copy of Windows XP. This is really good if you’ve tried to install software made for Windows XP that will not run in windows 7, but is not intended to be used if the program runs in Windows 7.

You can download and get more information about Windows XP Mode from Microsoft by clicking here.


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Just LOADED With AMAZING Features YOU Are Gonna LOVE!

Did we mention that it zooms?

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TOTALLY Waterproof!

Super Shock Resistant!

Tip Glows In The DARK!

Super Bright 3 Watt LED!


Shine It Over The Length Of TWO Football Fields...
In The Rain! And Drop It Too!


Just pull out the front end of this flashlight and your SPOT light graduates into a FLOOD light! HOW COOL IS THAT!

And remember it's a STROBE light too?  AMAZING!!!

It ALSO acts like your car headlights! How's that? Well, there's a choice of a High Beam or Low Beam setting!


There are Three Settings on this light. High Beam, Low Beam, and even a Strobe Effect! (And that strobe could come in mighty handy in an emergency situation!)

AND... You can zoom the light beam from a tight spotlight to a wide floodlight - on either the high or low beam setting!

That should be enough features to convince you that this is one of the handiest pocket flashligthts you're ever gonna find, but as they say "Wait! That's Not All!!!"

This is a CREE LED Light! It's a powerful, 3 Watt, 120 Lumens light which means it will shine up to 200 meters away! WOW!

There's more? You betcha!

Wait 'til you feel the heft of this flashlight! You'll instantly realize that it's going to withstand a lot of abuse. It's metal body is waterproof - yes, I said waterproof not water resistant - and it's impact resistant! It'll survive those gruelling campouts, hikes, and repaiir projects probably a lot better than you will!

Now look at the other end of this guy! That green button is what you press to change the type of light you want, but it also glows in the dark! You'll never lose this handy illuminator!

There's a durable clip so you can hang it on your belt or straps! Even the battery is included!

At only about 4 inches in length it will fit in your pocket, the toolbox, the glove compartment... you name it!



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Computers 101

Restoring Open Folders on Restart

What was I doing? This is a question all too often facing me when I fire up the computer (or get up from the couch, start the car, or…well, you get the picture). Unfortunately, only a solution to the computer thing was found, so confusion still reigns on the other issues.

Windows offers a method to automatically return to a location in the computer on restart, reopening folders from earlier work sessions. Of course, this can also be a help to those not suffering from memory lapses, but who just want to return to where they were at the end of their last session. A couple of keystrokes and mouse clicks is all it takes to set it up.

Open Windows Explorer. A quick way to do that is to hold the Windows key and tap the E key (Win+E). Or, just click onDocumentsComputer, etc. from the Start menu.

From the Tools menu at the top of the Explorer window, select Folder Options. In Vista or Windows 7, if the Tools menu isn’t visible, tapping the Alt key will bring it up temporarily. If you’d like Windows to permanently display this menu, please take a look at the tip, Setup Classic Menus in Vista and Windows 7.


Under the View tab, scroll down to Restore previous folder windows at logon and add a check mark.


Now, any folders that are open when the computer is shut down will reopen on startup. However, the following is an example (one of many) of “don’t do what Kevin does”. I have always manually closed everything before shutting down the computer. So, in testing this, restarting the computer didn’t reopen folders because, by force of habit, they’d been closed prior to shutting down. At first, I thought maybe a step had been missed. After a few minutes, the light bulb clicked on, and I realized that was not the case. Occasionally, stuff processes pretty slow with me, which may be why I so often find myself wondering, “What was I doing?”.


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On The Move


Swype is the newest way to type on your smartphone. It’s fast, and can type at about 40 words per minute. It’s simple, too –  you can learn without even watching the tutorial. Just place your finger on the letters you want to type, and swipe to the next and next, until you complete the sentence. The moment you lift your finger, an automatic space is inserted – however, you will have to pass over the period symbol to insert a full stop, because the algorithm isn’t intelligent enough to know when the sentence ends. Also, insertion of periods is a matter of style. To each his own.

Get it here!

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From The Archives

HTML Links

If we reviewed the different ways websites are constructed, we would find a variety of HTML techniques used by webmasters. Some of them are related to the way Hyperlinks are enabled online. Let’s take a look at some of these cool styles to have a better understanding of web development. The first thing is to know how simple web links are added to the websites and the way browsers interpret the code.

Assume you want to add a paragraph plus link to your HTML page. Please take a look at this code: 

Hello and welcome to my web page.

 By saving the code and accessing your page via browser, the following effect would emerge:


There's much more over at Worldstart!

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Today's Feature

Funny Photo Maker - Fun Photos Free!

Have you ever wanted to morph someones face or photo into a really cool picture? Your grandpa on a 100 dollar bill? Garfield showing a picture of your friend to Jon? Other funny effects and cool calendars?

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Amanda's Coolsite


Stereomood allows you to discover music based on your mood. It is not recommended for children, however, because some of the moods are more adult (like setting the mood for some romance, if you catch my drift). Still, there is such a wealth of good music here that I didn’t feel right not sharing it with all of you. 

The idea behind it is that you find music by completing the sentence “I feel…”. by providing the mood, you’ll then be taken to the music listing for that mood.  Another way to pick music is to click the Random tab and choose a mood from those provided randomly. You can generate more random moods by clicking the arrow to the right of the listing. Click the mood that strikes your fancy and you’ll be whisked away to a playlist with that mood theme.

For example, I came home from Astronomy class and saw the mood stargazing. So I clicked it and found some interesting music that I liked. Other mood examples are dreamy, calm, great, in love, cooking, groovy, dance, piano, happy, funny, coding, chill, nostalgic, sweet, driving, feel like crying, party, and ambient just to name a few. 

If you like what you hear and want to keep track of the moods you’ve listened to you can register for free.  You can click My Mood or Join to bring up the registration form. You can either F-Connect or T-Connect, or sign up by creating a username and password and provide an e-mail address, next you’ll  check the box that you agree to the participation terms and then click the Sign-Up button. Once you’ve logged in you can track your moods, and click the hearts on songs you like to favorite them or the plus sign to add them to your library.


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Monthly Wallpaper

4. Wallpaper

It's time for some desktop fall color! Unfortunately, I didn't much in the way of fall color last season, so I'm featuring some images from previous years that were really popular. Enjoy!

Fall Cascades In The Smokies

Sometimes the good shots aren’t where you think they are. It was autumn in the Smoky Mountains. If you’ve never been there in the fall, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a quiet, peaceful time of year when the tourists have flown home and you have the place to yourself. Nope, it’s a zoo. I think fall is actually ...(More)

Black Bear Stare Down

It was “Bear Week” in Yellowstone fall of 2007! Seems like everywhere I went, I ended up takin’ snaps of bears. This guy was by far my favorite though. He was walking below the ridge line and...


Lamar Valley Trees In Fall

This was taken on one of my week-long trips to Yellowstone National Park. When I first arrived and drove by this stand of trees next to the river, I knew there was a shot there – but the trees weren’t “ripe” enough yet, if you know what I mean. So, each day, I’d drive by an (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:

~ Steve

PS - Remember to try a copy of the Backcountry Gallery Screen Saver too! It's a free trial and if you like it, your purchase helps support the site :)

And hey, it'll make you PC look oh-so-cool when you're away from your desk! See the link below:


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