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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-10-12

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Quick Tip

iPad Quick Mute   

Did you know that there’s a quick way to mute all sound on your iPad? All you need to do is press and hold the Volume Down button on the side and it’ll mute the sound completely in two seconds!


It’s much faster than rapidly pressing volume down, lowering the volume one tick at a time. So next time you’re playing a game or watching a movie and someone comes up and starts talking to you, you have a quick fix for silence! Now if only humans had that same option…

Giver it a try!


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Got Windows 7? Maybe planning to upgrade? Don't let this complicated operating system hold you back! If you're new to Windows or even think you're a pro, this software is going to teach you everything you need to know about Windows 7.

There's never been a more complete and informative tutorial before... EVER.

I gave this tutorial to my friend (who claimed he's a Windows expert...) a few days later he called me back and was SHOCKED at the sheer volume of new things he never even knew he could do! It's THAT thorough!

If you've ever been fed up trying to get Windows 7 to work how you need it to, you are NOT alone! It doesn't matter how much experience you have with computers, every version of Windows changes so many things!

Stop the headaches and get control of your computer!

Over 170 Lessons! YES! When we say “complete”, we mean COMPLETE! Every nook and cranny of Windows 7 is put into an interactive, multimedia instructional to make you tech savvy.

Did I Say Multimedia?

Yep! You aren't just sitting there reading some text on the screen, you get fully-engaging audio and visual presentations that make you feel like you have a Microsoft technician guiding your every step!

Every topic and every click is covered fully so you aren't EVER confused or left guessing!

Tired of figuring out what these computer terms are? Professor Teaches Windows 7 includes a full glossary of ANY key terms it uses or you need to know. And it features a simple list and alphabetical search to find out what you need!

Hands-On Learners Rejoice! I don't know about you, but I have a WAY easier time learning when I can try it myself. And that's why I LOOOOOVE  these tutorials! They don't just tell you what to do, they give you the most realistic simulations and have you ACTUALLY go through the process, step-by-step!

That's two HUGE advantages - One, anyone will remember better by actually performing the tasks... and two, because it's a simulation, you can't mess anything up! No risks, no worries!

And with the Professor Answers quick assistance, if you forget something down the road, you'll have an informative lifeline to get you the answers you need!

There's simply no smarter or easier way to learn Windows 7.

Check Out This Small Selection of the Lessons!

  Windows 7 Basics
  Using The Desktop
  Working with Files and Folders
  Personalizing Windows 7
  Printing and Printer Features
  Working with Applications and the Internet
  Creating Shortcuts
  Working with Desktop Gadgets
  Personalizing the Desktop and Folder Settings
  Searching for Files and Folders

Wow! That's a lot of information... and this is just a tiny taste of the 170+ potential lessons!

Maybe you don't need every lesson! No problem! You are completely free to pick and choose each individual lesson! Skip sections you know and focus on the ones YOU need to brush up on!

Done with the basics? Step it up to Windows 7 ADVANCED topics! Give yourself the edge when using Windows 7 and make sure that your time at the computer is as quick and simple as you want it to be!

It's no surprise how fantastic this software is when you look at the facts: Professor Teaches has been a huge name in tutorial software for YEARS! You don't get respect like this for nothing:

I can't stress how much you get with this software. There's simply no way to turn Windows 7 from a nightmare into a smooth and easy ride. Novices and pros alike will get SO MUCH out of just a small amount of time spent with it!

Speaking of small amount, check out this price! Make yourself a Windows 7 master for only $12.97 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! WOW!

PS - This amazing deal is NOT going to stick around for long! If you don't grab a copy quick, they might be all gone! And on Monday the sale ends, sending the price back to $18.97


Computers 101

Richard VA writes:

I purchased a Keyboard that has no “Sleep” button. How can I setup a button to be a “Sleep Button”?


If your keyboard does not have a sleep button, there are a few ways to put your computer to sleep. The easiest is to click the start button, click the arrow next to shut down and click Sleep. This will put your computer in to sleep mode.

The second way is a bit more difficult, but still not that hard. The first step is to open Notepad and type the following line:

rundll32 powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

Now click File>Save as and change the name to sleep.bat. Also, make sure to change the file type from text document (*.txt) to All Files. Choose your desktop as the location and click save.

Next, right click on sleep.bat on your desktop and click “Create Shortcut.”

Now, right click on Sleep – Shortcut and choose properties. Click in the shortcut key box and hold down a key combination to turn on sleep. Make sure that key isn’t used for something else in windows or it’s a combination of keys (my example is holding down Ctrl and holding down Alt and pressing S).

Click OK.

Next time you press the key combination you set the system will go into sleep mode.


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On The Move

iPad Multi-Touch Gestures

Even though PC users have their shortcuts and keyboard tricks, iPad user shouldn’t feel left out – there are plenty of secrets around every corner.

Today we learn about some of the multi-touch hand gestures Apple started including in iOS 5.

There's more at Worldstart!

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From The Archives Writer: Use Your Keyboard to Create a Table

We’ve previously discussed using the Table menu to add tables to your Writer documents, but today I’d like to share with you how you can accomplish the same thing without ever taking your hands from the keyboard.

All it takes is a little plus and minus to get the job done… literally!


Find out how here!

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!

old chair

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Amanda's Coolsite

HTML Instant

When I first started using the web as a teenager, I wanted to have my very own web site. At the time, in order to make a webpage, you had to know and be able to navigate the language of HTML. Now there are more languages that you need to know, like CSS, Javascript, xHTML, JSP, and PHP just to name a few.  Back when I started you also had to hand code everything, before they had web page editors that did the language writing on the back end while you did more of an insert and create on the front end (think Dreamweaver). 

Randomly, I decided I wanted to see if I still knew the HTML I learned back there, so I started looking for a site that would let me do a side to side comparison of the HTML I could remember vs. what it actually looks like (WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get) and I found HTML Instant. This site allows you to code on the left side and see what it looks like instantly on the right side of the page. 

The site also has a nice basic interface along the top with the options for Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike Through, inserting a link, inserting an image, but most importantly they have a downward facing arrow that if you click it opens up an option set for changing the language you’re programming in. I was glad to see all these options, because I was a lot rustier than I thought I’d be. 

This is a great site for people who have knowledge of web page creation to put together code and see the results instantly. This would be a great companion site to use while learning to create webpages because it gives you a canvas to practice on. Check it out today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at

One More Big Deal



Just LOADED With AMAZING Features YOU Are Gonna LOVE!

Did we mention that it zooms?

IT DOES!!! Look...



TOTALLY Waterproof!

Super Shock Resistant!

Tip Glows In The DARK!

Super Bright 3 Watt LED!


Shine It Over The Length Of TWO Football Fields...
In The Rain! And Drop It Too!


Just pull out the front end of this flashlight and your SPOT light graduates into a FLOOD light! HOW COOL IS THAT!

And remember it's a STROBE light too?  AMAZING!!!

It ALSO acts like your car headlights! How's that? Well, there's a choice of a High Beam or Low Beam setting!


There are Three Settings on this light. High Beam, Low Beam, and even a Strobe Effect! (And that strobe could come in mighty handy in an emergency situation!)

AND... You can zoom the light beam from a tight spotlight to a wide floodlight - on either the high or low beam setting!

That should be enough features to convince you that this is one of the handiest pocket flashligthts you're ever gonna find, but as they say "Wait! That's Not All!!!"

This is a CREE LED Light! It's a powerful, 3 Watt, 120 Lumens light which means it will shine up to 200 meters away! WOW!

There's more? You betcha!

Wait 'til you feel the heft of this flashlight! You'll instantly realize that it's going to withstand a lot of abuse. It's metal body is waterproof - yes, I said waterproof not water resistant - and it's impact resistant! It'll survive those gruelling campouts, hikes, and repaiir projects probably a lot better than you will!

Now look at the other end of this guy! That green button is what you press to change the type of light you want, but it also glows in the dark! You'll never lose this handy illuminator!

There's a durable clip so you can hang it on your belt or straps! Even the battery is included!

At only about 4 inches in length it will fit in your pocket, the toolbox, the glove compartment... you name it!



TODAY ONLY  $18.97!

That should brighen your day!

Visit our store site by clickin' right here:

Order yours before they sell out!

These are really, really nice lights! They will sell out at this extraordinary price!

And remember, orders that total $5 or more are shipped for FREE in the US!



Monthly Wallpaper

4. Wallpaper

It's time for some desktop fall color! Unfortunately, I didn't much in the way of fall color last season, so I'm featuring some images from previous years that were really popular. Enjoy!

Fall Cascades In The Smokies

Sometimes the good shots aren’t where you think they are. It was autumn in the Smoky Mountains. If you’ve never been there in the fall, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a quiet, peaceful time of year when the tourists have flown home and you have the place to yourself. Nope, it’s a zoo. I think fall is actually ...(More)

Black Bear Stare Down

It was “Bear Week” in Yellowstone fall of 2007! Seems like everywhere I went, I ended up takin’ snaps of bears. This guy was by far my favorite though. He was walking below the ridge line and...


Lamar Valley Trees In Fall

This was taken on one of my week-long trips to Yellowstone National Park. When I first arrived and drove by this stand of trees next to the river, I knew there was a shot there – but the trees weren’t “ripe” enough yet, if you know what I mean. So, each day, I’d drive by an (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:

~ Steve

PS - Remember to try a copy of the Backcountry Gallery Screen Saver too! It's a free trial and if you like it, your purchase helps support the site :)

And hey, it'll make you PC look oh-so-cool when you're away from your desk! See the link below:


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