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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-11-01

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Quick Tip

Firefox Quick Find

I don’t know about you, but when I’m doing research on the Internet the last thing I want to do is have to scan en entire page of nonsense when I can just hit a shortcut key and search for a keyword.

Yeah, yeah – we all know the drill: Hit Ctrl-F and type in your query…

But did you know that Firefox offers an even quicker way to search for something on a page? Seriously! Just hit, the /key on your keyboard (located just to the left of the Shift key) and start typing!

You’ll find that word in no time!



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Got the Need for Speed?

Sick Of A Slow, Weak WiFi Signal?

Kiss Your Old LAN Adapter Goodbye - FOREVER!

You've NEVER Seen Anything THIS FAST!

300Mbps with a 6dBi Antenna - WHOA!

This Is The Answer You've Been Dreamin' About!

OH YEAH! Get Wicked Fast Speed & Extended Coverage!

At a Super Low Price! Just $19.97!

So you just set up your new wireless router at home so you can enjoy wireless anywhere in the house. There's only one problem... "anywhere" isn't quite right, is it? What always seems to happen?

There's the one spot in your home that you enjoy relaxing and browsing the Internet...but that seems to be the spot where you just can't get quite enough signal. It's just a little too slow and too weak.

My one question to you is - Why should you have to put up with that slow, weak, crappy internet connection? Huh??

Or - how about when you're at a hotel that brags about having "wireless internet"? Yeah, we've all been there - they ALWAYS seem to stick you in a room that's juuusssst out of reach of that wonderful "wireless internet" they claim to have.

So, what if there was an ANTENNA you could plug into your laptop or desktop computer that would give a little extra coverage that your lookin' for??

Well, we found one! This blazin' fast 300Mbps 802.11n adapter with a 6dBi antenna... is gonna give your signal that extra ump that it needs!!

So - last weekend I took the family to one of my favorite hotel resorts and decided to bring this bad boy along. I had my laptop in my hotel room and was only gettin' between 1 and 2 bars.

I plugged this little sucker in an WA-POW.... I had 4 bars!!! Talk about a boost!! I'm always bringing this little guy everywhere my laptop goes from now on!!

This surfin' is smokin fast too!! In the bad old days (like last month), if you had an 802.11g adapter, you'd be stuck cruising along at 54Mbps - this does a whoppin' 300Mbps! You don't even need to know that Mbps means Mega Bits Per Second to see it's nearly 6x's faster!

Setup is super easy too! - it's just a wireless USB internet adapter with a powerful antenna, so just plug it into your computer, run the software, and a few minutes later you're surfing! You can be up to 600 feet away and STILL pull in a signal! Now THAT'S impressive!!

Bottom line - if you are sick and tired of weak WiFi signals and surfing the net at super-slow speeds, it's time to upgrade the Lamborghini of LAN adapters!!!

Your price? Just $19.97 and US shipping is FREE! Heck, you can't buy a standard wireless internet adapter from the big box stores for that kind of money, let alone one with extra coverage at insanely fast speeds!!!!

CAREFUL! We only have so many of these available, and they go FAST! The crazy deal on these goes up to $28.97 on Friday so don't miss out!


Computers 101

Have A Laptop With HD Graphics?  Don't Upgrade To Windows 8 (Yet)

WorldStart, always wanting to bring you the latest and greatest tech information, recorded a 2 hour Windows 8 upgrade walk-through video of one of our Intel I5 series laptops. However, when the upgrade was finished I found an interesting bug in Windows 8 which rendered the PC virtually useless.

The below screen is what we saw once I typed my password into Windows and clicked sign in.


Yes, that’s right a black screen with a mouse cursor. Nothing else.

Currently the Intel HD graphics built into the Intel I3, I5 and I7 series processors (and included with most mainstream laptops in the last two years) produce a black screen after Windows 8 installed due to a bug with older driver software and Windows 8.  In our case, this black screen required a driver and a bios update to get Windows 8 working. It’s important before upgrading that you check for any relevant driver, bios or software updates before proceeding with the upgrade.

Some reports indicate that you can work around this problem (if you have a dedicated graphics card) by disabling the Intel HD graphics in the bios of your computer or booting into safe mode and disabling the Intel HD graphics. This may be a bigger problem than you think, though, because Windows 8 has disabled the traditional safe mode by clicking F8 during boot up, and only rarely does holding down Shift + F8 (the new method) get you into the recovery mode – allowing for the advanced start-up menu to access safe mode.

If you’ve already run into this problem, the best solution I’ve found is to click the shut down button at the login screen and hold down the shift button as you click reset. This will bring up the troubleshooting menu and you can select Advanced Settings then Start Up Settings, making it so when your computer reboots you will be able to press 5 for safe mode with networking and install the drivers necessary to fix this problem.


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On The Move

Rearranging the Android Favorites Tray

To move an icon on an Android phone, touch and hold the icon, and drag it to a new location. On Android 4.0, this procedure can also make often used icons more accessible by dragging them to the Favorites Tray (located above theNavigation buttons). To reset the Favorites tray, icons can either be moved to make room, or new ones can be stacked with existing icons in the tray (creating a folder).

To move an app from the Favorites Tray, touch and hold the icon and drag it to the home screen (the All Apps icon in the center is permanent, and can’t be moved).


Read the rest here!

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From The Archives

MS Word: Add Space Between Paragraphs

Let’s talk about paragraph spacing in our Word documents…

Specifically, let’s discuss what happens when you need just a bit more space before a particular paragraph.

What do you do?

Do you track down the paragraph formatting in either the Format menu / Page Layout tab of the Ribbon? Make the change for just that paragraph then continue on with your work?

What do you do the next time you need that space? Do it all over again?

Nope - you click here!

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Today's Feature

Keyboard Notifier

Do you have a laptop or a desktop without notification lights for Caps, Number and Scroll lock keys? Isn’t it infuriating when you go to type something or use the number pad and it doesn’t work as you expected because the lock wasn’t on?

How do they expect you to know if it’s off/on if they don’t have a light to show you?

Keyboard Notifier, by Luke Payne Software is the perfect solution to this problem. Keyboard Notifier is a small downloadable program which will show you the status of your keyboard’s caps lock, number lock and scroll lock keys.

You can even customize the colors, so if you’re a person who always wants the number lock key on, you can set it so when the number lock is off it glows red, yellow, blue, etc.

Get the download here!

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Amanda's Coolsite


Available for Mac, PC, and the iPad, Ommwriter provides a word processor that has ambient sounds and background images to help inspire and relax you as you write. 

Did I also mention it is completely free?

I’d start out by watching the video on the main page to see if this sort of program is something that you’d use if you downloaded it. It walks you through what the program is like, different settings, different text options for writing, and so on. I think it is a really good gauge of the software and shows you enough to grab your attention or decide if you’d find it annoying. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. 

If you decide it is something you’ll use, then click the Try the New Version button to be whisked off to the download page. Keep in mind, though, that it comes up by default to the page for the PC version. If you need the MAC or iPad version, click the appropriate tab at the top of the page. Then you want to make sure that you click the Free version to download. Follow the instructions and install it on your computer or iPad. 

Then all that’s left to do is write, and enjoy!


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One More Big Deal

Hey Look! It's an MP3 Player!

No, It's a Camera...

No, It's a Video Player...

No, It's a Photo Viewer...

No, It's a Video Recorder...

No, It's an E-Book Reader...

No, It's an FM Tuner/Recorder...

No, It's a Webcam...


Up to 12GB of Expandable Media Madness!

And It Fits Right in Your Pocket!

This isn't an identity crisis, it's an identity EXTRAVAGANZA! If you have ONE portable media device, it's probably already part of this incredible Ematic 4GB MP3/Video Player with 5 Megapixel Camera!

And really, calling it an MP3 player or a camera is so unfair, it's more like a 4GB Do Everything-er. (That's gotta be a real word!)

Everything you'd EVER want in a portable device all wrapped up in one neat little package. You've NEVER seen anything quite like it!

First off, it's a 2.4" display that only LOOKS like an ordinary camera! That's PERFECT... because when you get down to it, cameras have a pretty impressive design, right? Think about it, we've been using that SAME design for decades... they don't fix what isn't broken!

Smooth simplicity.


Photos and Videos!

With a 5 Megapixel built-in camera, you'll ALWAYS be ready to take the perfect picture. Plus it's designed like one, so you're gonna know how to use it immediately!

Or maybe you want to record some video? Easy! You can record up to 25 HOURS of videos with the expandable storage. And it even comes with cool effects!

It even PLAYS videos. Show off your own recordings, or transfer videos from your PC to watch wherever you go. Supporting AVI, MP4, and FLV, whatever video you have, you can probably bring it with you.

It's a webcam too! Seriously, this thing does it all. Hook it up to your PC and activate the webcam mode and you've got yourself one little do-it-all device that'll have your socks blown off.

No need for a bulky camera or webcam ever again!


MP3 Music Player!

As you would expect with any MP3 player, this thing can store so much music for you and playing it back is easy. It supports pretty much any audio file you'll have, from MP3 to WMA.

You don't even need headphones to enjoy your music. The built-in speakers let you share your tunes with anyone.

The standard device stores up to 4GB. And if that's not enough, you can pop in a microSD card of up to 8GB to expand that to a whopping 12GB of storage!

That's a lot of music, pictures, or video.

Prefer the radio? No problem! Just activate the radio and find a station! It's quick, it's easy, it's awesome!

Plus, the record button lets you record your favorite broadcast to listen to whenever you want!

Doing everything never looked so easy.

Extra Features!

We aren't even done yet! This baby is packed FULL of useful or fun extras that'll blow you away.

Pocket Library - With an eBook and TXT reader, you can bring a bookshelf worth of reading material with you.

Voice Recorder - Record notes or important information at the touch of a button! Make sure you never forget anything again.

External Speaker - Listen to your favorite songs without needing headphones!

Accessories - With the included headphones, you'll save money and effort from not having to buy anything extra. You'll get tons of use out of the USB 2.0 cable getting all your favorite music and videos onto the Ematic MP3 player.

Heck, it even comes with its own cleaning cloth so your screen stays as pristine as when you first got it.

Free software! Take advantage of Arcsoft's video downloader to save videos right off the web! Also included is Ematic's own video conversion software to make sure your videos will play on your amazing new MP3 device.

This MP3 player does it all! Calling it an MP3 player is kind of unfair too. They just don't even have a NAME for a device like this that does EVERYTHING!

Ready for this eye-popping price? At the incredibly low price of $32.97 with FREE US SHIPPING, you can have it all, right in your hands.

PS - Stop paying 10x the price for the same functions! Get them all-in-one! Grab one before Friday or the price'll be up to $39.97



Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper Is Ready!

Time to dress up your desktop with some new calendar wallpaper! Pick from the featured photos below or head to the site for a complete selection (including some nice winter scenes)

Featured Wallpaper For November:

Egret Take Off

Finally! This was a shot I’d been after for awhile and I’m pretty excited I captured it. We arrived at Ritch Grissom Wetlands early in the morning and came upon this guy. I set the tripod and got into position, just watching his behavior. He wasn’t really fishing anymore, so I knew the next move would likely be...(More)

Soul Of The Canyon

So, there we were, hiking through Lower Antelope Canyon with our guide. My 10 year old son Grant and I were exploring this incredible slot canyon and we’d already done a LOT of photography. We were making our way back when we noticed a light beam coming down – through the “eye” of this rock formation! The guide, who’d been doing this awhile, was...


Adler Falls

This fairy-tale like waterfall is located in a remote location in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, although pretty much everything is in a remote location in da UP, eh? It was actually taken a few years ago and I just “rediscovered” it in my files recently. I’ll never forget the day I captured it though! You start off on a brief little jaunt down a bouncy two track road, park, and then make your way down a hill. It’s only about a quarter mile, but the hike down really... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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