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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-01-04

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Quick Tip

Windows Explorer – Just Type it In!

I blame Google Chrome for this, but I’m so used to being able to use the “Omni Bar” for finding stuff quickly, that I accidentally did it in Windows 7′s Windows Explorer the other day.  I went up to what I thought was the address bar, and actually typed in “Desktop”.

To my surprise – and utter delight – it worked!

I then proceeded to test it out with a bunch of other locations on my computer – Fonts, My Documents, Music, etc. I was quickly zapped to the location on my hard drive, and anything that didn’t work opened up my browser for a web search.

So type it in next time – you might like it!


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Fighting With Bad Lighting AND Annoying Cords?


You NEED to See...


So You've Tried Cordless Lights...

But They Were WAAAAAAY Too Dull!

We've Got One That'll BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY!

Check out this handy (yes, it fits in your hand) SUPER BRIGHT utility light!

It has 24 LEDS! YES -- 24! This little guy will flood your work area with so much brilliance you’ll see things you didn’t even know were there!

AND, just cuz you can, doesn’t mean you need to, hold this in your hand the whole time.

It comes with a POWERFUL MAGNET and a FOLD-AWAY HOOK so it can be setup anywhere!

Stick it to the inside of your car hood, onto your tool cart, or ONTO ANYTHING METAL in your garage, home, workshop or office!

Nothing metal in the area you need to light up? Swing out the hook on the back and hang it under the hood, or into a pegboard, or on a nail in the garage!

You can hook it, hang it, or stick it wherever you need to!

Did we mention it works as a flashlight too?

With a handheld design like this, just point it wherever... this thing is VERSATILE!

Take it camping! Makes a great tent light and lights your way on your night hike!

Use it in your backyard! Hook it on your deck umbrella, so you can play games around the table at night!

Keep it handy indoors! Forget the candles on those stormy nights when the power might go out.

It'll take a beating too -

It’s Shock and Water-Resistant Too!

We fired a shotgun at this baby and it wasn’t even scratched! (Not really, but it is pretty durable!)

And rain? Ha, it laughs at a little rain!

And look at it. Doesn’t it just look cool? Orange and black and styled to fit your hand comfortably!

Keep one in your glovebox! In that junk drawer! And in the garage!

You know ordinary flashlights are costly and they won’t provide half the light this one will! And it runs on only 3 small AAA batteries!

24 total LEDs of awesome light is yours for only $4.97 with FREE US SHIPPING on all orders over $5.00!

You know you can't beat this price!

PS - This deal ends on Monday so make sure you grab one or the price is gonna go up to $16.97!!


Computers 101

Michelle from SC writes:

I had to have my computer reformatted last month. Now when I do a disk cleanup it shows “previous windows installation(s)” (34.6 GB) as one of the option boxes for the disk cleanup. Is it safe to tick this box or should I leave it alone?

When you format your system and upgrade from an old version of Windows to a more recent version (e.g Windows XP to Windows 7), Windows stores the previous system files in the “Windows.old” folder. When you perform a custom installation of Windows 7 on a drive but do not format that system partition, the old system folder is automatically renamed from “Windows” to “Windows.old”. The result is nothing but two folders (Windows and Windows.old), as shown in the following example screenshot:

Windows Old Folder

The answer to your question is Yes, you can safely get rid of the Windows.old folder, provided you are completely sure that you won’t need the older settings, program files or your documents. It is a good idea to open the “Documents and settings” folder under “Windows.old” and recheck your My documents, My pictures and other important system folders. If you are sure that you have already backed up everything from your old operating system to the new one, there is no reason why you should keep the “Windows.old” folder and waste precious disk space.

 Disk Cleanup

There are two ways to permanently delete the old Windows folder. Either use Disk clean up or select the “Windwos.old” folder and hit “Shift + Delete”. It’s that simple, but like I said, you should double check all the contents of the Windows.old folder for important programs, files or documents from the older Windows installation.

 ~Amit Banerjee

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On The Move

Cheri writes:

I am confused. I was reading about Android tablets, and it mentioned (Ice Cream Sandwich) operation. What is that?

Thanks for the question Cheri. Most software updates are assigned codes (1.0, 2.0 etc.), and when substantial changes are made, those changes are often designated code names. When Android – an open source project led by Google -began updating their operating systems, they kicked around ideas for names to easily identify significant changes in their system. This would help avoid the confusion brought on by the classifications already in use (1.0-rc30 or 1.1-rc30, for example). It’s rumored that early versions were going to be named in alphabetical order after fictional robots, with Astro Boy and Bender being the first choices. Dessert names were later selected to identify these updates, and “Petit Four” was used by some as a codename for version 1.1. However, the tasty code name associations officially began with version 1.5 in 2009 with Cupcake. Since then, new versions have been assigned similarly appetizing names of desserts (again in alphabetical order). Below is a list of codenames with the corresponding operating systems.

There's more! Read on for the whole scoop!

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From The Archives

I’ve Always Wanted To Know:
Why do DVD/CD/Bluray Discs spin in your computer/player?


Get the explanation here!

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Console to Closet

Console to Closet is one of my new favorite fashion sites.  What you’ll find are outfits that are put together inspired by video games.

Using Polyvore, the site’s author, Amanda McGinnis, puts together outfits that are inspired by video games, or characters within the video games. I have to say she does a fantastic job!

Because the site is setup on Tumblr, you’ll get your basic blog style experience. That newest outfit is at the top of the page and then beneath that you can scroll through what came before.  The site also offers a few awesome filters. If you want to look only at Girl or Guy outfits, you can do so by clicking the option on the right side of the page.

Each entry features a complete outfit, a description of what it is inspired by, as well as a reference link. I love the reference link because if you are unfamiliar with the inspiration, you can take a peak and then come back and compare the outfit to it.

Want to learn more about McGinnis and how the site got started? Then be sure to check out the About link also on the right side of the page. You can also submit suggestions for inspiration or request that she feature an outfit based on your favorite character by clicking Submit. Wanna shake up your visit and see the outfits randomly? You totally can do that by clicking Random.

I love this combination! I feel like fashion + video games = an awesome site! Check it out today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at

One More Big Deal

Regular Price:
Best So Far:
Today's Jaw-Dropper:

"HEY! Get Your Hands Off My Hub!"

The Next Evolution Of USB Hubs -

And The Coolest 4 Port USB Hub You've Ever Seen!

Smartest Design Ever - Brilliant!!


Use A Regular Hub After This? Forgetaboutit!

QUICK - You've Just Gotta Read This:


Are you sick of constantly unplugging everything connected to your computer JUST a USB Port?pkg

Even more sick of having to crawl around to the back of your computer and playing contortionist to try and find ANY free USB port?

Well, have I got the cure to all your hardware sickness! This 4 USB 2.0 Hub!!!

Oh, but the big deal with this is the absolutely brilliant octopus-like arms that make plugging in your devices soooo much easier than a normal hub!

I mean, you know how it goes - it's a huge hassle to pop a USB plug into a tiny, crowded port. We've all been there - adjusting, jiggling, flipping and pushing the plug just trying to get the stupid thing in. 


Well, these flexible arms make it so easy to plug in your USB devices you may find yourself buying computer accessories just so you can use it :-) Yup, finally a way to plug in your USB devices without the hassle!

Just grab a free plug, turn it anyway you like, and pop your plug in! It doesn't sound like much, but let me tell ya, once you try it, you'll be hooked! I have one plugged into the front of my computer right now, and anyone who tries to "borrow" it is in for a serious hand-smackin'!!!

Oh, and it's more than just a pretty face too!

It provides 4 hi-speed (2.0) USB Ports in a small compact size! This hub takes up almost ZERO SPACE since it's mostly just cords!

 It will free up gobs of real estate on your desktop! 

This guy is so small, that it could easily fit in your pocket!!! Really! You can take it anywhere, making it ideal for both notebook or desktop computers!!! (I can't wait to take this on the road)

Your price? Get this!! The coolest UBS hub on the planet is ON SALE today for just $4.97 and US Shipping is Free on any order over $5!! I know, hard to believe you can get this much innovation for that kind of money! Run to the site before they sell out (Or before I decide just to keep them all for myself) Check it OUT:

PS: Yup, I love this hub!!! And I am sure you will too! Order one today, this deal is just too good to pass up- You'll be kicking yourself if you wait until Monday, when the price will increase to $18.97!


Monthly Wallpaper

January Wallpaper Is Ready!

Time to dress up your desktop with some new calendar wallpaper! Pick from the featured photos below or head to the site for a complete selection.

Featured Wallpaper For December:

Arctic Tough Guy

This big white monster was photographed on a Polar Bear trip to Churchill Canada. This was taken during the last hours of our last day on the tundra. He was the only bear we spotted that was ...(More)

Keweenaw Sunset Breakers

I’m always surprised at some of the locations where I setup a tripod. This was on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the northern most reaches of Michigan – at a roadside picnic area! I kid you not, I stopped by to fix... (More)



These two and I had a bit of an awkward relationship over the summer of 2012. It mostly consisted of them seeing me and then running away. I kind of have that effect on women I guess… (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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