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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-01-18

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Quick Tip

In The News 01-18-2013
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

Graph Search

Facebook’s Big Announcement

Disclaimer:  I have not used Facebook’s Graph Search, though I am on the waiting list to beta test it.

Facebook unveiled one of its biggest updates this past week.  That update is called Graph Search.  So what is Graph Search and why is it big news?

Currently searching on Facebook is rather limited.  You type something in the search box and you’ll either find a person (friends show up first), a business/company, or some celebrity page.  It’s simple and straightforward but lacks a lot of details someone may want from a search.  Graph Search changes all that.  Currently in closed beta-testing, Graph Search is a Facebook network-wide search feature.  Want to find people who went to Ohio State University and still live in Columbus?  Search it and BAM… you get results of friends as well as friends of friends.  Let’s take it further.  Maybe you want to find people who enjoy Star Wars, are located within your city (let’s say Toledo), and enjoy tacos.  Search it and BAM… you have a guest list for your next Star Wars movie marathon, where you just happen to be serving tacos.  Nerds unite!

Currently Graph Search uses the 1 billion profiles as well as billions of photos to gather information and display your search results.  Search goes beyond just finding a person.  You can now use it to search through location, school, work place, likes, music you’ve listened to, and more!  Of course, the information that Graph Search can access is limited to an individuals privacy settings.  So if you’re worried that a friend of a friend can search out that you like Underwater Basket-Weaving, then you may want to update your privacy.

As I mentioned, Graph Search is currently in closed beta testing with a waiting list available.  Facebook will also announce when it will be available to the general Facebook public.


CES Predictions

Bold Predictions For 2014 International CES

I’ve been introducing you to the new technology displayed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, both awesome and strange, this past week.  Now with the news of last week’s show starting to wind down, I think it’s time to make some bold predictions for what we may see at CES next year.

8K Televisions: 8K televisions actually exist already, but they are nowhere near being consumer ready.  While 4K televisions were all the rage this year, and I’m willing to bet we’ll see a lot more 4K content next year, television companies aren’t going to pass up the chance to show something new and awesome.

Windows 8 will actually be popular: It’s actually not doing that bad since its release back in October, but most users aren’t able to make full use of the new operating system.  Windows 8 was built with touchscreen in mind, so we should see touchscreen enabled monitors become more of a norm by next year.

Self-driving cars! Finally!: I touched on this subject yesterday, and unfortunately no one had a working example of a self-driving vehicle at this year’s CES.  Fortunately, many car manufacturers are jumping on the self-driving bandwagon and I would be surprised to not see a working example at next year’s show.


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Perfect for EVERYONE!

If you're like the millions of other people with a computer, you most likely use a wireless network.  Whether you're at home or on the road, most of us have gone wireless for the outright convenience.  But there's sometimes a problem. Sometimes you need to connect to a network and you can't because it's too far away...NOT ANYMORE!

HUGE Range!

If you're lookin' for lightning fast plug & play capabilities, we've got it! 

First, check it out - this has a range of up to 1640 feet! 

That's PURE POWER!  So whether you're in your home, in a restaurant, or out in a field somewhere - if you're within that massive range, you'll be on the internet with BLAZIN speed!

How Can This Little Thing Make Your Life WAY Better?

Go Wireless in SECONDS! 

PERFECT for streaming, gaming, and LARGE file downloads!

100% PLUG & PLAY!

FAST and SIMPLE to use!

Take Plug & Play to a Whole New Level!

Plug this compact little bundle of power into your computer (works on desktops and laptops), wait a few seconds and BOOM!  You're wireless network adapter is already installed and ready to rock!

Now You're Ready to Jump on ANY Wireless Network!

That was easy, right?  Seriously, this thing makes access to a wireless network a breeze no matter where you are!  You could be at a restaurant, a friends house, a hotel, on the road...whatever!  Bottom line is, if there's an available network, it's YOURS! Some people spend hundreds of dollars on wireless cards for their laptops, and guess what?  These are EVEN BETTER at a fraction of the cost!

Wireless Cards Cost a FORTUNE - Don't Waste Your Money!

Get the Adapter That DOES IT ALL!

Check out these specs and see for yourself - this thing is PERFECT!

Outstanding 1640 Foot Range
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Compatible With ALL Wirelss netsworks - n/g/b
Plug & Play Install
Supports data rates of up to 150 Mbps
Supports All Wireless Security Types

PERFECT for Traveling!

Whether you're using this at home or on the go, it's the PERFECT SIZE!  Going somewhere?  This baby will fit nicely in your laptop bag or even your pocket!  And it's protected by a removable cap, so no worries about damaging the tip!

Oh and installation?  SIMPLE!  


Today this amazing NEW LAN Adapter can be yours for just $12.97  with FREE US SHIPPING included!  That's the deal of the decade, and it's only for today!

 PS: Don't wait!  If you need a new LAN adapter, now is the time to get it! Saturday, any remaining stock jumps back up to the regular price of $24.97 so get yours now!


Computers 101

Windows 7 Jumplist Gesture

I’d heard before that Windows 7 had some built-in mouse gestures, but aside from the Aero Shake and Snap features, I haven’t been able to unearth much else.

Until today.

So the next time you want to access the jump list for a program in the taskbar, do this:

Click on the program’s taskbar icon once, hold that click and slowly drag up.


…and there’s your jumplist!

I’ll keep diggin’ around to see if I can find more Windows 7 mouse gestures.


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On The Move

Chuck asks:

Are there any free Android apps that can edit Word documents? I’ve found several that offer viewing, but no editors.

Thanks for the question, Chuck – and, yes there is such an app. Kingsoft Office for Android (2.1 and above), enables users to view, create, and edit Microsoft compatible documents including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In fact, the greatest difficulty in writing about Kingsoft Office is choosing which of the numerous features to cover. Your question about editing Word documents simplified matters. Of course, as user friendly as they’ve tried to make this app, editing documents on a phone can be impractical (and a little difficult), but convenience occasionally trumps practicality. For example, having a work-in-progress document at your fingertips during a long commute can make productive use of what might otherwise be down time (not that there’s anything wrong with a little down time). Also, for those who prefer to work in a more comfortable environment, Kingsoft Office is available for Android tablets.


Check it out here!

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From The Archives

Marvin from South Bend, IN asks:

Rather than using backup discs, I use external drives for faster access. Each external drive contains different, specific, files within folders. Cleaning my system means copying from C:drive onto one of four external TB drives; some transfers take 60-minutes: “copy from” and “copy to …” I have added new files to copy into existing folders and I have no idea whether or not newer files were copied into any of many existing folders. The only verification is “manual” and I want to avoid adding more time doing manual (visual) verification. The long and short of it all: What is the DOS command to copy files to an existing folder, but ONLY copy newer files instead ?

It’s great to know there are some people still hooked on DOS. I too use it for tasks that would otherwise be a nightmare to accomplish using the Windows GUI.


It's DOSome! Check it out!

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!


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Amanda's Coolsite

Ice Age Art: Exploring the Deeper History of Art

I stumbled onto this art gallery while I was searching for ice sculptures, and knew I had to share it with all of you! 

Navigation is a little different at the site. You land right on the gallery for the Ice Age Art. You’ll use the slider bar to move between the objects in the gallery, and then once you’ve picked one that you want to learn more about you’ll click the title of the object. You’ll find the titles of the pieces, just above the “click title above for more information” text. If using the slider bar scrolls through the objects too quickly, you can just use the arrows on either end of the slider bar to move slowly through all the items. 

Once you click the title of the piece, it will generate the information for it beneath it. You’ll discover the date of the piece, any information about it, what museum it is at, and the size of the piece. 

If you want more information about Ice Age Art, check out the side menu on the left. Click Ice Age Art, and new categories will drop down. They are: the Introduction, the link back to the Ice Age Art Gallery, the Jill Cook Interview, the Cycladic Sculptures Introduction, and the Cycladic Gallery.

I highly recommend that you check all of these sections out, especially the video interview with Jill Cook. It’s very interesting and discusses the danger of interpreting the pieces in a sort of universal way and how some of the pieces are in their natural state (meaning no human tooled them and they were found that way in nature). 

I hope you’ll check out this amazing art gallery and enjoy it as much as I did!


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One More Big Deal

So You Just Got a New PC...


You Can't Just "Bring" Your Programs Or Files With You...



Windows XP, Vista, 7, and... EVEN WINDOWS 8!

Regular Transfer Cables Simply Can't Move Software...


No Hunting for Serial Keys, No Calling Tech Support...


LIGHTNING FAST Transfers with ONE Cable



And It's SO SIMPLE - Anyone Can Use It!


A Frightening Little Story...

Bill just got a new computer. He's SUPER excited, and can't wait to get it booted up. Slamming the door behind him and throwing his keys on the table, he rushes to the living room and starts to unbox that shiny new PC.

In walks his roommate, Fred. Fred knows a thing or two about computers and has no problem giving Bill advice - even though he can be quite smug about sharing his knowledge...

"Hey Fred! Check it out - I FINALLY got a new computer!" Bill says, eagerly awaiting approval from his nerdy roommate. "It's SO much better than my last one. I can't WAIT to get everything transferred over from that old piece of junk!"

"Well Bill" Fred says in a smug, all knowing voice, "that's a nice idea and all, but how are you going to transfer everything over just using that old transfer cable of yours?"

With his face starting to redden, Bill stammers "Wait...wha-what do you mean how? I've got that cable'll do the trick, right Fred? RIGHT?"

"Wrong!" Fred laughs. "That thing'll only transfer over your files. What about all of that expensive software you've invested so much money in, Bill? What about that? How do you think you'll get that transferred over?"


After letting Bill suffer in silence for a few moments, Fred introduces Bill to LAPLINK PC MOVER & ULTIMATE TRANSFER CABLE...

The most INGENIOUS program EVER created for PC users!

If you are planning on getting a new PC any time in the near future - LapLink PC Mover is AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE!

If you're buying a new computer with Windows 7 or 8 on it - it's even MORE important that you have this! Here's why!

It's ALL in The Cable - And The Transfers are LIGHTNING Fast!

**Pay Attention - This is IMPORTANT!**

The secret to the BLAZIN' speed is all in the included cable... And it makes a standard USB cable look SLOW!  

It's fully compatible, AUTOMATIC, and 100% Plug & Play!  Just follow the prompts, plug it in and watch in awe as your transfers are completed with UNBELIEVABLE SPEED

Seriously - What would take a standard USB cable hours - this can do in minutes!  And what would take a USB cable minutes - this can do in seconds!

There's nothing to install - no drivers, no networking, nothing!  Just follow the simple prompts and get ready for your TRANSFERS TO POSITIVELY FLY!


Move EVERYTHING From Your Old PC to Your New One With EASE!

This awesome software lets you transfer everything - from your files to your software programs - onto your new computer. Most transfer cables only let you transfer over old files...but what about all of that IMPORTANT software that you've spent a FORTUNE on?

Moving files is simple - moving software is not. In fact, it used to be nearly impossible!


When most software is installed, you get components and pieces of the software scattered all over your hard drive .

Manually finding every part and putting it back on a new computer, placed where it should be and registered with Windows is almost impossible.


This is the ONLY program on the planet that allows you to do an upgrade from computer-to-computer while keeping ALL of your files and software!

Why? Because for some reason, Microsoft doesn't really support FULL upgrades. You can buy it, but once you install it - you're in for a nasty surprise! You'll be told that ALL of your software is now gone, and that it'll try to relocate it. It can't. Hope you backed everything up...

That's right - if you're upgrading (especially from Windows XP)... WINDOWS WILL LEAVE ALL YOUR SOFTWARE ON YOUR OLD PC!!!

GUESS WHAT? This is the ONLY software that solves that HORRIBLE problem!

Everything will be there when you've finished, and all of your data will be where it should be! LapLink PC Mover is like a MIRACLE!

The Test Results BLEW US AWAY!

Before we get started on a test run for you, just know this: all you need to know in order to successfully run this program to click your mouse!

Step 1: Install the software on both PC's

VERY EASY! Now just attach them with the INCLUDED Laplink cable. SIMPLE!

Ready to start making decisions? Go ahead! Exclude any files you don't want to keep. Wanna keep all of your data file folders? Leave the check marks in the little boxes, and they'll be kept!

Step 2: Let LapLink scan and find ALL of your old software!

When it's done, it'll give you a list with check boxes - leave checks in the ones you want to transfer over to your new PC. It's THAT EASY! Being able to select only the programs you want to transfer is AMAZING!

Oh, it even tells you when you already have the same software on your new PC (this program will not overwrite existing files, so you don't need to worry about data loss).

Step 3: Walk away and let LapLink do it's thing!

Once you've selected everything you want transferred over, your job is done! Now LapLink will AUTOMATICALLY transfer EVERYTHING you asked it to!

This obviously takes some time - especially if you're transferring large amounts of date. No big deal! The easiest solution is to let it run over night - when you get up in the morning, your new computer will be decked out and ready to go!



You won't be on that computer forever... and a deal like this doesn't come every day!

Plus, the software is upgradable to the newest version whenever you decide to make the switch! So, if you're planning on a new PC anytime in the future, grab this title now and you'll have it RIGHT when you need it!

If PC Answers Magazine says it's awesome...IT IS!

"Instead of messing around with program installation and data copying , PCmover is the ideal tool for anyone making the change to a new PC."
-PC Answers Magazine


You're not going to find this for less than 40 bucks anywhere...except at WorldStart!

For today only, this BRILLIANT program can be yours for just $18.97 with FREE US SHIPPING! 

PS: Remember, you can get this software now, while it's still available, and not buy your new PC until next year... or how ever long you want - and this program will automatically upgrade itself to the newest version when you install it. How sweet!

LOW SUPPLY WARNING - We were only able to get so many of these! If you don't grab your copy quick, you might not get a chance! And if we have any left, they go up to $26.97 Saturday!!



Monthly Wallpaper

January Wallpaper Is Ready!

Time to dress up your desktop with some new calendar wallpaper! Pick from the featured photos below or head to the site for a complete selection.

Featured Wallpaper For December:

Arctic Tough Guy

This big white monster was photographed on a Polar Bear trip to Churchill Canada. This was taken during the last hours of our last day on the tundra. He was the only bear we spotted that was ...(More)

Keweenaw Sunset Breakers

I’m always surprised at some of the locations where I setup a tripod. This was on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the northern most reaches of Michigan – at a roadside picnic area! I kid you not, I stopped by to fix... (More)



These two and I had a bit of an awkward relationship over the summer of 2012. It mostly consisted of them seeing me and then running away. I kind of have that effect on women I guess… (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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