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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-01-30

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Quick Tip

Ray from Ft. Worth Texas writes:

I have replaced the hard drive on an older XP machine and have re-installed XP Pro and SP1, SP2 and SP3. After the installation there was still about 150 updates that MS auto updater says need to be installed. Are all of these necessary? How can I determine which ones to download and install?


Windows Updates are numerous especially if you have to reinstall your operating system. The easiest way to pick and choose which updates to install is to know what the categories microsoft groups updates in to.

Critical Updates: These are updates absolutely vital to resolve known exploits actively being used or widespread errors. It is absolutely vital you install any of these as soon as they appear.

High Priority: High priority updates are updates for bugs, possible exploits and other important updates. These should be installed unless you expressly were told not to update a certain update.

Optional: These updates are two separate sections: Software, Optional and Hardware, Optional. This type of update may have performance improvements or minor bug fixes and should only be installed if your experiencing the bugs listed in the update notes or if you need an updated feature offered.

Updates from Microsoft will have an article number which begins with KB then a series of numbers such as KB2310138. You can go to Microsoft’s site at replace the X’s with the KB article number such as


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A 4GB SDHC Class 4 Card for $3.97!

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Now, you gotta grab one now- cuz you know if you don't you'll be out at some family event or once-in-a-lifetime vacation later this fall and WISH you had a 4gb card! You'll be saying, "Oh WHY didn't I listen to Steve when he said to grab one of those 4gb SDHC cards for $3.97 !!"

I mean, think about it. Take a stroll down the aisle of your local rip-off chain store and you'll find they like to sell them for $25 or so - well, unless they put them on, ahem, "sale" for $17.99 or something. Yeah RIGHT!! You know where to get 'em cheap!

Oh, and they hold just outrageous amounts of stuff too - we're talking around 1000 photos from your typical 8MP digital camera! (Sure beats the old 24 exposure rolls of film eh?)

Using it in an MP3 player? You'll probably be able to store nearly 1000 songs! That's DAYS worth of music! WOW!

Plus, they work in everything that can use SDHC cards - Digital cameras, MP3 players, Digital Camcorders, handheld PCs, phones, and GPS units!

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Computers 101

Ron from MD writes:

I’m using Windows 8 Fax & Scan. I can’t figure out how to scan a multi-page document into a single computer file. Every page scans into a separate file. I didn’t have this problem when I was using Microsoft Office 2003 scanning software. However, I’m now using Microsoft Office 2007, which doesn’t seem to contain the scanning software. I can’t imagine scanning software that won’t do what I want to do. Can you explain what’s going on? Thanks.

Windows 8 includes a fantastic Scan & Fax utility, which supports the ability to scan in multiple pages into a single document if your scanner has an automatic document feeder. Place the documents or pages you want to scan into the feeder and open Windows Fax and Scan then click “New Scan.”

In the next window, select your scanner from the list and click ”OK” – this will bring up the scan interface. Now, look for the Source field, click the drop down menu and select “Feeder”. If single sided, select “Scan one side” and if double sided select “Scan both sides”. Press the scan button.

The program will now scan in all of the sheets in your document feeder and produce a single file. You can then e-mail, save or print the document out using the commands on the top bar.


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On The Move

I’ve heard hackers are using home security cameras to spy on people. Should I be worried?

Answer:  A flaw in some TRENDnet security cameras was publicized last year along with links that allowed anyone who felt like it to click on them and look into the homes and businesses of thousands of security camera users.

People bought the cameras to secure their homes and businesses, but instead ended up giving strangers a good look at their offices and homes.

Here's what to do if you think you might have one of the affected cameras...

For more on this tip, go to WorldStart!

From The Archives

Mary from CA writes:

My PC shows that my hard drive disk is almost full. I have not added any new programs. I have deleted and it does not change! I have run the disk cleanup, and it does not change. Help!!!?

Hi, Mary.

A full hard drive can cause all kinds of problems for your machine, including but not limited to a slow computer and, ultimately, hard drive failure.

There are a number of possible reasons for this.

1)  It’s just FULL.

You just have too much stuff on your drive.  I had this problem several years ago, and found that the best solution for me was to move my personal files onto a removable hard drive.


For what you need to know to clean up your hard drive, click on WorldStart!


Today's Feature

The Great Facebook Purge

It’s no secret that social networking sites, especially Facebook, have redefined what the term “friend” means. Back in the pre-Facebook days, a friend was someone you spent time with, talked on the phone with, or any mix of actions that caused you to interact with them on some personal level.  Now, creating a friend on Facebook is as easy as simply clicking a button to “Add Friend”.  As long as their profile is visible to you in some way, you can be “friends” with just about anyone out there!

Of course this new wave of digital friendship has led to what I call “friend oversaturation”.  You won’t get any judgement from me either as I’ve been guilty of this myself.  In fact at one point I used to have over 400 Facebook friends.  There is something called Dunbar’s Number which suggests that we as humans cannot maintain meaningful social relationships over 100-230 people — 150 being the usual number used.  Those hundreds of Facebook friends you have?  Probably not all that meaningful.  So maybe it’s time to cut back a little.  It’s time to put your Facebook on a diet.

Slim Down Facebook

“What’s wrong with having so many friends on Facebook?” you may ask.  Simply put, your privacy and personal information could be at risk.  Facebook’s privacy settings and policies are something that can be confusing at times, and it seems like they’re always changing.  This could open up the potential for trouble if you have too many Facebook friend connections. Let’s explore an example. 

Want the rest of this tip? Go to WorldStart!


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Amanda's Coolsite


Welcome to Factsie! This site offers random historical or scientific facts and you’ll never know what you’re going to get! 

The site is easy to use. Just head on over and when you land on the main page, you’ll receive your first random fact. 

My first fact was:  The CIA spent $20 million on a program to equip cats to spy on Soviets. The first deployment of the cat led to it getting run over by a car.  

They even provide the source for where the information is coming from. You can check out the source for the random fact above, here

Want another fact? Just click the I Want Another Fact link beneath the fact that’s displayed and the site will refresh with a new fact! 

This is a fun way to learn about random and interesting things that fall under the subject of History or Science. What are you waiting for? Go get your random fact today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

An Easy Way To Scan Your Photos!

Do You Have Prints Laying Around Your Home?

Stacks of 'em? Albums? MAYBE EVEN BOXES?

The Film Days Are Gone... Preserve Those Prints Forever!


2 Sizes to Choose From!!

Ingenius New Scanners Makes It Simple - No Software Required!

Scan Your Photos While You Watch TV...

You Don't Even Need Your Computer!

Amazing Video Demo Will Blow You Away!

Jaw-Droppin Quality! Amazing Resolution And Color!

And Just Imagine...

You Can Share All Those Old Photos Via E-mail, CD, Or Even The Web!


WOW - These are so COOL! (Sorry for yelling, but WOW! - I'm REALLY excited about this one!)

We've FINALLY found the perfect scanners for all those prints you have laying around the house!

On top of that, we found a BIGGER model too - it supports PDF and documents or photos up to 8.5x14 inches! WOW!

You know how it is - you probably have stacks, albums, and boxes just overflowing with photos from your old film camera.

Wouldn't it be GREAT to free them from their paper prison and transfer them to digital before they fade away (or get ruined)? Wouldn't it be incredible to be able to EASILY scan those photos and have them at your fingertips in DIGITAL format?

Think about it - you could print as many more as you'd like - no negative required! You could e-mail them, post them on the web, edit 'em, or burn to CD for safe keeping! WOW! How did we get along before digital?

And, wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a high quality - but SUPER-EASY - way to do it?

There is!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "Arrgh - I hate scanning!" After all, up till now, scanning photos into your computer was a royal pain in the you-know-what! You had to buy an expensive scanner, install finicky drivers (and fight for hours to get them to work), and struggle with buggy software that only a digital imaging expert could understand! Oh, and then on top of it, it was time consuming and the scans sucked! YUK!

No wonder no one likes to scan!

However, that little nightmare ends RIGHT NOW!

We just discovered the most amazing little photo scanners on the PLANET!

How would you like a scanner SO easy to use that it actually made scanning in photos - dare I say it - fun? (Check out the video below for a demo)

Then you GOTTA try this absolutely incredible photo scanner! Scan photos from wallet size to 4x6! (Note - normally the snapshots you got back from the lab when you had a roll of file developed were either 3x5 or 4x6 in size, so this scanner covers everything.)


If you've got BIGGER photos - check out this larger scanner! It can scan up to 8.5x14 inch photos or documents! WOW!

It comes in a "wand" format, but with a photo feeding dock that makes it a snap to use!

In fact, instead of coming with an adapter for negatives... this one can scan documents in as PDFs... bigger photos, document and PDF support... now THAT'S an upgraded model!

Whichever one you choose, you're gonna LOVE these scanners!

Let's start with the drivers and software - WOW - there isn't any! In fact, you don't even need to plug this baby into a computer to use it - it includes an SD card that plugs into the back of the unit to store the images you scan! Think about that - you could sit in front of the TV and scan stacks of photos! How cool is that??? (You should really see the video demo below)

What about actually using it?

It's easier than easy!

A 3 year old could do it!

It makes fallin' off a wet log floating in the river look hard!

It makes pie look complicated!

Heck, I think my dog could probably even do it!

Did I mention it was REALLY easy?


You just feed a photo in the scanner, it scans it (takes about 6 seconds), and, well, that's it! The photo is automatically saved to the memory card as a standard JPEG!

Once you're done scanning, just plug the scanner into your computer via the included USB cable and copy the photos to your hard drive!

It's REALLY that simple!

(NOTE - there are some other options too - you can plug the scanner into the computer and scan that way - just as easy. OR you can pop the SD card out of the scanner and use your computer's card reader to get the photos!)

Don't take my word for it - check out this demo we put together and see for yourself!

And just think - you don't need to install a SINGLE driver or piece of software to make it work!

Now THAT'S the way to scan baby!

Plus, the photos look absolutely AMAZING! The high resolution scans are fantastic quality and the color is just as eye-poppin' as the original photo! You'll be totally BLOWN AWAY when you see the images this produces! And it does everything automatically - just feed the photos in and the rest happens like magic!

It's REALLY time to stop putting this off - those old photos are fading even as you read this! SAVE THEM NOW by scanning them into your computer. Turning them to digital literally stops the aging process and preserves them forever!

Don't have your old photos... but still have the negatives? NO PROBLEM! The smaller model has a special adapter to let you scan the negatives too! WOW!

And when you add in the fact that they're both 5-in-1 card readers too? Well, now that's just icing on top of the cake!

Why let all those memories fade away when scanning them is so easy?

Hey, plus your scanned images can't be scratched, ripped, wrinkled, or torn!

There has never been a faster, simpler way to get your snapshots into your computer! Generations from now, your great, great, great, great, great, grand kids will be thanking you for preserving all those memories! Digital is forever! YEAH!

Your price? Well, these sell all over the place for big bucks - we've seen them for $50 to nearly $100! That's CRAZY with a capital "K"!

How 'bout we sell this to you for just $36.97 and US shipping is FREE! How's that for a deal? For less than a night out for dinner you can preserve all those old photos quickly and easily!

Or if you're looking for the BIGGER model... we've got them for just $55.97 (which also comes with FREE SHIPPING in the US!)

Don't miss out - limited quantities and this is bound to be a HUGE seller! Scanning your photos has never been this simple, this fun, this fast or this AFFORDABLE! You gotta give it a try!  - For the the smaller model that does up to 4x6 photos.

OR - For the bigger, more amazing model that does up to 8.5x14 inch photos with PDF support!

PS - PLEASE don't let your old photos fade away - scan them the easy way with this incredible scanner! Give it a try - if you don't love it, simply send it back within 60 days for a refund! Nothing to lose - unless you miss out!


Monthly Wallpaper

January Wallpaper Is Ready!

Time to dress up your desktop with some new calendar wallpaper! Pick from the featured photos below or head to the site for a complete selection.

Featured Wallpaper For December:

Arctic Tough Guy

This big white monster was photographed on a Polar Bear trip to Churchill Canada. This was taken during the last hours of our last day on the tundra. He was the only bear we spotted that was ...(More)

Keweenaw Sunset Breakers

I’m always surprised at some of the locations where I setup a tripod. This was on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the northern most reaches of Michigan – at a roadside picnic area! I kid you not, I stopped by to fix... (More)



These two and I had a bit of an awkward relationship over the summer of 2012. It mostly consisted of them seeing me and then running away. I kind of have that effect on women I guess… (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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