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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-02-05

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Quick Tip

Restaurant Nutritional Information On The Web

January is the most popular month of the year for people to begin diets, and the old joke goes that February is the most popular month of the year for people to give up on diets. One of the hardest parts of dieting, or just eating healthy, is figuring out the nutritional information for food when you are eating out.

Most fast food and chain restaurant websites now contain not only the full nutritional information for their menus, but the ability to customize dishes and get whole meal nutritional information. The sample picture below is from the popular soup & pastry chain Panera. Their website allows you to customize your meal (even selecting/deselecting the toppings.)

Here are some links to popular restaurants’ nutritional calculators.

If you’re counting calories, you might also want to check out our review of the MyFitnessPal app – a handy way to count calories on the go.


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Windows 8 is Like NOTHING You've Ever Seen Before!

Don't Let This HUGE Change Slow You Down!

Mastering Windows 8 IS EASY...


Professor Teaches Windows 8 is HERE!

60+ Lessons Give You EVERYTHING!

PLUS - 60 Lessons On Internet Explorer 10!

Quick - Easy - Interactive

It Has You Learn by DOING, Not Just Reading!

There's No Other Software THIS Thorough!


Now That's... Different.

...That was all I could say the first time I looked at the new Windows 8.

Forget everything you know about Windows because this is a WHOLE new ball game!!

From top to bottom, Windows 8 COMPLETELY changed everything you thought you knew! And it's gonna be on every new computer from here on out!

Learning Windows 8 on your own would be a NIGHTMARE.

Don't go into Windows 8 blind! You need the best help in the industry, and that's where Professor Teaches Windows 8 steps up to the plate.

You might be hesitant to approach Windows 8 due to the MASSIVE rehaul in design... but after a little time with this software, you'll be flippin' through Windows 8 like a pro.

You'll know Windows 8 better than your current OS... Professor Teaches is THAT GOOD.

If you've ever been frustrated trying to use Windows 8, or are hesitant to try it because of the learning curve... you are NOT alone! It doesn't matter how much experience you have with computers... with a change THIS drastic, we're ALL learning from scratch!

Stop the headaches and get control of your computer!

Check Out This Small Selection of the Lessons!

Starting Windows 8
Exploring the Start Screen
Introduction to Apps
Exploring the Computer's Content
Introduction to Charms
How to Customize the Taskbar
Personalizing the Start Screen
Removing Tiles from the Start Screen
Listening to Radio Webcasts
Customizing the Command Bar
Maintaining Internet Security
PLUS 60 Internet Explorer 10 lessons!

Geeze! THAT'S A TON OF INFORMATION! And it's only scratchin' the surface of this INCREDIBLE software's 120+ lessons!

YES! Over 120 Lessons! When we say "complete”, we mean COMPLETE! Every nook and cranny of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 are put into an interactive, multimedia instructional to make you the savvy expert on this brand new operating system.

Multimedia = EASY LEARNING!

That's right! Other software might make you sit there and read a wall of text. Professor Teaches gives you videos and real interaction to help you learn the ins-and-outs! It's like having your very own personal Windows technician!

Every topic and every click is covered fully so you aren't EVER confused or left guessing!

With professional voice-narration and self-paced guides... learning Windows 8 becomes an ENJOYABLE experience!

And it gets even better!

Never get confused by technical computer terms again! Professor Teaches Windows 8 includes a full glossary of ANY key terms it uses or you need to know. And it features a simple list and alphabetical search to find out what you need!

Prefer the "Hands-on Approach"?

I don't know about you, but I have a WAY easier time learning when I can try it myself. And that's why I LOOOOOVE these tutorials!

They don't only tell you what to do, they give you the most realistic simulations and have you ACTUALLY go through the process, step-by-step!

That's two HUGE advantages - One, anyone will remember better by actually performing the tasks... and two, because it's a simulation, you can't mess anything up! No risks, no worries!

And with the Professor Answers quick assistance, if you forget something down the road, you'll have an informative lifeline to get you the answers you need!

There's simply no smarter or easier way to learn Windows 8.

Already familiar with some of Windows 8? You can skip the lessons you don't need! Spend all the time you need exclusively on the information that's new or unusual to you!

Done with the basics? Step it up to Windows 7 ADVANCED topics! Give yourself the edge when using Windows 7 and make sure that your time at the computer is as quick and simple as you want it to be!

It's no surprise how fantastic this software is when you look at the facts: Professor Teaches has been a huge name in tutorial software for YEARS! You don't get respect like this for nothing:

I can't stress how much you get with this software. There's simply no better way to turn Windows 8 from a nightmare into a smooth and easy ride.

Right now, everyone is scrambling to figure out all the new features... now's your chance to be the expert!


Check out this price! Make yourself a Windows 8 master for only $18.97 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! WOW!

PS - We were only able to work out a deal for so many of these... if you don't grab a copy quick, they might be all gone! And on Wednesday the sale ends, sending the price back to $26.97


Computers 101

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium & A Free Alternative

Microsoft is launching Office 365 Home Premium, a subscription-based version of the popular Microsoft Office products. Instead of spending up to $400 for a full suite of Office programs, you purchase a yearly subscription.

According to Microsoft, it is designed for “busy households and people juggling ever-increasing work and family responsibilities.”

Not sure how Office helps with your family responsibilities, but it is handy for documents, spreadsheets and presentations.



If you were to purchase Microsoft Office Professional 2013, it would cost you $399.99 and be licensed for one user on one PC. The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. It comes with 7GB of cloud storage.  The product would be good for the life of your PC. So if your computer died, you’d need to buy another copy of the program.

An Office 365 Home Premium subscription costs $99 a year and includes the same programs, 27GB of cloud storage and the license is good for your entire household; up to five PCs or Macs and select mobile devices.  Upgrades are included, so your programs will always be up-to-date. If one of your computers fails, you can simply remove it from your account and add an additional device if you purchase a new one.

There is a special deal for college students that you can read about by clicking here.  The lower initial price and ability to use multiple devices sounds pretty appealing, but it’s still a new program and there will likely be bugs to work out. If you’d like to check it out before buying, you can go to to download a free 30-day-trial of Office 365 Home Premium.

If a free office productivity suite sounds like an even better deal, check out this post on Open Office. It’s a free download that does many of the same things Microsoft Office can, but with no costs and no restrictions.

- Cynthia

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On The Move

Who's Taking About You on Facebook? Find Out Fast.

Your friends are talking about you on Facebook.  Or at least they are tagging you in posts, photos and comments. You probably get notifications when this happens, but you might not catch all of them. There’s a quick way to see where your name is coming on the site. First, select the little gear symbol in the upper right of your Facebook page.



Select “Privacy Settings” from the drop-down menu.




Under “Privacy Settings and Tools,” pick “Review all your posts and things you’re tagged in.”

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From The Archives

Tim from OH writes:

Many flash drives come pre-loaded with a small amount of software. Is it safe to delete this if you plan to use the flash drive only for storage?

That really depends on the kind of software on the flash drive, Tim. 

If the flash drive comes with free applications/games/trials: This kind of software is ok to remove since it’s not directly tied to how the flash drive functions. The best way to remove this software is to reformat the flash drive before you begin using it.




Step 1.) Plug in the flash drive and open My Computer (or Computer for Windows 7 users) and right click on the flash drive (Usually drive letter E or higher in this example it’s drive F) and left click format.

For the rest of this tip, click on WorldStart!

Today's Feature

Panning With A Digital Camera

You have umpteen photographs from wildlife and motorsports photography enthusiasts. The ones where the subject (in this case, a car or a bird) is beautifully in focus while the background is all blurred to convey motion. Now compare that to the same picture where everything is in focus. That’s too drab, you might say. Here is where ‘panning’ comes into the picture. It’s the art of trailing your subject with your camera’s lens and shooting him just before or in the middle of action. Like a car in motion or a bird in flight. Here are ways to capture motion in photography, the ‘panning’ way. And you don’t even have to be a professional to be an expert at that. Happy panning!


Definition first

Panning is the horizontal movement of a camera as it scans a moving subject. To accomplish that, you have to switch your camera’s focus settings to ‘continuous’ shooting mode. This will ensure your lens is constantly focusing on a moving subject, so you can click anytime you want and still get a subject in focus while the background blurs, like the subject has moved from one place to another at lightning speed. While keeping the shutter half pressed, you follow your subject horizontally for a small distance before pressing it fully and capture the motion in the image.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Chronicling America

This is an amazing site that is dedicated to chronicling America’s historic newspapers.

As historian, newspapers offer up fascinating primary source material in many ways. What did they consider worth reporting about? What did they shuffle to the innermost pages? How was the paper organized? All of these provide interesting cultural cues and facts about time gone by. 

The main bulk of the papers on the site that have been digitized span the time from 1836 to 1922. When you land on the main page, you’ll automatically be on the right page to search through them or you can choose to browse them by clicking on the papers that are displayed. If you don’t like one of the three being shown, use the arrows to either side to select from a different set of three. 

Your other browsing option is to click the button that reads US Newspaper Archive 1690-Present. This will whisk you away to a search engine that you can use to search for keywords or titles in those papers, or you can use the alphabetical menu to select by the letter. 

This site is an amazing resource! I hope you enjoy checking out the newspapers of yesteryear as much as I did!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

Do You Wish You Could...

...Be On Time, EVERY Time?

...Remember ANY Important Date?

...Keep ALL Your Phone Numbers Handy?

...Have Reminders Sent STRAIGHT to Your Phone?


With the GREATEST Software Out There!

E-Mail - Events - Addresses - Dates - People - Expenses

KEEP ALL Your Ducks in a Row!

Everything You Need to Remember - In ONE PLACE!

You'll Be 5 Steps Ahead... of EVERYTHING!


AnyTime Organizer 12 Deluxe Is the Stress Eliminator!

Ever forget? Yeah, me too!

It happens to the best of us... and somethings are worse than others to forget!

For example, you know that feeling you get when you just sit down, you hear the phone ring... and then it hits you! Without even answering the phone, you just INSTANTLY remember you were supposed to be somewhere... and now someone's waiting on you!

Never again! With AnyTime Organizer 12 Deluxe, you've got EVERYTHING planned and all the information on hand!

That Familiar Look - If you've ever used software like this, or even a notebook, calendar, agenda planner, ANYTHING to organize your schedule or events, you'll be right at home with this snappy software!

It's intuitive and your notes go in exactly how you'd expect them to!

This thing is PACKED with features. If you think it needs to be organized, it's probably part of this incredible software!

And with ALL the different printing layouts, you can keep your lists and calendars with you anywhere you go!

Make it a PDF and you can print it or e-mail it to ANYONE exactly how you want it to look!

Check out some of the things you can do!

Make Full-Day, Hour-By-Hour Notes
And Weekly Day-by-Day Notes
View the Whole Month at Once!
Or Even the ENTIRE YEAR!
Make Quick Sticky Notes
Track Expenses and Planned Purchases
Keep Addresses, Passwords,  a Notebook and To-Do Lists

And those are just a TASTE of the features... this thing is FULL of amazing ways to note, update, and share TONS of information!

If you need to remember it, plan it, or expect it... you can keep yourself in-the-know with this INCREDIBLY handy program!

NEVER forget another appointment!

Anniversaries, birthdays, gatherings, sports games, TV shows, dinner plans... you'll NEVER have to throw anything together at the last minute again!

All the numbers and addresses for your family, friends, business associates, plumbers, repairmen... ALL of it will be right at your fingers!

Have monthly or weekly recurring events? Set it as a recurring event and it can automatically repeat in your organizer for the time specified! It's AMAZING!

You can even set alarms to particular notes so that you DEFINITELY won't miss out on time-sensitive matters!

Even BETTER is that the alarms can be set to MP3 music! And on top of THAT, you can have the alarm send e-mail or text message reminders to your contacts!

Speaking of phones, this software can sync with TONS of PDAs, phones, and other pocket PC devices!

Stay organized on-the-go!

World Time-Maps!

Planning a vacation? Got family all over the nation or world? Like I said... this'll organize YOUR WORLD! LITERALLY!

This world map is the COOLEST way to see the timezones of the world!

Not only does it show the timezones across the world, it also gives you some handy information like sunrises and sunset times!

Mouse over a location to see the timezone it's in become highlighted... and it even shows where it's day or night!

You can even setup different clocks to show you simultaneous times of day! WOW!

This software has EVERYTHING!

...and it costs you NEXT TO NOTHING! For the INSANELY low price of only $4.97 you can keep yourself informed, prepared, and make sure the unexpected doesn't ruin your day!

And remember, any order over $5 gets FREE US SHIPPING!

PS - You'll wish you had this program sooner to make a note for yourself about this! On Wednesday the sale ends and the price goes back to $16.97



Monthly Wallpaper

February Wallpaper Is Ready!

OK, I've been a bad photographer this month. I was actually out in the Southwest for a good part of it and I just didn't have time to get anything new ready for the wallpaper section. Bad Steve! However, there are three and a half pages over at the site to hold ya over :)

So, here are some favorite reruns I hope you enjoy:

Featured Wallpaper For February:

Storm Warning

I created this image one cold, lonely evening at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The weather forecast was ominous - thunderstorms, 15 foot waves, and a gale warning already in full effect. I strapped on my backpack and made for Mosquito Beach. The glimmer of sunlight I saw for a few minutes on my way in was soon replaced...(More)

Wagner Falls

This is probably my favorite Michigan waterfall. Sure, there are bigger and taller falls, but none quite as charming if you ask me. The hike to this falls is grueling. You have to battle... (more)


Yelling Geese

These two Canada Geese had been just kind of standing side by side when all the sudden the one on the right let the one on the left have it! Frankly, I’m not sure what instigated the whole thing, but my bet is... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


You can also view the current newsletter and archives online at

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