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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-02-08

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Quick Tip

Spotify – Back Up Those Playlists!

Anyone who uses Spotify knows that they keep an online database of your playlists on the cloud so you can access them from anywhere simply by logging into your Spotify account.

But what if there’s a catastrophic server failure and the database gets wiped? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a backup of  your beloved playlists?

It’s a simple procedure and also a pretty good idea. You never know what’ll happen, after all. So, open up Spotify, select the first song in your playlist and hit Ctrl-A to select all.

…now just drag them into an open Word or Open Office Writer document window and save the file somewhere safe. 

Note: You’ll have to do this for each playlist you want to back up. 

Each line is a link to the Spotify URL containing that particular track so you can re-add later!


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Yeah Baby!

The Most Ingeniously Designed Earphone On The Planet Is Yours...

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Seriously, if your ear canal isn't JUST the size the designers had in mind... well, you used to be out of luck!


 Each earpiece features a soft silicone earbud and they will fit in just about any ear. They create a slight suction - so when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there ...comfortably, and doesn't fall out!

And the sound, oh baby, we're talking crystal clear and second to none!!

There used to be SO MANY trade-offs for headphones/earbuds. You'd either have to get bulky headphones for good audio, or sacrifice comfort for nice earbuds... but those days are OVER!


They're the EVERYTHING-EARBUDS! You're gonna lose your mind when you put these on!

Amazing Sound! - Your Ears Will Thank You!

You know what would be REALLY EAR-RESPONSIBLE? Spending a TRUCKLOAD of money on earbuds that have AWFUL sound quality! That's why you NEED to check these amazing little earbuds out! They're INCREDIBLE!

It's like a vacation for your ears in both comfort and sound! They bring the ultimate tag-team for audio lovers everywhere!

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And remember, all orders above $5.00 get FREE shipping in the US!

PS - This CRAZY price isn't a lifetime offer! Make sure to grab yours before Monday when the price reverts to $10.97 !!


Computers 101

Restoring E-mail Tool Bars

Pat from Fox writes:

I don’t know what the name of these are but at the top of my email page the following options: File, View, Edit, etc. are no longer there. How can I find them to get them back and keep them there? Thanks!

Unless you happen to be very well-versed in dozens of keyboard shortcuts, the main menu bar is an absolute necessity for navigating around a program like your email client. A disappearing menu bar can be caused by any number of issues, from accidentally hitting the wrong key combination to clicking the wrong option while trying to access a different menu. Regardless of how it vanished in the first place, getting your menu bar back so you can choose options like “File” and “Tools” is usually a very simple process.

The quickest way to bring back your menu bar is to right-click anywhere in any of the toolbars at the top of the window, which will bring up a list of toolbar options. Click the name of the vanished toolbar, which is usually “menu bar,” “standard bar,” or something similar. Presto: your menu bar should now appear where it needs to be.

Restoring the Menu Bar

In some cases the primary menu bar might not show up in the list of available options when you right-click the toolbar area. In this case, instead select the “Customize” option in the pop-up menu.

Customizing Toolbars

Click the check box next to the “Menu Bar” option (in Microsoft Outlook you will first need to navigate to the “Toolbars” tab) and click “OK” to restore your menu bar at the top of the screen.

The Toolbars Tab

You can also quickly bring up the menu bar simply by tapping any keyboard shortcut that loads any of the toolbar’s menus. For instance, Mozilla Thunderbird lets you open the “Message” menu in the main toolbar by tapping the “Alt” and “M” keys together. Pressing this combination forces the toolbar to appear so the “Message” menu can pop up on the screen.

A disappearing toolbar can also be caused by problems with add-ins and extensions installed with your email client. For example, the Microsoft Outlook email program will automatically disable any add-in that is causing a conflict or isn’t operating properly, but if the add-in affected the menu bar at the top of the screen it may cause that toolbar to also be removed. To get on fixing the problem, tap any keyboard shortcut that brings up the menu bar, such as “Alt” and “H” to bring up the “Help” menu. Select the “Disabled Items” option. If you are using Outlook 2010, you instead find the list of disabled items by choosing “Options” in the “File” menu and then navigating to the “Add-Ins” entry at the left side of the window.

Accessing Disabled Items

Highlight the name of the add-in that Outlook disabled and click the “Enable” button, and then check to see if the menu bar has reappeared.

~ Ty Arthur

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On The Move

Walking While Texting Can Be Dangerous

There are a lot of warnings about the dangers of texting while driving, but a recent study shows that texting while walking can be unsafe as well.

Dr. Beth Ebel from the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center and other scientists observed more than a thousand randomly selected pedestrians. They found that around 30% of those people were distracted by some sort of electronic device, many of them were texting.

Texters were four times more likely to disobey traffic lights, jaywalk or fail to look both ways before crossing the street. They also took longer to cross the street.

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From The Archives

Neal from CA writes:

How do I get rid of the “Blue Screen of Death”?

The blue screen of death is the most dreaded error screen in Windows. It is caused by a sudden failure of any hardware or system level software. To get rid of the blue screen of death, we have to be proactive and know of any recent changes made to our computer.


The changes that can lead up to a blue screen of death can be classified into two types broadly.

Hardware Changes:

Faulty RAM

Hardware changes are sometimes the cause of repeated BSoD (Blue Screen of Death). The most common culprit of a BSoD is a faulty stick of RAM. If you have installed any new RAM lately, and your PC is showing a BSoD, it can easily be traced back to the new RAM, which is probably faulty. To make sure that there is no other cause for a BSoD, remove the new RAM and test your PC without the suspected stick, or with another stick of RAM.

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission

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Amanda's Coolsite

The Thoughts Room - A Safe Place To Vent

Do you ever wish you had somewhere you could just type out your thoughts, get them out of your head, and then have them disappear forever? A place you could unburden, unload, or vent your emotions? A place where you could write whatever you want and no one would ever see it? But better yet, those words don’t just disappear into nothingness, first they fall away as stars! 

The site has sound immediately upon arriving and it’s part of the experience, so if you’re at work, turn those speakers off. 

The first thing you’ll do when you arrive to the site is select a language. I picked English, although at some point French could be fun. Then the introduction starts and will walk you through the process. But basically, all you need to know is that you have a quiet place where you can unload your mind without judgement or comments from the rest of the world. 

If you haven’t found your quiet place yet, go here. If you’d rather dream, go here.  The introductions for each will walk you through it, but for right now, I’m happy in the Thoughts Room.

I use this as a place to type out my hurt, anger, and frustration. It’s a healthy way for me to get out of my own head. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


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One More Big Deal

This Flashlight Is All Wound Up!

No Batteries - Save Money & Energy!

Stop Being Left In The Dark From Dead Batteries!

These Flashlights Are ALWAYS Ready to Go!

And You've Never SEEN Such a Portable Light!

Wind Them Up And Shine On!

They're So Simple!


This Is One Bright Deal!


Batteries? Pfft! Who Needs 'em?

Aren't you TIRED of them anyway? Every time you need to use that flashlight... the batteries are already dead! And of course, now you have to spend 15 minutes trying to find a new set.

What if you need a flashlight because your power went out... how do you expect to FIND new batteries?

Don't get me started on rechargeable batteries, either! Sure, they save a few bucks... but they're still batteries and remembering to recharge them is just as bad!

SO PITCH 'EM OUT! All your flashlights that need batteries are OBSOLETE!

These Dynamo LED flashlights just take a few flicks of the wrist to generate the light you need!

And when it's all powered up... you can pop the lever right back in!

Got A Light?

You sure do! That is, if you have one of these bad boys. Leave it in your car, your tool box, drawers, anywhere! Because you know when you need that light, you HAVE a light!

Flashlights are one of the most important emergency items to have on hand. Wouldn't YOU like one that's going to be reliable? What's the point of having an "emergency" tool that's at the mercy of batteries?

These are PERFECT for travel of all kinds, too! They're tiny enough to go anywhere, and they come with a keychain so you can even hook them to your keys! Great for trying to unlock those doors in the middle of the night.

If you're gonna get a flashlight, don't force yourself to buy a bucket full of batteries too!

And to top it all off.. these little beauties are only $4.97!! YEAH!!

Remember, if your order is over $5, US shipping is FREE!

Think about the money you're gonna save on batteries now... but you'll save even MORE if you grab these before the sale ends. After Saturday the price goes back to $8.97


Monthly Wallpaper

February Wallpaper Is Ready!

OK, I've been a bad photographer this month. I was actually out in the Southwest for a good part of it and I just didn't have time to get anything new ready for the wallpaper section. Bad Steve! However, there are three and a half pages over at the site to hold ya over :)

So, here are some favorite reruns I hope you enjoy:

Featured Wallpaper For February:

Storm Warning

I created this image one cold, lonely evening at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The weather forecast was ominous - thunderstorms, 15 foot waves, and a gale warning already in full effect. I strapped on my backpack and made for Mosquito Beach. The glimmer of sunlight I saw for a few minutes on my way in was soon replaced...(More)

Wagner Falls

This is probably my favorite Michigan waterfall. Sure, there are bigger and taller falls, but none quite as charming if you ask me. The hike to this falls is grueling. You have to battle... (more)


Yelling Geese

These two Canada Geese had been just kind of standing side by side when all the sudden the one on the right let the one on the left have it! Frankly, I’m not sure what instigated the whole thing, but my bet is... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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