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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-03-15

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Quick Tip

Stuart from Wisconsin asks:

All of a sudden my Windows XP Taskbar has a weird double line on top of it. What gives?

I’m sure there are a lot of XP users out there who have seen this oddity while traveling in the wonderful world of Microsoft. Turns out, though, that it’s nothing serious and extremely easy to fix.

If your Taskbar in Windows XP looks like this…


…it simply means that it’s unlocked.

So, to fix this Right-Click and make sure there’s a checkmark next to Lock the Taskbar.


Voila! No more silly double line above your taskbar.



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Free Test!

Don't Gamble With Your Computer!

Are You Willing To BET...

You Don't Have Serious Security Issues?
You Don't Have Useless Startup Programs Slowing Your PC?
You Don't Have A Looming Hard Drive Problem?
You Don't Have Memory Leaks?
You Don't Have Clutter Scattered Around Your Drive?
You Don't Have Registry Problems?
You Don't Have Temp Files Taking Up Hard Drive Space?

Is your computer running at its best?

Are you sure?

You know, things like security holes, hard drive issues, and poor performance are sometimes hard to discover without a little help. Most PCs have issues and the owners are unaware - until disaster strikes and they lose everything!

The problem is, most people don't want to blow $80 (ouch) at the local PC shop for a diagnostic "just in case".

And you don't have to anymore! We have a fantastic way you can do it - for FREE!

It's taken several months to get together, and I'm THRILLED to announce we are now offering Iolo System Checker - and it's 100% FREE!

This is the same type of tool your local PC shop uses to check your computer and discover trouble areas. In just a few minutes this will check your hard drive, seek out registry problems, look for security holes, discover useless programs that are slowing down your start up, check for memory leaks, sniff out excess clutter, check your internet performance, and so much more. Find out for sure - and for free - if you're computer is stable, secure, and running at peak performance!

It's like giving your PC an annual checkup!

Here it is in action!


And did I mention it's 100% FREE? :)

Pretty cool - give it a spin and see for yourself. Just click the link below and download the file. The software is completely automatic and in a matter of minutes you'll know for sure if your computer needs help - or if it's good to go. Why guess? This gives you the piece of mind you need and again, it doesn't cost you a penny. Here's the link:

Please give it a try - again, it costs you absolutely nothing and what if it alerts you to a serious problem you didn't know you had? This could be a PC lifesaver!

It's just not worth the risk not to know - It only takes a few minutes, why not give it a try?

So, what do you do if it finds trouble?

Well, that's totally up to you - the scan is free no matter what. You can attempt to repair the problems yourself, but we recommend giving System Mechanic a try. It's the easiest way we know of to fix PC problems quickly, easily and with no technical expertise necessary. Plus it's WAY cheaper than taking it to a computer repair shop!

With just the push of a button System Mechanic can fix any PC problem System Checker discovers PLUS speed up and optimize your computer from top to bottom! Just look at those features:

Lightning-Fast Start Times
Programs Load INSTANTLY
Computer Errors Fixed
Rock Solid Antivirus
OPTIMIZED Registry and Memory
Automatically Updated Drivers
Secure Online Data Backups
Computer Security Made Easy and Automatic
Quick PC Clutter Clean Ups
GENUINE Protection from Viruses and Malware

Impressive huh? Well, there's more info on the site, however, I'm not even going to give you the link to System Mechanic yet!

Weird huh?

Here's the deal - I want YOU to try the free System Checker software first to see if you even need System Mechanic.

Really - I want you to run System Checker, and then decide if YOU feel like you need System Mechanic. I don't want you spending even one dime on software you don't actually need. After all, System Checker may not find any issues OR it may find issues you can easily resolve yourself.

So, FIRST, head to the link below and give the FREE System Checker a spin. It only takes a couple minutes and even if you think your PC is fine, you might be surprised at what it discovers (or not - hard to say until you run it).

Give System Checker a try - it never hurts to know if there's a problem and it's 100% FREE. Oh and there's absolutely no obligation to do anything after you run it. Check it out:

PS - Please, just give it a try - so many people are taken by surprise when their computer crashes - wouldn't it be GREAT to know there was something wrong before disaster strikes?





Computers 101

Is Affecting My Flash?

Questions:  I had Hotmail and they Switched me to Outlook and I have had nothing but trouble since. I have tried to download Flash Player I don’t know how many times and when I am through downloading it will tell me it is installed, but most every video I play will come up and say I need Flash Player. I am about ready to take Outlook out and throw it away. I take surveys and they say I can’t take the surveys because I don’t have Flash Player. What Can I do?  Thanks.


Answer: Even though you don’t like the new, it’s not the source of your Flash Player problems. is not installed on your computer, it’s a place you visit on the web. What it sounds like to me is that Flash is not enabled in your web browser (the program that allows you to go on the Internet.) Some browsers disabled Flash Player because of some recent security issues. You can read about that by clicking here.  So make sure you’ve downloaded the very latest version of Flash and have the most recent security updates before enabling it again.

 You don’t say which browser you’re using, but here’s how to fix it if you are using Internet Explorer.  Click the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner. Select Manage Add-Ons.

You’ll see a list of Plug-ins and add-ons. Check and see if your Flash Player is disabled.

When you select the program, it will appear at the bottom of the window. You can then choose to enable Flash.


Hope this is the answer to your problems.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

When Google Lets The Government See Your Info

Google has issued a transparency report explaining when they’ll allow the U.S. Government to take a look at your private information such as e-mails, photos and documents.  You might say, “Google doesn’t have any of my private information,” but they just might.



If you use the Google Play Store for your Android device, Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger, Google +, post videos on YouTube or even just use Google for searches, the company has bits of your information stored on their servers.  The company says people don’t always use their services for good, so sometimes it’s necessary to share information in order for law enforcement to investigate illegal activity.

When Google gets a request for personal information from the the government, here’s the process they follow:

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From The Archives

The Best Video Player Apps For Android

The default video player app for Android is sweet, but it has a couple of drawbacks which can be very annoying at times. First, the default video player app can’t play all video formats. When you try to play .avi or .mpeg files, there is a high chance that you will see the error message – “Sorry, this video cannot be played”

 Default android video player problem

Second, the default video player is not very good in handling large video files (specially movies) and often freezes while you’re watching a high quality video. You want to skip a portion of the video but when you try to use the slider, the app shuts down on itself. Then you have no other choice than to restart the app and watch the video from the beginning.

If you are looking for a better video player app for Android, which can play almost any video file on earth – and seamlessly handle high quality video rendering – here are a few alternatives worth considering:

For more on this tip, head over to WorldStart!

Today's Feature

Cartoon used with permission

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Amanda's Coolsite

Atari Arcade

Did you own an Atari game system once upon a time? Did you play Atari classics on other gaming systems? I know I did. I’m a huge fan of Centipede.  Well, now you can play your favorite Atari games in your web browser!

If you use Internet Explore, the games are playable ad-free, if you use a different browser there’s a short ad before each game.  To get started you can just click Play Game, and a random game will load. Or you can select the game you want to play off the left side menu. Mousing over the menu will let you interact with it. If you have a scroll wheel mouse you can use that move the menu up and down. 

Once you’ve selected a game to play, you have option to Start Game or you can click Controls and see how to play the game. I’d definitely recommend that you learn the controls before play. All that’s left now is to play the game!

I feel I should issue a warning: You can waste a lot of time at this site. I played Centipede, Pong, and Asteroids all afternoon without meaning to.!/arcade/atari-promo


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Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

A Cloth To Clean Everything – THE RIGHT WAY!

Stop Wasting Paper Towels - Stop Wasting Your Time!

We've Got an All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth That Lasts Forever!




No Soap - No Solution - No Residue!

Static & Lint Free


Just $4.97 For A Limited Time Only!

You Know What's Just Foolish? Using Paper Towels to Clean Your Glasses! REALLY?!?!

You’ve been ignoring your optician’s warnings, haven’t you?! They weren’t kidding when they said that wood-based products like tissues and paper towels will scratch your lenses – permanently! KNOCK IT OFF!

And what about your sensitive electronics? Touchscreens? Monitors? Televisions? They get dirty and smudged up too... but if you clean them with the wrong cloth... they get PERMANENT SCRATCHES!

Why even clean 'em, if you're just going to ruin 'em?

You Need the Maxell PROFESSIONAL MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth - It'll be the LAST Cloth You'll EVER Need!

Seriously, for less than the price of lunch, you can get a cloth that was actually meant for cleaning your eyeglasses and electronics! SAFELY!

And you'll never have to worry about replacing it, either - it's woven strong and it'll NEVER wear out! The material is soft and smooth - it'll never scratch or damage your glasses like paper towels or other, less suitable cloths will do over time.

And it's big enough for ANY job!


This guy is programmed to defeat dirtiness of all kinds!

So, keep those lenses clean and clear! And once your glasses are clean, you’ll probably notice a lot more things! Like all that dirt on your electronic equipment!

It’s OK! You Can Use This Same Cloth On All Your Electronic Stuff Too!


Some materials just instinctively attract crud - it's like dirt, dust and lint are magnetized to them! And really, they are, due to the static electricity they create! All you're doing with those other rags is wiping dust right back onto what you're trying to clean off. Talk about counter-productive!

BUT NOT WITH THIS CLOTH!  This material is actually anti-static and will not attract lint or dust - it'll just eliminate it from your electronics for a clear, clean finish!

No Soap - No Solution - No Residue!

This cloth is 100% FREE of any chemicals or solvents, so it won't leave some greasy, streaky residue. Use it once, and you'll see: it's the BEST cleaning cloth EVER!

So here’s the bottom line! You can clean your eyeglasses safely, with no scratching, no residue, no smearing. You get to see clearly again and again!

AND because of this cloth’s special properties it will safely snatch all that crud off your electronic equipment too, like your TV screen, monitor, cell phone etc.!

And then you can wash it and reuse it over, and over, and over! It even comes with its own carrying pouch!

The BEST part...  It's REALLY inexpensive!

That's right - for today and today only, you can get the Maxell Professional MicroFiber cloth for just $4.97!

If you buy 2, or your order total is over 5 bucks - US shipping is FREE! Wow - that's a sweet deal!


Monthly Wallpaper

March Wallpaper Is Ready!

Time to dress up your desktop with some new calendar wallpaper! I don't think we've ever had a bug for wallpaper, so we'll give that a try this month (hey, he even won an award!)

Pick from the featured photos below or head to the site for a HUGE selection. We just hit 100 wallpaper images! WOW!

Featured Wallpaper For March:

Cascades Above Upper Falls

This is located above Upper Falls in Hocking Hills State Park and I think it's actually just as pretty. This particular area of cascades really attracted me - I loved the play of the drops and green foliage. Getting there wasn't too bad - just climbing down a few slick rocks and ledges. Although, standing on the slippery rock you can't help but worry about...(More)

Snow Goose Air Suspension

One of my goals when I'm out shooting birds in flight is to grab an image with a cool, mid-air pose. Well, turns out Snow Geese are pretty good at pulling off interesting aerobatics as they search for a place to land for the evening. This was taken one sunny winter evening at Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge while literally hundreds of Snow Geese were... (More)

Bumblebee On Goldenrod

So, there I was walking along in my back field looking for something cool to shoot one early morning when I spot this guy on a goldenrod flower. I (carefully) worked my way in, hoping he'd allow me to get a nice shot. Fortunately, the temps were still cool from the night before and he was a bit sluggish. I quickly started looking at different compositions and decided… (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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