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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-04-09

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Quick Tip

Google Spring Cleaning

Two years ago, tech giant Google announced it was doing some spring cleaning. The company said it was shutting down a number of products and merging others into existing products. They were serious about cleaning house. Since then, they’ve closed 70 features and services.

Most recently, the end of the Google Reader service has drawn the most attention, but also on the way out is Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect, Google Voice App for Blackberry and the updates for the desktop version of the Snapseed photo editor.

Some of the changes will affect developers. CalDAV API will become available for “whitelisted” developers, but will be shut down for other developers in September. Search API for Shopping, which allowed developers to create shopping apps with Google’s Product Search data will also be shut down in September.

Google says that “by focusing our efforts, we can concentrate of building great products that really help in their lives.”

The company has been criticized in the past for muscling the competition out of the way to dominate web services and then pulling the plug on those services.

~ Cynthia

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That Phone Looks GROSS!

Your Touchscreen Collects a LOT of Residue...

(Can You Even READ Through All Those Smudges?!)


You Need This Stylus/Pen Combo for That Screen!

True Precision & A Pristine Screen!

Stylus On One End - Pen On The Other!

Cell Phones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, ANYTHING...

Plus Paper, Notepads, or Sticky Notes TOO!

Any Screen, Any Paper, ANYTIME!


Pen and Stylus... COMBINED!

Have you ever been sitting there, fighting with your phone, just trying to dial in the right numbers? But the touchscreen buttons are too small, your fingers are too big, or the phone just seems not to want to listen to you?

Or maybe you noticed that after just a couple uses, your touchscreen device is COVERED from top to bottom in nasty smudges that look awful and get your screen blurry!

Oh, and scratches? Those are PERMANENT DAMAGE!

And how many times have you been out-and-about, ready to write a check, note, sign something... only to realize YOU HAVE NO PEN! It's infuriating!

Get all of these birds with one FANTASTIC stone...

With WorldStart's VERY OWN Combination STYLUS PEN!

It's a capactive touchscreen stylus on one end, plus a smooth and precise pen on the other.

How has nobody ever thought of this before?!

If you've never used a stylus on your touchscreen device... you're in for a HUGE TREAT!

All those times you couldn't quite hit the right button, couldn't get your phone to "feel right", or were just fed up with all the oily smudges all over... NO MORE! They are PROBLEMS OF THE PAST!

And if you're gonna carry a stylus around... why not make it a pen too?

All of your writing needs = fully covered!

The stylus end is covered in a rubber-tip which glides smoothly across your touchscreen! And because of it's soft-rubber texture, it won't risk scratching your screen!

No smudges? No scratches? FINALLY!

Lightweight Design - Yep! This thing is light as a feather (but still feels solid as stone in your grip) for the perfect touch! Whether you're writing on paper or on your phone... you're gonna LOVE this!

That grip is comfy as a pillow, too!

There's a lot of stylus designs out there... but none of them come CLOSE to this! Not only does it FEEL like a real pen... IT IS ONE!

And to top it all off... if you buy one during this INCREDIBLE limited-time deal... YOU GET ONE FREE!


I know it sounds insane (and maybe it is!) These crazy stylus-and-pen-all-in-one are only $3.97 and if you BUY ONE, YOU GET A SECOND FREE!

And if your order is over $5... US SHIPPING IS FREE TOO! YEAAAAAAAH!

Grab 'em here!

PS - These are a special offer for a short time only! Grab yours QUICK before they're all gone! And Wednesday  the price goes up to $8.97!!


Computers 101

Robert from Bossier City, LA writes:

I know, eventually, I will need to replace my Windows XP computer. I am wondering if I can use Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard not using the touchscreen at all. I haven’t seen any information on this and since no computer company is really getting into how Windows 8 works, I am curious if there is a way to use Windows 8 without having to touch the screen? Thank you.


The good news is that you do not need a touchscreen to operate Windows 8. While many of the features of Windows 8 are more intuitive with a touchscreen display, you can still navigate with a mouse and keyboard. Below is a list of the gesture motions for Windows 8 and the corresponding mouse and keyboard actions.

Start Menu

  • Touch: Open the charms bar and tap start.
  • Mouse: Hover your mouse in bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Keyboard: Press the Windows key.

Charms Bar

  • Touch: Swipe in from the right side of the screen.
  • Mouse: Hover the mouse over the upper-right corner or lower-right corner of windows 8 interface.
  • Keyboard: Hold Windows Key and press C

Zoom In/Out

  • Touch: Hold two fingers on screen close together and pull fingers apart to zoom in. Hold two fingers on screen further apart and pinch together to zoom out.
  • Mouse & Keyboard: Hold down the Ctrl key and rotate the scroll wheel on mouse forward to zoom in or backwards to zoom out. This works inconsistently through, as some apps support it and some do not.

Options Menu

  • Touch: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • Mouse: Right click empty area inside of an App
  • Keyboard: Hold down Windows Key and press Z

App Switcher

  • Touch: Swipe in from the left edge of screen
  • Mouse: Hover mouse in upper-left corner to middle-lower left corner of screen.
  • Keyboard: Hold Windows Key and press Tab, keep pressing tab to cycle through options.

Close Apps

  • Touch: Hold down from top of screen and drag down until app shrinks then fades.
  • Mouse: Hold down left mouse button on top edge of screen and drag app down until app shrinks then fades.
  • Keyboard: Hold down Alt Key and press F4


P.S. If you want to add a touchscreen to your computer to get the full Windows 8 experience make sure it’s listed as a capacitive multi-touch display. Resistive touch screens that do not support multiple finger inputs are not going to give you the ideal experience.

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On The Move

Posting Photos Of Your Pet Could Make You A Target Of ID Thieves

Your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram  account could be the perfect tool for thieves looking to steal your identity. Why?  Because of the information you share. Research by Next Advisor showed that 68% of people with public profiles shared their birthday and 18% offered up their phone numbers out there for anyone who might come across it. Those are two very handy pieces of information for scammers.



Other big help for crooks: photos of your pets, your relationship status and information about where you went to school or grew up. When you go to retrieve or change a password, you will often get asked a question like “What was the name of your first pet?” or “Where did you go to elementary school?”



  Since anniversaries and birthdays are often used in passwords, those dates can provide clues as to what yours might be. Pet names are also a top choice for passwords and crooks know that. An open social media profile can make that important information available to anyone.

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From The Archives

Using Command Prompt To Reveal Hidden Files

Some viruses leave behind nasty side effects, even when your antivirus program has cleaned the actual virus from your computer. If your desktop icons are missing and your C: drive appears blank, don’t panic — your files haven’t gone permanently AWOL. Common viruses, such as the Windows 7 Recovery virus, will hide your files in an attempt to coerce you into paying for the virus’s removal. When you view your desktop or click on your C: drive, it may appear that all of your files have been deleted, but they haven’t — the virus has simply hidden them. You can restore them easily using a simple command prompt trick that works in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Command prompt

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your task bar. Type cmd in the search box at the bottom of the menu and press Enter. If you’re using Windows XP, click Run and type cmd into the Run box.

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Today's Feature

Thumbnails Not Working

Vincent from Oakhurst, NJ writes:

At one time if I selected “View Icons” (small, medium, or large, I would see the actual picture or graphic. However, over time I have downloaded and played with several media viewers, etc. Now, I don not see the photo or graphic. I just see a logo or some other graphic representing the viewer program. How can I restore things so that I again see the actual photo or graphic? Thanks – Vince




The feature Vince is talking about is the thumbnail preview option in Windows Explorer. You can change the display of your files in an explorer window by clicking the small thumbnail icon in the upper right hand corner and select from a list of options. Any of the options that include icons in the name will display either the generic icon associated with that file type, or in the case of images, a preview of the image.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Blank On Blank

Blank on Blank is an awesome non-profit site that brings you unheard interviews that they’ve produced with music to bring you a look into the future of storytelling. 

On the main page, you’ll find their first episode posted (an interview with Larry King from 2001 for Esquire magazine) and you’ll find some navigation options. At the top there is a menu that has Vintage Audio, Interviewers, Your Tapes and PBS Series as categories. If you scroll down beneath the first episode, you’ll find access to the same categories and a little bit of information about each one. 

Vintage Audio – here you’ll find audio clips that have been produced with music, images, and presented to you in a video format. Pick the interview you want to see/listen to and get ready for a real treat as you hear interviews that haven’t been aired before.

Interviewers – here you’ll find the listing of contributing interviewers, there’s a little blurb about each one and then you can click a link to be whisked away to the collection of the interviews on the site.

Animated Videos – this is similar to what you saw if you watched the first episode. Here is where you’ll find the other episodes. You can find this section by scrolling past the first episode on the main page and clicking Watch under animated interviews and then scrolling past the first episode again and clicking Click Here after More Animated Interviews. Or follow this link

This is a really cool take on interviews from cultural icons that have defined our world, check them out today!


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One More Big Deal

Ditch your old camera, this one's got it BEAT!!

This digital camera does it all and looks good doin' it! You're not gonna BELIEVE all the features!

It's a 14MP Fujifilm FinePix camera that's gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

You've never seen a camera THIS advanced!
First off, this baby packs a whopping' 14MP of pure digital BLISS!

That gives you the freedom to make beautiful prints up to 20" with ZERO PROBLEMS!

From snapshot to wall hanger - your prints are gonna look gorgeous!

Plus, 14MP also gives you more flexibility to crop your images too! With a lesser camera, once you start cropping, you start losing the ability to even print a good 8x10! OUCH! With this 14MP bad boy, you can crop hard and still make nice size prints!


Oh, you are gonna LOVE this! To me the zoom on this camera is the knock-down-drag-out BEST feature - bar NONE!

Most cameras give you a wimpy 3x zoom. Some, ahem, "better" cameras maybe go 4x or 5x.

This cranks it up to the next level then shoots it into ORBIT with an incredible 10X zoom!

You can go from wide angle to super-telephoto in SECONDS! A 10X zoom lets you take a group shot at the birthday party then quickly zoom in for that goofy look on little Joey's face!

You gotta see it to believe it! Great for EVERY type of photo!
Don't be fooled - some cameras brag about a "digital zoom" but that's just electronic smoke and mirrors - you're interested in the OPTICAL zoom and this has one of the best you'll ever see!

This ALONE is worth WAY more than the price of the camera! You just can't beat the flexibility this gives you!
As if having a killer resolution and a knock-out zoom lens wasn't enough, this also helps to kick blurry photos to the curb!

It's uses Dual Image Stabilization technology to automatically make shaky, blurry photos a thing of the past!

This amazing tech automatically uses a combination of ISO and optical stabilization to help insure you get the SHARPEST photos possible in any given situation! LOOK:
Why risk blurry photos ever again? Don't let that once-in-a-lifetime shot be a total disappointment because you didn't have this amazing technology!

"WAIT - What about blurry photos caused by focusing in the wrong spot?"


This baby comes FULLY LOADED with cutting-edge FACE DETECTION too!

How's it work?

The camera is smart enough to know when you're pointing it at a person and LOCKS ON to their face as the focus point!
No more "The-People-Were-Blurry-But-The-Background-Was-Sharp" mistakes!

This baby actually KNOWS where to focus - and it's ALL AUTOMATIC!

Oh, and you can even "train" the camera to recognize faces! So, if it sees someone it "knows" in a group of people, it will place focus emphasis on them! Talk about SMART!!

PLUS - It even takes care of red-eye for ya - SWEET!!
Think the above is impressive? Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Blink Detection:
Alerts you if the camera "sees" your subject blink!
Smile Detection:
Know someone that never seems to smile in font of the camera? Or if they do smile, it happens too fast?

This setting "watches" the subject and when it "sees" them smile, it takes the photo! WOW!

Don't let a beautiful scene slip away because your camera can't take wide-angled shots! Check this out!

It Just Does Soooooo MUCH:

14MP Beautiful High Resolution Capture
Amazing 10X Optical Zoom
Dual Optical Image Stabilization For SHARP Photos
Face Detection = No Misfocus!
Super Slim - Fits GREAT anywhere!
ISO 100-3200 for AMAZING flexibility in ANY light!
Silent Mode
Built-In Flash With Red-Eye Reduction / Removal
And It Can Even Record HD Movies!

OK, we're putting the SMACKDOWN on the competition!
First, their prices:
Now - you can pay those prices OR…

You can get it from us for just $76.97 and US shipping is FREE! Yup, told ya we had a GREAT DEAL!

Keep in mind this is a VERY limited quantity situation, so don't wait - grab yours today!
  PS - A camera this good + a price this low... these will be GONE before you know it! Don't wait, or you're gonna miss out!


Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Ready for some new desktop backgrounds? Check out the new images below and enjoy!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!


The waterfall you see in the photo is the final plunge for Chapel Creek before it empties into Lake Superior. It always makes an interesting cut through the sand – but – you just never quite know what path it’ll take. Most of the time, it likes to wind off to the right, but a gale force weather event pushed the sand back in, making the new cut anybody’s guess. Even with that wildcard in mind, I decided...(More)

Wave Running Willet

This Willet was captured on Sanibel Island FL one morning as I strolled along the beach with my big glass. (Nothing like a big lens on a beach to get people wondering what you’re up to.)

Anyhow, this guy was skirting the edge of the water when some larger waves started rolling in. Normally these birds... (More)


Mobius By Moonlight

I’d like to say this was a planned shot. I tend to take pride in my ability to “forecast” a cool image and then setup to be at the perfect spot at just the right moment. Well, not this time! I was actually arriving early at Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills to take an altogether different view of this arch when the setting moon dancing with the early colors of sunrise caught my eye. I quickly maneuvered around until... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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