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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-05-08

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Quick Tip

Question: My friend gave me a CD of a computer program to make cards and posters. It was a brand new CD still wrapped in plastic.  When I put it in my computer, it asked for a product key and gave me a box to type a code in. What is a product key and how do I find it?

A product key is a combination of letters and numbers that is used to unlock or open software. Each individual copy has its own unique product key.  They look something like this.

The product key may be located inside the program’s box or case or printed or applied as a sticker to the front or back of a the envelope the disc came in (also known as a sleeve). For downloaded software, they may be e-mailed to you.  Do not throw out any of the packaging that comes with a program until you find your product key or try your program out to make sure it doesn’t require one. 

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

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USB Devices are Great...


They're ALWAYS Either too Short or too Long...


It's the Perfect Length for Charging or Connecting ANY USB Device...


NEVER the Right Length...

Don't you just hate USB devices? OK, maybe not the device itself, but it sure seems like the manufacturer's must have a deal with the extension cord people. It's a rare occasion that the supplied USB cord that comes with my newest gadget is actually long enough.

Of course, when you go to pick up another cord, you can never find a nice short one to bridge the gap. Nope, 10 foot seems to be the norm - who wants all those extra cords tangled up behind their desk?

Lucky for you, we've just come across the PERFECT USB Extension Cable!

6 Feet of PURE USB Bliss!

I know, it's kinda hard to get excited about a USB extension cable.  It's one of those everyday items that we probably don't give much thought to until we NEED it to be longer...or need to bridge the gap between two lengths.

It's About CONVENIENCE....

And that's exactly what you're getting here.  Just pure USB perfection at a super low cost! This cable is perfect for plugging in a USB hub, a flash drive, or any other USB device that has a USB cable that's just a little too short!!

Never have to squeeze behind your computer to plug something in again!!! With this handy 6 foot cord, you will know that everything is "Just Right!!"

Your cost? Again, let's talk "Just Right." For Just $3.97 you will receive this amazing USB extension cord!  All orders over $5 also include FREE shipping within the US!

P.S.The Price will increase to $6.97 Wednesday, so don't wait!


Computers 101

Richard from Lindale TX writes “I have some vhs tapes that i would like to put on my computer for a class I am about to teach.  How do I do this?  Richard Brewer”

Hi, Richard, and thanks for the great question. In truth, there are several ways to do this, and here they are from the easiest to the hardest.

The first way is that if your computer has red/white/yellow (composite) video inputs, and you have a VHS player, you can hook the player directly to your computer and use something like Nero to burn them directly to your hard drive.  I’m guessing that you don’t, or you probably would have figured this out on your own, but it looks like this:

The next best way would be to get what’s called a “dongle”, which would attach your VCR’s composite output to your computer via USB.  It looks like this:

Again, once you would just use a program like Nero to do the transfer.

Probably the worst way to do this, partly because of time consumption and partly because of resources, would be to get a VHS to DVD burner, which looks like this:

You’d load the VHS tape that you want to copy in with a blank DVD and burn it.  Then you take the disc out, pop it into your computer and rip the video onto your hard drive.  Time consuming and wasteful of resources.

For most people, especially considering that you can pick up a VHS player for five dollars these days, option 2 would be the best and least expensive option. 

I hope that this helps!

~Randal Schaffer

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On The Move

Kindle For iOS Adds Features For Visually Impaired

New accessibility options for the blind and visually impaired have been added to the Kindle app for iPhones and iPads, making it easier for customers to navigate their Kindle libraries and interact with their books.

“We’re excited to introduce these new features to our Kindle for iOS app, making it easier than ever for our blind and visually impaired customers to access the vast selection of over 1.8 million books in the Kindle Store on their iPhone or iPad,” said Dorothy Nicholls, Vice President, Amazon Kindle.

To learn more about these features for the visually impaired, click on WorldStart!

From The Archives

Maggie from Milwaukee asks:

I watch Netflix online and am thinking about buying a Roku. Can you tell me anything about them?


Thanks for the question, Maggie. For several months, with no cable access where we live, and being too cheap to spring for a satellite dish, we watched Netflix on a TV connected to a laptop (not a particularly useful computer task). However, I recently received a Roku 2 XD as a gift and, technological pioneers that we are–3 1/2 years after they were introduced—a Roku now provides the Netflix gateway to our television.

Want more? Head on over to WorldStart!

Today's Feature

Mary from Phoenix, AZ writes:

Help, when my husband was signing into our email account, he accidentally put the password along with the email address. So when I go and sign in a box comes up with the email address and password, how do I delete this, or do we need to make up another new password?

To delete it once, you simply need to highlight the text, hit delete and then enter the correct information. But to keep the wrong password from popping up every time, you need to stop your browser from remembering the incorrect information. If the log-in field offers you the option of remembering your password, make sure to un-check it, because that might just solve your problem.  You don’t say which browser you’re using, I’m giving the instructions for Internet Explorer and the process would be similar for Firefox. 

You start out with the familiar settings menu and choose Internet Options

For the rest of this tip, check out WorldStart!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Let's Make Sausage

Have you ever wanted to make your own sausage, but you weren’t sure what you needed or how to get started? Well that’s the quandary I found myself in, so I found a site that would teach me everything I needed to know! And after finding it, I decided it was so awesome that I absolutely had to share it with all of you! 

What I really love is that you don’t have to hunt for information on this site. On the main page, the author lays out what you need to know under the bolded heading Here’s What I’m Going to Show You, and provides links to each step. If you visit them in the order laid out on the main page, you’ll know exactly what tools you need, what special supplies might be used, and then step by step with pictures the actual process of making sausages. 

If you already know how to make sausage, don’t run away just yet, there are plenty of cool things for you to do here too! Check out the left side menu for all the other things that can be found on the site like Smoking (if you want smoked sausage), the different varieties of sausage you can make, sausage recipes, and even a section devoted to jerky!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

A Cloth To Clean Everything – THE RIGHT WAY!

Stop Wasting Paper Towels - Stop Wasting Your Time!

We've Got an All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth That Lasts Forever!




No Soap - No Solution - No Residue!

Static & Lint Free


Just $4.97 For A Limited Time Only!

You Know What's Just Foolish? Using Paper Towels to Clean Your Glasses! REALLY?!?!

You’ve been ignoring your optician’s warnings, haven’t you?! They weren’t kidding when they said that wood-based products like tissues and paper towels will scratch your lenses – permanently! KNOCK IT OFF!

And what about your sensitive electronics? Touchscreens? Monitors? Televisions? They get dirty and smudged up too... but if you clean them with the wrong cloth... they get PERMANENT SCRATCHES!

Why even clean 'em, if you're just going to ruin 'em?

You Need the Maxell PROFESSIONAL MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth - It'll be the LAST Cloth You'll EVER Need!

Seriously, for less than the price of lunch, you can get a cloth that was actually meant for cleaning your eyeglasses and electronics! SAFELY!

And you'll never have to worry about replacing it, either - it's woven strong and it'll NEVER wear out! The material is soft and smooth - it'll never scratch or damage your glasses like paper towels or other, less suitable cloths will do over time.

And it's big enough for ANY job!


This guy is programmed to defeat dirtiness of all kinds!

So, keep those lenses clean and clear! And once your glasses are clean, you’ll probably notice a lot more things! Like all that dirt on your electronic equipment!

It’s OK! You Can Use This Same Cloth On All Your Electronic Stuff Too!


Some materials just instinctively attract crud - it's like dirt, dust and lint are magnetized to them! And really, they are, due to the static electricity they create! All you're doing with those other rags is wiping dust right back onto what you're trying to clean off. Talk about counter-productive!

BUT NOT WITH THIS CLOTH!  This material is actually anti-static and will not attract lint or dust - it'll just eliminate it from your electronics for a clear, clean finish!

No Soap - No Solution - No Residue!

This cloth is 100% FREE of any chemicals or solvents, so it won't leave some greasy, streaky residue. Use it once, and you'll see: it's the BEST cleaning cloth EVER!

So here’s the bottom line! You can clean your eyeglasses safely, with no scratching, no residue, no smearing. You get to see clearly again and again!

AND because of this cloth’s special properties it will safely snatch all that crud off your electronic equipment too, like your TV screen, monitor, cell phone etc.!

And then you can wash it and reuse it over, and over, and over! It even comes with its own carrying pouch!

The BEST part...  It's REALLY inexpensive!

That's right - for today and today only, you can get the Maxell Professional MicroFiber cloth for just $4.97!

If you buy 2, or your order total is over 5 bucks - US shipping is FREE! Wow - that's a sweet deal!


Monthly Wallpaper

May Wallpaper

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Before The Dawn At Zabriskie Point

“I almost hate taking this shot,” I remember telling my 10 year old son as I set up my tripod. See, Zabriskie Point is a bit of an icon spot and I really like to try to attempt to get shots that, you know, the rest of the world hasn’t shot the heck out of just yet. Although we’d hiked a bit off to the right of the main viewing area, I still...(More)


Red Clouds Over Bryce

Sometimes you just get lucky! We were at Sunset Point at Bryce Canyon for sunrise (I know, it’s backwards, but I didn’t name it). Since it was summer there was a bit of a crowd and all eyes were looking towards – and forward to – sunrise. Well, I have this little habit of... (More)



Dune Sunrise

This one almost didn’t happen. It was the very last morning of my Spring 2012 Death Valley trip and the plan was to just get up and head back to Vegas. It had been a long week and frankly, “exhausted” had been in the rear view mirror for awhile now. But... (More)

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