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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-07-05

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Quick Tip

In The News 7-05-2013

Pink Floyd To Pandora: Internet Radio Rips Off Artists

Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd put aside their differences to write an editorial slamming music streaming service Pandora’s royalty policies.  They accused Pandora of wanting to cut artists royalties by 85%. They pointed out that 90% of artists who receive digital royalties already get less that $5,000 a year. They say Pandora tried to trick artists into signing a confusing petition without explaining properly what that petition supports.

Pandora’s petition is in response to rules that require Internet radio to pay royalties to artists when they play their songs, but AM/FM stations are not required to pay royalties.

Pink Floyd recently made news last week when their catalog of music became available on rival Internet radio service Spotify.

Windows Finally Getting An Official Facebook App

Microsoft announced that there will finally be an official Facebook App for Windows.  Facebook, along with Instagram and Words With Friends have been glaring omissions from the Windows 8 App Store. Considering that Microsoft actually owns part of Facebook, and that the Windows Store needs apps in the worst way, it’s surprising that it took this long to announce an official app. The Windows App Store is so sparsely populated that Microsoft was bragging about an app for a popular chain of British grocery stores. I can’t see Apple or Google getting fired up over a Kroger/Wegman’s app. It’s nice, but is that really press-release worthy?  The app is expected to be released in the fall, which means Windows 8 will have been released for a year before getting an official Facebook app. Also on the way to the App Store are Flipboard and Vevo.

New App Helps You Use Social Media To Avoid Your Friends

If anti-social media is more your thing, a new web-based app helps you use social media to avoid your friends. It’s called “Hell is Other People” and it uses FourSquare to track your “friends” and calculate how to stay as far away from them as possible.

It then generates a map of “safe zones” to enable you to be as anti-social as possible.

The app was designed by a graduate student at NYU, Scott Garner. Garner says he found living in New York City a bit overwhelming and designed the app to help him cope with social anxiety. 

You can check it out by clicking here.

~ Cynthia

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Tired of Gross, Smudge-Covered Screens?

Always Hunting For a Pen?

Wish You Could Have An LED Light Anywhere?


ONE DEVICE: Stylus - Ballpen - LED LIGHT!

Precision Writing, Pristine Screens, & Awesome LED Power!

Everything You Need & It Fits Right In Your Pocket!

You're Gonna Keep These ALL Over Your Home!

Cell Phones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, ANYTHING...

Plus Paper, Notepads, or Sticky Notes TOO!

Any Screen, Any Paper, ANYTIME!


Pen and Stylus... COMBINED!

Have you ever been sitting there, fighting with your phone, just trying to dial in the right numbers? But the touchscreen buttons are too small, your fingers are too big, or the phone just seems not to want to listen to you?

Or maybe you noticed that after just a couple uses, your touchscreen device is COVERED from top to bottom in nasty smudges that look awful and get your screen blurry!

Oh, and scratches? Those are PERMANENT DAMAGE!

And how many times have you been out-and-about, ready to write a check, note, sign something... only to realize YOU HAVE NO PEN! It's infuriating!

Let's not forget how often you're DYING to find a flashlight, too! Whenever you need one, they all seem to disappear!



It's a capactive touchscreen stylus , plus a smooth and precise pen!

And to top it all off, there's an LED light built right in! SWEET!

How has nobody ever thought of this before?!

If you've never used a stylus on your touchscreen device... you're in for a HUGE TREAT!

All those times you couldn't quite hit the right button, couldn't get your phone to "feel right", or were just fed up with all the oily smudges all over... NO MORE! They are PROBLEMS OF THE PAST!

And if you're gonna carry a stylus around... why not make it a pen too?

All of your writing needs = fully covered!

The stylus end is covered in a rubber-tip which glides smoothly across your touchscreen! And because of it's soft-rubber texture, it won't risk scratching your screen!

No smudges? No scratches? FINALLY!

Lightweight Design - Yep! This thing is light as a feather (but still feels solid as stone in your grip) for the perfect touch! Whether you're writing on paper or on your phone... you're gonna LOVE this!

That grip is comfy as a pillow, too!

There's a lot of stylus designs out there... but none of them come CLOSE to this! Not only does it FEEL like a real pen... IT IS ONE!

And to top it all off... if you buy one during this INCREDIBLE limited-time deal... YOU GET ONE FREE!


I know it sounds insane (and maybe it is!) These crazy stylus-and-pen-all-in-one are only $4.97 and if you BUY ONE, YOU GET A SECOND FREE!

And if your order is over $5... US SHIPPING IS FREE TOO! YEAAAAAAAH!

Grab 'em here!

PS - These are a special offer for a short time only! Grab yours QUICK before they're all gone! And Saturday  the price goes up to $8.97!!


Computers 101

Patty from South Dakota writes:

Recently I had to ask for help installing a printer. He asked me if he could go to assist and I said yes. Got everything going except now my task bar and background when I go to my start menu are a dull gray and I don’t like that. I don’t know what he did. Can you help me to go back the way it was when I got my computer?

Thank You

Patty, you don’t say which version of Windows you’re using, so I’ll walk you through it on my Windows 7 Computer.  You’ll want to go to that dull gray Start Menu and select Control Panel:

A new window will open. Choose Appearance and Personalization.

Another Window will open offering you Personalization options.

Here, I’ve selected Change Window Glass Colors, but your option might be Change the color of your taskbar and window borders, depending on what version of Windows you’re using.

Right now, the colors are gray and opaque.

I’m switching them to blue and transparent. (transparent may not be an option, depending on your operating system.) You can also adjust the intensity of the color to your liking.

Don’t forget to Save Changes.

As you can see, my Start Menu is now my preferred shade of blue.

So is the Taskbar.

Hope this helps you get some color back to your desktop.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Terri from West Virginia writes: Is an external hard drive the best place to store pictures?

It’s difficult to say where the absolute “best” place to store pictures might be. What’s best for you might not be best for someone else. An external hard drive is a good place to store photos. Photos can take up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive, especially if you have archived years of family photographs.


An external hard drive is nice because you can dedicate room to your images and also because you can access it from multiple computers in your home. And normally, there are really only a few images you need  immediate access to on your computer at a time. If you decide you want to share or print some old photos or perhaps use them in a project, you can retrieve them from your external drive as needed. That leaves the hard drive space on your computer free for your current needs.

Want more? Check out WorldStart!


From The Archives

Fred from NY writes:

Is there a way to password a flash drive?

The most reliable way to password protect a flash drive is to encrypt it, and the best free program currently available for encryption is TrueCrypt. This program features a powerful form of disk encryption which allows an entire drive to be encrypted (or a specific file created on a disk which will be “mountable”). Mounting allows a virtual drive to be created and stored inside one encrypted file on a disk which you can access by a drive letter on your computer.

Why is it best to use this mountable file option when creating your encrypted flash drive? Well, if you use the “whole drive encryption” the drive is useless without installing TrueCrypt. If you use the file method you can still store non-encrypted information on the flash drive for anyone to access and keep the encrypted information in a special password protected file.

Go to WorldStart for the rest of this helpful tip!


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Jules Verne

Jules Verne is one of the great iconic authors that just about everyone has read, and if they haven’t read his books they’ve seen one the movies based on it or have a general pop culture understanding of his works (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, anyone?). 

Today I’m bringing you not one, but two links that are related to Verne. The first  is Jules Verne: Collecting the Books and Ephemera of French Author Jules Verne.  There you’ll find the main page has easy navigation to all of the categories of the site. The categories are: Verne’s Works, Ephemera, Jules Verne Dictionary, Autographs, Images of Verne, Family Tree, Locations, Links, as well as Every Book Has a Story (blue link wedged between the header image and the categories), and the alphabetical title listing of any Jules Verne book in English and French. 

That is a lot of options, so my advice is to just dive into what catches your fancy. I headed for the Verne’s Works section. I knew of the major works beforehand but was pleasantly surprised to see how much is out there left to read. He was a very prolific writer. After that I checked out the Ephemera and the the Images of Verne.  I ended my visit in the Every Book Has a Story which takes an in-depth look at an actual book from 1875 and the story it has to tell. Definitely my cup of tea.

The second site I wanted to feature was this article from io9: Everything You Know About Jules Verne is Probably Wrong.  The article clears up some common pop culture misconceptions about the author Jules Verne and his works. 

There are six different points that are clarified about Jules Verne and his works throughout the article. I found it very interesting to see what the majority of people think about Verne’s writing and where they are wrong. The one that surprised me was that people think that Verne is primarily a children’s author, I’ve always thought of him as one of the foundation authors for the genre of Science Fiction.  

Go check out the article and see which point of clarification surprises you!

These are both awesome site about Jules Verne. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


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One More Big Deal


You're WRECKING Your Cables!

If You Have an HDTV...

You Probably Have HDMI Cables, Right?

Stressing the Head WILL BREAK THEM!


You Need An Angle Adapter!

PERFECT for Tight Spaces...

And NECESSARY for Wall-Mounting!

Easier Cable Management - Prevent Expensive Accidents!

And They're GOLD-PLATED for OPTIMAL Signals!


The Perfect Fit!

Struggling with cords has NEVER been fun. Ever. But every time you get some new piece of electronics, you have to fight and fumble to get your cords out of sight but functional!

The worst offender are HDTVs! HDMI cables have bulky heads and a LOT of HDTVs are flat... which means you need to place that cable right against the wall!

Any bit of stress can COMPLETELY DESTROY the functionality of your HDMI cable.

Or worse... it could break the port on your HDTV RENDERING IT USELESS!

There's NO reason to risk the stress just because you wanted to place your TV along the wall... you know, where almost EVERYONE puts their TVs!!

These are GOLD-PLATED too! That means you're gonna get the best signal out of these that you can! Your high-quality HDMI cables aren't going to lose ANY quality with this monster adapter!

And if you plan to EVER wall-mount your HDTV (a lot of newer HDTVs don't even come with stands so you HAVE to) then you're gonna need one of these.

Which brings me to the price... you're never gonna find a switch with a price like this! At only $4.97 your cables are gonna be easy and SAFE!

And remember, any order over $5 gets FREE US SHIPPING!

Don't wait too long! on Saturday the price goes up to $8.97



Monthly Wallpaper

July Wallpaper

OK, we're going to do some "classic" wallpaper images this month. Just got back from a 3 week trip and immediately got sick as a dog - so I haven't been able to put any new wallpaper together this month, despite my best intentions. The good news is that there are over 100 images on the site available for wallpaper, so feel free to browse and pick your favs. Back to bed for some more recovery...

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Badwater Sunrise

All I can say is it pays to get up early – and do some scouting in advance! The day before this was taken, I had stumbled around this area for hours – searching for just the right looking polygons. I found this area about a mile out, and marked it on my GPS. Fast forward to the next morning and I’m hiking out...(More)

Tahquamenon Falls Overflow

This is the largest waterfall in Michigan and one of the most incredible anywhere – at least in my opinion. Plus, it’s easy to get to! Bonus! This was shot at the end of the day one warm summer evening. What’s unique about this shot is the sheer volume of water tipping over the edge. The max flow for this falls has been recorded at 50,000 gallons – per SECOND! I think the sign said water flow the day this was taken was... (More)

Fawn Peeking Through The Brush

OK, so we’re in Custer State Park in SD in search of some cool critters when we spot this pair of fawns. One had lost her spots, but this little gal still had a few left. The brush was thick and the light was fading so it wouldn’t be long before we were forced to move on. The fawn just kept milling along, seldom looking up – or only looking our way when there was ... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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