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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-08-30

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Quick Tip

In The News 8-30-2013

Microsoft Bing for Schools Offers Ad-Free Searching

Microsoft launched a free, national pilot program to test out the new Bing for Schools search engine. The service gives both public and private schools, grades K-12, the chance to have an ad-free search engine.

Bing for Schools sets strict filters to block adult content and also offers special educational features to teach digital literacy. Schools can learn how to join the pilot program at

Los Angeles Unified Schools, Fresno Unified Schools and the Detroit Country Day School are among the schools participating. 

Home users can also help the school of their choice earn credits by using Bing to search the web. Once a school earns 30,000 credits, it will receive a free Surface RT tablet.

 TiVo Adds Live Streaming To Mobile Devices

DVR pioneer TiVo is fighting slow sales with new features that allow users to stream live TV and recording to their phones and tablets. Users will be restricted to a limited number of devices and some content won’t be available for streaming due to content provider restrictions.

Before you could only watch programming using the TiVo box in you home, now with the Roamio DVR,  you will be able to check out your shows over any Internet connection.  TiVo has also added the ability to record up to 6 shows at once and boosted storage on the DVR to 3 TB.

The new Roamio DVRs start at $199 and can cost up to $500.

 ~ Cynthia

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Bright Lights Can Come In Small Packages!

Here's The TOUGHEST Pocket-Sized Flashlight You'll EVER See!

Rubber Grip.  Anti-Shock.  Weather-Resistant!

It's REAL POWER Right In The Palm of Your Hand!

They Take a Beating and Keep on Shining!

9 LEDs - 100,000 Hour Lifetime - Comfortable Grip!

Could This GET Any Better?

Yeah, It Can - THEY'RE ONLY $1.97!!!


Superior Lighting Technology...

Here at Worldstart, we're no strangers to LED flashlights. In fact, it's one of our specialties. People turn to us from all over to find them the latest and greatest in LED technology - and we're happy to help!  We love 'em as much as you do!

So believe me when I say that this thing is a total game changer! As you can immediately tell, this flashlight is no joke: solid construction, rubber grips, super bright!

Smaller flashlights don't HAVE to come at a sacrifice!

These bad boys are packed with 9 AWESOME LEDs and the moment you turn it on, you'll see what I mean!

Anti-Shock and Water Resistant!

Don't be shy with this thing - it can take a beating!  The solid construction and rubber reinforced grips make it resistant to shock (like drops), while the rubber encased body makes it resistant to water!

If you happen to be out camping or hiking or wherever else you may be, and it starts to rain... have no fear! This thing will keep on shining!

It's one TOUGH flashlight... and it's SO bright!

9 LED Power Packed in!

If you're looking for BRIGHT, look no further!

There are NINE LEDs packed into this thing, and it fits into the palm of your hand!  

That's a lot of power you'll be carrying around!

If you've never seen what nine LEDs can do to the dark, just imagine one thing: the sun!  Seriously, this flashlight cuts through the dark like no other.  The power is unmatched, and guess what?  The bulb life lasts forever!

How long? Just 100,000 HOURS!  Imagine that!  That's more than a decade of daily use - like, all day every day.

 And since the bulbs being powered are LED, the batteries last about 10 times longer than they do with standard bulbs. To make it even better, the batteries come INCLUDED with this flashlight!

Don't forget about the rubber case construction!  It provides a non-slip grip that you won't believe unti you're holding it!

High Quality - Low Price!

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but we've got an outstanding deal on these rugged, tough 9 LED flashlights - only for today!  Just $1.97 with FREE US SHIPPING on ANY order over $5!

PS: Better hurry - low stock, huge demand.  Don't miss out!


Computers 101

Mary writes:

I have been trying to find a laptop with Windows 7 and CD on it. I will need to install my programs and they are all on CD, but the computer do not have one. are CD going the way of a floppy disc? What about pictures and records we have saved?

Mary, it is getting harder and harder to find a laptop with a CD/DVD drive (an optical drive) these days.  In fact, Windows 8 doesn’t even come with a built-in DVD player/burner program. I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro, my first computer in many, many, many years without an optical drive and it’s taking some getting used to.

You are right about CDs/DVDs as storage devices for computers, they are going the way of the floppy disc. Partly because they really don’t hold much information when you compare them to many USB flash drives. Also, computers are just getting smaller and lighter. There’s really no room on a tablet computer for an optical drive if you want the device to be small enough to be portable.

Another reason is that many providers of software are switching to digital downloads only or a subscription-based model instead of a one-time only purchase.  Also, there is a shift towards cloud-based storage of files. That way you can access your files anytime from any device and don’t have to worry about transferring files when you change to a new computer. Or if your computer fails, important files are not lost.

Since you already have discs that you need to access, my suggestion would be to purchase an external optical drive to plug into your new computer when you need to access discs or burn a DVD or CD.  You should be able to find one for under $50.

I would suggest backing up files in the future to USB drives, an external hard drive or to cloud storage for ease of access. Cloud accounts like Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive are great options for sharing your files with others and for ease of access. DVDs are fine for putting information and files into the system, but not your

Also, I was able to look around online and find some options for a Windows 7 laptop with an optical with a CD/DVD drive, like this Dell model show below:

Many online sellers will allow you to first check off the operating system and features you want in a device to narrow the search. On the Dell site, I chose Laptops, then checked Windows 7 as the operating system.

Then I narrowed the search to only those laptops with a CD/DVD Drive.

I hope one of these solutions works for you.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Smart Phones Revive Game Industry

The latest console war is upon the video game industry, as we reported here, but the entire industry has slowly been shifting away from dedicated hardware consoles. Wired has projected this console war will end up generating approximately 30 percent less sales than the last generation, with the biggest impact hitting handheld consoles. This is particularly evident in the United Kingdom, which has seen 33 percent of users playing games on smartphones, with a 2 percent drop in those using dedicated gaming consoles for their game playing, according to Emarketer. Here are a few factors leading to the rise of mobile-based gaming in the U.K., and predictions for the future of the video game industry

The Effect of Casual Gaming

Casual games, such as hidden object games, do not require a significant time commitment on the part of the gamer. It’s pick-up-and-play-style gameplay, without an extensive and involved story, difficult-to-learn game mechanics, or complex gameplay. Video games have been around in one form or another for 40 years, and people who grew up with video games deal with limited time due to family, work and social engagements. The casual gaming trend allows them to continue playing video games for fun, without making playing seem like a second job.

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From The Archives

Hailey writes:

I have a lot of photos in My Pictures folder. The thing is, I can’t see the little pictures of the photos for preview, I can only see icons. Can I change this so that I can see my little pictures again? I have Windows Vista.


Hi, Hailey!

Yep, you can change the icons to the little picture preview (thumbnails) and back again if you want to. Here’s how:

My Pictures is usually stored in your Documents folder. To get to your Documents folder in a really easy way (if it’s not already on your desktop) is to first go to your Start button and left-click. When your Start menu pops up, at the very top of the right side you will see an icon preview (how ironic is that?) and below it, your user name. Below that is Documents. Left-click on it.

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Who's Alive and Who's Dead

My mom called me when Andy Griffith died, and my sister frequently posts about entertainers who’ve died recently on Facebook. So I’d say that my family is definitely interested in the lives and deaths of entertainers, and I’m just kind of oblivious to it. But they keep me in the loop, so I guess I can’t complain.

I’m not a fan of the news, it’s depressing. I’d much rather look up news about specific current events rather than slog through the whole thing. It helps me stay somewhat sane.  Today not only does our news seem to center around celebrities, but you also can’t necessarily trust what’s being reported when it comes to celebrity deaths. Since the advent of social media and wikipedia there are also celebrity death hoaxes to contend with. 

Well now you can find out easily, all at one place, whether a celebrity is alive or dead. Today’s site helps you stay on track of who’s alive and who’s dead. 

Navigation is pretty easy, you can use the search field to just type in the name of who you want to find out is living or dead and click Go. Or you can browse one of the following categories: Actors and Actresses, Musical Performers,  Other Performers, Political Figures, Athletes and Sports Figures, and All Other Categories. 

I also wanted to point out the Recent Deaths link, if you click it you’ll be whisked away to a listing of who has passed away in the past year arranged alphabetically. I was expecting it to be chronologically so I wanted to give you heads up that if you wanted to look at it that way you need to click Sort by DOD (date of death). 

Now you no longer have to wonder whether your favorite performer, public figure, or celebrity are alive or dead. Go check it out today!


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One More Big Deal

Talk About Brightening Up Your Day!

Get A Brand New Light ANYWHERE In Your Home...


Cordless Light + Remote Controlled Switch...


Closets, Cabinets, Stairways,  Bedrooms, Bathrooms...

Put This Thing ANYWHERE You Want!

All The Power - None Of The Work!


Are you an electrician? I'm certainly not!

But that didn't stop me from installing a brand new light in my basement staircase. In fact, it made it easier!

Because instead of reading a million pages on rewiring and punching a bunch of holes in my house - I found a BETTER solution!

This "Anywhere" Cordless Light!

It's not only better than regular lights - it blows CORDLESS lights outta the water too!


No joke - it's like a full-on light you can install ANYWHERE in one minute flat!

Think about this for a second: If you had to hire an electrician to come out and install a new light... do you think it'd be cheap? NO WAY!

They're GREAT at milking the clock, and you'd have to buy the light too anyway!


It's As Bright As Ever!

No matter where you end up putting this bad boy, it's gonna be GREAT for turning dark areas of the house into fully-lit rooms!

These are GREAT for closets and staircases, you know, places that tend to get overlooked for proper lighting! After all, the areas with poor lighting tend to be MUCH harder to rewire for!

Since it's completely battery powered, you can take it anywhere! If you own an RV, or a boat, these make GREAT solutions for some extra lighting!

I mean, just think of all the places you can put this!

It's designed to go ANYWHERE!

Ceilings Walls
Closets Stairways
Attics Boats
RVs & Campers Cabinets
Work Areas Bathrooms
Bedrooms And Anywhere Else!

Remote-Controlled Switch Makes It EASY!

THIS is the reason it's so much better!

Even if you have some kinda cordless light, it probably has an annoying system for turning on. Maybe it's motion sensor, maybe it's a tap light.

Either way, there's a REASON we still use light switches placed in convenient areas to manage our lights!

Now you can get that convenience INSTANTLY!

The switch that comes with this light lets you turn it off or on just like a standard light - minus the wiring, of course!

This light is ALL the best parts of standard lights, combined with all the convenience of a cordless one! It's the best of both worlds, baby!

And with the beautiful white, rounded design you can set this up anywhere you want! It's practically impossible for it to look out of place!

"Just Show Me The Deal!"

You get the light you need, it comes with EVERYTHING to set it up in minutes, and you don't have to touch a SINGLE wire. Period!

Not only does this beat the cost of hiring an electrician by FAR... it's even cheaper than most other cordless lights already! And we're talkin' about a REMOTE CONTROLLED ONE HERE!

IT'S ONLY $21.97 and you get FREE SHIPPING in the United States! Jumping for joy is an acceptable response to a deal like this!

PS - The price goes to $28.97 Saturday so there's no reason to wait!


Monthly Wallpaper

August Wallpaper

Three new desktop wallpaper selections for ya! Time to dress up your computer for August!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

After The Storm

This is from one of my favorite overlooks in Smoky Mountains National Park. In fact, I like it so much I tend to stop there nearly every evening when I’m in the area. I’ve literally been to this overlook 20+ times over the last couple years – and the result was never what I thought it could be. Until this image a few weeks back. It had been a very stormy month in the mountains and when the lighting and thunder came though early evening, I knew I had...(More)

Mannis Branch Falls

This is one of those “off the beaten path” waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains – just the way I like it! I’ve attempted this one a couple times before, but never quite got what I was after. However, that all changed this summer. Thanks to an amazing amount of rainfall, the conditions were ideal. So, my wife and I carefully crossed Little River (“little” didn’t seem the right name for it at the time!) and climbed up to ... (More)

Momma Bear

I came across the bear and her cubs in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains National Park. I was out early, and had already seen a bear or two, but nothing I could really photograph. So, I was pretty happy to stumble upon this little group. When I arrived, the sow, (henceforth “Momma Bear”) was crossing the street. The cubs were safely up a nearby tree and she was busy feeding out in the field. Of course, when bears feed it’s tough to get a shot. They aren’t posing and you can wait 10 or 15 minutes between VERY fleeting opportunities. Fortunately, ... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

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