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WorldStart Tech Tips 2013-10-25

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Quick Tip

In The News 10-25-2013

Facebook Makes It Official With Windows 8.1

The long-awaited official Facebook App for Windows 8 is finally available in the Windows 8 App Store. 

You will need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to use it. The app is pretty similar to how Facebook works on other devices, but it does have some features designed to blend with the unique look of Windows 8.

Netflix To Offer Extra Features With Original Programming

Netwflix is planning on offering extra features and content with their original programs like Arrested Development and House of Cards.

The company says if the features proves popular they’ll add more. It’s part of a push to add more “second screen” content for viewers to access on their phones, computers and tablets.

Verizon sells nearly 4 Million iPhones In Three Months

Verizon sold nearly 4 million iPhones in the 3rd quarter of 2013.  That accounted for more than half of their cell phone activations for that time period.

Even better for Verizon, nearly 30 percent of those activations were new customers.

~ Cynthia

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Tired Of All That Dust?

Sick Of Using Dusters That Just Spread Dust Around?

This Gets It ALL...

It's Great For TVs But It Works On Any Surface!

Static Free Microfiber Won't Scratch Delicate Surfaces!


Screens, Counters, Cabinets, Bookcases, ANYTHING!

You could spend hundreds of dollars a year on expensive wipes that end up in the trash. But they could leave PERMANENT Scratches on your delicate furniture or electronics!

Once You Microfiber It, You'll NEVER Go Back to Regular Wipes!

Do you own a TV? A computer? A laptop? A smartphone or tablet?

How about tables, shelves, or any kinda furniture at all?

Expensive electronics have expensive screens! And you know what happens when those screens get scratched? You're STUCK with the scratch FOREVER!

Regular cloths and wipes are NOT designed for that kind of stuff! And when you're talking about a big expensive HDTV - you do NOT want to risk permanent damage!

Oh, and if you're thinking paper towels - say it ain't so! Those things are a one-way street to Scratchville!


It's soft enough for ANY surface!

There's no material out there that can beat a microfiber cloth when it comes to getting the CRUD off your stuff without even the RISK of damage!



It won't leave any greasy, streaky residue!


Forget old-fashioned dusters that just spread dust around the room!

The easiest way to make sure your stuff stays clean is to take the WORK outta keeping it that way - and that's JUST what this bad boy does!

Again - It Works For EVERYTHING!

Yeah, microfiber is the #1 go-to material when it comes to cleaning screens on your TV, monitor, tablet, phone, etc...


Cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs - anything you'd dust or wipe down! Microfiber strands are designed to be safe for practically any surface!

Plus the handle is designed for hanging, so storage is summer easy!

The only thing that could make this deal sweeter is a killer price like...

$4.97 with FREE US SHIPPING on any order over $5!

Wait, it IS that price? YES!!!!!

You aren't dreaming! Grab yours at the link below!

PS - Don't let Saturday roll around before you order it - that's when the sale ends and these run all the way up to Saturday


Computers 101

Dress Up Your Yahoo Inbox

One of the features of Yahoo! Mail’s Inbox re-design makes it a little easier to add themes. People who complain about the plainness of, should really enjoy having a dressed-up inbox with just a couple of clicks.  Here’s how it works:

Open your Yahoo! inbox and look down in the right lower corner.

At the very bottom, you’ll see this very small little symbol that looks a bit like a mountain with the moon over it if you look very closely. It is TINY. 

When you roll your cursor over it, you’ll see options like these for choosing inbox themes.

You can select from a range of simple color combos or photographs by using the arrow to scroll through. You have a choice of everything from a puppy to patterns to  landscape shots.

You simply click on the theme and click back to the inbox and it’s set.  Here’s an example of a solid color.

Here’s a puppy.  Awwwww….

This is a super-simple way to change up your inbox.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Windows 8.1 Mail App: Drag & Drop Plus Integration

The Mail App in Windows 8.1 had been updated to take advantage of some of the features of, among other changes.

Microsoft says the goal was redesign the e-mail client so that it looked great not only on your PC, but on mobile devices. They point out that 68% of users access on a mobile device. The Mail app has been improved to work better with a touch screen interface. If you use, this interface is going to look pretty familiar. Users can now drag and drop messages into folder. Microsoft says that’s one of the most requested features from consumers.

Want more? Head on over to WorldStart!


From The Archives

Debbie from NC writes:

What are ActiveX controls?

Hi, Debbie.  Thanks for the great question.

ActiveX controls are basically small programs designed by Windows to allow Windows, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer to run applications within their environment, similar to Java applets.  By using ActiveX controls rather than changing the basic programming of the module, they can make small changes without overhauling the entire program.  Mozilla Firefox also has an add-on that allows their users to access ActiveX programs. 

The downside to ActiveX is that it leaves these programs vulnerable to malware attacks, which are called “drive-bys”.  They can also be used by computer predators to remotely take control of your computer.  You CAN disable all ActiveX controls by going into Internet Properties in your control panel. To open your control panel, click the Start button and then “Control Panel”.

You may have to click an intermediate window that says “Network and Internet”.  Under Internet Options, you’ll see an option that says “Manage Browser Add-ons”.

Just click on WorldStart for more of this helpful tip!


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon Used With Permission

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Amanda's Coolsite

What Food Looks Like

Om nom nom nom! I was lured into this site by the scrumptious photos and then found the site’s premise fascinating! I really like its education goal to teach people what food really looks like.  

When you load into the site there’s a black shadow box with white text that explains the purpose of the site – to educate people about what food really looks like around the world – and if you click it, it goes away and you can explore the site. 

You’ll start your food adventure with Mexican Cuisine. There’s a photo of the staple ingredients of Mexican cuisine and then a short paragraph beneath it explaining the staples and evolution of food for that area. 

To browse another area, you’ll need to click the white arrows to the right and left of the screen. Right takes you forward, Left navigates back to previous cuisines. 

You’ll be able to explore Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Spanish, French, and Scandinavian cuisines.

I thought this was a very interesting and fun way to look at food around the world, although it did make me hungry!


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One More Big Deal

Your Music Collection Might Be HUGE...

But Too Much of it is on Cassette Tapes - Who Uses Those Anymore?

You Could Spend a FORTUNE Re-Buying it on CD or MP3...


The Cassette to MP3 Converter is BRILLIANT!

Transfer Tapes to Digital MP3 - Put 'em on Your Portable Music Device...


Amazing Device Also Functions as a Portable Tape Player!

Simple Transfers: Connect - Install - Transfer - USB Compatible!


Remember the Good Old Days?

You used to keep ALL of your favorite cassette tapes in the glove compartment.  You had a huge selection, and enjoying music was simple.  Wasn't it great?

NOPE - IT SUCKED!  It's easy to look back and say it didn't, but don't your remember what a pain tapes were?  For example, how easy was it to access your favorite song on a tape?  You'd have to fast forward, hit play, fast forward again, then end up rewinding.  By the time you got to the song, you were too frustrated to even enjoy it!

The main problem is, you've invested a TON of time and money on your collection of cassettes, and they've done nothing but sit and collect dust since the age of CD's and MP3's hit the market.  

Whatever you do, heed this advice: DO NOT rebuy all that music - we've got a device that transfers those cassettes to digital, and it's easy!

Check out the amazing video demo below!


USB 2.0 Interface - Simple to Use - ANYONE Can do it!

Equipped with a universal 3.5mm audio jack (included), all you have to do is connect the converter to the USB port on your computer, follow a few simple steps to install the software, and that's it!  

Now you're ready to rip your cassette tape to MP3 format!  Once it's on your computer you can do with it whatever you want - burn it to CD, or drag and drop the files onto your MP3 player!  That old music collection is FAR from being over with!

Of course, this is USB 2.0, but it's also compatible with USB 1.1 if you're really old school.  No matter what system you have, you can rest assured that this thing works with EASE!

Also Functions as a Portable Tape Player!

How great is that?  Not only will it transfer your tapes to digital MP3 format, it also plays the tapes!  Just pop one in and hit play - now you're rockin' it OLD SCHOOL!

That's yet another reason not to get rid of your old cassettes - even after you have them converted!  Any time you want to, you can pop a tape in and get going - just like you did 20 years ago!  

The small, compact size is easy to travel with and the sound quality is amazing!  Hey - audio has come a long way since the days of the cassette tape - and this thing sounds great!  And speaking of it's compact size...this thing looks great! With it's black on chrome color design, you're not only rockin' some stylish technology, it's TOTALLY functional!

The tape player functions just like they always have: rewind, fast forward, play and stop!  There's also easy volume control!

*Please note: headphones NOT included in this package.

Excellent New Technology - Amazing Price!

So not only are you saving yourself a fortune by not having to rebuy all of your old music to have it in digital format - you're also saving a boat load of money on this thing! Today, get your Cassette to MP3 Converter for just $24.97 with FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED! 

PS: we were only able to get one shipment of these in, and they're sure to be a hot seller.  Get yours now - waiting will cause nothing but problems!


Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper Is Ready!

We have some new desktop wallpaper ready to go for October! Three new selections for ya this month.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Autumn Magic At Bond Falls

You know, I'm starting to really like Bond Falls. It's located - more or less - in the north central area of Michigan's UP, and let me tell ya - I've been there twice and pulled out a good shot each time! The first time was of the main falls, this time I went for the upper falls. In fact, back when I took the main falls I just couldn't help but think this area could really be fantastic if the timing was right in autumn. So, about 13 months later I came back…(More)

Whitetail Through The Window

This Whitetail Deer Buck was photographed in Custer State Park, SD just as the colors were starting to turn. It was early morning and we were the first (and probably only) car on the Wildlife Loop Road. In fact, I think we were a little too early - hadn't seen much - then we spotted this guy. One look at that amazing rack was all it took for me... (More)


This was captured at the Bosque Del Apache NWR one chilly evening as the snow geese were settling in for the night. The sun was getting pretty low in the sky and the temps were dropping rapidly. I knew I didn't have too much time left and I was blasting away at any group of snow geese I could get my lens on. They were coming in large groups and... (More)

For these and other great autumn selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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