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WorldStart Tech Tips 2014-01-08

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Quick Tip

John writes:

I have a copy of Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation. When will it expire and can I upgrade to keep it?

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation is specifically designed for IT professionals interested in trying out Windows 8.1 Enterprise on behalf of their organization.  Your license will expire 90 days after activation.  You must activate the evaluation copy before October 21, 2014. 

You cannot upgrade from the evaluation copy to a licensed working version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. A clean installation is required.

 ~ Cynthia

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No Hard Drive Lives Forever...

Hard drives are sensitive, complex mechanical devices. Most modern hard drives can hit over 7200 RPMs!

But it's not without a cost: No matter HOW hard you try, 100% of hard drives will eventually crash.



What do you do when your hard drive crashes?

Well, there are only two outcomes...


1. If you don't back up your data:

It's gone. Throw your hard drive in the trash and start fresh... because you are NOT recovering that data. A dead hard drive is just that. It's game over.


2. If you DO back up your data:

You take your handy little Super Talent16GB back up flash drive and put all your saved files on your next computer. With JUST ONE CLICK!

You don't lose a single file, and you don't spend the weekend wishing you had printed those vacation photos that you'll never get back.

Which one would you prefer?

There's only ONE reason not to back up data: it USED to be hard. It took a lot of time, it took expensive hardware or software, and it took some tech-savvy. You had to know file extensions, directories, the whole works.


The Super Talent 16GB Instant Backup Flash Drive!

NO software. NO set up. NO time consuming steps. All you do is plug it in and click "backup"!

Could it BE any easier?

The first time you pop it in, it just asks you what directories you want to backup. After that, every new backup is just a click away.

What's great is that it keeps ALL of your directories and folders right in the order you have them on your PC. So you'll know EXACTLY where to find them on the flash drive or after you back them up to another PC!


Think about everything you have on your computer: TONS of photos. ALL of your favorite music. Family videos and contact information.

How about work documents, important files, sensitive documents. Even your passwords, e-mails, favorite web pages... EVERYTHING!

After a crash, you can't get those photos back. The videos are now distant memories. And your passwords? Good luck remembering the ones you haven't had to type in for years.


And with backing up this easy, you won't even have to think about it!

This DEFINES User Friendly!

We tested it out, just check out the video:

Ultra Sleek, Ultra Secure, ULTRA FAST!

It looks, feels, and acts just like your standard flash drive (of course, standard flash drives can't hold a candle to this one) so you know it's gonna be easy and lightweight to move or store.

Plus, when you aren't using it, you can flip the drive around to protect the connector! YES!


That's right - Just drag and drop files to it and use it like any other flashdrive! Talk about the best of both worlds!!

Take it anywhere! Back up any PC or laptop! Use it for EVERYTHING!

And if you're looking for fast, this thing is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

This is a Super Talent high-speed USB 2.0 drive.

We're talkin' up to 480Mbps of PURE SPEED!

Last but not least: IT'S SECURE!

When you back up anything on this drive, you can choose to encrypt it and guard it with a password of your choice! Nobody but you or those you trust get access to YOUR files.

So all your tax, financial, and confidential documents? You can back them up too without worrying! FINALLY!

It's not just passwords, either. It's full-power encryption!

All those passwords on your PC don't mean a thing if you don't have SECURE backups.

But with the included backup software, it's not a problem.

A Backup Drive For UNDER $19! WOW!

If you go anywhere to try and get a backup drive, you'll be looking $40 for the BARE MINIMUM! And those are bulky, heavy external hard drives that you really can't move or store.

Personal note - I needed another backup drive for all my photography, and these were just PERFECT for the job! They're sooooooo handy!

You will NOT find a faster, more convenient backup drive out there for just $18.97 with FREE US SHIPPING anywhere else!

These are simply one of the coolest devices I've ever seen. PLEASE don't miss out on this deal. We only have so many and once they're gone... that's it.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Seriously! If these run out, they're gone! We don't always get to offer items like this! And after Wednesday this sale will end, with the price going back up to $22.97! HURRY TO THE STORE!


Computers 101

Importing Saved Internet Explorer Favorites

Previously we showed you how to export your favorites in Internet Explorer and how to reset Internet Explorer. In this article we look at how to restore them to the browser once it’s been reset or how to import them to a new device. 

1.  To restore everything from the backup, click the “Favorites” button, click the arrow next to “Add to Favorites” and then choose “Import and Export” from the menu to open the Import/Export Settings window.

2. Click the “Import from a file” radio button and then click “Next.”

3. Check the “Favorites” box if you want to import only your favorites. If you exported your feeds and cookies and want to import them as well, check the “Feeds” and “Cookies” boxes. Click “Next.”

4. Click the “Browse” button, use the file browser to select the backup you created earlier, and then click the “Open” button. Click “Next.”

5. Select the root folder – usually labeled “Favorites” – and then click the “Next” button.

6. Click the “Browse” button, select the OPML file from the folder where you saved the favorites, click “Next” and select the root folder – usually labeled “Feeds.” Click “Next” and then repeat the process to select the TXT file that contains the cookies.

7. Click the “Import” button to import your favorites, feeds and cookies. The import is complete when the “Favorites,” “Feeds” and “Cookies” options are checked. Click “Finish” to close the Import/Export Settings window.

~ Nick

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On The Move

Richard from Mt. Dora, Florida asks:

Is there a flash player for an android pad and phone that I could play all the games on pogo their website??  I know there’s a aap for pogo  but it only gives 4/5 games ones that I do not play.  Can you help me and others for this??

 Since Android no longer supports Flash, you won’t find it in the Google Play Store, but you can download and install Flash from archived version on the Adobe Website.

Open the settings menu on your tablet.


Select Security ...

Head on over to WorldStart to learn more!


From The Archives

Windows 7 Math Input Panel

Here’s another one of those didn’t-know-it-existed-until-I-clicked-it-by-accident tools in Windows 7.

It’s called the Math Input Panel.

To access it, simply click Start, and in the Search Box that appears above, type in Math Input Panel...

To learn more, just click WorldStart!

Today's Feature

Luca writes:

Could you please stop trying to scare people about the fact that XP support is ending? lately it really looks like it’s the only subject you can write something about! do you get paid by Microsoft? or are you selling Win7/Win8 upgrades at Worldstart? most people will keep on using XP (happily, I would say) even after Microsoft supports ends… and I suppose you will have to live with this!

The thing is, Luca…using an operating system that has no security support is pretty scary. There’s a whole lot that could go very, very wrong. As I’ve said before, unfortunately I’m the one who gives the money to Microsoft (for Windows devices and my Office 365 subscription.) But my push for users to upgrade is self-serving because I am not looking forward to hearing from people whose XP computers have been taken out by Malware and viruses. The only answer I’ll have for them is that ...

Head on over to WorldStart to read more!

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Amanda's Coolsite


Matter is an awesome site dedicated to journalism on science, technology, and the future. 

When you arrive, just scroll down the page to find the latest articles featured for your perusal.  You can also swap out the latest articles for trending articles by clicking on Trending above them.

What I really love about this site is how it combines social media and new delivery. If you have a Twitter account you can follow Matter and get updates via your Twitter feed. 

If you don’t have Twitter, that’s fine too. You can browse the articles via the site just as easily. I love that they denote what the average reading time is so you know what sort of time commitment you’re getting into before you click on the article’s link.  Sometimes I just don’t have time right at the moment to read something that could take a half hour, and it’s nice to know that up front. 

I lost track of time entirely, when I read an informative article on Geneaology, DNA Testing, and Privacy Concerns. You’ll also find articles on Autism, Dream Studies, Technology, Surveillance, and much more – that’s just what was featured when I visited. 

Go check it out for yourself today!


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One More Big Deal

You Can't See Anything In This Weather!

Windshield Wipers Can't Do The Job Alone!

Repel-It Windshield Treatment Clears Things Up!

Convenient Wipe Lasts For Up To Six Months! No Streaking!

Car Dealers Charge Outrageous Prices For This Treatment

We've Got It For Under $5 !

You know how it is, you're driving in the rain and it looks like someone is throwing buckets of water right onto your windshield. Your windshield wipers are doing the best they can, but you still can't see a thing. IT IS DANGEROUS!

And it's not like those wipers are falling apart, you just bought them. And if you're out driving on the highway with big trucks throwing water back at you, it can be pretty darn scary.

The solutions is Repel-It Windshield Treatment. It makes your windshield hydrophobic. That means water (and the grime and gunk that can splash up on your windshield with it) will bead up  and make it much easier for your windshield wipers to swoop it away.

It's not just rain that will stay away... Dust and bugs are much easier to clean off.

EVEN SNOW AND ICE will be easier to take off.

Where I live, there's a saying. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. We get it all. Rain, snow, ice, sleet... We'll go from 70 degrees and rain on Wednesday to 20 degrees and snow on Friday. And let me tell you, I end up doing a lot of driving not matter what the weather is like. This treatment is absolutely perfect.

Look at the difference it makes!

                                    TREATED                         UNTREATED


You could have it done at your car dealer, but look what they charge you! I grabbed this shot from an actual car dealer's website. the price starts at $29.95 and you know how they love to tack on extras.  

Repel-It Windshield Treatment is only $4.97 !

 This durable treatment can last for up to six months! Plus it's a wipe, so it's super easy and convenient to apply to your windshield.

Not only will this improve your vision, your wipers will last longer because they'll have a lot less work to do.

There's no bottles or applicators to fuss with! Just open the convenient package and apply the treatment with the disposable wipe for streak-free protection!

We managed to get a special deal on these, so we've got a limited quantity and at $4.97 , they won't last long.

And if your order is over $5, you get FREE US Shipping!

So click the store link below and get yours now!

Hurry! If we have any left on Wednesday , the price will jump back up to $8.97 !



Monthly Wallpaper

January Wallpaper Is Ready!

Happy New Year! Our free January desktop background wallpaper is ready to go! Make sure you check out the 100+ other selections on the site!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Stream Crossing

Why did the grizzly cross the stream? Well, it’s a bit like this. I came upon these two while searching for a large male grizzly I’d encountered the day before. However, Yellowstone is never quite the same from day to day, and instead this morning she granted me…(More)

Nose To Nose

This was captured shortly after I drove into Yellowstone from Gardiner. Normally, expectations tend to be low as you make the 5 mile or so drive from Gardiner to Mammoth, but today would prove an exception to that rule. As I drove along, admiring the freshly fallen snow, I rounded a corner and spotted a group of elk congregating in an area known as the “Chinese Gardens”. I wasted no time... (More)

Hard Turn

It all started when I spotted a nice group of pronghorn with a good number of seemingly frisky bucks on the side of a large hill. Initially they were wary, but it wasn’t long before they were ignoring me and going about their business. There wasn’t too much action at first, and I busied myself with a few snapshots of some of the better looking animals – and then a buck burst into a run after one of the females! (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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