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WorldStart Tech Tips 2014-06-20

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Quick Tip

In The News 06-20-2014

Amazon Adds Music Streaming To Prime Membership

Amazon has added an ad-free streaming music service to their $99-a-year Prime Membership. Previously that membership featured videos and access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library titles. Now users can choose from a catalog of more than 1 million songs at no extra charge.

This offers a direct competition to ad-supported services like Pandora and Spotify. Amazon Prime music will offer unlimited ad-free music and also so allow users to mix and match playlists with music they’ve purchased from Amazon. Users can listen to the music on their Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets or download the app for Android or iOS devices.

Oculous Uses Facebook Money To Develop Games

When Facebook spent a couple of billion dollars to acquire virtual reality headset maker Oculous, a lot of people who had supported the successful Kickstarter campaign for the device were worried that would mean the end of game development.  But it seems the opposite is happening.

In an interview with PC World, the company head Nate Mitchell said they’ve hired forty people, including gaming heavyweights John Carmack and Jason Rubin.  He said that game development is the number one priority for the company since without games, people wouldn’t have much use for the headset.

Users who got try out demo games on the Oculus Rift at the recent E3 conference were impressed with what they saw.

 Samsung Smart Appliance Lets You Make Calls From Your Fridge

Samsung is trying to prove it doesn’t just make smart phones, it can turn out some pretty smart home appliances too. They’ve upgraded their new 4-door refrigerator to include built-in WiFi. This fancy model will also sync with your Galaxy S5 or Note 3 tablet and you can also make phone calls from the refrigerator’s LCD screen. It will also allow you to watch your Samsung Smart TV on your refrigerator. You can also run apps and surf the Internet.

The $3600 refrigerator also features adjustable shelving and special compartments for keeping items like fish extra cool without freezing them.

~ Cynthia

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  Tired Of Overpriced, Undersized Memory Cards?

Here's The Card To Save The Day!

  It's An 8 GB SDHC Card...

With Class 4 Speed...

FOR ONLY $4.97!

Don't Let This Deal Pass You By!


Okay, here's the story:

I was getting ready to go on a trip and realized I couldn't find a single memory card for my camera. So, naturally, I started looking around to see if I could get a relatively inexpensive one for the trip...


So, instead of complaining about it - I'm doing something about it. I went to every supplier I could and worked out the very best deal.

The result? An 8GB SDHC memory card for only $4.97!

Seriously - every time I find myself needing a new memory card, I take a trip to the store and realize that NOBODY is charging sane prices for these things!

The higher capacity you go, the more absurd the prices get!

And honestly... most of us just need about 8GB anyway!

But there is a catch to my sale: my supplier let me have a certain number of these at a special deal. Once that ends, so does this special.

For just $4.97 you can get an SDHC card that works for ALL of your devices!

That means your cameras, your camcorders, your MP3 players, GPS units, dash cams, anything you might need an SDHC card for!

And these store A TON of stuff!

To be specific, it's over 4000 photos, 2000 songs, nearly a DAY'S worth of video and more!

On top of that, with built-in write protection switch, you can make sure that your important data is NOT accidentally erased!

(You won't have to worry about your once-in-a-lifetime photo getting accidentally "lost" ever again!)

I don't want anyone to miss out, so I'm URGING you to head over to the store and pick one of these up while you still can! At $4.97 you would be Grade-A Crazy to even consider passing this up!


Computers 101

Declutter Outlook For A Cleaner Look

I use Microsoft Outlook 2013. This e-mail client has a whole lot of features. So many, in fact, that sometimes you get a little dizzy looking at it.  All of these options take up a lot of space and can look cluttered.

I talked about hiding that sometimes overwhelming ribbon in Word 2013 in this article. Here are the simple steps to do it in Outlook. Open your inbox and click that small arrow at the far right of the ribbon to hide it.

Now things are a lot less visually cluttered in your inbox.

To bring the ribbon and all of its options back, just click on the tabs for those functions.

You may want to add some icons onto your Quick Access Tool Bar for ease of access.

Choose the File tab and then select Options.

Click or tap Quick Access Toolbar

Select the icons you want and then just pick Add.

One change I made to suit my preferences was to check, Show Quick Access Toolbar below ribbon. This reminds be of older, less feature-filled versions of Outlook.

Here’s what my Outlook inbox looked like before:

And the same inbox after:

Here’s a closer look:

I think it will be a little easier for me to quickly find the tasks I need to complete.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Starbucks Adds Wireless Mobile Charging Stations To Stores

The stereotype of a Starbucks customer is a hipster with a mobile phone in hand taking an Instagram photo of a soy latte. Now the popular coffee shop is making it easier for mobile phone users by installing wireless charging mats in locations nationwide.  The company is partnering with battery maker Duracell to install Duracell Powermat wireless chargers in stores all around the country.

The charging stations will be going into stores in the San Francisco first, then expand to other larger cities next year and eventually to all Starbucks and Teavanna locations.

Starbucks has been a leader with mobile users. It was one of the first national chains to offer WiFi in its stores back in 2001 and also to offer mobile payment options to customers.

The stores will have Powermat Spots – designated areas on tables and counters where customers can place devices capable of wireless charging and allow them to charge while they enjoy their coffee or food.

Want more? Just click WorldStart!


From The Archives

Back Up Your Android Phone

If you want to update the firmware of your Android phone, it’s important to back up your contacts and apps. Everything else is individual, like sms messages, calendar and notes. In fact, you have the option of syncing your contacts, calendar and notes to Google already, so you don’t have to worry about that. Still, things can go wrong if you rely too much on Google for syncing everything – and then again, what about backing up and restoring apps?

Here are a few ways to go about backing up your Android phone before you press the panic button.

Back up your precious contacts. These could be just your SIM contacts, Google contacts, or even Facebook and what have you. Click on your Contacts button, press the menu button (left of the ‘home button’ on the Galaxy Note), click on More/Import-export/export to SD card. Confirm with an ‘Yes’.

This is optional. If your messages are important, you can make use of many SMS backup apps on Google Play, the Android Marketplace. If you ask us, there’s one that does the job pretty well: SMS Backup & Restore Pro. And it’s free.

All the effort you’ve taken in installing and uninstalling apps will be for nothing if you don’t keep a list of the apps installed (or forget to backup the apps), to restore after the firmware upgrade. There are several apps on the market that can do this, but the one I really like for its user interface and simplicity is...

Head on over to WorldStart to find out more!


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission.

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Amanda's Coolsite


I discovered Quora through a post my brother made to Facebook, after checking it out I knew I wanted to share it with all of you! 

Quora gives you four options to sign up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or via your e-mail address.  I choose to F-connect with Facebook, and then it had me create a password and confirm my e-mail address.  Then you’ll be given a  variety of topics that you can select by your interest in them. 

Then you’ll be whisked away to your dashboard where you’ll see questions based on the interests you selected. You can answer these questions, upvote or downvote answers that have been provided, or follow the question to keep up to date on what answers come in for it. 

On the right side of the page you’ll see a check list of things you can do to setup your account. Accomplishing these tasks familiarize you with the site and its features. 

On the left side of the page you’ll find a menu that offers the option to check out Question and Answers, Open Questions, Blog Posts, Notifications, and Messages.  You’ll find another navigation menu at the top of the page offering you the option to Add a Question, as well as a handy search field you can use to search the site with. 

This is a great site to get questions answered quickly by using the community of Quora for answers. Check it out today!


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One More Big Deal


Okay guys - I've got some GREAT news! We just wrapped up on the biggest project we've ever done! We put EVERYTHING we could into this, and finally... WorldStart has its very own complete guide to Windows 8.1! It's a full-on HD video packed to the brim with Windows 8.1 basics, advanced information, even some tips & tricks!

If you buy ONE thing this year - make it this DVD right here!

Windows 8.0 was AMAZING! It's packed with tons of features and tools that you're going to wish you had YEARS ago... there's just one catch: it's NOTHING like the Windows you've been using for years!

And when Windows 8.1 came out, EVERYTHING CHANGED AGAIN!

So I took our insanely detailed guide and remade it for 8.1!

Everything you need to know about using your 8.1 computer is RIGHT HERE, narrated by me, Steve!

You use your computer for almost EVERYTHING nowadays! From banking, to shopping, and staying in touch with family... you NEED to know how to use it!


Windows 8.1 users already know that it's a COMPLETELY different experience than anything they've used before! If you've used Windows 7, Vista, XP, or earlier: almost NONE of what you know even APPLIES anymore!


On top of that... older versions of Windows are getting their support completely cut off!

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft is making sure that your computer will be a Windows 8.1 computer.

That's why we dedicated ourselves to putting together the most thorough, complete, informative, and easy-to-understand guide to learning EVERYTHING you need to know about Windows 8.1!

Learning Windows 8.1 on your own can be a NIGHTMARE!

Trust me, even I was kinda shocked at how different it was!

Everything you're used to is either gone or changed! Start menu? Nope. The desktop you've used since the 90s? 100% different!

It's a WHOLE new ball game!

But every single lesson in this video will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to know!

Here's a peek at what you'll learn with this ultimate DVD!

Nearly 3 and 1/2 Hours Of Amazing Video Lessons!!

Upgrading to Windows 8.1!
What Tiles and Charms Are!
Setting Up Your Personal User Account!
Updating Apps, Windows and Anti-Virus!
Learn How To Make Win 8.1 More Like Win Xp, Vista & 7!
Backups And HD Clean Up & Optimization
Use The Amazing New Snap Feature!
Instant Home Network - Share Files, Music, Photos, And Printers!
Live Tiles vs Static Tiles! Move & Create Columns!
Boot To Desktop Mode - Like XP, Vista & 7!!
Searching the Charms Bar!
The New Start Button!
Resizing And Moving Tiles!
Sharing Devices And Settings With The Charms Bar!
Accessing Desktop Mode!
Free Office Suite & Video Software!
Wi-Fi Network Setups!
E-Mail Setups!
Personalizing Windows 8.1!
The Microsoft Store!
Using Calendar, Finance, Weather, Video, and Skydrive Utilities!


That's a LOT of stuff...

But it's STILL only A FRACTION of what's explained in this DVD!

START TO FINISH - Not a Single Step Missed!

You get EVERYTHING! From the moment you upgrade/install Windows 8 to the last steps of security and backing up when you've got it all setup and understood!

This video covers every single key feature, every part of the new design, and every part of the process that YOU need to know!

There's NO comparison: WorldStart's Guide to Windows 8.1 is THE guide to get you on the ground running in no time!


This isn't a hard to use software or a gigantic book to read: it's EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW in a concise, clear video!

You're walked through every step with narration and the Windows 8 interface shown on screen!

It's IMPOSSIBLE to use this guide and not learn Windows 8.1! It's just too good!

By SHOWING you the screen as each section is explained, you'll become instantly familiar with all the key components of this new operating system!

After this guide, you'll feel like you've been using Windows 8.1 for years!

If you don't know what a charms bar is, or what the heck it means to setup your tiles then this DVD is just what the doctor ordered!

Whether you're thinking about upgrading, already purchased a computer with Windows 8.1, or plan to purchase/upgrade a computer anytime in the next DECADE - you're GOING to wish you had this instructional guide!

Do NOT go into Windows 8.1 blind!

WorldStart is going to save you hours, weeks, or MONTHS of struggling with this brand new operating system - YOU CAN LEARN IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT!

BONUS #1 - Included on this DVD is a 100 page PDF E-Book that's just brimming with even MORE Windows 8.1 tips, tricks, and advice! A must have - by itself it's worth the price of the enter program - and it's yours FREE with purchase!

BONUS #2 - We've also included a bonus video that shows you all the most common touchscreen gestures!


You simply WILL NOT find this guide anywhere else! And the guides out there already cost upwards of $50!! TALK ABOUT A RIP-OFF!

You NEED to know this information - so learn it all for just $7.97!

Our Windows 8.1 Guide comes on YOUR choice of media: a DVD or a flash drive! It's up to you, pick with the links below! - Use this link for the DVD version! - Use this link for the Flash Drive version (note - this version is more expensive, but you can reuse the flash drive)!

We'd LOVE to get this ultimate Windows 8 guide to everyone - but our supplies are LIMITED! Make sure to get your copy before they sell out! Besides, the sale ends Saturday and these skyrocket up to $14.97!!!


Monthly Wallpaper

June Wallpaper Is Ready!

Wow, May just FLEW by! Time for some new desktop wallpaper for your computer! Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

NOTE - The raccoon below is consistently one of the top 3 images on the site. It's normally square, but I did a horizontal crop that looks pretty good for the wallpaper. You lose the top of the hole, but he's still freakishly cute.

Raccoon Hideout

So, there I was, minding my own business searching for birds in Ritch Grissom Wetlands in Viera Fl, when I spotted a bit of fur inside a hole in an old palm tree. As I slowed down, my intense gaze was met by an equally intense gaze from a raccoon that had decided to…(More)

Mid Air Dance

This egret was coming in for a landing when he ran into a bit of a problem… The spot where he was planning to land already had an occupant. Of course, he couldn’t see that during the first part of his approach, but he figured it out in a hurry when he got... (More)

Early Morning At Bond Falls

We had scouted this area out the day before and the image you see before you was the one idea that kept sanding out in my mind. From the bridge, I knew if I could talk myself into wading out into the chilly river I’d likely have a really sweet view of the... (More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

PS - I also want to thank all the people who helped support the wallpaper with a voluntary contribution over the last two months. Your support helps to keep the wallpaper comin' every month! THANK YOU!




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