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WorldStart Tech Tips 2014-07-28

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Quick Tip

Frank from Michigan writes:

Would it be possible to know if an Android tablet would support Microsoft Bookshelf 98 or Bookshelf 2000? I’m looking for something to use as a comprehensive Dictonary/Thesaurus/ Encylopedia set.

Frank, Microsoft Bookshelf isn’t going be compatible with an Android tablet, Windows and Android are two completely different operating systems. Fortunately, you’ll find a whole lot of options for reference apps over in the Google Play Store.

 When you think about it, the Microsoft Bookshelf was an early version of an app as we know them today.  You can also find eBook versions of these items, but the apps are interactive and usually searchable.

~ Cynthia

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I am so excited to offer you this amazing kitchen gadget that not only saves water and energy, but gets your dishes and pans cleaner that they've ever been before.

You saw the fantastic user ratings and the rave review from Cook's Illustrated Magazine above. Let me tell you, that really impressed me.

Those guys are brutal when they review kitchen gadgets, so when something gets their Highly Recommended ranking, it has to be great.

My only problem is I don't know what to tell you about first: How much water and energy it will save you or how amazingly clean your dishes will be!

Let's start with the money $$$

Studies show that rinsing dishes under running water for only five minutes before you put them in the dishwasher wastes up to 25 GALLONS OF WATER every time you pre-rinse.

In a year that adds up to more than 9,000 GALLONS!  Not to mention the the money you spend on gas or electricity to heat that water. TALK ABOUT POURING MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN! But you don't want dishes coming out of the dishwasher with food still crusted on. Because then you've wasted water and energy washing them.

Dish Squeegee to the rescue!

This amazing flexible silicon tool quickly removes even the crustiest baked on food WITHOUT USING A DROP OF WATER!

Plus, because it's silicon it won't damage Teflon or other delicate surfaces.

There's nothing worse than scratching an expensive pan. I have one of those enameled Dutch ovens and I accidentally took the finish off the inside while trying to pry loose some stubborn baked on tomato sauce.

Let me tell you... I was mad. That thing cost more than my first car! (Well, almost!) 

Crusty lasagna pans, sticky mixing bowls, caked-on casserole dishes... This takes care of them all.

Because the Dish Squeegee is flexible silicone, it works on hard-to clean surfaces like Bundt pans. No water needed! Seriously. Why pay to wash your dishes twice? 

Can you afford to pour 9,000 gallons of water down the drain every year?

But even if you're made out of money and don't mind paying for the water, you need the Dish Squeegee because your dishes will get sparkling clean in much less time.

You don't need a dishwasher to appreciate Dish Squeegee!

Why hurt your arms scraping off a caked-on mess when Dish Squeegee dispatches the gunk in seconds? And the special ergonomic design is easy on your hands!

You could soak your pots and pans in the sink and end up with a nasty soup of old food... Why not put it in the garbage when it belongs? The less clean-up the better.

Oh, and don't worry about cleaning up Dish SqueeGee! It's dishwasher safe, so pop it right in there with your soon-to-be sparkling dishes!

Dish Squeegee saves you thousands of gallons of water and your dishes and pans will be cleaner than they've ever been!

But the best part is the price: Only $5.97 ! Stop pouring money down the drain! Click the store link below to put one or more of these in your cart.

You know our deals don't last long, but I can't imagine there will be any of these left on Tuesday , but if there are, the price jumps back to $9.97 !


Computers 101

Chester from South Dakota writes:

 Sunday was not a good day for me… But I will not go into that. Problems with internet and computer, but got that fixed finally, then I accidentally deleted a folder on my outlook Hotmail I had large amount of emails in. It was a personal folder I had set up to put my emails in from this one person and I accidentally deleted it on my iphone…while checking my mail. Is there a easy way to get this deleted folder back to my outlook site?

Chester, you may be able to retrieve those e-mails by going to your inbox on and clicking the Deleted folder on the far left.

Your deleted files may show in that file, but if they don’t, go to the bottom of the windows and choose recover deleted messages. will then attempt to recover your deleted files.

I tested this by creating a folder, moving messages into it and then deleting it. I was able to recover the messages that were contained int that folder. Now the folder was gone, so I had to pick them out  individually, but I was able to find them.

 I can’t promise this will work for you, especially if it was a very large number of e-mails, but you can give it a try.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

All You Can Read For $9.99

Amazon has new subscription reading service called Kindle Unlimited that lets readers have unlimited access to 600,000 eBooks and thousands of audiobooks for $9.99 per month.

Amazon already as a Kindle Owners Lending Library for people who spend $99 a year for the Amazon Prime service – but that is only available to people who own Kindle tablets. This subscription will work with Kindle eReaders or with the Kindle app for iPhone, Android, Windows tablets and phones or Blackberry mobile devices.  Windows 8 PC and Mac users can also read books on their computers. 

Among the eBook titles available are Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, Water for Elephants, Oh Myyy! – There Goes The Internet, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, All the King’s Men, Wonder Boys, Ask for It, The Princess Bride, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, The Atlantis Gene, Kitchen Confidential, The Sisterhood, Crazy Little Thing and The Blind Side along with thousands of literary classics. You aren’t going to find any current bestsellers available though.

Amazon lists the Hunger Games trilogy, Life of Pi, The Handmaid’s Tale, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, The Great Santini, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Winter’s Tale, Boardwalk Empire, El Narco and Upstairs at the White House among the 2,000 audio titles.

There will also be hundreds of thousands of titles exclusive to Amazon, many of them coming through Amazon’s self-publishing platform.  Just as with any other Kindle books, they will stay synched across multiple devices.

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From The Archives

Donald from Gurnee, Illinois writes:

I have a HP computer about 6 months old running Windows 8 with updates since then. In the last 2 weeks whenever I go to the internet the first in the day the Eazel search with a download comes up and I have to remove it as my home page then reset my home page. each day this happens and I cannot figure out how to remove it permanently. I ran a virus scan and it does not find any problems. Whose program is this search engine and how can I get rid of it. Thank you.

Donald, is an add-on that redirects your computer to a new homepage and search engine. It probably secretly attached itself to something else you wanted to download. Your virus scanner probably views it just as another add-on or toolbar. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Type Control Panel in your search bar.

Then choose Control Panel when it turns up in results.

 Choose Uninstall a program right beneath Programs.

Head on over to WorldStart for the rest of this tip!


Today's Feature

Rosemary from Shirley, AR writes:

I have Windows 8. When I go to mail, if I click on a link in an email, and try to go back to my emails I keep having to go back to start to get back into my email program. It will not let me go back with the back arrows. I have hotmail which is now outlook.

Hello Rosemary,

The reason you cannot use the back arrows is because when you are looking at your mail, you are using the App from the Metro interface. Then when you click on the links, your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) opens up in the Desktop mode. It’s kind of like opening in another window, so you would not have a website to go back to.

However, your mail is still fairly easy to get to, even when you have been switched to the Desktop mode. Simply take your mouse...

Just click WorldStart to learn more!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Cat Versus Human

As the proud owner of four frisky felines, there is so much in this comic that I can relate to! Cat Versus Human is a comic strip about cats and their people. I can totally relate to the strip for July 17th, 2014. Why must the kitties rub on my legs after shower!!!? UGH! 

When you arrive at the site the most recent strip will be displayed, and if you scroll down you can view the past strips. This makes navigation easy! When you get to the bottom of the page just click Older Posts or Newer Posts to nagivigate back and forth. 

While you could navigate the way I just described, I actually didn’t. I went straight for the Archives so I could start at the beginning. You’ll find the directory for the Archives located on the right side of the page, to start at the beginning start with June 2010. From what I’ve observed from what I’ve read so far, it doesn’t matter where you start the comics are fairly standalone. 

Go check out this funny comic about cats and their relationships with people today!


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One More Big Deal

Dark Rooms and Invisible Furniture...

Bad Lighting Is a Recipe for Pain and Property Damage!

But Don't Spend a Fortune for a New Lighting System

This Convenient Touch Light Goes ANYWHERE!!

5 Illuminating LEDs - NO WIRES OR SWITCHES!

The No-Mess Adhesive = No Tools Required!

Just Pick It And Stick It!

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

Perfect for Closets, Corners... AND EVERYWHERE ELSE!

Stumble, Stumble... CRASH!

Aren't you TIRED of knockin' over decorations and banging your various limbs on furniture?
If you could get ANY LIGHT around there, it wouldn't happen! But you don't have the time, money, or patience to rewire a whole floor just to shine some more light in one or two spaces...

You're not alone... and we've got the PERFECT SOLUTION!

5 LED Lights. No Outlets. No Wiring. NO ASSEMBLY!

The GENIUS FACTORY just put this thing out on the market, and it's going to make your life SO much better!

Imagine being able to walk into that dark closet, hallway, pantry, garage or anywhere else you lack light...and being able to turn on 5 super bright LED lights with the tap of your hand! That's what this does!

And it's unbelievably easy to use, too.  There's no assembly required, no electricity, either.  This runs on batteries that last FOREVER (due to the efficiency of LED bulbs).  In fact, you don't even have to use tools to hang it!!

Universal LED Lighting - Tap Technology!

Remember - this is 5 LEDs we're talking about! It's bright and efficient sure, but going ANYWHERE? You don't need wiring, light sockets... anything! Wherever you want this light, just stick it in place! FINALLY!!

Tap It On! Forget about looking around in the dark for the switch.  Don't worry about a pull chain.  All you have to do to turn this thing on is tap it! It's fast and easy without having to scour for that tiny switch!

Tool and Hardware Free Hanging - Pick it & Stick it!

Yep - the old pick and stick. That's the first thing you'll notice about this light.  There's no need to drill it in.  No need for tools and messes.  Just stick the adhesive backing anywhere you need light, and it's hung!

If there's ANY room in your home that doesn't have wiring and you need BRIGHT light, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! 

Works perfectly in your car, too!  
That's right, it's self adhesive, so you can stick it on the inside roof of your car for a FAR better light than that weak yellow overhead bulb.  
We spend a lot of time in the car, and this awesome feature shouldn't be overlooked!

It's Also QUITE the Looker...

It's an elegant looking light, as you can see.  So if you'd like extra light in a common room like a kitchen or living room, you don't have to worry about an eye-sore! 

This light is sleek and slim, and there's no ugly chain hanging down.  Couple that with the stylish color, and you're looking at a nice, fully functional piece of LED art!  Seriously, hang 'em in the kitchen and people are gonna think they cost a fortune!

And Speaking of Costing a Fortune - This Does NOT!

Hey, this is Worldstart you're dealing with, not some big box store! Your price for this super versatile, super bright light?  Just $4.97!!  This amazing offer is ONLY good for today, so order now!
We aren't kidding about this being a limited time deal! The price goes back to $8.97 Tuesday so get to our store QUICK!



Monthly Wallpaper

July Wallpaper Is Ready!

The featured desktop wallpaper for July is ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Perfect Pounce

I really love coyotes. I know, not everyone is a fan, but I can’t help it – they’re one of my favorite animals. I think the reason for this favoritism might stem from my admiration of the aerial pounce they sometimes use when pursuing prey. Their approach is decidedly cat-like in its execution and incredibly graceful to watch. For example…(More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

Talk about a last chance! We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It doesn’t seem to be a great morning location, so that left us with just three chances - one for each evening we were there. The first evening saw...(More)


The waterfall you see in the photo is the final plunge for Chapel Creek before it empties into Lake Superior. It always makes an interesting cut through the sand – but – you just never quite know what path it’ll take. Most of the time, it likes to wind off to the right, but a gale force weather event pushed the sand back in, making the new cut anybody’s guess. Even with that wildcard in mind, I decided to...(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

PS - I also want to thank all the people who helped support the wallpaper with a voluntary contribution over the last few months. Your support helps to keep the wallpaper comin' every month! THANK YOU!



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