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WorldStart Tech Tips 2017-02-17

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Quick Tip

In The News 02-17-2017

Vizio Pays $2 Million Settlement For Tracking TV Viewers

Vizio, one of the biggest manufacturers of TV in the world is paying the Federal Trade Commission and The New Jersey Attorney General more than $2 million to settle a complaint alleging that the company installed software on smart TVs to track users’ viewing habits without their permission.


Under the terms of the settlement, Vizio will now have to get express consent to enable that data collection. According to the complaint, this practice has been going on for nearly 3 years. The software was called “Smart Interactivity” and consumers were not told that screenshots of what they were viewing were being sent to Vizio servers and used to target advertising to those viewers.

How many of you out there have a Vizio Smart TV?  Click here to let us know in the comments.

Headset Helps Legally Blind See

If you were a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you probably remember the special visor worn by Geordi LaForge than enabled the blind crew member to see. Well, just like communicators and tablets and being able to talk to a computer, and all that other good stuff that came to pass, the headset made by eSight helps the legally blind regain their vision.


A camera captures everything in the user’s field of vision and enhances the feed, displaying it on two OLED screens in front of their eyes. The screens can be adjusted to a precise position to take advantage of whatever amount of vision the user has while maximizing side peripheral vision.  It can help users read and write, view a board in a classroom, and make walking and taking public transport safer.  Users can control the device with a handheld remote.

Microsoft Adds  Premium Subscriptions

Microsoft is launching its premium-grade email service. The introductory price is $19.95 (though that will increase to $49.99)

Users will get an ad-free inbox and five inboxes with a custom domain name address.  (mail would go to instead of  This service is targeted at small businesses and families who might each want their own ad-free address.

There’s already a $20 per year ad-free version of with 5 inboxes for those who don’t require their own custom domains.  And, of course, is free if you don’t mind tolerating the ads.

~ Cynthia

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This is SOOOOO exciting! How would you like to make that computer of yours REALLY fly? Your PC is gonna SMOKE after you install this baby!!

Hey - We're talking up 300% faster here - talk about crankin! Oh, and how 'bout making it super secure? Hey, no one wants to get hacked! What about faster start ups - like a blazin' 8X faster! WOW!!! Plus, what if you could get rid of a TON of excess junk and free up megs - or even GIGS - of hard drive space? Hey, while you're at it, how about some amazing customizations too?

Well, I have some incredible news! It's all here (and soooo much more) in System Mechanic Standard!! You just GOTTA try this! If you only get ONE program this year, make sure it's this baby! Wow - talk about giving new life to a sluggish computer! This thing is gonna make your computer absolutely FLY! Heck, your computer might be BETTER THAN NEW once System Mechanic Standard is done with it!!

Oh, and you'll absolutely, positively LOVE the fact that this is SUPER-EASY to use! You don't have to have a degree in computer science (or anything for that matter) to use it! EVERYTHING this does can be done in a fully automatic mode! Of course, this lets you take full control if you like - so no matter what your skill level - novice or advanced, this thing just ROCKS!!

But before I get started on how incredibly awesome this program is and how much it can do - I had somethin' I just HAD to share with you!! Check out the picture above...I was just in Best Buy the other day and look at how much these bad boys retail for!! $50!! Yikes! I can't believe how much everyone else is paying for this program! Is that insane or what?!?!

Just when you think it can't get better....IT DOES!! With System Mechanic Standard you get iolo System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware (a $40 value) for FREE!!! We're talkin' bulletproof antivirus and antispyware with iolo System Shield.

So, we tested this on a friend's computer (cuz I've been running System Mechanic Standard on mine forever) and WOW - what an amazing difference! The real surprise is that this guy is really good with computers - we were both shocked at what this found - and how easy it was to fix! Here's how it went:

First we install the software and launch the program - it immediately upgrades to the most current version - nice! Next we check out the Dashboard and find all kinds of trouble.

Oh, but not to worry - you just click the Repair button and BAM! - it's fixed right now!

Oh, and you're not tied down to the repairs either - you can skip 'em or select JUST the items you want to fix! How cool is that? Truth be told, we looked over every suggestion and in EVERY case the problems it found and recommend to fix were right on the money! So, we've decided when System Mechanic finds a problem, just press the button and let it do the repair!

With just a single push of the "Repair All" button, we quickly fixed 26 security problems, 2020 registry problems, got rid of 5 excess startup programs, optimized the internet connection and recovered a whoppin' 606MB of hard drive space - that's nearly a whole CD's worth of wasted space put back to use! All by pressing a SINGLE button!! WOW - now THAT'S impressive!!

I can report that after running this program my friend reports that his computer is WAAAYYYY better now! He thought it was tweaked out, but this took it to the next level! Not only is it LOTS faster - both online and regular use, but it's more stable too! In fact, System Mechanic got rid of a random error message that kept popping up that we, frankly, had no clue what the cause was!

Yeah - this is a KILLER program!!

OK, this can enhance and upgrade your computer's performance in literally hundreds of ways, so let's break it down.

If you want a FAST computer - and want it NOW - this is your new best friend!!

First off, you'll really LOVE how this dives in and digs deep for all kind of excess startup programs - talk about a super speed-up!! Excess startup programs are the #1 way to slow down your computer - and this trims the fat like a hard-core drill sergeant for your PC!!

Plus - if YOU want to take control, you can! It will show you EXACTLY what programs start up every time you boot, what they do, and if you really need 'em - or just go automatic - either way, you're gonna see a HUGE difference in speed!

With the CRUDD Remover you're gonna be able to massively increase the speed of your computer!! This little tool will find and help you eliminate duplicate programs that are clogging your system up and majorly slowing it down. By gettin' rid of these extra programs you'll eliminate unnecessary processing, free up drive space, and remove program conflicts and which will help to make your computer blazin fast!

Have you ever been using your computer and had it keep getting slower and slower?

Well, you were probably just about out of memory! See, sometimes programs don't "release" the memory they use back to the system once they are done with it, or the memory becomes "fragmented" and slow. What to do? Normally you'd have to reboot - but with this baby you can run the amazing Re-align Programs on the Hard Drive tool and in about 8 seconds you recover all the wasted memory - and see an INSTANT boost in speed!

Need even more quick speed? Try the EnergyBooster! This ingenious little utility shuts down any and all unnecessary programs that are running in the background - it's like a super-charged caffeine boost for your computer!

Internet going a little slow? Charge it up with the NetBooster! This will examine your internet connection and optimize it for the best possible speed! You can see amazing speed gains of 100%, 200%, even 300%!! Talk about going down the information superhighway in a Ferrari!!! WOW!

PLUS this has ALL kinds of tools to optimize your registry and hard drive for the best possible performance and speed! Like an adrenalin shot for your PC!

Bottom Line - RUN this bad boy on your computer and you WILL see an increase in speed - probably a dramatic one!!! If you want your computer to be like it was back when it was new (or maybe even better) then THIS is the software that'll get you there!!

No one like to talk about it, but sometimes bad things happen to good PCs, ya know?

  • Have a weird error message? Strange lockups? Unbootable computer?
  • Random crashes?

Well, pretty much any kind of system failure you can come up with, THIS can fix automatically!

The really cool thing about this program is you can run an absolutely outstanding All-In-One Repair Tool that will automatically fix, well, everything that's wrong with your PC - or you can choose to use individual tools!

For example, want to check, tune-up and / or repair the registry? Easy - just run the Registry Tuner - in a matter of minutes (or even seconds) your registry will be optimized for the best speed and performance!

Worried their might be something going on with your hard drive? Run the Drive Medic utility! This scans your hard drive and fixes any problems it discovers - all automatically! All YOU need to know is how to click a button! Amazing!

Have an unbootable PC? This can make a bootable CD to and fix it! Heck, the System Mechanic CD is bootable and can be used to start a PC that refuses to boot! Hey, it happens to everyone eventually, but the difference is YOU'LL be able to recover!

And that's just a FRACTION of what this can do - and fix!!

Bottom Line - Next time your PC needs help, THIS will save it!

Hey, we all get extra junk on our PCs, but WOW - that stuff can turn into Gigs and Gigs of junk in a hurry! Temp files, old files, duplicate files, unused files - you name it, it's probably cluttering up your PC right now!

Well, if you want that space back, it's a quick press of a button away! Just run the PC Cleanup utility! In a matter of MINUTES you'll recover megs - even GIGs - of hard drive space! Super easy too - just run the program, go with the defaults (or customize), sit back and watch it work!

Bottom Line - Why let hard drive space go to waste? This recovers GOBS of it in no time!

OK, we all know it's dangerous out there. Hackers are always looking for ways to get into your computer, and even a firewall may not save you if you have an open venerability. So, once again, System Mechanic to the rescue!

First off, it has a ONE BUTTON option for finding and fixing security holes! Yeah - One little button! Just press and it will find - and fix - any problems with your security! I've never, ever, seen an easier way! Just look at it go!

Oh, and just wait till you see the jaw-droppin' System Guard utility! It does cool things like alerting you when a program tries to add itself to your startup, kills off dangerous programs trying to run in the background, even protects your browser from unauthorized software trying to add itself (ever wonder how that new toolbar just "appeared" one day?) A must have!!

Plus, it protects all your private data too! It has this absolutely amazing utility called Privacy Cleaner that completely erases all your browsing, web, and search history. It can also eliminate unwanted cookies, chat transcripts and more! One button easy, of course!!

Finally, if you have sensitive files on your computer (and who doesn't nowadays?), you can securely delete them with the bullet-proof Incinerator! This amazing program permanently deletes files so that no one - not even a bunch of scientists in white lab coats - can recover 'em!

Bottom Line - If you want to keep your computer - and your info - safe and secure, this is the best software for the job!

Finally, what utility program would be complete without some ways to do some really amazing - dare I say even jaw-dropping - customizations? Oh, and System Mechanic knocked it out of the park this time!

Once you install it, RUN to the Customize Advanced Windows Settings area and get ready to get FLOORED!

We're talking over 100 "secret" Windows customizations here!Most of these are next to impossible for the average person to find, let alone configure, but this utility makes it easy! It even explains what every option will do in easy to understand language!

For example, want your start menu to react faster or slower? You can do it! Want your programs menu to scroll instead of expand? Yup, can do! Want arrows on your shortcuts? Or not? Can do! Want that annoying .net / passport reminder balloon to never EVER show up again in your system tray? Yup, it's easy to do! Want to hide / show items in the Control Panel? Adjust it all! Want to configure your log-in access when windows starts - it's easy! Want to customize the right-click menu? Can do!

And frankly, that's only about 7% of what this can do! WOW!

Bottom Line - I seriously don't think there's anything this can't optimize or customize on a windows computer!

System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware will give you bulletproof protection for those of you who want high octane performance!It's like getting $40 worth of softare FREE!!

OK, it can be said that since I'm selling it, I could be a bit biased. So, hey, don't take my word for it. Here's just a small sampling of the awards this thing has won, along with some testimonials from real users!

Talk About Award Winning!

My laptop was in a mess! It was slow to the point of stagnation at times but a colleague recommended your software and the result was near-magical! Speeds have improved dramatically and it has given me a great feeling of confidence. Michael H.

After I ran System Mechanic the first time, I thought I had a new machine! John N

I love your product. It's not only a great product, but it�s fun to use. Sometimes I play with the different categories and I just enjoy myself....Norton & McAfee could learn a thing or two or three or four from a great new year. Ray H

System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment! Arthur H.

System Mechanic is a great addition to my computer. I feel much more in control of what's going on inside it. The Internet optimizer worked great, a 1MB would take 22 seconds to download, now it takes just 7 seconds!! That is a 300% increase in internet speed. I was able to get at and get rid of a lot of unnecessary garbage that was choking up my computer. This product rates 5 out of 5 in my books! John T.

Without a doubt, [System Mechanic is] the complete difference between a well working machine and being the typical frustrated computer user�From novice to expert, this product rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who uses a computer for whatever reason. Chris H.

This product is much better than Norton Utilities and SystemWorks which I had been using since 1995. Keep up the good work!! Vern H

In my twenty years of personal computing, System Mechanic is one of the best -- if not THE best -- software I have ever installed on a PC. I recommend it without hesitation to all my friends and presentation audiences. Keep up the great work. Bob S.


Oh, and did I mention over 31 MILLION people use this? But hey, they didn't get the deal you're about to!

Whew, sorry for going on for so long, but WOW - this thing just ROCKS!!

Now, here's the deal - this is version automatically upgrades to the current version ) after you install it! So, we're talking a $70 program!!

Your price? How about just $12.97? Seriously, this has got to be the best deal in the history of the PC! Don't miss out - for $12.97 , you just can't go wrong!

PS - Warning - there's a LIMITED quantity on this one and when it sells out, we-can't-get-anymore - ever. RUN to the site before this deal passes you by! It's time to rev up, crank up, and super-charge that old computer of yours!

I promise - this is the absolute BEST $12.97 you'll EVER spend on your computer!!


Computers 101

Chrome 101 - Address Bar

The Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser around. So there’s a chance you may be using it already. But there’s also a good chance you aren’t familiar with all of its features. Most of just dive right in and start using a browser. We don’t take the time to learn a lot about it.  Let’s start out by taking a basic tour. Click on the Chrome icon to open the browser.


This is the default Chrome homepage.

I’m going to take a moment to clarify something very important. Up at the top, you have the address bar. Here you’ll usually see a web address beginning with www or HTTP.  This show what webpage you’re on. You can also type in a beg address and hit enter to navigate to a page like

The bar you see in the middle of the page underneath the Google logo is the Google search box.

Type an address into the address bar, press enter, and you’ll be taken directly to that page.


Type it into that Google search field and you might get the page, but you also might get search results, which may or may not be the page you wanted.

To the left of the address bar, you’ll see forward and back arrows, and a house icon. Click the house and you’ll be taken to your home page.

The rest of the browser looks pretty sparse until you get to the menu button on the right. We’ll check the options there in the next part of this article.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Help! No Email Alerts From My iPhone

Our graphics artist brought up a problem with her iPhone today. It seems that since the latest iOS update, she hasn’t been receiving alerts when she gets a new email on her phone. She has to actually open the mail app to be notified of new messages.  She checked with some friends and they were having the same issue. I decided to look into it, and thankfully, it’s an easy issue to solve.  Here’s how to fix it.

First,  you’ll want to open up Settings by tapping the Settings icon.


Then choose Notifications.


Scroll through the apps and find the Mail app and...

Click here for more on bringing back mail notifications.


From The Archives

Miss Your Manual Typewriter? There's A Bluetooth Version!

 I came across this product when a member of an online writing group I belong to excitedly posted a link to the coolest things ever!  A mechanical typewriter keyboard that connects to your PC, tablet or phone via Bluetooth.  I have to admit that the keyboard, called Qwerkywriter, is pretty sweet to look at. Check it out.


You can set it in front of the monitor for your desktop PC.


Or use it as a stand for your tablet or phone. It can fit...

Click here for more on this quirky Bluetooth keyboard.


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies


I bought one of those CDs to teach you Spanish in your sleep.

During the night, the CDs skipped.

Now I can only stutter in Spanish.


Ten Quick Ones

1. What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor?

“Make me one with everything.”

2. You know why you never see elephants hiding up in trees?

Because they’re really good at it.

3. What is red and smells like blue paint?

Red paint.

4. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

5. Where does the General keep his armies?

In his sleevies!

6. Why aren’t koalas actual bears?

The don’t meet the koalafications.

7. A bear walks into a restaurant and say’s “I want a grilllllled………………………………………cheese.”

The waiter says “Whats with the pause?”

The bear replies “Whaddya mean, I’M A BEAR.”

8. What do you call bears with no ears?


9. Why don't blind people skydive?

Because it scares the crap out of their dogs.

10. I went into a pet shop. I said, “Can I buy a goldfish?” The guy said, “Do you want an aquarium?”

I said, “I don’t care what star sign it is.”


Windy Day


Daily Thoughts

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”                            ~Charles Dickens


Winter hung in there, like an invalid refusing to die. Day after grey day the ice stayed hard; the world remained unfriendly and cold.”                                              ~ Neil Gaiman

No one's gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March.
Read more at:


"No one's gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March."                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Earl Weaver

Amanda's Coolsite

Typesetting Museum

Welcome to the Typesetting Museum! It features information on how Hot Metal, Linotype, and Intertype were used in typesetting before 1968.

When you arrive at the site, all you have to do to navigate is scroll down the page and click on the thumbnail for the section that interests you. This will take you to either it’s page or a .PDF on the subject.

In addition to Hot Metal, Linotype, and Intertype, the museum also includes information on Teletype.

I also found this great YouTube video on How Mechanical Typesetting Works if you want to see it in action!

Go check it out today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

At one time or another we've all wanted to quickly create a greeting card or flier. But most programs are so complicated, there's nothing quick or easy about the process. It's complicated and overwhelming. Or maybe you want a nice brochure, calendar, or a poster for an event. But the product turned out by your word processor some online program is underwhelming and unprofessional. What you want is something with high-quality images and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

And there was a great option out there... Print Shop.  It has always been my favorite go-to software for these kind of projects. So why didn't I offer it to you sooner? It was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I couldn't get a deal on it to save my life...believe me, I've tried for years!

So you have to imagine how excited I was when I found a deal Print Shop 21 Essentials - A DIRT CHEAP DEAL!

YEAH! You read that right.

If you've never used a Print Shop program, you'll swoon when you see how simple the interface is!

As soon as you open this program you are greeted with a list of things you can create!

Wanna make a banner? EASY! How about a greeting card for a birthday? BOOM DONE! A sign for your craft show? COVERED! And that is just 3 things off the long, long list! Or just start from scratch and do whatever you want, however you like it.

Each and every one of those templates is completely customizable!

Yeah! We are talking access to over 100,000 super-high-end stock photos and sleek graphics that will be sure to give that presentation or report cover professional pizzaz it needs to stand out from the crowd!

Most Greeting card programs have just a few pre-loaded cards. You might be able to change a name or the greeting, but you can't change the font, color, or even the images! Believe me, I've been stuck in that nightmare with Microsoft Office's measly offerings.

With this program, you make a customized keepsake and not the same card everyone else in the world picked up at Walmart. And have you priced greeting cards lately? Nice ones are outrageous!

And don't think Print Shop is just a pretty face!

Doing a mail merge in Microsoft Office with Excel is probably one of the most annoying and cumbersome thing to ever have to do... It's not fun and trust me I know! With Print Shop 21 Essentials you can just add new people to your list and with one click of a button print off the whole list without blinking an eye or changing to another program!

If you're familiar with Print Shop, I know you've already added it to your cart. If you haven't checked out this amazing program yetI am telling you, it seriously has everything you need!  I am not sure if you caught this... but... THIS IS LESS THAN $5 !!! Yeah that's right! You can grab this software up for just $4.97 !!!!

Stop messing around with over-complicated and over-priced programs and click the link below to grab yours today!


Monthly Wallpaper

February Wallpaper Is Ready!

The featured desktop wallpaper for February is ready for you to download!

Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Sable Falls in Winter

Dancing Reddish Egret

Star Trails Over Golden Canyon

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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