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WorldStart Tech Tips 2016-10-26

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Quick Tip

Microsoft Makes Major Changes To Updates

Microsoft is making a big change in the way it does updates in Windows 7 and 8.1, and this means you can expect to see larger updates and no choice in what updates you apply. The company has switched to cumulative updates instead of individual patches that the user could pick and choose  from.

The company will release a single monthly rollup for security and reliability issues. These rollups will become cumulative. Everything in October’s rollup will also be included in November’s rollup and the company will also begin to add previous patches to these rollups as well.


There will also be a security-only update available that contains only the security patches for that particular month. These patches will no longer be available on an individual patch basis. You’ll need to install the whole thing.

A lot of users were wary about the policy of mandatory updates in Windows 10. Now it looks like Microsoft is moving that way in its previous operating systems. The goal is to make sure all Windows users are basically running the same OS.

What do you think of these changes? Is it a good idea to make sure everyone is up-to-date or a way to take away your choices? Click here to let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

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OH YEAH! We're excited!

Steve, and our lead technology expert Cynthia created an absolutely incredible E-Book that's going to rock the entire Internet - Worldstart's Ultimate Online Defense Guide!

Everyone loves their computers and smartphones - but very few realize how devastatingly DANGEROUS things can get when a device is compromised and turned against you!

And it happens to people just like you EVERY DAY!!

The threats just keep piling up - hackers, viruses, malware, spyware, scammers, phishing attacks, compromised public WiFi, over the shoulder attacks, router attacks, password crackers, compromised software, outdated operating systems, firewall breaches, browser hijacking, malicious web sites, dangerous pop-ups, cross site scripting, e-mail hacking, virus hoaxes, deadly file attachments, compromised personal information, stolen data from old computers, hijacked HOSTS files, spoofed file extension tricks, autorun viruses, ransomware, infested freeware - well, you get the idea!

Do you know how to protect yourself from ALL of the threats listed above?

If you don't, I can PROMISE this...

It's not a matter of IF you become a victim - it's truly a matter of WHEN!

They always say, "What you don't know can't hurt you." Well, here in the Internet age, ignorance is NOT bliss!

Millions of people who didn't think it could happen to them fall victim EVERY DAY - simply because they didn't KNOW there was a threat!

That's CRAZY. In fact, it's not just a little crazy, it's "Trying-To-Jump-The-Grand-Canyon-With-A-Bicycle" INSANE!

Especially when it's SOOOO easy to avoid the problems in the first place IF you know what the threats are AND how to avoid them!

Bottom line - You need to know exactly what dangers lurk around the dark corners of the internet - or you WILL be the next victim! You absolutely, positively MUST know HOW you can get attacked and HOW to defend yourself!

And THAT'S why we created this absolutely fantastic new E-Book!

AND we've written it so EVERYONE can understand!

Each and every chapter is written in fun, easy to read language that you'll discover is REALLY SUPER-SIMPLE to follow!

We even have loads of pictures and illustrations!

I know there's a few people out there crazy enough to think:

"There's nothing of value on my computer, I have nothing to hide, so I don't care if someone gets in or I get a virus."

Music to a hacker's EARS! The bad guys rely on IGNORANCE in order to attack your PC! They rely on people who think that there's nothing of value on their computer - and NOTHING could be further from the truth!

Even a computer with nothing but a fresh Windows install is a juicy target!

If your computer or phone is compromised - either by a hacker or malware (viruses, rogueware, spyware, etc) any of the following can happen:

arrow Your identity is stolen (easier than you think - we spill the beans)
arrow Your credit card information is stolen
arrow Your bank account is compromised
arrow Your friends e-mail addresses are stolen - then attacked
arrow Any documents are fair game and can be used for identity theft
arrow Files or entire drives can be deleted - all your music, photos, etc - GONE!
arrow Your computer can be turned into a server for adult sites
arrow Your computer can be used to commit fraud - and YOU take the blame
arrow Your computer can be used as an illegal attack "zombie"
arrow Your computer may be held ransom until you pay up - happens 35 MILLION times a month!
arrow You will be blasted with non-stop pop-ups
arrow Your computer will be inoperable to the point of needing an expensive overhaul

So, yeah, it IS a big deal if you get compromised. In addition, if your computer is used for illegal purposes by the hacker the feds could come knocking on YOUR door - not theirs.

Oh - and just think how expensive it would be to take your computer to a shop to get it working again - all because YOU didn't know what's in our life-saving e-book!

We want to show you how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that MILLIONS of people fall victim to each and every day. You know - the people who never thought it would happen to them.

By the time you finish reading this incredible book, you'll have your computer locked down so tight the folks over at Fort Knox will come to YOU looking for advice!

We've divided the book into 12 sections and there's a VERY brief outline below. But...

PLEASE keep in mind you're only seeing a small FRACTION of the information that's jam-packed into this breakthrough book!!!

There's another 85% of the book we haven't even hinted at below! WOW!

When it comes to attacking your computer, there are no shortage of tools at the disposal of the bad guys! Do you REALLY know how to stay safe? This section will show you the threats - and how to avoid them! We show you how to set up your computer to guard against all types of malicious software - viruses, spyware, adware, rogueware, ransomware - we show you the software and techniques you need to block it ALL!

Oh, and just wait till you see the free anti-malware titles and amazing firewall we've discovered!


Everyone loves to use their laptops with public WiFi. Hey, what could be better than sitting down in your hotel room, at an airport, or coffee shop and logging on for some free Internet?

Well, hackers LOVE these places too - only it's your data they're after!

In fact, I'd go so far as to say if you don't know what we have in our book you probably shouldn't even be using public WiFi - EVER! It's FAR more dangerous than most people realize!

Your accounts can get compromised, your passwords stolen, and your e-mail intercepted - and that's just for starters. Identity theft, attacks on your friends / contacts are ALL possible - AND probable!

Oh, yeah - and the hacker doesn't even need to break into your computer to pull this off! He just logs onto the wireless network and goes to work with software that can "spy" on you!

We'll show you how he does it - and how YOU can stay safe!


The online world is a dangerous place - from scams, to hijacking, to malicious pops-ups, to fraud - there's a lot of ways to trip and fall out there! You need to know how to tell the good from the bad, how to spot phishing scams, online scams, and con artists. You need to know how to properly set up your browser, how to stay safe on Facebook, how to respond to malicious pop-up windows, how to deal with cookies, and more!

A lack of knowledge in ANY of the areas above is a guarantee for trouble down the road. And that's a HUGE problem! All it takes is one scam, one vicious pop-up, or one drive-by infection to compromise your data, ruin your computer, and get your identity stolen - what you DON'T know WILL hurt you

Oh, this is HUGE - this chapter ALONE is worth the price of the entire book! We reveal all the pitfalls people make when setting and using passwords - and show you how to avoid 'em!

Knowing the difference between a strong password and a typical password is the difference between getting your accounts hacked or staying secure.

We also talk about how you handle passwords in general. If you don't know the critical 7 steps we outline in this book even the strongest of passwords are at risk! Getting your accounts hacked can RUIN your life in ways you've never even thought of!

What happens if a hacker breaks into your bank account? Or your credit card account? Or heck - even your Amazon account? Talk about a nightmare! Our passwords section gives you the key to minimizing your risk!

It takes less than 30 minutes to compromise an unsecured computer connected to the Internet. There are thousands of hackers out there scanning for weaknesses right now - you're likely getting scanned dozens of times a day - you could be getting scanned even as you read this!

Is your home network set up properly or are you about to be the next statistic? Make sure you know for sure with our book!

We're going to show you how to lock down your home network - your router, your wired network, your wireless network - everything. We'll show you how to set the right encryption on your wireless, how to make sure your firewall is engaged properly, and even how to name your network to avoid getting personally targeted for a WiFi attack.

E-mail is literally the door to your digital world. A compromise here - by either a hacker or malware program - can be devastating! If there's ONE place you need to be safe, it's when you deal with your e-mail!

Just think - what would happen if someone had access to your e-mail account? Chances are they could easily piece together enough information about you to steal your identity (just think of all the items in your inbox, sent items box, and outbox). In addition, every private account you have online - your bank, credit cards, Amazon, Paypal, etc ALL use e-mail to recover passwords. If the bad guy has your e-mail account, he can be in ALL your accounts in a matter of MINUTES!

You DO NOT want your e-mail compromised - and we're going to show you how to keep it locked down tight. Everything you need to know to set the right kind of password, avoid scams, and KEEP IT PRIVATE!

This is the fun section! We have a LOAD of general safety tips designed to help you keep safe in all your online endeavors. We'll show you a "secret" file you can use to prevent your computer from ever seeing another malicious site. We'll show you how to properly dispose of an old hard drive. We'll show you how to avoid "bad" freeware. We'll show you how to avoid ransomware. And that's just for starters!

There's a literally TRUCKLOAD of advice in this section that'll help keep you super-secure and safe!

And that's just a small sample of what we're going to cover!

In addition to the sections above, there's also a section on why the bad guys are after you and what they can do if they get access to your PC. We also cover just what to do if you get infected - and 6 easy step to follow for getting uninfected! Our book also includes tips for keeping your computer physically safe from theft - after all, if your computer gets stolen, what's the point of the rest of the security?

Finally, we've also included a glossary to help with the terms found throughout the book and 20 of our favorite FREE security-related programs! The money you save on commercial software will pay for this book 20X over!

Whew - this is BY FAR the most important book ANY computer user will ever read!

We've looked around - and there isn't anything like this anywhere! Amazingly enough, finding a traditional book on computer security is almost impossible - and when you DO find one, it's written in such a technical manner you'd need a degree in Computer Science to figure the thing out!

This innovative new book is TRULY unprecedented! It's easy to read, packed with pictures, screen shots, and illustrations, and hey - we even try to make the whole thing entertaining! You'll BLAST through the material and before you know it everyone will be coming to YOU for advice on computer security!


Yup, EVERTHING we know about Internet security for the home user is JAMMED into this earth-shattering e-book!!

Your cost? Get this - we're almost giving this away!

Just $6.97 and you get an immediate download! How cool is that? You could be browsing the pages of this e-book in a matter of MINUTES! Oh - and no special reader required either - it's a standard PDF file that can be read with the free Adobe Reader!

HURRY! Grab your copy of this indispensable book now for just $6.97!

PS - Anyone who thinks they don't need this information and that an attack "won't happen to them" is living a lie. It's like not wearing a seatbelt because "so far" you've never been in a bad accident.

Bottom line - If you're using the Internet and you don't know the information we outline in our e-book, then it's not a matter of IF you'll get compromised - it's simply a matter of WHEN.

Don't Surf The Internet Without It!


Computers 101

Bing, Chromium, & Firefox...Oh My!

A reader just experienced a puzzling thing regarding her browser. “Recently Chromium appeared on my computer, as a program and also in the start-up menu.  I did not order it to my knowledge and don’t want it.  I removed it totally from my system.  At the same time Bing pops up when I go to the internet and not Firefox, I don’t mind that as much since I like the Bing screensavers and the topics for the day are OK, but I could do without them.  Is this what caused me to have Chromium?”

I can tell you that Bing as your home page in Firefox and Chromium are in no way connected under normal circumstances.  Bing is not a browser. In this case, it’s likely your home page or your default search engine. Chromium isn’t connected to either Bing or Firefox.  Chromium is an open-source version of Google Chrome. It’s a stripped- down version of Chrome. But there are fake versions of Chrome that are actually malware. If you didn’t install Chromium, it’s likely that this is a piece of malware.  That makes me wonder if the homepage you’ve been directed to is legitimately Bing or a fake Bing set up by malware that redirects your search engine and homepage. So here’s what we’re going to do.

Go to add-remove programs and get rid of Chromium and anything else recently installed that you didn’t approve. Open Firefox, click the three-line menu button and choose Add-ons to check for recent installations you didn’t approve.


Click remove to get rid of anything unwanted.


Now to make sure you have the homepage and default search engine you like, click the...

Click here for more on solving this problem.

Do you have a question for us? Ask it here!


On The Move

Who Does Facebook Think You Are?

Every wonder why certain ads pop up in your Facebook feed over and over again? Or why Facebook suggest certain sites to you or promotes certain news stories?

They use a complex algorithm to determine what suits your needs. The ads you see in the feed are not necessarily anything like what your friends see. Here’s how you can find out what Facebook thinks you’re interested in seeing.

First, click here to go to Facebook ad preferences. This page will open.


Scroll down to Interests. 


Here you’ll find categories like News and entertainment, Business, and People. Click More and you’ll get even more categories.


Hover over the icon of something displayed in Interests, and you’ll see why  it was selected for you.  Sometimes, it’s because something is similar to other things you like.


Other times it’s because you like a particular page.


Or perhaps you clicked on an ad.


Hover at the center of the icon and you get the option to....

Click here for more on how to find out what Facebook knows about you.


From The Archives

Bring Out Color On A Cloudy Day: Part 2

In part one of our tutuorial, we had a quick look into the tools that are used in this tutorial and adjusted the lighting in the image by adjusting the “curve” through adjustment layers and the gradient tool.

In this tutorial we will be illuminating the image by adjusting the exposure and exaggerating the color by apply color fills and multiplying them.


To illuminate the ground, we are going to adjust the Exposure. To do this, we will create another Adjustment Layer to adjust the exposure.

Click on the “New Adjustment Layer” icon: 

Move the Exposure up to around “1.78” and the Gamma Correction up to about “0.81” as shown below (watch the ground light up):

Again, we are going to use the Gradient Tool to remove this effect from the sky, leaving the sky dark and detailed and the ground bright and illuminated.

To do this, we are going to apply the Gradient Tool using the same line and position as before and also the same direction (going down from the sky to the ground).

Select the Layer Mask on your new Exposure Adjustment Layer:

Select your Gradient Tool.

Draw your line going from the sky down to the ground (as shown below):


Now we need to bring out the bright colors of the ground. To do this, we will adjust the...

Click here for more on boosting color on a cloudy day.


Today's Feature

Younger People More Likely To Fall For Tech Support Scams

You know what the problem with kids today is? They keep falling for tech support scams. Okay, folks aged 18-35 aren’t kids, but adults.  But it seems they are adults with some more security instincts when it comes to tech security despite it being a part of their lives for as along as they can remember.

Microsoft recently conducted a survey as a part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. They found that nearly 66% of people have been contacted by a tech support scammer at some point during the past year.


You know those guys, they call, email, or send a pop-up claiming that you have some kind of computer or phone problem.  You’d think at this point, most people would recognize the scams for what they are. Unfortunately, 20% of those contacted keep communicating with the scammers and continue the interaction. They either downloaded software, provided remote access to their device, or gave their credit card information to the scammers.

What some may find surprising is the age range of those who continue to communicate with the scammers. A full 50% of those who are fooled are Millennials between the ages of 18 and 34. In contrast, only 17% were over 55, and 34% were between 36 and 54.  Sadly, 55% of  users in the U.S. who continued communicating with the scammers lost money.


These crooks aren’t just sticking to their old tricks of calling senior citizens at home and pestering them.  Since most younger folks don’t even have a home phone, crooks are using new tools.

When you break down the victims by age...

Click here to learn more about tech support scams and who falls for them.



Amanda's Coolsite

UR Football Comes Home

In 1878 history was made when two football teams formed to develop the sport at Richmond College. The game originally featured 20 players on the field for each side (the two literary societies Phiologian and Mu Sigma Rho) and looked a lot more like rugby than modern day football.

This digital exhibit traces the history of football at the University of Richmond. You’ll find a brief explanation of the exhibit and an item feature from the collection on the main page. You’ll also find a navigation menu to the left offering you the option to Browse Items, Browse Collections, visit the Library Home, and more.

I think the easiest way to navigate is to choose to Browse Collections because it lets you see the way the items are organized into categories rather than being overwhelmed by an item level collection. The categories are Photographs, Programs, Publications, and Football Memorabilia.  There’s a brief description under each category to list the kinds of objects in each collection.

When you click into any of the categories you’ll find a featured selection of items with their records beneath them. You’ll also find a link that will let you browse all the items for that section.

This is a really cool way to look at one of the ways that football developed in America. Go check it out for yourself today!


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Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

You Need To Be Careful!

Fumbling around for your cell phone while driving is GOING to cause an accident! PLUS, In most states, driving with your phone to your ear is AGAINST THE LAW!

That's why you NEED this Bluetooth car kit! With the car kit you decide if you want to wear the Bluetooth headset or use the speaker phone. You can even swap seamlessly between the two! You're in control with this one!

The Bluetooth headset charges easily in the dock while you're not using it! And with an amazing 5 hour talk time you can chat all you want! Even continue your conversation when you get out of the car! That's the beauty of Bluetooth technology.

Plus, it comes with 3 extra ear tips and an adjustable ear hook!

This is the BEST deal on a headset I have ever seen! But wait, I haven't even finished telling you what else this guy can do!

You don't have to use that wimpy speaker on your phone... Those built-in speakers are a joke compared to this guy!

If you want to go "private" with your call just slide out the Bluetooth ear piece and continue to talk.

It's like getting THREE things for half the price of ONE! What a deal!!!

Now I know what you're thinking. I'm just building this up so I can charge you 30 or 40 bucks...  WRONG!

This deal is less than HALF of what you'd expect to pay. I got a super-limited deal at an incredible price and I'm passing it along to you.  $12.97! Isn't that CRAZY!?!? That's not even 1/3 of the price you'd pay if you got a ticket for using your cell phone while driving!

Click here to add to your cart before they're all gone!

Order today! Price goes up to $19.97  on Thursday !


Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper Is Ready!

The featured desktop wallpaper for October is ready for you to download!

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All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Abram's Falls in autumn

Mule deer buck in a stream

Smoky Mountain fall cascades

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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