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WorldStart Tech Tips 2016-07-01

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Quick Tip

In The News 6-30-2016

Opera Wins The Browser Battery Battle

Not too long ago, Microsoft conducted an experiment in the battery life of devices when they were streaming video using various browsers.

In their study Microsoft Edge game out ahead with nearly 7 and a half hours. Opera was second with 6 hours, Firefox third with 5 hours, and Google Chrome dead last with 4 hours and 19 minutes.

Opera Browser

The people behind Opera decided to conduct that test again. Not too surprisingly Opera won in their tests.  Opera says their browser gets around 4 hours of battery life while streaming video, while Edge comes in second with 3 hours and 12 minutes. Google Chrome is in last-place again with 2 hours 54 minutes of streaming time. It looks like the one thing they can agree on is that Chrome is not the best browser for streaming.


New Dell Monitor Is 4 Monitors In One

I haven’t wanted anything as badly in a long time as I do the new Dell P4317Q monitor. This 43″ diagonal monitor is actually 4 separate monitors in one package.


I love the dual-monitor setup on my desktop, so the thought of having four screens makes me happy as a lark. Since I often need to have programs open while writing about them, this could be just the ticket. This model is designed with financial professionals in mind, but it would also be great for those who work on photography or video. You can also switch from 4 to one big screen at the touch of a button.

The only drawback for me in the $1350 price tag.

BlackBerry Phones Still Struggling

The tech world is fickle. Not so long ago, Blackberry phones kicked off the “always in contact” age and were considered to addictive that they drew the nickname “crackberry.”


Then along came iPhones and Android smartphones and Blackberry fell by the way. For the first quarter 0f 2016, the company lost 670 million dollar loss largely due to disappointing sales of the Blackberry Priv phone. The company had hoped to make a comeback by partnering with Android to introduce the Priv, but the Priv just hasn’t caught on as hoped.

~ Cynthia

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Are You Ready to Be LIGHTNING FAST?

Wish you had a new computer?

Why not just give your current computer an upgrade for PRACTICALLY NOTHING?

You can make it BETTER than a new computer with just POCKET CHANGE!

No long setups, no wallet-draining price tags. Just a top-speed, error-free existence on the PC you've already got!


Bring your computer back to its peak with this amazing SOFTWARE SUPERCHARGER! 



Lightning-Fast Start Times!
Programs Loading INSTANTLY!
Computer Errors Fixed!
Rock Solid Antivirus!
OPTIMIZED Registry and Memory!
Automatically Updated Drivers!
Computer Security Made Easy and Automatic!
Quick PC Clutter Clean Ups!
GENUINE Protection from Viruses and Malware!


This is the one piece of software EVERYONE needs to have! It's THAT simple!

The BRAND NEW System Mechanic PC TotalCare will breathe new life into an old PC. Heck, it'll even fix up the PC you just purchased!

And after you get your PC supercharged, it'll KEEP it that way.


NOTHING compares to System Mechanic. Period.

Okay, so System Mechanic PC TotalCare has a LOT of stuff. I mean, a LOT!

Here's a tiny look at what you're getting when you install this software:

That's Only A FRACTION Of The Features!

That list there is about as simplified as it can get... and it STILL doesn't show you everything that comes with the software!

From faster bootups to faster loading to faster Internet to faster SSDs to, well, faster everything!

It cleans the mess. It fixes the errors. It even removes the junk.

And the best part? It MAINTAINS your computer afterward. With the built-in anti-virus tools and the system maintenence features, once you get your PC lightning fast, it will STAY lightning fast!

The moment you pop the disc in your drive, it's gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

The VERY first thing it does is IMMEDIATELY upgrades itself to the latest version automatically!

Yep! No hunting for upgrades, and no outdated features. You get the latest and the greatest.

The second thing you'll probably notice is this:

Oh no!! But wait! This is a lot more common than you might think. Even EXPERTS can't prevent computers from degrading without software like System Mechanic PC TotalCare.

For everything you might know about your computer, there's at least a hundred more potential problems lurking around the corner.

But, now that you have System Mechanic, it only takes one click to get ALL those problems out of your life forever.

Just Press That "Repair All" Button!

That's the one-way ticket to a lifetime of carefree, computer BLISS.

If you want System Mechanic to give your PC the works, that's all you have to do.

But maybe you're a little more tech-savvy than most of us. Want to get under the hood with it? NO PROBLEM! Every single tool and utility with PC TotalCare can be used manually to allow you total control over what it fixes and what it leaves alone.

It's the perfect program for ALL levels of technical experience.

Either way, when you let System Mechanic PC TotalCare do it's work, you're going to get to computer paradise:

It doesn't matter how good your computer was before. Now it's better and faster. You WILL be BLOWN AWAY. Stability, speed, and peace of mind.

Remember, it's never what you know that hurts your PC. It's the million little things you could have NEVER expected.

But nothing surprises System Mechanic PC Total Care! It sees every nook and cranny and makes them sparkle.

Want a sneak peek at how this incredible software gives your PC the power-wash you always dreamed of? If I tried to talk about EVERY feature of System Mechanic, we'd be here until the Sun burnt out. Get ready for some major highlights that'll have your jaw dropping.

Booting up your PC is always a pain. No matter what you do, you could cook a Thanksgiving dinner before your computer is done starting. It doesn't have to be like that.

By eliminating unnecessary or even HAZARDOUS programs from your startup, there'll be no more watching the clock, wondering when you can actually begin to use your computer. And without all these wasted resources going to unneeded programs, your computer will stay fast after booting.

Do you LIKE some of your startup programs? No worries. If you don't want System Mechanic to take control, you can go in and see each and every program it wants to disable. Regardless of which path you take, it's easy and fast to get your PC booting properly.

Oh, and do you ever get those annoying error messages when you boot up? Chances are after this, you'll never see them again! YES!

In addition to startup programs, there's ALWAYS just TONS of files and applications that end up on your PC. Sometimes they came installed with the computer, other times they sneak in through vulnerabilities or hidden in other software.

No matter how they go there, they are taking up GIGs of space!!

Don't worry, CRUDD Remover is on the job.

All this CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers) adds up into one giant, super slow, gunk of a mess.

Even if you knew what programs were the trouble makers, it would take AGES to manually hunt through and clean up all those files. System Mechanic removes the work and eliminates all that unwanted mess - in minutes!

Fully Controllable -  You can make sure that System Mechanic doesn't remove anything you need to keep.

This thing is crazy. Not only are you going to get even MORE speed by removing all that useless junk from your PC, but talk about clearing space! Your hard drive has its limits, so taking this giant burden off its back is going to give you a lot more wiggle room for stuff you DO want.

Surfing the Internet Collects Clutter! Your computer has an "amazing" ability to hold onto a lot of useless stuff that you never even knew it saved. PC Cleanup has your back.

With the push of a button you can clean out tons of wasted space and temporary files that you didn't even know were there to begin with! WOW!

This is the ultimate solution to loaded hard drives.

You can get back hundreds of megabytes in storage space... heck, you might even get a couple GIGABYTES of space back. Maybe you won't need that $200 external hard drive you were thinking about.

Now you're saving space AND money!

Computers always manage to have a ton of errors without any indication of how to solve them. How can anyone expect you to fix a problem when all you get is a string of numbers and a giant OK button. Let System Mechanic take care of it for you!

From unintelligible error messages to mysterious lockups and even full-on system crashes, System Mechanic will find the solution.

The All-In-One Repair Tool came straight out of your dreams and now it's a reality. This program will AUTOMATICALLY fix pretty much any problem your computer throws at it. No error is too obscure for System Mechanic.

This is the total tune-up, repair, supercharge, computer fixing miracle.

EVEN IF YOUR COMPUTER WON'T BOOT PROPERLY! SERIOUSLY! You can use the System Mechanic CD to boot and recover your computer. It's a life-saver.

If just cleaning up junk didn't make your computer as fast as you wanted it, System Mechanic is only warming up. It's got a toolbox FULL of utilities to make your computer so fast it won't be street legal.

SSD Accelerator (BRAND NEW!) - Take your SSD to the next level by automatically maximizing performance and speed without sacrificing anything!

Designated Drivers - Out of date drivers can make your computer run sub-optimally, or sometimes make devices not work at all. Let this utility take the wheel for you and get all your drivers safely up to date.

Memory Mechanic - The more you use your computer, the more memory that will be taken up. Sometimes memory fragments or doesn't release properly and you run into problems that can even cause your computer to shut down. No more! Memory Mechanic will make sure your system memory is operating at full throttle!

Registry Tuner - Errors in system registry can range from causing lockups to total system failure. Registry Tuner will hunt through and clean up as many errors as it can find to get your PC running faster.

Registry Compactor - System Mechanic never leaves a job half-done. After cleaning out the registry, the compactor makes sure that the gaps left from removed bloat are closed so your computer doesn't waste time dialing through empty registry entries.

Just running ONE of these things is going to give you astonishing speed. But when you get them all going? Oh man, you're going to think someone slipped a supercomputer under your desk.

But that's not all, honestly it's barely even HALF of the performance tools alone.

If you use some serious software, or even just want to get the most out of your PC as possible, System Mechanic has the adrenaline shot your computer needs! 

EnergyBooster! Take your PC to the next level with this incredible tool. By automatically turning off unnecessary background programs, your computer's limited resources are going to be free to turn their attention to the tasks YOU need them on!

Don't let worthless background processes hog your memory or processor, use them how you want them.

If you do high-quality video, audio, web design, ANYTHING, you'll immediately notice how ridiculously fast EnergyBooster makes your PC.

Interested in something BRAND NEW? System Mechanic is always expanding its armory of tools and this version is no different.

With new AcceleWrite, you'll almost never have to worry about disk fragmentation again. By automatically ensuring optimal storage of files, the creeping slowdown that your computer experiences over time from disk defragmentation is a thing of the past!

It does the work for you, which means more time for yourself and a healthier life for your PC.

Slow Internet? That's when NetBooster takes the stage. Each Internet connection is unique and your computer can't be pre-configured from the factory for an optimal setup for YOUR system. NetBooster examines your current connection and makes those specific changes so you get MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.

And remember, if you don't want to go through these individually, System Mechanic can do pretty much everything on its own. It's impossible NOT to get huge gains from running this software, and it's as simple as a few mouse clicks. What more could you ask for?

Especially nowadays, computer security has become a really big issue. You may think you're secure, but new vulnerabilities pop up ALL THE TIME! Even the tiniest of security holes can spell disaster for your privacy or your computer's ability to function. With so much on your computer, there's no excuse for taking risks.

With just one button, System Mechanic will comb your computer for security flaws and fix every single one it finds. Blocking off hackers from entry, you get peace of mind that your files and confidential information are safely protected.

You can NEVER be too secure.

After your vulnerabilities are patched up, what about other kinds of intrusions? Unwanted programs, viruses, or malware trying to hijack your system. System Guard will be the shield that keeps your PC defended and in tip-top shape.

System Guard does SO MUCH at once. If new programs try to add themselves to your startup, it will let you know. Dangerous programs trying to run? System Guard stops them IMMEDIATELY.

Browsing can be hazardous, but with System Guard, your computer and browser are protected from even the wiliest of hacking attempts. If you've ever had your homepage suspiciously changed or a new toolbar appear out of nowhere, you'll know how important System Guard is!

Privacy is just as important as vulnerabilities when it comes to security. With System Mechanic, you can make sure nothing you do gets to the wrong hands. With the Privacy Cleaner, anything you do can be erased, from browsing or search history to cookies and chat transcripts that websites or programs often automatically save.

Or maybe you need something deleted? I mean... REALLY deleted. The Incinerator will make sure any of your private files, from old taxes to company memos can't be easily recovered by ANYONE.

System Mechanic takes security seriously, and you can rest easy knowing you have the best programs protecting your PC and files.

System Mechanic is loaded with SO MUCH and if you want to, it can be COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC. But if you want to know exactly what it's doing, you can examine every tool to see what it intends to fix or change.

You'd be INSANE not to take advantage of all these amazing tools, but if you want to, you can pick and choose what you use and how you use it.

But that's not all! It comes with a tool to completely customize your PC's operations. From hiding unwanted icons to making your start menu react faster, there's almost nothing out of your control - AMAZING!

System Mechanic looks too good to be true, right? Especially with all the extra free stuff, how can so much power be packed together into one amazing product? Well, you don't have to take our word for it! With over 36 million users and countless awards tell you all you need to know.

Talk About Award Winning!

My laptop was in a mess! It was slow to the point of stagnation at times but a colleague recommended your software and the result was near-magical! Speeds have improved dramatically and it has given me a great feeling of confidence. Michael H.

After I ran System Mechanic the first time, I thought I had a new machine! John N

I love your product. It's not only a great product, but it?s fun to use. Sometimes I play with the different categories and I just enjoy myself....Norton & McAfee could learn a thing or two or three or four from a great new year. Ray H

System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment! Arthur H.

System Mechanic is a great addition to my computer. I feel much more in control of what's going on inside it. The Internet optimizer worked great, a 1MB would take 22 seconds to download, now it takes just 7 seconds!! That is a 300% increase in internet speed. I was able to get at and get rid of a lot of unnecessary garbage that was choking up my computer. This product rates 5 out of 5 in my books! John T.

Without a doubt, [System Mechanic is] the complete difference between a well working machine and being the typical frustrated computer user?From novice to expert, this product rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who uses a computer for whatever reason. Chris H.

This product is much better than Norton Utilities and SystemWorks which I had been using since 1995. Keep up the good work!! Vern H

In my twenty years of personal computing, System Mechanic is one of the best -- if not THE best -- software I have ever installed on a PC. I recommend it without hesitation to all my friends and presentation audiences. Keep up the great work. Bob S.


And now for the BEST PART!

With all this greatness in one package you're probably expecting it to be really expensive. Well, you're right and you're wrong. If you go out to the stores to buy this, you might right into something like what you see below.

And honestly? It's worth that much. But here are WorldStart we know you want the BEST price and that's what you're going to get.

So, what's YOUR price?

For System Mechanic PC TotalCare, with the built-in security and full-system repair it's only $12.97!

I don't even have a joke for the person crazy enough to miss this because there's nothin' funny about passing up the deal of the millenium!

PS - These sell like CRAZY. Don't let total PC bliss pass you by. Even if there ARE any left, the price is going up to $18.97 on Saturday!


Computers 101


Create An ISO: Part 2

Yesterday, in part 1 of this series, I explained what an ISO is and how to create one for a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Today we’ll explore creating an ISO on your hard drive.

The 2nd Method – Creating an ISO From Files on Your Hard Drive

  1. Download and install an ISO compiler.

The ones discussed in yesterday’s article should work fine.

  1. Create a new ISO project.

To create a new ISO project click the “Create image file from files/folders” or “Make ISO” button to start the project. After this, choose which files and folders you want to add. Keep in mind to give the project a descriptive name in order to know what the ISO contains.

  1. Add files and folders to the ISO project.

This process may vary from program to program, but most of the times you can drag-and-drop files and folders into the window.

  1. Begin creating the ISO.

To begin creating the ISO using the folders and files selected, you need to click the “build” and  “copy” button to begin. This process will take some time, depending on the size of the files and the speed of your PC.

  1. Store or transfer your ISO project.

When the ISO has been created, you can burn it to a disc, mount on a computer or upload it to a cloud service. Bear in mind that if your ISO file is way too big, it may not fit on a disc.


3rd method – Creating an ISO File Using WinRar

  1. Download WinRar.

Download the program and install it. WinRar is not a free program, but you can use the trial version to create your ISOs.

  1. Compress all the files you want to archive.

Select all of the files at once by pressing Ctrl+A.

  1. Add the files to your archive.

Right-click on the selected files and select the option “Add to archive.”

  1. Save the archive.

After clicking the option “Add to archive”, a new window appears. Name the archive and make sure it is being saved in .iso format.

  1. Click OK and your ISO file will be created.

This process may take several minutes, but this depends on the number of files you selected.


4th Method – Creating ISO Files From Discs on Windows PC, without programs

Older versions of Windows don’t have a built-in way to create ISO files, but modern versions of Windows, like Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 can create ISO files without using additional programs. ISO mounting is built right into the operating system and all you need to do is use the Ribbon to Mount an ISO image.

If your Windows doesn’t have a built-in method to create an ISO file from your own physical disc, you’ll need to download a program and follow the methods mentioned above.

5th Method – Creating ISO Files From Discs on Mac

For Mac users, Disk Utility can be used to create images of discs. Open it by pressing Command+Space, typing “Disk Utility”, and pressing Enter.

Then, all you have to do is insert a disc, click the File menu and go to New > Disc Image from […]. After that, select the format “DVD/CD master” and disable encryption. You will then get a .cdr file from the disc. This is just as good as an ISO file for Mac users and you can “mount” it from within the Disk Utility application.

~ Ruxundra

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On The Move

App Tells You The Best Time To Take A Bathroom Break

Remember those old iPhone commercials that say, “There’s an app for that?”  Well, it turns out that’s absolutely true. I came across one of the funniest ideas for an app I’ve seen in ages.


The RunPee app for Android will tell you the very best time to make a dash for the bathroom during a flick. Going to the movies is expensive, so you hate to waste any of that $12 ticket dashing down the hall to the restroom. But not all of us are blessed with large-capacity bladders.

RunPee offers a constantly updated database that tells you the very best time to scoot to the restroom without missing an important part of the movie. The app is updated the day that movies are released.


There’s even a...

Click here to learn more about RunPee.


From The Archives

Grandparent Scam Targets Seniors

I’ve mentioned what’s called the “Grandparent Scam” before. It’s when crooks either randomly e-mail people or call them on the phone pretending to be a grandchild.

Sometimes the story is that the grandchild is injured in a far-away place, or sometimes the grandchild is in trouble  and needs money for a lawyer or bail.


Back when I worked in television news, I can remember two cases vividly. One was a woman who got a random e-mail saying that her grandson had been injured while hiking in Canada and needed money for medical treatment. In this case, it just so happened that this woman’s grandson was camping in Canada. (The scammers didn’t have any inside scoop, they sent this message to thousands of people.) She transferred thousands to the crooks.

In a second case, a couple received a phone call where the person on the other end said, “Help me, Grandpa. I’m in trouble.”

The man said, “Joey?” thinking this was his grandson.  Another man took the phone and identified himself as Joey’s lawyer. He told them Joey had been arrested in Nevada and needed money for an attorney. He also said he wanted payment in gift cards, which these people dutifully went around and purchased from various stores (just as instructed) and mailed off to a P.O. box. Sometimes the scammers want the money wired to them via services like MoneyGram or Western Union.

The story is almost always the same variation. The grandchild is in trouble or injured and the money has to be send ASAP. You get very little opportunity, if any, to speak to the supposed grandchild and ask questions. If you press the matter, the “lawyer” gets hostile with you.

As time has gone by, these scammers are getting more sophisticated. They’re purchasing donor lists for legitimate charities to target people who seem like they have a little cash to give. Then they turn to Facebook to make their scam sound more believable by looking up information on the folks on the list. They’ll scan Facebook profiles with lax security for information like the names of grandparents or grandchildren, schools, hometowns or even the family pet to make their scam sound more believable.

According to the Ohio Attorney General, the average loss in these scams is $4000.

It’s a good idea to a security checkup on your...

Click here to learn more about protecting yourself from scammers.


Today's Feature


Friday Funnies

4th of July Funnies

Alvin:  My family  has been an important part of history. My great-grandfather fought with Napoleon. 

My great-great-great- grandfather fought with the French.

And one of my Mom's ancestors fought with the Americans at Valley Forge.

Alex: Your relatives couldn’t get along with anyone, could they?


What do you call George Washington's false teeth?

Did you hear the one about the crooked George Washington?
He committed Valley Forgery!

How did George Washington speak to his army?
In general terms!


The Deadliest Job

My high school assignment 
was to ask a veteran about World War II.

Since my father had served 
in the Philippines during the war, 
I chose him.

After a few basic questions, I very gingerly asked, “Did you ever kill anyone?”

Dad got quiet. Then, in a soft voice, he said, “Probably. I was the cook.”


Daily Thoughts

“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Erma Bombeck


“Freedom lies in being bold.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Robert Frost


"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Benjamin Franklin


Happy 4th Of July


Amanda's Coolsite

Dear Tomorrow

Welcome to Dear Tomorrow! This website provides a virtual space for people to come together and create a community dedicated to building a positive climate legacy.

They want to do this by collecting messages from people to their loved ones in the future. These messages will be released between 2030 and 2050. To learn more about this movement, check out their About page.

On the main page, scroll down and click See Full Gallery to take a look at some of the images/ promises already submitted.  You can also access them, the letters, and videos that have been submitted by checking out the View Messages section.

On the Climate Change section, you’ll find a TED Talk that offers an introduction to the topic.

Want to participate? Head on over the Send a Message section where you’ll have an option to share a message via a letter, a photo and a promise, or even a video.



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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

Hey everyone, Steve here and I am really, REALLY EXCITED!

In fact, I’ve never been more excited about ANY product in our HISTORY!

 My most ambitious project to date - WorldStart’s Video Guide To Windows 10!

This project was done 100% by me - Steve - and it’s totally JAM-PACKED with all my best tips, tricks, and advice for Windows 10! It was a TON of work. This took over two months to put together, but it was worth it!  I wanted YOU to have the very best how-to video ever created for Windows 10!

See, so many times I have friends, family, and even customers tell me, “You know I wish I had someone who could just come in, sit down, and SHOW me how to use all this stuff! I mean, I hear about all these great new features, but I have no idea how to use any of them. If only SOMEONE would come in and just spend some time helping me get up to speed!”

It’s just like having me sitting next to you, showing you how to take advantage of all the incredible new Windows 10 features step by step. With this video I discuss everything you want to know in easy-to-understand language.

As you watch the video, you’ll see EVERY mouse move and EVERY click as I explain each feature step-by-step.

There’s absolutely NO WAY you won’t learn a TON with this!

This is designed so you can EASILY follow along and understand all sensational new features in Windows 10. Heck, you’ll discover TONS of stuff you never knew was there!

As you watch these videos, you’ll discover that this is far more than just a video-based instruction manual. Not only do I show you how things work, but I also offer my advice as well.

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is the new standard in Windows operating systems and it really is the best Windows operating system to date. All new PCs are coming with it pre-installed - and rightly so - it’s GREAT!

Plus, you can still upgrade for FREE right now - but that window will close soon!

Why not do the upgrade NOW, grab this video, and learn everything you need to know to get the most out of the best operating system ever made? There’s just so much you’re missing out on by not having it installed on your computer!

Sure, a new version of Windows can be intimidating, but with the help of this video not only will you master everything you need to know about Windows 10, you’ll end up LOVING it too!

Good question! I can say with absolute confidence that this video covers EVERYTHING you want to know about Windows 10. During the video, I pay extra attention to all the dazzling new features that mean the most to YOU - and there are a TRUCKLOAD of those!

How can I be so sure? Well, that’s the advantage of having a tech website! I based my video on the questions I see coming from our customers and I give extra attention to topics that seem to cause confusion, frustration, or grief.

The video content was literally designed by YOU - and was done for YOU!

The truth is in a matter of hours you’ll be rocking Windows 10 like a pro!

Heck, when you’re done, teenagers will be coming to YOU for tech advice!!

The lessons are divided between 7 chapters and each video has a table of contents so you can easily jump to any topic quickly and easily!

Below is just a tiny taste of what’s covered in the over 4 1/2 hours of video tutorials! Keep in mind that it’s easy to just jump to the areas you’re interested in.

- Desktop basics
- Amazing tricks with the improved Snap feature
- Why you’ll love Task View
- Why Virtual Desktops are one of the best features - ever!
- The trick to adding and managing your Virtual Desktops the easy way
- Changing your desktop background and Lock Screen
- Creating your own theme
- The secret for putting system icons on the desktop
- The super sneaky way to log in without a password
- Clock and calendar tricks that will blow your mind
- Unlocking the new Action Center
- Adding cool toolbars to your task bar
- Unleashing the power of Task manager
- Find out what programs are hogging your resources
- The secret to changing your task bar icons to something better
- Tons of options and customizations for your task bar

- Why you’ll LOVE Cortana
- How to do text searches with Cortana
- How to use a microphone with Cortana
- What kind of questions you can ask Cortana
- How to ask about the weather, get directions, and more
- How to have Cortana set up reminders and appointments
- Understanding all the settings locked away in Cortana
- How to get Cortana to answer when you say, “Hey Cortana”
- Tips for personalizing Cortana just for you
- Unlock a huge stash of topics you can ask Cortana
- Discover the best kept secrets of the new Start menu
- Take advantage of your Most Used apps section
- Understating the All Apps area
- Unleash the power of the Start Menu Tiles
- The secret to moving and managing your tiles
- Renaming and modifying tile groups
- Creating your own tile groups
- The power of right-clicking the Start menu
- Find out where to manage your account
- How to change your password
- The secret to setting up a PIN or Picture Password
- How to add accounts for family and friends
- How to sync your settings across all your devices

- Learn all about the new MS Edge Web Browser
- How the amazing new “Reading” option works
- The easy way to add Favorites
- Why you MUST understand the new HUB feature
- How a reading list works - and why you should use it now
- Where to find your downloads
- How the amazing new WebNote feature works
- How to browse without Edge tracking your history
- How to pin a page to your Start menu
- The secret to adding a home button to your toolbar
- How to set up multiple homepage
- How to save password and form info
- The easy way to set up mail accounts
- Creating, sending, and receiving e-mail
- Managing or adding accounts
- Linking your accounts to one unified inbox
- Tricks for managing and sorting messages
- How to personalize the Mail app
- Setting up a signature file

- Discover the new File Explorer
- Unlock the secrets to the new Quick Access area
- Choose what shows up in your Quick Access area
- The secret to single click icons in Windows 10
- Privacy settings you’ll want to see
- Uncovering the “This PC” view
- Supercharged folder and file navigation
- The easy way to use the new Ribbon Menu in File Explorer
- How to share your file
- Where to burn your files to CD
- Where you can Zip files
- Unleash all of your file viewing options
- Discover exactly what the heck One Drive is
- Why you’ll LOVE the cloud
- How to save files to One Drive
- How to drag and drop files to One Drive
- The secret to accessing your One Drive files from ANY web browser
- How to access the FREE MS Office that’s included with One Drive

- Discover how the new Windows Update works
- How to check for updates
- Options for how you update (automatic or scheduled)
- Find out what’s in the latest update
- Where to remove updates that go wrong
- HUGE warning about where your updates come from
- Windows Defender basics
- Why you should NOT use Windows Defender
- Where to find better Anti-virus software
- How to reset your computer
- The ingenious backup software that’s built into Windows
- How to recover past revisions of your work
- How to backup and restore files
- The secret way to get hard drive space back
- The easy way to optimize your hard drive
- The smart way to uninstall apps
- How to discover what’s hogging up your hard drive space
- How to set your default save locations
- The trick to setting your default apps

- Calendar basics
- Color coding your accounts
- Adding events the easy (and advanced) way
- How to reschedule an event
- Setting up a recurring event
- Customizing your work week, work day, and more
- Using the new Store app
- The best ways to find software, music, and movies
- How to find the best deals
- Step by step purchase procedure
- How to find you past orders
- Overview of the incredible new Photo App
- The secret to letting you Photos app know where your photos are
- Selecting and sharing options
- Creating an album
- How to view photos
- The trick to starting a slide show
- How to get rid of red-eye
- How to retouch
- How to enhance your images
- Using filters
- Adjusting color
- Save photos the RIGHT way
- Music app overview
- How to select songs, albums, or artists
- Where the music controls are and how they work
- Music sorting options
- Telling the Music App where your songs are
- Sorting options
- Music settings

- How to find out about you PC’s hardware
- Cool mouse tricks
- How the new WiFi Sense feature works
- Ease of access options
- How to setup your Privacy settings
- The new app that let’s you contact Microsoft with problems
- How to save just about ANYTHING as a PDF
- The secret power user mode that will blow your mind
- How the new Weather app works
- Secrets to the Money and News apps
- Unleash the raw power of the new Maps app

Whew - and again, this that’s only the tip of the iceberg! It would take page after page to give you a complete overview of everything that I cover in this video!

Again, this is just like having me sitting next to you with your computer walking you though all the incredible features of Windows 10!

It’s time to STOP worrying about upgrading or using Windows 10 - let my video show you everything you need to know to make Windows 10 your new favorite operating system!

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is - BY FAR - the most customizable, most capable, and most complete version of Windows ever - and there are a TON of features that everyone misses. It’s a shame, because if you REALLY knew what you were missing, you’d grab this deal instantly.

Ready to make your Windows 10 life better?

You can have it for JUST $10.97 

You read that right, just $10.97 ! The video will come on disk (DVD for your computer), but if you need a flash drive instead, we have that option too.

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