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WorldStart Tech Tips 2017-03-29

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Quick Tip

Edge Vs. Internet Explorer

I had an interesting question from a reader: “What is the difference between Internet Explorer and Edge and why did MS even create Edge?”

That’s a big question. There are a lot of difference between the browsers. Let me see if I can break it down into what I consider the basic difference.

1. Edge is considered to be a more modern browser with a cleaner look. It has a similar look to Chrome & Firefox. Edge is designed to work with the most current web standards like HTML 5.

2. It’s designed for a cross-platform experience. The look of Edge on a Windows phone or tablet will be similar to the interface of the browser version.

3. It will be able to run extensions. Extensions are smaller programs that run inside browsers.

4. Edge is faster to load because it uses a different rendering engine.

5. It offers features like Web Note and Reading View.

6. It’s safer than Internet Explorer. Support for Active X plug-ins has been removed and there is better overall security to prevent attacks.

7. Edge in only available in Windows 10.

That certainly doesn’t cover all the differences. Why didn’t they just update IE and call this browser Internet Explorer 12?  Microsoft wanted to make clear that this was a new browser and also to avoid any confusion with IE 11, which is still in use because many business programs require some of the features of this browser.

Have you tried Edge? How do you think it's different from Internet Explorer? Click here to let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

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We just found your new favorite headphones/earbuds.


These amazing wireless headphones are finally going to make you say “GOODBYE!” to anything with wires.

But these are wireless Bluetooth headphones - so your device acts as the transmitter.

Look - I know, some folks find Bluetooth a little scary, but really, it’s super simple to get it working.

The instructions are great and frankly, it’s so easy you’ll be connected in less than a minute (wireless mice are harder to connect).

Now, let’s talk possibilities!

Most people automatically think with something like this it’s gotta be hooked to a phone - and well that certainly works GREAT there’s so much more to it than that.

Did you know that pretty much every Android tablet, iPad, iPod, and most MP3 players have Bluetooth?


How about that laptop of yours? Yup, it probably has Bluetooth as well!

Pretty much any modern device that plays music or video will have Bluetooth - and will work with these headphones!

You could be on a plane, a passenger in a car, on a bus - you name it - just kicking back and watching a movie... With NO TANGLED WIRES between you and the device!

Of course, works great for music too - just play your favorite music (or stream) through your tablet and listen with your headphones. This is SO much better than earbuds and tangled wires!

Also great if you’re playing games - let’s face it - you like the sound but no one around you wants to hear it. With wireless headphones it’s easy!

No wires coming up short, getting tangled up, and catching on everything!

Smartphone users are REALLY going to love this! Of course, it pumps any sound from your phone to your headphones, so you can enjoy music, play games, watch videos, whatever - you’re covered. But there’s so much more...

As a bonus, you can also take a calls with these - the microphone is built right in! When a call comes, everything pauses and you’ll hear the caller right in the headphones. When you speak, the mic will pick up your voice and send it back to the caller with crystal clear clarity!


Of course, all this amazing capability is useless if they don’t sound great, right?

Of, almost forgot - YES these are REALLY comfortable! They are super lightweight and very easy to wear. In fact, you’ll forget you have them on after a few minutes.

Plus, they are totally rechargeable so you’ll never have to buy batteries!
(These just keep getting better, don’t they?)

Again, these are SUPER easy to setup and can be used with any Bluetooth device!.

Plus, the deal is a jaw-dropper.

We’re talking just $19.97! How totally cool is that? Run to the site before our limited quantity sells out:

PS - These are - by far - the coolest headphones we’ve ever offered! Wireless headphones for just about anything! You’ll seriously wonder how you ever lived without them!


Computers 101

Use Task Scheduler To Defrag: Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we got started with using task scheduler to set up automatic PC maintenance. If you haven’t read those articles yet:

Click here for part 1.

Click here for part 2.

Now that we’ve instructed task scheduler to start a program at a particular time, let’s tell it what actions we want to be taken.

Step four: one of the most important steps. We are going to specify the location of the program that we want to start. In the Program/script box insert the route of the executable, you can click on browse and navigate through the folders to locate it.

In this case, to execute the windows defrag tool, the path is:

Also, we can add arguments that will specify rules and preferences that the program will follow upon execution.

These are the arguments that we can add to defrag.exe. Those in red work in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

/A            Perform analysis on the specified volumes.

/B            Perform boot optimization to defrags the boot sector of the boot volume. This will not work on an SSD.

/C            Perform the operation on all volumes.

/D            Perform traditional defrag (this is the default).

/E            Perform the operation on all volumes except those specified.

/H            Run the operation at normal priority (default is low).

/K            Perform slab consolidation on the specified volumes.

/L            Perform retrim on the specified volumes. Only for an SSD.

/M           Run the operation on each volume in parallel in the background.

/O           Perform the proper optimization for each media type.

/T            Track an operation already in progress on the specified volume.

/U            Print the progress of the operation on the screen.

/V            Print verbose output containing the fragmentation statistics.

/X            Perform free space consolidation on the specified volumes.


Step five: almost there! The last window shows us a summary of the task that we’ve just created. Make sure that you check the box “Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish”.

Step six: the properties window. Here we’ll set some important privileges options. Always make sure that you are logged with an account that has administrator rights when creating the task, if not, then you can change the account that is running the task from “Change User or group” button (red rectangle). Also check the box “Run with highest privileges” (blue rectangle), if you don’t, some tasks won’t run at all. Last but not least, configure the task for the operative system you are running, in this case, Windows 7 (green rectangle).



Now you can close the window and look for your new task in the Active task section.

But how can we now that it will work when the time comes? Well, if you double-click on it, then you can check and edit its properties from the actions column on the right. There you can run the task anytime you want, end it if it’s already running or delete it if you no longer need it.
Let’s test it by clicking Run.


It’s alive! Click Ctrl+C if you don’t want to run the defrag now.

Now, at the beginning of this series, I promised you some bonus tips for scheduling other actions using Task Scheduler. We’ll check those out in the final part of this series, tomorrow.

~ Hernan Escalante

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Do you have a question for us? Ask it here!


On The Move

Save Voice Memos From Your iPhone

If your iPhone usage is anything like mine, then you probably use voice memos for all sorts of tasks from making lists to taking notes to recording snippets of songs (for later identification) – I use the voice memo app for everything.

But sometimes you’d really like to have these voice notes on your computer. Like the other day while commuting, I had a great idea for a presentation that I was supposed to do and I quickly went on to sketch out the idea using the voice memo. Later, I transferred it to my computer and transcribed the parts I needed. Very handy!

Today, I will share two quick ways to transfer voice memos from the iPhone to your Windows or Mac computer.

Method 1

You don’t always need to transfer all of your memos to your computer.  You probably wouldn’t want to transfer the voice memo with your grocery list. You only want the important memos.

Using thee Share feature allows you to save the memo via email, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar apps installed on your iPhone. I think email is the easiest way, since most of us have email available on our phone and PC.

That works fine for individual memos, but what if you  do you do if you want to transfer all your voice memos to your personal computer?

Method 2

This method uses...

Click here for more on saving voice memos to your PC.


From The Archives

Windows 10: Why Can't I Bcc?

I asked for your beefs with Windows 10 and here’s our first reader response: “My major beef with Window 10 email, it does not show recipients in Bcc sent items. Also old addresses I can not remove after being updated. I have had every Windows  version starting with DOS 3.1;  I’ll keep my older Win 7 computer as long as it’s supported.”

It is a puzzling omission from the Mail app. You can create blind copies, but you can’t see them in the Sent folder.

Here’s my message in the inbox.


And here’s what I see in the Sent folder.


Interestingly enough if you got to the webmail interface for your email account, you can...

Click here for more on how to send a Bcc.


Today's Feature

Online Dating Safety Tips

Are you ready to give online dating a whirl? With 40 million Americans dating online, your perfect match could be out there setting up their profile in the hope of meeting someone just like you. What begins with a simple click could blossom into an epic love story. But before you start “pinning” wedding cake ideas—in fact, before you e
even consider signing up for a dating site—take a step back.

You may consider yourself savvy about online activity like shopping or renting an apartment, but when it comes to dating, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement—letting down your digital guard. The online dating world is filled with fakers and scammers, so follow these cyber safety tips to protect yourself and your data.

1. Set Up a Digital Privacy Zone

First, create an email account that you will use only for online dating. Don’t use your real name, ZIP code, workplace, or any other identifying information. Instead, pick something generic like “mustlovedogs” or “mountainclimber123.”

Next, set up a proxy telephone number with Google Voice. You can give people this number instead of your home or cell (either of which can be used to find your address). A proxy number forwards to your phone, but only when you want it to (you can designate times when the number will go straight to voicemail). Plus, you can block unwanted callers, which might come in handy.

2. Get Smart with Passwords

You would never choose “password” as a password, but why are you including words (like your pet’s name) at all? Instead, use a password generator to create complex passwords—long strings of letters, digits, and special characters. You should create a different password for every one of your online accounts—shopping sites, online banking, and social networks—and for each online dating service you join.


3. Use Only Trusted Networks

Some networks have public settings that could allow...

Click here for more on online dating safety.



Amanda's Coolsite

Online Banking Security

Do you bank online? I do. I know most banks offer online access to your account too, so I thought I’d share these 10 essential tips to keeping your online banking information secure.

When you arrive at the site, all you  have to do to explore is scroll down the page through the tips. They’re listed in numerical order, and offer advice for protecting your information on the web and your favorite mobile device.

I really liked that their tips are pretty applicable to sharing personal information online at all. For example, not clicking suspicious links and creating a strong password.

Go check out these security tips for yourself today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

Some people think LAN adapters have outlived their purpose... they're CRAZY!

That's what your computer manufacturers WANT you to think. Sure, your PC or laptop may have come with integrated wireless support... but what you didn't know is that they LOVE to stick in the cheapest part they can find for that.

"How are they gonna know?" they say. But when you're trying to watch that video on YouTube or Facebook, or check your e-mail... and it just loads and loads forever... oh, you know.


You're paying for FAST Internet... but your computer's lackluster wireless is HOLDING YOU BACK!

It's like paying for HDTV channels and being stuck watching the standard definition channels!

To see for myself, I checked the computers around the office...

It was no surprise - the HIGHEST speed on the built-in adapters? 150 Mbps.

The average router can handle TWICE that... but with the crappy integrated wireless support computers come with, it doesn't even matter.

"Can it really be that simple?"


This LAN adapter may look small, but it is packed with HUMONGUS power, speed, and even security!

At 300 Mbps, this LAN adapter can handle any home connection you've got. You won't have to sit there wondering if your wireless is holding you back - because it won't be.

Whatever speed connection you have, this will let you get the MAXIMUM effect out of it!

See, it has this awesome feature that automatically detects the optimal network transmission rate for your connection!

To put it simply: without this feature, your network might try to send too little (which makes your speeds slooow) or too much (which overloads your network and can cause your Internet to "die" for a brief period. You've probably experienced this before with "random outages!")

This LAN adapter helps optimize that transmission rate so you always get the BEST experience - that means consistant, quality connections 24/7.

That's not even everything: the integrated antenna gives you extra range WITHOUT making this a bulky nightmare - since you might be using it on a laptop, you don't want some monstrosity sticking out the side, right?

Tiny adapters CAN pack a punch - this one proves it!

You might not even know if your integrated wireless is secure or not. Sure, it PROBABLY has some base level protection... but is it the kind of protection you trust when you go to bank online? Log into your e-mail?

There's nothing worse than uncertainty. That's why this LAN adapter's list of encryption means you've got peace of mind to go with that ultra fast speed!

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption.

It's okay if that's a bunch of gibberish - let me break it down:

This is like wrapping your connection up in an electrical, barb wired fence with armed guards every 3 feet.

Nobody gets in without your permission.


It's a two-step process.

1. Plug in your LAN adapter.

2. Install the drivers from the disk.

After you take the one minute to do that, your PC or laptop now has wireless. Or if it had wireless, it now has FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER RANGE wireless.


It's only $12.97!

Only $12.97 for better Internet. That's less frustration, less wasted time, and for LESS than you'd ever imagine! WOW!

It's probably no surprise that I'm gonna urge you to be QUICK on this one! I don't know when these are going to sell out, but it won't be long.


Monthly Wallpaper

March Wallpaper Is Ready!

The featured desktop wallpaper for March is ready for you to download!

Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Mesa Arch Sunrise, Canyonlands NP

Grey Tree Frog In A Flower (thnink spring!)

Corkscrew Falls (great for phones and tablets!)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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