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WorldStart Tech Tips 2015-10-13

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Quick Tip

Hacked Companies Can Face Fines

The government is cracking down on companies with poor cyber-security. So, if you have one of those businesses that’s still hanging on to Windows XP, you need to listen up.  If your data is breached, you could face a stiff fine for not having up-to-date security measures. You’ll still be in trouble even if none of your customers’ information is stolen.


Both the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission are showing decreasing tolerance for poor security measures. A St. Louis-based investment firm agreed to settle charges that the company failed to established required security procedures.  Among the charges, the company had no written policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality.

An unknown attacker , eventually traced to China, managed to get access to their server. While no customers suffered financial loss and the firm notified customers of the breach and provided identify theft protection for those affected, it wasn’t enough for the SEC.

The company was censured and ordered to pay a $75,000 penalty.  Do you think it's fair to fine companies that were hacked? Or is this like fining people if they don't have up-to-date security on their houses and someone breaks in? Click here to let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

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Some people think LAN adapters have outlived their purpose... they're CRAZY!

That's what your computer manufacturers WANT you to think. Sure, your PC or laptop may have come with integrated wireless support... but what you didn't know is that they LOVE to stick in the cheapest part they can find for that.

"How are they gonna know?" they say. But when you're trying to watch that video on YouTube or Facebook, or check your e-mail... and it just loads and loads forever... oh, you know.


You're paying for FAST Internet... but your computer's lackluster wireless is HOLDING YOU BACK!

It's like paying for HDTV channels and being stuck watching the standard definition channels!

To see for myself, I checked the computers around the office...

It was no surprise - the HIGHEST speed on the built-in adapters? 150 Mbps.

The average router can handle TWICE that... but with the crappy integrated wireless support computers come with, it doesn't even matter.

"Can it really be that simple?"


This LAN adapter may look small, but it is packed with HUMONGUS power, speed, and even security!

At 300 Mbps, this LAN adapter can handle any home connection you've got. You won't have to sit there wondering if your wireless is holding you back - because it won't be.

Whatever speed connection you have, this will let you get the MAXIMUM effect out of it!

See, it has this awesome feature that automatically detects the optimal network transmission rate for your connection!

To put it simply: without this feature, your network might try to send too little (which makes your speeds slooow) or too much (which overloads your network and can cause your Internet to "die" for a brief period. You've probably experienced this before with "random outages!")

This LAN adapter helps optimize that transmission rate so you always get the BEST experience - that means consistant, quality connections 24/7.

That's not even everything: the integrated antenna gives you extra range WITHOUT making this a bulky nightmare - since you might be using it on a laptop, you don't want some monstrosity sticking out the side, right?

Tiny adapters CAN pack a punch - this one proves it!

You might not even know if your integrated wireless is secure or not. Sure, it PROBABLY has some base level protection... but is it the kind of protection you trust when you go to bank online? Log into your e-mail?

There's nothing worse than uncertainty. That's why this LAN adapter's list of encryption means you've got peace of mind to go with that ultra fast speed!

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption.

It's okay if that's a bunch of gibberish - let me break it down:

This is like wrapping your connection up in an electrical, barb wired fence with armed guards every 3 feet.

Nobody gets in without your permission.


It's a two-step process.

1. Plug in your LAN adapter.

2. Install the drivers from the disk.

After you take the one minute to do that, your PC or laptop now has wireless. Or if it had wireless, it now has FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER RANGE wireless.


It's only $9.97!

Only $9.97 for better Internet. That's less frustration, less wasted time, and for LESS than you'd ever imagine! WOW!

It's probably no surprise that I'm gonna urge you to be QUICK on this one! I don't know when these are going to sell out, but it won't be long.


Computers 101

Outlook Adds Facebook-Style Features

E-mail is about to get a lot more social. Microsoft announced that it will add “Likes” and “@Mentions” to Outlook on the web.

For those of you unfamiliar with social media such as Facebook. A “like” is when you click a button to signifying your approval or interest in a post that someone makes on social media. Unlike a return receipt, which acknowledges that something has been opened, a “like” would indicate that this particular message has engaged you.

Mentions are used on service like Instagram and Twitter to let a fellow user know that you’ve mentioned him or her in a post. Mentions are proceeded by the @ symbol and then your user name.

E-mail, instant messaging and text messaging seem to be getting more and more alike every moment of the day as new features are introduced to messaging apps.

E-mail will now have that same little thumbs-up symbol that you see on Facebook posts. Click it to show your approval and the sender will receive a notification that you’ve liked the message. If someone likes a message you’ve sent, you’ll receive a notification as well.


To add a mention, just type the @ symbol somewhere in the body of an e-mail you are composing. That will bring up a list of your frequent contents and your directory. You can then select the person’s name and they’ll be automatically added to the To: line.


Their name will be highlighted in the message the the message will show up flagged in their inbox. You’ll also be able to sort by all messages in which you are mentioned, so you can make sure to respond.


Right now the changes are coming to the Outlook on the web, which is found in workplaces.  It will be available to all Office 365 commercial subscriptions that include Outlook on the web. That includes the Business, Enterprise, EDU and Government plans. Microsoft expects to bring the same features to Outlook 2016 for PC and Mac and for their Outlook apps for iPhones and Android phones at the beginning of next year.

What do you think of these social features coming to e-mail?  Click ehre to let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

What's The Difference In Fire Tablets?

In response to our article discussing the difference between a Kindle eReader and  a Kindle, Haley asked:  What’s the difference between Kindle Fire Tablet and the new Amazon Fire Kindle? Will the tablet be like an Android?

Not just like an Android Hayley, but actually an Android tablet. All of Amazon’s Fire Tablet line runs using the Android operating system.

But this a heavily-customized version of Android, built to meet Amazon’s needs and intended to make the tablet a media-consumption device for Amazon products. The homescreen of any Kindle Fire tablet is very different from the homescreen of a typical Android tablet.

The Android tablet will feature commonly your apps. If you want to read a book, you’ll open an eReader app. If you want to watch a movie, you open an app like Netflix. If you want to listen to music, you open Google Music or Spotify.


The homepage for a Fire tablet has always featured your most recently purchased or read eBooks, your recently watched movies and listened to music displayed on what’s called a “carousel.”   Recently played games are also front and center.


If you look across the top of a Fire Tablet, you would see quick access to books, video, music and apps. With the new line of tablets, the home screen looks a bit more like your typical Android tablet, though you do see the shortcuts to Books, Videos and Music across the top.


A Fire Tablet really needs the $99 per year Amazon Prime subscription to come alive. That gives you a huge library of videos to watch instantly, books that you can borrow for free and the prime music subscription service.

The difference between the recent additions to the Fire tablet line and the first and second gen Kindle Fires are...

Click here to lean more about the new Fire tablets.


From The Archives

eBooks 101 - Part 2 - Where To Get eBooks

In part 1 of this article, I started to answer some questions from Lynn. She received Amazon eBooks as a Christmas gift and wants to know more about how they work. We’ve already looked at what an eReader is.  In part 2, we’ll answer more of Lynn’s question:

I have been given the gift of several electronic Amazon books by young relatives for Christmas. They intend for me to read them on the Android tablet I received for my birthday in October. I can read e-mail, go to the Internet and play the occasional game on this tablet, but I am afraid I am puzzled by the notion of electronic books. I have to admit that my first thought was to perhaps print these books from my computer, but I read your article about the cost and inconvenience of printing an entire book. Can you explain just how these books work and also what you would consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of item to be compared to the old-fashioned book. Also, it was necessary to donate quite a lot of older books to charity when I downsized from a larger home to a smaller condominium and my nephew said it might be possible to reacquire many of these books for free in an electronic format. He offered to instruct me on his next visit, but I would prefer to do it myself if I can.

 To read books eBooks on your tablet, you’ll need an app. Since you want to read books from Amazon, you’ll need the Kindle app. You can find that for free in the Google Play Store. Once you hit install it should install in less than a minute.


The Kindle app is also available for iPad, Windows tablets and smartphones. 

And that brings up an important thing about eBooks.  Amazon books need to be read either on a Kindle device or with the Amazon app.  Barnes & Noble Nook books need to be read on a Nook or with the Nook app. Like the Kindle app, you’ll find it in the app store for your device. Amazon uses a proprietary format for its eBook files. While Barnes & Noble’s Nook & Apple iBooks both use the EPUB format that can be read only many devices, they also have something extra on the files called DRM. (digital rights management.) This prevents the books from being read on anything but the bookseller’s preferred device unless you get into the process of removing the DRM, which can be complicated and is technically a violation of your purchase agreement.

DRM also means you just can’t make a copy of an eBook file and share it with someone to read on their device. Though, you can share some Kindle books with friends. But these are loans that expire after a couple of weeks and you can only share a book once. There are DRM-free books available as well, usually books that are in the public domain.

 Don’t let the talk about digital rights make you nervous. You can easily get plenty of books to read with your Kindle app and you’ll probably never have an issue.

There are a lot of other eReader apps available including Nook and Kobo. But since your books are through Amazon, let’s check out their reading app...

Click here for the secret to finding free eBooks and more!


Today's Feature

Selfies More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks

More people have been killed in 2015 while trying to take a selfie than have been killed by sharks.

Twelve people have been reported killed in Selfie accidents, including a guy who fell down some stairs at the Taj Mahal, while six people have fallen victim to shark attacks.


Of course that doesn’t mean that selfies are more dangerous that sharks. Millions upon millions of folks take selfies every single day while considerably less go swimming in shark-infested waters.

But selfies also probably account for a large number of accidents and we all know that any kind of distracted driving has the potential to be deadly.

But photography does seem to be a particular problem for some people. I told you a couple of weeks ago about a park that had to shut down because people wouldn’t stop taking selfies with bears.


But people using a camera not realizing they’re in danger isn’t limited to folks snapping selfies with phones.

Click here to learn why taking any photograph can be dangerous.



Amanda's Coolsite

Digital Public Library Of America

Welcome to the Digital Public Library of America! They are bringing together information from America’s archives, libraries, and museums into one location where you can access it from around the world for free.

When you arrive at the site, the cursor is automatically set to the search field, so that you can just type in what you are looking for and get started.

If you’d rather poke around the site without doing a search, they provide you three ways to do so:

Exhibitions – clicking into this section will allow you to browse all the digital exhibitions that they have at the moment. The topics range from the history of libraries, activism, the Great Depression, the Moon Race, and more!

Explore by Place  – clicking into this section will take you to a map! On that map you’ll find red circle pins with numbers on them showing you how many items are in that location. Looking for cool history from your home town? Click on your State and see what comes up!

Explore by Date – clicking into this section takes you to a timeline. There you can pick the date you’re interested in exploring. I picked my birth year, 1982, and discovered almost 50, 000 different items to explore.

This is such a cool way to experience archival, library, and museum holdings, go check it out for yourself today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

Hey everyone, Steve here and I have a very limited time, limited quantity deal you’ll want to JUMP on! 
One of my suppliers is giving me a super-sweet deal on these amazing Pandigital Handheld Wand Scanner - but it’s only for the next 24 hours!
So, here’s a quick rundown - but read it fast or you may miss out!
This easy to use portable scanner is IDEAL for scanning both photos and documents. Simply set your photo or document on a flat surface, press the button and scan away. It doesn’t get easier than that!
You read that right! Unlike a traditional scanner that ties you down to your computer, this one allows you to scan anything, anywhere. It includes a 2GB memory card and automatically saves your scan to it (holds hundreds of scans)! Or you can plug in the USB cord and scan right to your computer!
Think about it - you could finally get all those old photos scanned while you sit back and watch TV!
Once you’re ready to put the images on your computer, simply plug in the memory card or scanner into your PC and download.
Oh, but that’s not all!
Get this - not only does it scan, it allows you to choose low or high res scanning, and color or B&W. I’ve never seen a piece of technology so eager to meet your needs!
Plus, it’s a nice wide scanner. Scan anything up to 8.5 inches wide and 14 inches long WOW!! Choose a DPI of 300 (low resolution) or 600 (high resolution) for your documents or photos!
This little scanner is jam-packed with every feature you could ever want. It has got to be the best way ever to get all those fading photos into your computer - not to mention you could use it to eliminate all those messy piles of paperwork. What a great way to free up space!
So, what’s the deal? 
Other places online have these BRAND NEW (just like the one we have) and they are selling them for 69.99!
You're not gonna pay that much here at WorldStart!
You get all this amazing scanning goodness for just $44.97! How’s that for a deal? Don’t pay $100+ for something like this - grab these before the sale ends or before they sell out!
Supplies are limited so order yours today! Also, due to the seriously low price on these we are unable to allow coupons, we appologize for that. 


Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper Is Ready

The featured desktop wallpaper for October is all set and ready to go. And remember, there are hundreds of images to choose from on the site!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Spruce Flats Falls In Autumn

Turned out third time’s a charm – at least for me at Spruce Flats Falls in the Smoky Mountains National Park! As you can guess from the above, this was my third time to this falls. I had been there earlier in the year, but the water wasn’t as nice looking as I had hoped – it was shortly after a rainfall and…(More)

Heaven's Gate

This image was captured at the Clingman’s Dome area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There had been a good deal of storm activity in the mountains over the past week and today was no exception. Despite the hour long drive from Townsend, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Storms can generate some of the most amazing light shows, and I wasn’t about to...(More)

Eye To Eye With A Grizzly

We came upon this grizzly (complete with a large crowd of onlookers) in Yellowstone National Park. He was busy getting ready for winter while a barrage of shutters fired away. It’s not the ideal situation, although he really didn’t seem to mind. One thing I really liked about this guy was..(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

Attention All Wildlife Photographers!

We are officially into wildlife season!

My e- book, Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography, has everything you've ever wanted to know about wildlife photography in one place! Learn how to take your wildlife photography to the next level with this comprehensive 290 page e-book.

Find out why thousands of photographers have already ordered theirs (and see what they think here).

Photography Tips - Step By Step Videos!

Is it time to improve your photography? Check out my YouTube channel - loads of helpful photography tips with more added monthly (more or less).


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