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WorldStart Tech Tips 2014-11-28

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Quick Tip

In The News 11-28-2014

Internet Sales Tax Bill Dead For Now

A bill that would effectively end tax-free online shopping is dead in the water for now. Speaker of the House John Boehner said he had significant issues with the bill which would give states the authority to tax Internet purchases.

Online retailers felt it would be a nightmare, requiring them to figure out tax rates for every state in the union, but brick and mortar retailers felt it would level the playing field.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the legislation was at the top of his list to push through and that he’d do what he could to get it through.  He’d hope to tie another bill that prevents states from taxing Internet access, but Boehner said he would not let that happen.

Taylor Swift Pulls Album From Spotify

Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is hot. In fact it sold more copies in a week than any album has since 2002 and more than all of the other albums on the chart combined.

One reason could be that Swift pulled her music from streaming service Spotify. It’s part of a disagreement over how much she’s being paid for all the streaming on the ad-supported service. Many artists feel that streaming doesn’t pay them fairly for their work.


Streaming has certainly contributed to a huge drop in physical and digital music sales with many listeners, especially younger ones, choosing to listen to music through streaming services instead of purchasing it.

 Ads Arrive on Firefox Tab Page

If you use Firefox, you’ve probably noticed something new when you start a new tab. The browser now features ads on that page if you have it set to show enhanced tiles.


You can avoid the ads by setting your new page to classic or blank mode or you can opt in to Firefox’s Do Not Track mode.

~ Cynthia

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The Flash Drives You Love... TURBOCHARGED!

It's one of the best pieces of technology to come out of the computer era. Instant plug-and-play data sticks that make transferring to storing your files a cinch!

So when you find out you could be doing the SAME exact thing 10 times faster... you'd be NUTS not to take advantage of it!

ALL YOU NEED IS A USB 3.0 FLASH DRIVE! And that's just what I have!

Just look at this:

Yep - USB 3.0 is 10 times faster! 480 Mbps is the maximum speed for data transferring you could possibly get with a USB 2.0 flash drive.

But 3.0 can go up to 5 Gbps... that's 5,000 Mbps!

You WILL notice the difference. And you WILL replace all your 2.0 flash drives with 3.0 versions. Why?

That is a big deal. Videos, photos, documents, even software... it'll FLY off your flash drive at speeds so fast you won't have time to watch the progress bar!

And when you see how much stuff you can store on this, you'll be glad it moves quick!

And don't forget that USB 3.0 allows for simultaneous transferring to and from the flash drive!


That means while you're transferring files from the flash drive to your computer, you can transfer files TO the flash drive from the computer!

It makes data transferring so much easier (and twice as fast, since you don't have to wait for one operation to complete before you start the other!) In a sense, that's doubling the already TEN times faster speeds!

So here's the deal: my supplier offered us to these for a REALLY special price... and therefore YOU'RE getting a special price. Honestly, these USB 3.0 flash drives are CHEAPER than equally-sized 2.0 ones... that should be a good hint that they will sell out ASAP!

You can grab one for just $9.97!

Be one of the lucky ones to get this deal before it's gone!


Computers 101

Facebook Tries To Simplify Privacy

Facebook is making an attempt at simplifying its privacy rules with a new Privacy Basics section. That tries to break down what have in the past been convoluted privacy policies into simple statements with bold graphics.

The home page of this section is broken down into basic section. Click on What Others See about you…


and you’ll find frequently asked questions broken down into basic sections.


Choose the question and you’ll get an interactive tutorial explaining how to do things like adjust your privacy settings on a post.

adjust privcypost

There are also sections addressing how to change the kinds of ads that appear in your news feed. And instructions on how to find out why a particular ad is appearing in your news feed. You just click the drop-down arrow at the top of the add and choose Why am I seeing this?  You can also hide all ads from that advertiser or take a survey about your news feed.


In my case, the ad is because I like pages FB feels are similar to pages I like and posts I’ve clicked on.


Facebook has cut the length of the privacy terms by 70%, which should make them somewhat easier to read and understand just what they do with your data.

The new terms also show that the company is moving towards conducting more e-commerce on the site and that mobile payments are on the horizon.

Earlier this year, many people who were outraged by the app permissions of the Facebook Messenger app were surprised to find they had already agreed to the same permissions for their Facebook app. So, it’s important to read the privacy policy when you sign up for any account.

Hopefully, these shorter, simpler terms will encourage more users to do exactly that.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Caroline writes:

Could you please recommend a source for this 72-year-old to easily understand how to put pictures on Facebook.

 Caroline, I highly recommend WorldStart!  So let’s get this done. If you are adding photos from a browser using a desktop or laptop computer, there are two ways to post.

You can post your photo as part of a status update. Just click Add Photos/Video


You’ll have options to Upload Photos/Videos or Create Photo Album. 


If you only want to upload one or two photos, choose Upload Photos/Video.  A file window will open and you can choose the photos you wish to upload.


You can select one photo.


Or hold down the Ctrl key and...

Want more? Just click WorldStart!


From The Archives

Dottie from WA state writes:

What is the easiest and best way for a computer not-know-it-all to transfer info from Windows XP to a Mac Pro? My experience is very limited. Thank you!!

Hello Dottie!

First let me start by saying you will not be able to transfer any programs from your Windows PC to a Mac, as the programs run differently on the different operating systems. You can, however, transfer documents, files, and pictures from one computer to another without a lot of difficulty. It can be accomplished in several ways.

Probably the easiest way is to download the Windows Migration Assistant onto your XP computer. Macs come with this program installed.  Both computers need to be connected to the same network, either through a direct Ethernet connection or connected to the same router. It would not be recommended to do this through a wireless connection, because you could be transferring large amounts of data. You will also need to disable any virus scanners or firewalls on both machines. The Assistant will create a new account on the Mac that will save all the files you choose to transfer. It also will save your bookmarks and other preferences. Once it has transferred, you can log into the new account and adjust any settings you need to adjust.

Another way to transfer the files is by using a flash drive or an external hard drive, but before you begin...

Go to WorldStart to learn more!


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Joe Pastry

Baking techniques, History, and Science! What more can you ask for in an awesome baking blog? Oh! Recipes! Well you’ll find those here too at Joe Pastry! 

I don’t even remember how I ended up at Joe Pastry while I was surfing the web, but when I landed there was this awesome post about how Yorkshire Pudding was historically eaten. To me, Yorkshire Pudding is love- it conjures up fantastic memories from my childhood and my dad making a roast with potatoes and carrots. Then he’d make up some Yorkshire Pudding from roast drippings. The kitchen smelled divine and I couldn’t wait to eat. It was always worth waiting for the Yorkshire Pudding to finish baking because then I could fold it around the meat, potatoes and carrots. Inevitably, I made Yorkshire Pudding to accompany dinner that night and knew I had to share this site with you.

I really love the flair of this food blog. The information is presented in a very approachable manner, it’s not just a bunch of dry facts. The author very graciously replies to the questions that get sent in and really takes the time to try and respond to the comments. Through the posts you’ll find links that will whisk you away to even more information (point in case if you check out the Yorkshire Pudding Posts make sure you go the Hannah Glasse link!)  or to the recipes that go with the topic. 

Navigation is standard blog style, scroll down to read past articles and use the older and newer links to navigate back and forth between pages. There’s a side menu that offers browsing by Tutorials, Topics, and Recent Posts.

Go check this out today and bookmark it! It’s a really wonderful baking blog.


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal


Designed By Science... Tested By Me!

They can say what they want, but until I try something out - I don't believe it! That's why when I saw this thing, I thought to myself "No way!"

Holy cow this thing is the real McCoy! I popped it on my dash, stuck my GPS on there, and did everything I could short of joining a destruction derby to get this thing to drop my GPS... it didn't move at ALL! Not an inch, not a hair!

And there's was no mounting equipment, no screws, no suction cups involved.

After you set this down on your dash, you can angle it EXACTLY where ya need it!

Not only does it swivel a full 360 degrees around, you can even tilt the mount up or down to get this thing at the perfect eye level!

It takes all of 5 seconds to shift the orientation so even if you swap drivers all the time, any device on this thing will be 100% ready to go in a flash!

Stop fighting with screws, suction-cups, vent clips, and all those crazy devices that take 45 minutes to setup and leave a gigantic "HEY THERE'S A GPS TO STEAL IN HERE" sign on your car!

When you're gettin' out of your car with this, you can just pull this off and go about your day!

Despite all the strength it holds when you're driving, pulling it or your device off is pretty effortless!


Even though you can get one of these AMAZING mounts for just $6.97 that deal won't last forever! Get yours quick!

You only have until Sunday before the sale ends! Then these run all the way up to $10.97!!


Monthly Wallpaper

November Desktop Wallpaper Is Ready

The featured desktop wallpaper for November is all set and ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

Note, this month, things are a little different. I have three normal featured wallpaper images, but for November I also added three verticals for use on vertically oriented devices (phones, tablets, etc). These verticals can be accessed directly via their main image pages (the "...more" link) or you can find them scattered under the featured images in the wallpaper section. Just navigate with your tablet or phone to the link below and follow the prompts like you would for regular computer wallpaper.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Nose To Nose

This was captured shortly after I drove into Yellowstone from Gardiner. Normally, expectations tend to be low as you make the 5 mile or so drive from Gardiner to Mammoth, but today would prove an exception to that rule. As I drove along, admiring the freshly fallen snow, I rounded a corner and spotted a group of elk congregating in an area known as the “Chinese Gardens”. I wasted no time maneuvering …(More)

Big Sable Lighthouse

Finally got it! This shot was literally 2 years, 5 hikes, and two separate trips in the making – but I was finally – finally - able to pull it off June 2012! Grant and I had been to Ludington State Park the year before and stayed several days in an attempt to get a good shot of the Big Sable Lighthouse – and we failed. ...(More)

Sleeping Bear Stormy Sunset

Talk about a last chance! We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It doesn’t seem to be a great morning location, so that left us with just three chances – one for each evening we were there. The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was ...(More)


Black Bear On Alert

I really love this black bear! We’d seen him (I think it’s a him) a few times in the Cade’s Cove area of Smoky Mountain National Park and he never disappointed us. Working with him does require a bit of a “soft touch” since he’s always a bit more nervous then most of the other bears in that area. It sure doesn’t take much to force...(More)

Owlet Peeking Through The Grass

I love – absolutely LOVE – Burrowing Owls! I don’t know that I’ve ever come across a more photogenic bird. They are amazingly expressive with a dash of cute on the side. This little guy had emerged from his..(More)

Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen

YES! Finally got it! The first time I saw this waterfall, I was floored. You come around a corner and at first you just see the “auxiliary” falls on the left. Then in the course of just a few excited steps the rest of this amazing scene seems to materialize right in front of you! As the bridge and three tiered falls comes into view, you’re literally...(More)


For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

PS - I also want to thank all the people who helped support the wallpaper with a voluntary contribution over the last few months. Your support helps to keep the wallpaper comin' every month! THANK YOU!



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