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WorldStart Tech Tips 2015-07-27

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Quick Tip

Whoops! I Accidentally Closed Chrome

If you’re like me, you have quite a few tabs open at the same time when you’re searching the Net. Just today, I accidentally closed my window, instead of a tab, when I had about 10 tabs open that I wanted to keep! I’m one of those people who immediately turn off the warning message that states you’re about to close more than one tab, so poof! After my initial scream of “NOOOOO!”, I reopened Chrome and wondered if there was any way to bring all those tabs back.

I right clicked on the New tab and Voila! I found an option that says, Reopen Closed Tab.


Once I clicked on that, a new window opened in Chrome with all my tabs opened, just as they were. Which saved me A LOT of unnecessary, repeat searching. I hope it helps you too!

~ Audra

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While you may not know how many USB devices you have, you definitely know how many ports there are... because they're ALWAYS in use when you need' em.

So how do you get more places to plug your stuff in?

By turning one of your USB ports into four, you'll never have to worry about where to plug in your new gadgets.

The setup is so simple, but the results are amazing.

I know what you're saying, "More ports are great... but how about speed?"

If you have USB 3.0, the SuperSpeed Hub stays true to its name. You'll be amazed.

Other USB hubs lock you in at USB 2.0 speeds. The difference is HUGE!

This hub will NEVER leave you waiting.

We can't stress how fast 5 Gbps (aka 5000 Mbps) really is. If you're using an old 2.0 hub, this is like turning your bicycle into a jet.

Older USB 2.0 hubs simply can't compete!

But you know what? This incredible little hub works with USB 2.0 ports too! So even if you don't have USB 3.0 ports, this thing'll still give you those extra ports you need!

And when you take the jump to 3.0 you'll already be prepared!

Certain USB devices draw their power FROM the USB connection! This includes devices like a mouse or webcams!

That means if your hub is unpowered, they might not work at all! This hub is fully-powered, meaning even if you plug 4 devices in there, you won't have even a slight problem!

Think about it. If you don't have extra power running to the hub, it has to split the tiny amount of power coming from the computer to that single port to EVERY port on your hub! A quarter of the power per device... yeah, why did they think THAT would be a good idea?

With this one, even if you have stuff like external drives, you'll still be able to get them working because each port gets full power!

Stop puttin' up with bulky hubs that give you ports but cost you half your desk!

So what's it cost to get the greatest USB hub out there?

Less than you could imagine! At only $20.97!

I do have to WARN YOU - I was only able to get a very LIMITED QUANTITY OF THESE! So once they are gone THEY ARE GONE!



Computers 101

Help! I Can't Find My Yahoo Mail Contacts

Larry can’t find his Yahoo Mail Contacts. He writes:  I need to see my list of contacts and can no longer even find it. I also liked the option to send to “All”. It is no longer there! It’s toooo much work to try to remember all the addresses and spend hours typing them in separately……. Please restore the “All” function. And let me find and see my contacts!

First, we’ll head over to the Yahoo inbox and look in the upper-left corner.


There you’ll find icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad, Messenger and News Feed.


Click on the icon that resembles an address book.


A menu will display. Your first choice at the top is New Contact, but right underneath that, you’ll see All Contacts.


Click on it and your contacts will display.


Click the arrow beside Actions at the top, and you’ll get a drop-down menu with options for sorting, importing and exporting contacts. This is also where you can restore contacts from a backup or print.


If you’d like to see your contacts while composing an e-mail, just click To.


A window will open that allows you to search for contacts, view all of your contacts or just a short list or check a box besides the contacts you wish to send a message to. If you check all the boxes, all of your contacts will get the message.


Before we look at how to an e-mail to everyone on your contact list, I’d like to ask you to think about it first. Aside from maybe a change of e-mail address announcement, is there really anything that everyone in your contact list would want or need to see? Choosing to send all is how we can end up inadvertently spamming our friends.

But, it’s pretty easy to make a list containing all or some of your contacts. While you are in contacts, just choose a contact or contacts and click on Assign.


You can create a new list or use one that you already have in place.


Now when you want to send to everyone or a certain group of people,  open an e-mail and click BCC at the end of To line. You’ll do this because you don’t want the people you’re sending to to get a long list of e-mail addresses from all of your contacts.


Type in the name of your list in the BCC field.


Smaller groups of contacts that have common interests is usually a better idea than sending an e-mail to everyone on your list.

I hope this helps you get to your contacts.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Will Tablets Update To Windows 10?

Marianne wants to know if the free Windows 10 upgrade applies to any Windows tablets she might purchase.”Hi, I would like to know when we update to Windows 10, will we be able to update any devices that we might buy after this update? Will there be a key code or what? Thanks for answer my question. I am planning on buying a tablet.”

Marianne, any Windows 8 or 8.1 that you purchase should be eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows PCs, tablets and Windows Phones will be eligible for an upgrade.

If you check out any Windows device in the Microsoft store, you’ll notice a note that you can buy now and upgrade to Windows 10 for free when it’s available.


Tabelets running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1 1 will all be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. In addition, phones running Windows Phone 8.1 will also receive a free upgrade to Windows 10.

windows hp stream

Owners of one type of Windows tablet will be out of luck. Tablets running...

Click here to learn which Windows tablets won't be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10.



From The Archives

Can I Get Photos Back To Their Original Size?

Minoo from India writes “I have photographs compressed for E-mail, but forgot to save the original size. Is there any solution to get back my photographs in original size? Thanks for help in anticipation.”

Hi, Minoo.  Thanks for the great question!

First off, let me make sure that I understand your question correctly.  When you say that you have photographs “compressed” for e-mail, I’m guessing that you don’t mean that you compressed them using some kind of file zipping program, like 7-Zip, but instead that you used a program like Photoshop or Paint to actually make the images smaller and more manageable to BE e-mailed.  If I am reading that right, then I’ll address your question in just a moment.  If I am not, and you actually used a file zipping program to compress these images, then I’ll just let you know that zipping an image file does nothing to the size of the image on your drive, it remains exactly the same.

If I AM reading your question correctly, then let me ask this… I am guessing that since you said that you forgot to save the original size, I’m thinking that what you mean is not so much that you forgot to save them in the original size, but that you saved over the original file with the reduced size file, right?  Trust me… I’ve done this myself, and then immediately kicked myself for it.  I used to have a Mahjongg program that allowed me to create custom tile sets, but the images could be no larger than (if I remember correctly) 240 X 240 pixels.  I ruined a number of my pictures by making them into tile sets and saving the reduced version over the full-sized version. 

If this is the case, then it’s going to come down...

Click here to learn if there's any way to get back the original-sized photos.



Today's Feature

Will Cortana Be Disruptive?

I’ve told you how much I like Cortana, but Don and a couple of other people have a similar quesiton about the digital assistant in Windows 10.

“I work in a real estate office with a dozen or so agents at their PCs working away. It is relatively quiet in the office. I use a headset for listening to audio. Has anyone considered how disruptive it will be if everyone using W10 is shouting, “Hey Cortana!”


Well, Don – there’s really no need to shout at Cortana. In an office environment, you could use a headset with a mic. Speaking to Cortana wouldn’t be any louder than speaking on the phone. (I’ve never understood, after 20 plus years in broadcasting, why people feel the urge to shout at microphones. The mic is doing the amplification, speak in a regular voice.)

As with any technology, you have to consider how...

Click here to read more about Cortana in the office.


Amanda's Coolsite

Anatomy Of A Pitch

If you like baseball then this is a site you’re going to want to check out!

ESPN brings you Anatomy of a Pitch – an interactive analysis of the anatomy of seven different pitches from MLB pitchers.

When you arrive at the site you’ll have seven different pitchers you can select. If you mouse over the image it will tell you what kind of pitch they have (sinker, fastball, slider, curveball, and changeup).

When you click on the one you want to see it will take a moment to load. Then it begins to play like a video. You’ll hear the pitcher talk about their best pitch, and see the pitch. The pitcher will walk you through how they pitch.

When  that’s done, you can scroll down the page to learn more about how that pitcher throws the ball. You’ll get a slow step by step version of the pitch and find how batters fair against the pitch.

You can navigate to the next pitcher by clicking the arrows on the side of the page.

This is a cool way to check out a deeper dimension of the mechanics behind pitching.

Go check it out!


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One More Big Deal

Some people think LAN adapters have outlived their purpose... they're CRAZY!

That's what your computer manufacturers WANT you to think. Sure, your PC or laptop may have come with integrated wireless support... but what you didn't know is that they LOVE to stick in the cheapest part they can find for that.

"How are they gonna know?" they say. But when you're trying to watch that video on YouTube or Facebook, or check your e-mail... and it just loads and loads forever... oh, you know.


You're paying for FAST Internet... but your computer's lackluster wireless is HOLDING YOU BACK!

It's like paying for HDTV channels and being stuck watching the standard definition channels!

To see for myself, I checked the computers around the office...

It was no surprise - the HIGHEST speed on the built-in adapters? 150 Mbps.

The average router can handle TWICE that... but with the crappy integrated wireless support computers come with, it doesn't even matter.

But you're NOT stuck with it.

There IS a trick to get your bandwidth maximized.

"Can it really be that simple?"


This LAN adapter may look small, but it is packed with HUMONGUS power, speed, and even security!

At 300 Mbps, this LAN adapter can handle any home connection you've got. You won't have to sit there wondering if your wireless is holding you back - because it won't be.

Whatever speed connection you have, this will let you get the MAXIMUM effect out of it!

See, it has this awesome feature that automatically detects the optimal network transmission rate for your connection!

To put it simply: without this feature, your network might try to send too little (which makes your speeds slooow) or too much (which overloads your network and can cause your Internet to "die" for a brief period. You've probably experienced this before with "random outages!")

This LAN adapter helps optimize that transmission rate so you always get the BEST experience - that means consistant, quality connections 24/7.

On top of that, it has a dual 20/40 MHz frequency bandwidth.

Most adapters only do ONE!

This gives you enhanced compatibility with almost any network! Just one more way this makes your connection faster, stronger, and more reliable!

Here's an official quote on the matter:

"The use of 40 MHz channels with 802.11n gives you just a little bit better than twice the throughput capacity of 20 MHz channel systems."

That's not even everything: the integrated antenna gives you extra range WITHOUT making this a bulky nightmare - since you might be using it on a laptop, you don't want some monstrosity sticking out the side, right?

Tiny adapters CAN pack a punch - this one proves it!

Plus - You Can't Have Wireless Without Security!

You might not even know if your integrated wireless is secure or not. Sure, it PROBABLY has some base level protection... but is it the kind of protection you trust when you go to bank online? Log into your e-mail?

There's nothing worse than uncertainty. That's why this LAN adapter's list of encryption means you've got peace of mind to go with that ultra fast speed!

64/128-bit WEP.



It's okay if that's a bunch of gibberish - let me break it down: HARDCORE SECURITY!

This is like wrapping your connection up in an electrical, barb wired fence with armed guards every 3 feet.

Nobody gets in without your permission.


It's a two-step process.

1. Plug in your LAN adapter.

2. Install the drivers from the disk.

After you take the one minute to do that, your PC or laptop now has wireless. Or if it had wireless, it now has FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER RANGE wireless.


It's only $14.97!

Only $14.97 for better Internet. That's less frustration, less wasted time, and for LESS than you'd ever imagine! WOW!

It's probably no surprise that I'm gonna urge you to be QUICK on this one! I don't know when these are going to sell out, but it won't be long.


Monthly Wallpaper

July Wallpaper Is Ready

The featured desktop wallpaper for July is all set and ready to go - and remember, there are hundreds of images to choose from on the site!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Sunshine Through The Rain

I FINALLY got the image I’ve been hoping for from Morton Overlook in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! First, some background. I personally think Morton Overlook is one of the best overlooks in the entire park – in fact, it may be one of the best views in the Appalachians. As such, I’ve…(More)

Peeking Prairie Dog

I found this curious prairie dog in a quiet corner of Wind Cave National Park. (Although, I think most of the corners in that little park are pretty quiet!) I had actually been scanning for coyotes while I was driving through one of the all-you-can-catch-buffets – also known as a prairie dog town. The dirt road cut ...(More)

Soco Falls

The first time I saw Soco Falls in North Carolina I all could say was, “Ahh $#%##, OUCH!” Sounds strange I know, but when your footing gives way and you end up hooking your leg around a jagged rock to stop a nasty downhill roll, you do take a little damage. Probably more to my ego than body (a laughing 12 year old reminding me of my age didn’t help any)....(More)


For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

Attention All Wildlife Photographers!

My new book, Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography, is now available! Learn how to take your wildlife photography to the next level with this comprehensive 290 page e-book!

Photography Tips - Step By Step Videos!

Is it time to improve your photography? Check out my YouTube channel - loads of helpful photography tips with more added monthly (more or less).


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