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Just For Grins
  - 2012-03-08


Charging ALL of Your USB Devices...

Is Becoming an ENTIRE Household Effort! They're Everywhere!

 All of Your AC Wall Outlets - ALL of Your Computer's USB Ports...


You've GOTTA HAVE This New 4-Port USB Wall Charger!

Stick it in ONE AC Outlet and Charge 4 USB Devices at Once!

4 Ports - LED Indicator Light - Folding AC Plug - POWERFUL!

 Cell Phones, iPods, MP3, Cameras, BlackBerry's, iPads - ANYTHING!

It's Time to Get Your Sanity Back!

Nice & Organized: Charge Everything You've Got in ONE Spot!

Slowly Drowning in USB Devices...

It's the age of technology, and we've all got TONS of awesome USB devices!  From Cell Phones to iPods, MP3 players to digital cameras and thousands of others, pretty much all new devices are USB powered. 

The only problem is charging them.  Sure, they all come with USB connector cords for charging, but it's up to you to actually get it done.  You can use up ALL of your available USB ports on your computer just by charing a couple of devices.  And if you have an individual wall adapter for your other ones, you already know how old that gets - and fast!  

And let's not even get started on traveling!  It gets even worse then, because you only have a couple of AC outlets to work with in a hotel room. Here's the bottom line: 

You're using up ALL of your available outlets and can't plug anything else in! This is MADNESS and it needs to stop.  NOW!

The ANSWER Has Arrived!

Plug it Into ONE AC Outlet - Charge 4 USB Devices at ONCE!

It REALLY is that SIMPLE!  Stop letting USB devices take over your home, life AND sanity! Now, instead of having them charging in all of your AC outlets, you can just use one - and charge up to 4 devices at a time!  

Plug it in. Walk away.  That's all you have to do! Seriously - this is a simple device with amazing results.  It plugs into an AC outlet, and the bottom of the device has 4 Universal USB ports.  

So plug whatever you've got directly into the charger and let it do it's thing!  

In no time, this powerful charger will have your devices charged up and ready to go! Oh...and you're USB ports on  your computer can be used for what they're meant for - not charging!

It's LOADED With Awesome Features!

The manufacturers left NOTHING to be desired - let me tell you!  This charger has a blue LED indicator light that lets you know it's on and charging!  No more guessing games - just straight-forward charging power!

It also features a FOLDING AC plug! You know what this is perfect for, right?  Traveling and portability!  It's kinda hard to fit a charger nicely in a travel or laptop bag when it's sharp prongs are jutting out!  This brilliant feature allows you to fold the AC plug in, so it's back is flat and SIMPLE to carry.

It's the little things like this that really set this charger apart from all of the cheaper, less efficient imitators!

IT'S NOT PICKY: There's NO USB Device This Can't Charge!

Seriously, whatever USB device you've got, you can rest assured that this bad boy will give it a FULL charge!  Here's just a little SPECK of what this can and will charge:

iPod's, MP3 Players and other USB Music Devices

iPads, iPhones, Cell Phones, Blackberry's, and PDA's

Digital Cameras, Laptop Fans, even Laptops!

Whatever you've got, you can plug it into this Super Charger and get it done!  No more of those bulky, outdated individual adapters.  No more waiting for one device to charge so you can plug the next one in. No more running out of AC wall outlets - which is a RIDICULOUS thing to have happen.  Nope - just 110% FULL CHARGING FREEDOM!

Top Quality at An UNBELIEVABLY LOW Price!

Hey, it's not every day that you'll find a charger PACKED full of all these amazing features!  If you're ever able to find one at a box store, prepare to drop some serious coin!  Of course, you can just order a better one from us for just $14.97  with FREE US SHIPPING included!

PS: we know we're going to sell a TON of these, and we stocked up as much as we could, but that doesn't mean it's endless!  If there's any left Friday , unfortunately we have to up the price back to   $18.97 - so don't wait, order yours today!


Today's Joke

Hold for the Picture

A park ranger in the Everglades was making his rounds a couple of summers ago when a woman came bolting out of the weeds right in front of his truck. She seemed frantic and he finally got her calm enough to say that her five- year-old son was sitting on the back of an alligator.

Now, the ranger was frantic. Running in the direction she was pointing, he found the lad astride a twelve foot male alligator that was trying to relieve itself of its load by twisting and snapping. As the brave ranger moved in, he tried to console the mother by saying, "I think I can grab the boy and move away before the gator moves. Be ready to grab your son. I may have to shoot the gator."

To which the lady replies, "Good Heavens, no! Don't shoot him. I just wanted you to make him hold still for a minute so I could take my son's picture on his back!"


Daily Thoughts

Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success. Each time you lie, even with a little white lie, there are strong forces pushing you toward failure.
~Joseph Sugarman

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If every American donated five hours a week, it would equal the labor of 20 million full-time volunteers.
~Whoopi Goldberg

Today's Cartoon

Cartoon used with permission

We always want your ORIGINAL stories-keep sending them. They can be about kids, yourself, your pets, or anything else that's embarrassing, funny, or just plain weird! Please submit at this link...

Last Laugh

The Golf Ball

A golfer, playing a round by himself, is about to tee off when a salesman runs up to him and yells, "Wait! Before you tee off, I have something really amazing to show you!"

The golfer, annoyed, says, "What is it"?

"It's a special golf ball," says the salesman. "You can never lose it!"

"Whattaya mean," scoffs the golfer, "you can never lose it? What if you hit it into the water"?

"No problem," says the salesman. "It floats, it detects where the shore is and spins towards it."

"Well, what if you hit it into the woods"?

"Easy," says the salesman. "It emits a beeping sound and you can find it with your eyes closed."

"Okay," says the golfer, impressed. "But what if your round goes late and it gets dark"?

"No problem, sir, this golf ball glows in the dark! I'm telling you, you can never lose this golf ball!"

The golfer buys it at once. "Just one question," he says to the salesman. "Where did you get it"?

"I found it."


Monthly Wallpaper

March Wallpaper Is Ready!

Check it out! Three brand new images for March wallpaper! Also, be sure to rate the photos at the ratings page.

Valley Of Fire Sunrise

YES! I finally got it!

I "discovered" this photo several years ago in Valley Of Fire State Park, NV. I always thought that if I could get just the right sky it could be one heck of a shot. The first time I saw it was...(More)

Superior Fury

Sometimes landscape photography can get hazardous - and this was one of those times. This was taken while I was perched about 3 feet from the edge of a fairly steep cliff on the edge of Lake Superior. The wind snarled and the waves filled the air with a roar that had to be experienced to be believed. That's why I arrived early and...(More)

Star Trails Over Golden Canyon

This was created one cloudless night over Golden Canyon near Zabriskie Point, Death Valley. Most of the time, I really love getting some cool clouds at sunset, but when I'm stuck with a sky that's dull, boring and clear, that can only mean one thing - star trails! So, I set up the camera and….. (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:

~ Steve



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