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- 2014-07-29

Hey everyone, Steve here and I just discovered what has to be one of the easiest, yet most powerful photo programs on the planet!

Sure, there's the expensive competitors that the pros use - but the truth is they're hard to learn and you need about $600 just to get started!

We found it!

And it's gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

It’s Photostudio Expressions and it’s one of the most powerful, easy to use photo programs I’ve ever had the pleasure of using!

This easy-to-use software makes organizing, editing, and sharing your photos easy and fun! Here’s a quick overview:


This is just fantastic!

If you’re looking for a photo editor you don’t need to go to school for three years to learn (or pay $600 for), then this has you covered!

it’s a fantastic combination of easy to use tools and amazing results!

There’s actually quite a few components to it, and there’s no way to really do this justice with this short write up, but let me give you the highlight show at least.

The main editor allows you to do all the stuff you’d expect - you can crop, straighten, remove red eye, rotate, adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, sharpen, adjust color, blur, touch up blemishes, clone, lighten / darken / smudge / sharpen selected areas, paint, add text, and MORE!


But that’s not all!

This also gives you a power pack of amazing filters / special effects!

Turn your picture into an oil painting with the press of a button!
Make it B&W or Sepia toned!
Add an amazing textures!

Put a fantastic frame around your picture! 

There’s way more options than I have time for, but you get the idea - you can really let your creativity run wild!

And there’s STILL more...

Get this - easy editing is just the beginning! This software has a SLEW of amazing projects you can create with your images!

This program does it all!  Seriously, you can create stunning slideshows that can be either uploaded to the internet or burned on CD/DVD and watched at home.  You can make beautiful photo albums and scrapbooks.  Effortlessly create invitations, calendars, business cards...even beautiful panoramic photos!

Blow EVERYONE Away With Your Slideshow!

Maybe you just got back from vacation, have a TON of amazing photos, and you want to create something memorable that you can share with everyone.  

If that's the case, you're really in for a nice surprise!  When it comes to beautiful, atmospheric DVD slideshows, this program positively SHINES!


Get this - You get to choose from a wide array of beautiful texts and brilliant transition effects - you'll have a ton of fun customizing your one-of-a-kind slideshow with these tools!


Forget about doing it the oldschool way - you know: dull scissors, messy glue, ZERO room for error.  None of that applies here!  That's the beauty of doing it digitally - it's precise, beautiful, and always comes out perfect.  

So go ahead and select your favorite photos for the scrapbook.  Then enhance those photos to PERFECTION using the included photo editing software. 

Now you get to pick from a TON of different Clip Art, an array of rich fonts & texts for captions, gorgeous frames and stunning borders!  To top it all off, you can even add your own music to it!

Get this - you can even create calendars right from your photos!

There are a TON of different templates and options right at your fingertips! Even choose between monthly and yearly calendars!

Talk about the perfect gift for someone! 


This AWESOME program even allows you to stitch together beautiful panoramas with ease!

You can combine and stitch together up to 16 pictures with this thing!  No matter what direction, no matter how vast, stitch photos together and enjoy your stunning creation!


Oh, and we can’t forget prints!

This is, by far, one of the best photo printing programs I’ve ever seen! You can print a single image on a page, or if you have multiple pics to print, you can group them together on a single sheet of paper to save money! It’s ingenious!

Whew - OK, that’s the highlight show.

And we’ve really only JUST scratched the surface of what this can do.

I wish I could spend a couple hours sitting next to you showing this off, but you get the idea. There’s just so much more to this software, but it would takes pages and pages to go over it all.

Now I know what you’re thinking - this has GOT to be expensive right? Well, not so much!

We got a pretty amazing deal not this - but it’s a limited quantity and once it’s gone, that’s it - we won’t have any more - at least we won’t have any more at this price!

Speaking of which -

This retails for a very reasonable $30, but we have it for an unbelievable $6.97!! Plus, it’s in stock and ready to ship! Check it out:

PS - Again, this is the ultimate photo editing software - it’s great at everything - but it is a VERY limited quantity item, so you ARE going to have to HURRY!


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