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- 2015-09-04

Does your back ache after a short trip to the store? How about your knees? Did you know that most of your back, neck and leg pain can come from YOUR FEET!

You could spend thousands on special shoes, but you never know how the shoe will fit after a couple weeks of wearing them. After that forget about even taking them back, because, well… You wore them… What a joke!

It’s all really disappointing and I know from personal experience. I have spent hundreds on stupid shoe inserts at the local drug store only to toss them away after when they gave out after just 6 months or so.

But then I found these!

The perfect solution to all my problems!

Made from super-durable space-age memory foam, these  inserts won’t break down! I think that's fantastic!  Those other guys inserts tend to just get small and smaller over time and end up causing problems with your feet instead of helping.

The foam insert is small enough to fit into your shoe without squeezing your foot, yet large enough to help reduce heel shock, calluses and tender spots when you walk. What a lifesaver!

Once you try these on, your feet will say THANK YOU!  You won’t have to worry about them slipping and sliding all around your shoe because of the super grip adhesive tape keeps them where they should be!  

Now check out the price! These are so cheap you could buy a set for every pair of shoes you own! For just $6.97 you could be walking on a cloud!


Hurry and order yours today, once this sale ends on Saturday these are no longer going to be available! 

For Just $4.97!!!

If you use any kind of a USB device, this is a MUST-HAVE! This Travel 5 WATT USB A/C Wall Charger easily allows you to adapt your USB charging cable to work from any 110V AC outlet!

Simply plug your USB cord into the wall adapter (and the device you're using of course) and you're good to go! You can use it to charge your iPod, MP3/MP4 player, GPS, smartphone, and tablet! Talk about ease of use ~ this is going to make traveling so much easier! And, it keeps my daughter's iPod off my computer desk (she's constantly charging it)!

And, you can also use this to power your USB devices!

If you have any of those cool gadgets that go to your PC or laptop (mini-fans, lights, etc.) that are powered by a USB port, now you can use them anywhere! No need to use up all your USB ports or have to hook and unhook cables all the time! Pretty clever, huh?

The 5 Watts of power, recharges your device QUICKLY and easily! You'll be back up to a full charge in NO TIME!

This guy is a powerhouse of well... POWER! ~ I know you're all going to love it too! And, today only at only
$4.97 ~ it's an incredible deal! Check it out:

PS - The price will increase to $6.97 Saturday, so be sure to get your order in today to take advantage of the great savings!


And the price?

How about just $4.97!

One of our suppliers gave us an absolutely mind-blowing deal on this 4GB flash drives!

But there's a catch -
The promotion is only for a limited time -  Once our cost goes up, your cost will go up!  If you want an amazing,  4GB flash drive for less than $5 , I'd high-tail it on over to the site as soon as you read this!! Get your orders in while you can!!

Think about this - this drive can hold the same amount of data as not 1, not 3, but 6 - count 'em 6 - CD-ROMS! It still amazes me you can get this much storage on something so small. I remember when 4 GB was considered to be a HUGE hard drive. Now it fits right in your pocket!

Heck, we're talking enough storage for thousands of images from your digital camera, 1000 MP3s, or 80,000 typical office documents! That's a lot of data!!

What can you do with a flash drive? What can't you do with a flash drive? 

Back up your important documents, photos and videos.

Take your music library with you wherever you go. Up to 1,000 songs!

One of my favorite things to do is load up a drive with years of photos of videos and share them with family and friends.

Another great trick is download a free office suite like LibreOffice or Open Office onto a flash drive.

That's right, you can carry an entire office suite and thousands of documents with you wherever you go to use on any computer!

The unique design makes these tougher and more durable than your average flash drive!

You'll be able to tell how how much better the construction is the moment you get it in your hands!

I don't know about you, but I can't live without my flash drives! But you probably already know how useful they can be.

What you need to concentrate on is the price: Only $4.97!

For that kind of money, you better grab one or two! Click the store link below right now to add a few to your cart!

Please note - this was a special promotion from one of our suppliers and the price on these will increase on Saturday !Grab yours ASAP - before the price goes back up to $6.97 !

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