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- 2016-12-02



No Hard Drive Lives Forever...

Hard drives are sensitive, complex mechanical devices. Most modern hard drives can hit over 7200 RPMs!

But it's not without a cost: No matter HOW hard you try, 100% of hard drives will eventually crash.



What do you do when your hard drive crashes?

Well, there are only two outcomes...


1. If you don't back up your data:

It's gone. Throw your hard drive in the trash and start fresh... because you are NOT recovering that data. A dead hard drive is just that. It's game over.


2. If you DO back up your data:

You take your handy little SanDisk 16GB back up flash drive and put all your saved files on your next computer. With the push of a button!

You don't lose a single file, and you don't spend the weekend wishing you had printed those vacation photos that you'll never get back.

Which one would you prefer?

There's only ONE reason not to back up data: it USED to be hard. It took a lot of time, it took expensive hardware or software, and it took some tech-savvy. You had to know file extensions, directories, the whole works.

NO software. NO set up. NO time consuming steps. All you do is plug it in and press the button!

Could it BE any easier?

The first time you pop it in, it just asks you what directories you want to backup. After that, every new backup is just a button away.

What's great is that it keeps ALL of your directories and folders right in the order you have them on your PC. So you'll know EXACTLY where to find them on the flash drive or after you back them up to another PC!

Think about everything you have on your computer: TONS of photos. ALL of your favorite music. Family videos and contact information.

How about work documents, important files, sensitive documents. Even your passwords, e-mails, favorite web pages... EVERYTHING!

After a crash, you can't get those photos back. The videos are now distant memories. And your passwords? Good luck remembering the ones you haven't had to type in for years.


Ultra Sleek, Ultra Secure, ULTRA FAST!

It looks, feels, and acts just like your standard flash drive (of course, standard flash drives can't hold a candle to this one) so you know it's gonna be easy and lightweight to move or store.

Plus, it has a durable connector so you know it's gonna stay safe from any potential accidents!

That's right - Just drag and drop files to it and use it like any other flashdrive! Talk about the best of both worlds!!

Take it anywhere! Back up any PC or laptop! Use it for EVERYTHING!

And if you're looking for fast, this thing is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

This flash drive is part of the SanDisk "Cruzer Blade" series, their sleekest USB 2.0 drives out there.

Simply put? USB 2.0 has NEVER been better!

Last but not least: IT'S SECURE!

When you back up anything on this drive, you can choose to encrypt it and guard it with a password of your choice! Nobody but you or those you trust get access to YOUR files.

So all your tax, financial, and confidential documents? You can back them up too without worrying! FINALLY!

All those passwords on your PC don't mean a thing if you don't have SECURE backups.

But with this SanDisk, it's not a problem.

A Backup Drive For UNDER $13! WOW!

If you go anywhere to try and get a backup drive, you'll be looking $40 for the BARE MINIMUM! And those are bulky, heavy external hard drives that you really can't move or store.

And as a personal note, I kept two of these once we got 'em and I've got my home and work PC backed up on these flash drives. I love them already. They're that good!

You will NOT find a faster, more convenient backup drive out there for just $12.97!

These are simply one of the coolest devices I've ever seen. PLEASE don't miss out on this deal. We only have so many and once they're gone... that's it.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Again, we can't get any more than the ones we have! And after Saturday this sale will end, with the price going back up to $20.97! HURRY TO THE STORE!

Tiny Adapter.  POWERFUL Results...

Let's cut right to the chase here.  You already know why you need a wireless adapter.  You stick it into your USB port for a jolt of wireless speed.  It's simple.

So why do you need this one?  Now that's the right question.  This wireless adapter is the newest technology available, and it's going to blow you away - check it out!

All you do is plug it into your USB port and let it work its magic.  Not only is this ideal for the home, it's also great when you're using your laptop in places like airports, or coffee shops, libraries - anywhere!

Compatibility is VERY Important.  What do you Have?  Doesn't Matter!

It's 802.11 N (the newest available) and it's also FULLY compatible with B and G networks!  No matter what you're working with, this is going to work and work very well.

No laptop?  No problem!  Stick it into your desktop's USB port for the same results at home.  The beauty of this thing is its tiny size.  You no longer have to pull your computer out three feet from the wall to use an adapter!  

Stay Protected With Easy Security!

You can rest assured that your network is completely secure while you cruise along at high speeds.

What kind of security are we talking about?  WEP, WPA, and  WPA2.

Check out these specs and see for yourself - this thing is PERFECT!

PERFECT for Traveling!

Whether you're using this at home or on the go, it's the PERFECT SIZE! Going somewhere? This baby will fit nicely in your laptop bag or even your pocket!

Oh, and installation? SIMPLE!

Pop in the driver disk and then plug this compact little bundle of power into your computer (works on desktops and laptops), wait a few seconds and BOOM!

Your wireless network adapter is already installed and ready to rock!

Now You're Ready to Jump on ANY Wireless Network!

Seriously, this thing makes access to a wireless network a breeze no matter where you are! You could be at a restaurant, a friend's house, a hotel, on the road...whatever! Bottom line is, if there's an available network, it's YOURS! Some people spend hundreds of dollars on wireless cards for their laptops, and guess what? These are EVEN BETTER at a fraction of the cost!

I Rest My Case...

You need this thing and it's ridiculously cheap, so there's no reason not to own it!  Today, get yours for just $8.97! 

That's a deal you won't be able to find anywhere else! 

You better act fast!  The price is set to increase to $16.97 Saturday!

"Oh No, I've Gone Blind!"

You know what makes your vision fall apart?

Losing the help of your glasses due to a break! You NEED those to see.

And then you take them to a repair place, get 'em all fixed up... and go blind again when they hand you the bill.

Take a good look at the actual bill - they're charging you a TON of money for things that cost a dollar or two at most. And the "labor" of screwing in a few screws was $100 by itself.

That's insane!!!!

One Kit - ENDLESS Possibilities!

Trust me, the guy that replaces a few screws in your damaged glasses is NOT a skilled engineer!  

Anybody can replace a nose pad if they have the right tools and materials.  The only problem is, these pieces and parts aren't normally made available to the general public.  Why?  Who knows?  

Maybe so they can continue to sucker you out of your money?

You can do it on your own with ease!  

 And these are high quality materials, too - no cheap, poorly made parts. All it takes is a little bit of work (made easy) and you're going to save a truckload of money!

Leave the taped in the middle look to the hipsters!  You can fix your glasses yourself with this perfect repair kit - check it out:

1 Precision screwdriver (This is great for MORE than just glasses, too!)
4 screws to fix any damage at all!
 2 Nose Pads & 2 Grommets complete the package...
 Comes in an organized, compact plastic case!

Having Glasses Fixed Costs a Fortune.  This Does NOT!

If you're one of the MILLIONS of people wearing glasses, this is something you need!  Get your full kit here for just $2.97!! 

PS: This offer can't last long - limited stock, high demand.  IF there's any left Saturday, we're forced to up the price to $6.97, so don't wait!


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