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- 2014-12-21

Too Good To Be True?

That's What You'll Be Thinking When You Scroll Down!

Hey everyone, Steve here and do I have a treat for you this afternoon! FIVE absolutely killer items for prices so low they're almost free!

Check it out for yourself - You'll see.


Home security is ALWAYS on everyone's mind!

Hopefully you never have to deal with a home invader, or a burglar, or anything else... but it NEVER hurts to be prepared!

Instead of running around, looking for expensive and complicated security devices, let me save you some time!

You don't need any tools to install these! That's right. The strong adhesive tape on the back allows you to simply press them in place and you're done! Press and Protect!

When the magnetic sensors line up with each other all is quiet and secure. If for any reason that alignment is broken - you are gonna know about it!

This bad boy is LOUD! It's a 90dB alarm! That's loud, and in the dead of night when most burglaries occur, it will certainly SHOCK THE INTRUDER and WAKE YOU FROM YOUR SLEEP!

The small switch on the side of the unit allows you to choose the alarm you prefer! And when you want to let in that fresh cool breeze on a spring day, of course you can still open that window! Just flip the switch to off until you choose to reacivate it!

It runs on batteries, so it can go ANYWHERE!

And remember, you get TWO per pack so you can have multiple locations secured!

But these do WAY more than just go on your doors!

See, this is why I LOVE these things.

You COULD spend $200 getting a big, elaborate security system installed. Then continue paying $20-50 a month to keep it running.

But what does that get you? "Oh, if the front or back doors open up, we'll let you know!"

That's a LOT of money for something that could also be accomplished with a  strategically placed string of cans.

Do you have young children who you don't want to go into certain rooms for their own safety? Set the alarm high enough to be out of their reach and you'll know if they got in!

Is their a cabinet that is likewise off limits? Set the alarm to activate if it's opened by someone who shouldn't have.

Maybe you're caring for a very elderly person who shouldn't go outside without assistance? You'll be alerted if they do by setting this up on the exterior doors!

No one can absolutely guarantee that a break-in won't happen to you. But with these window and door alarms, you will certainly startle anyone making the attempt, and alert yourself that they're there as well!

Remember this: burglars are generally non-confrontational (that's why they prefer to steal from empty houses!) The moment these alarms go off, they tend to panic & run. They just want EASY targets - and with these things, you aren't an easy target anymore!

And the price we're offering these for today?

Yeah, ONLY $8.97!

That's probably less than you're gonna spend on lunch!

Take advantage of us on this one, and get a more peaceful night's sleep too!


You don't have to be a clean freak to notice just how gross a microwave can get from a few uses.

Stew, soup, pasta... or anything else, really, can leave splatters and stains EVERYWHERE! And if it's a thick sauce? You might end up with some crusty gross lumps all over the inside of your microwave!

All it takes is ONE night of forgetting to wipe it down after using it!

Once that stuff is in there, it's not fun to get it out!

No more soup stains on the top. No more stew or cheese stains all over the side.

You put your food in, put this cover on top, and the food stays in the dish!

That's really all there is to it!

It's about 10" big so it will fit on any dish! Large, medium, small! Whatever you have, this will make sure that the food warms up and the microwave stays clean!

The best part? While it DOES take a lot of effort to clean a microwave, it doesn't take any at all to clean this one up!

If you take it out and run it under the sink for a few seconds right after you're done with the microwave, that's usually all it takes! But even if the food dries up on it, it's still SO MUCH EASIER to clean than getting inside the nooks and crannies of your microwave!

Plus, with the ventilated design, you might actually find that it keeps some of the moisture in without overheating or getting damaged. Nice little dual function!

You might be going through $15 worth of paper towels for only that, depending on how much you use the thing!

THIS IS ONLY $2.97! I'm not kidding! Not only is this going to make using your microwave more sanitary and easier... in the long run, it'll probably save you some nice cash!

If you own a microwave, you HAVE to get one of these. Period!


What Are Ya Tryin' To Do...


Those Leaks And Cracks Are Costin' You A FORTUNE!

And They're Gonna Make The Winter A MISERABLE Experience!


18 FEET of Waterproof, Self-Adhesive Awesomeness!

Just Seal Away Those Drafts Instantly!


One Worn Window Is All It Takes...

...for your heating to run WAY out of control.

One moment you're enjoying the cozy warm inside, the next you're opening your heating bill, and then you wake up in the hospital because that bill sent you into a FRENZY!

How did THAT happen? Oh, right, it was ALL THOSE CRACKS IN THE WINDOWS!

You're payin' WAY more than you need to just to avoid the cold!

And don't think turning down the heat is much better - now those cracks are letting in an awful draft that's got you shivering in your favorite chair!

Your home is supposed to be COMFORTABLE!

FIX IT FOR JUST $2.97!!!

This self-adhesive weather stripping is AMAZING!

Just take out the roll, find where the drafts are sneaking through, and cover 'em up!

This stuff is good enough to last the whole season and then some!

Let me tell ya, it sure beats trying to pay $500 to get new windows installed in the middle of December snow season!

You'd be shocked at how many little cracks and worn spots can pop up when you weren't paying attention!

This deal is better than striking oil after cleaning out a gold mine!

A) It's going to make your Winter SO much more cozy.

B) You won't have to spend oodles of cash on new windows right now!

C) Just WAIT until you see how much you save without all that hot air leaking out and cold air sneaking in!

Every home is different, but between your doors and windows, I can bet that these'll pay themselves off in just a week or two!

Again, that's $2.97 to seal up your doors & windows tight in a matter of minutes.

Don't let this deal sneak through the window cracks, Monday the price goes up to $8.97


Let's face it: if you're still using a wired mouse, you KNOW it's getting old!

And I don't just mean in the "that mouse is outdated, clunky, and starting to break" old. I mean the "dealing with the cord and fighting with your primary tool for using the computer is not fun" kind of old.

No more cords!

That means hooking it up doesn't take you crawling around to the back of the computer! You can use a front-side USB port!

And that ALSO means when you're trying to use it, you won't have to worry about snagging the cord on something! Considering how much you use your mouse, it's a HUGE relief having one that's flawless!

Now so far this mouse is sounding pretty awesome - but you gotta check this out too!

Most average mice don't even come CLOSE to this!

More DPI = more accurate movement. Anyone who has had to deal with crummy dollar store mice has probably fought to get their cursor where they wanted it before!


It's accurate WITHOUT having to fight tooth and nail to click on that icon or link!

This mouse has a fantastic 5 button design with a scroll wheel that acts as one of the buttons!

This type of design really provides to the fastest, most proficient navigating ever!

Plus, this mouse is extremely comfortable on your hand!

You will be able to use it for hours and never have to worry about your hand cramping or being uncomfortable!

Think setting up a new mouse is going to be a pain?

With this mouse you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it actually IS "plug and play"! There is nothing to install whatsoever!

Just plug it in and you're ready to click! No software, no syncing.

For a wireless mouse, that's insane! Talk about saving some serious cash - you could buy one pack of 'AAA' batteries and be set for YEARS with this mouse!

Compare that to the other big mice that chew through two or three 'AA' batteries every few months!

Pair that up with the fact that this mouse has a stowable receiver (you can just put it inside the battery compartment!) that makes it the ULTIMATE travel companion!

Get this sweet mouse for just $9.97!

This mouse is just great!

The sale will end Monday and these go up to $13.97 - Don't miss out on this ROCKING mouse deal!

You Know What's Just Foolish?

Using Paper Towels to Clean Your Glasses! REALLY?!?!

You’ve been ignoring your optician’s warnings, haven’t you?! They weren’t kidding when they said that wood-based products like tissues and paper towels will scratch your lenses – permanently!


And what about your sensitive electronics? Touchscreens? Monitors? Televisions? They get dirty and smudged up too...

Why even clean 'em, if you're just going to ruin 'em?

You need this MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth!

It'll be the LAST Cloth You'll EVER Buy!

Seriously, for less than the price of lunch, you can get a cloth that was actually meant for cleaning your eyeglasses and electronics! SAFELY!

And you'll never have to worry about replacing it, either - it's woven strong and it'll NEVER wear out!

Plus it's big enough for ANY job!

This guy is programmed to defeat dirtiness of all kinds!

So, keep those lenses clean and clear! And once your glasses are clean, you’ll probably notice a lot more things! Like all that dirt on your electronic equipment!

It’s OK!




Some materials just instinctively attract crud - it's like dirt, dust and lint are magnetized to them! And really, they are, due to the static electricity they create! All you're doing with those other rags is wiping dust right back onto what you're trying to clean off.

Talk about counter-productive!

BUT NOT WITH THIS CLOTH! This material is actually anti-static and will not attract lint or dust - it'll just eliminate it from your electronics for a clear, clean finish!

So it won't leave some greasy, streaky residue. Use it once, and you'll see: it's the BEST cleaning cloth EVER!

Here’s the bottom line! You can clean your eyeglasses safely, with no scratching, no residue, no smearing.

You get to see clearly again and again!

AND because of this cloth’s special properties it will safely snatch all that crud off your electronic equipment too, like your TV screen, monitor, cell phone etc.!

And then you can wash it and reuse it over, and over, and over! It even comes with its own carrying pouch!

The BEST part...  It's REALLY inexpensive!

That's right - for today and today only, you can get the MicroFiber cloth for just $0.97!

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