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- 2017-02-25

A Frustrating Task Made Simple!

Have you ever tried to get your data OFF your phone?


Not only is it a pain to have to connect your phone to your PC just to transfer, finding the files is just as bad!

(And let's not get into hoping your computer recognizes what you're trying to DO with your phone, instead of just trying to update or charge it)

You can't even transfer over WiFi without paying for an app!


Check THIS out!

It works on computers.

It works on Android phones.

It even works on Android TABLETS!

Plug it in. Save your data. Transfer it ANYWHERE!

No cords, no weird software, no hunting for files... just save your pictures to the flash drive & plug it into your PC!


The genius is in the simple design! It's a standard USB connector on one end, and a micro-USB connector on the other!

(Everyone in the world just went "Oh man, I should've thought of that!")

If you've ever used a card reader for your memory cards because you were tired of hooking your camera up to your computer... this is kinda like that, except even BETTER!

It's just like a flash drive!

That means it's simple, fast, and AWESOME! All you have to do is plug it in to the device you're using and move the files onto it!

Now you can finally get all your photos and videos off your phone to share them on your computer!

But this isn't a one-way street!

If you're trying to get music, or maybe a movie on your phone or tablet? It's JUST as easy!

Simply plug this flash drive into your computer, drag the files into it, and then connect it to your mobile device!


I can't tell you how excited I am about this! I absolutely HATED data transfers between my mobile devices and my computer. It was ALWAYS a pain... not anymore!


If you don't need to transfer some data right now, you can use it as extra storage! But it STILL works with everything for that!

16 extra gigs is a LOT, especially on a smartphone or tablet!

Those devices don't come with a lot of storage... so you're increasing storage by up to 50%!

Squeeze some extra music on your phone even though the internal storage is full! Keep a backup of your PC's most important documents and photos!

This device does EVERYTHING and it makes it look so easy!

Hold Onto Your Jaw...

...because it's about to hit the floor!

These are an AMAZING deal! But check out just how amazing they are!

You could get the 16 GB drive for just $12.97!


Make sure you get it quick! These kinda flash drives ALWAYS sell out quick!

The sale WILL end Monday - but it might end sooner if we sell out of these completely!

At one time or another we've all wanted to quickly create a greeting card or flier. But most programs are so complicated, there's nothing quick or easy about the process. It's complicated and overwhelming. Or maybe you want a nice brochure, calendar, or a poster for an event. But the product turned out by your word processor some online program is underwhelming and unprofessional. What you want is something with high-quality images and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

And there was a great option out there... Print Shop.  It has always been my favorite go-to software for these kind of projects. So why didn't I offer it to you sooner? It was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I couldn't get a deal on it to save my life...believe me, I've tried for years!

So you have to imagine how excited I was when I found a deal Print Shop 21 Essentials - A DIRT CHEAP DEAL!

YEAH! You read that right.

If you've never used a Print Shop program, you'll swoon when you see how simple the interface is!

As soon as you open this program you are greeted with a list of things you can create!

Wanna make a banner? EASY! How about a greeting card for a birthday? BOOM DONE! A sign for your craft show? COVERED! And that is just 3 things off the long, long list! Or just start from scratch and do whatever you want, however you like it.

Each and every one of those templates is completely customizable!

Yeah! We are talking access to over 100,000 super-high-end stock photos and sleek graphics that will be sure to give that presentation or report cover professional pizzaz it needs to stand out from the crowd!

Most Greeting card programs have just a few pre-loaded cards. You might be able to change a name or the greeting, but you can't change the font, color, or even the images! Believe me, I've been stuck in that nightmare with Microsoft Office's measly offerings.

With this program, you make a customized keepsake and not the same card everyone else in the world picked up at Walmart. And have you priced greeting cards lately? Nice ones are outrageous!

And don't think Print Shop is just a pretty face!

Doing a mail merge in Microsoft Office with Excel is probably one of the most annoying and cumbersome thing to ever have to do... It's not fun and trust me I know! With Print Shop 21 Essentials you can just add new people to your list and with one click of a button print off the whole list without blinking an eye or changing to another program!

If you're familiar with Print Shop, I know you've already added it to your cart. If you haven't checked out this amazing program yetI am telling you, it seriously has everything you need!  I am not sure if you caught this... but... THIS IS LESS THAN $5 !!! Yeah that's right! You can grab this software up for just $4.97 !!!!

Stop messing around with over-complicated and over-priced programs and click the link below to grab yours today!

At this point, everyone knows that the hard drive in your computer is unreliable. With all the moving parts at super high speeds, it's gonna stop working. Something is bound to happen... It could be as simple as upgrading to a new computer or even switching from a PC to a Mac computer.

WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT DATA? You've got everything on that thing! Your family photos, your brother's wedding, your daughter's graduation video... and it could be all gone in a blink of an eye. JUST POOF - Gone.

Backing Up Made EASY & AUTOMATIC!

Even with the knowledge that backing up is IMPORTANT... a lot of people don't do it! That's because it used to be hard. You had to do a lot of work and spend a LOT of time getting files safely stored on a different drive.


If you can plug a cord into your computer's USB ports then YOU'RE ALREADY AN EXPERT! Seriously!

Once this drive is hooked up to your computer, all the hard work is done!


Just one-click Backups and high-speed transfers!

The App is super-simple to use! If you're connected to WiFi, simply open the app and hit backup to the Seagate Backup drive... But what if you're outta the house? Easy! BACKUP right to the CLOUD and move the data to the drive when you get home!

Never lose your contacts, photos or videos you take on your phone AGAIN!

Using the mobile backup also allows your phone to have more FREE SPACE! And GOOD NEWS!!! You're NOT gonna be a part of those crazy "cloud" leaks that you hear so much about because this just transfers it to your portable drive!

Think about everything you have stored on your computer, cell phone, and tablet.

All of your photos!

ENTIRE music collections!

Documents from work!

Important tax and financial information!

Maybe even videos!

One day you're happily typing away on your keyboard... then you boot up your computer the next day and that hard drive is DEAD! Or, you could be taking pictures, drop your phone and have no way of retrieving your contacts...


And this guy just isn't for backups either! It expands your hard drive!

Your computer came with a hard drive. Maybe it's a couple hundred gigabytes big. 320GB? Maybe 500GB?

That's THOUSANDS of songs, photos and documents!

On top of that, it's days and days worth of video!

You simply WILL NOT fill this monster up. You keep feedin' it photos, music, and software and it asks for seconds, thirds, fourths, and a big dessert!

Say you have an 8 gigabyte flash drive. This is like having 125 of them! THAT'S A LOT OF SPACE!

And with USB 3.0, you're gonna get up to 5 Gbps of transfer speed! Don't have USB 3.0? No problem, it works just fine and with SUPER speeds on USB 2.0 too!


Yeah that's right, 1 Terabyte (1TB) for only $57.97!


Everytime we get these in, they sell out in a hurry and this one is by FAR the best I have ever gotten! So, hurry and order yours today! Otherwise price goes up to $74.97 on Monday! 

We've all done it... We've all accidentally erased files from our hard drive or flash drive. Maybe you've accidentally deleted pictures off your camera's memory card before transferring to your PC.

I remember, one time, I  accidentally deleted a huge presentation from my thumb drive and I had to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! Talk about a waste of time and massive frustration!  Once you delete something it's gone... right??? YEAH WRONG! Because I found the easiest file recovery system EVER!

Crazy right?!?!

This powerhouse software is like a super detective in your computer! All you do is tell it where the file was stored and BOOM! It goes ahead and gets it back for you! IT EVEN  REPAIRs CORRUPTED FILES!

Talk about a life saver!

The super-easy-to-use interface makes file recovery a BREEZE!

You can choose to use a quick scan or an advanced scan for all your deleted files!

And just look at all the files it recovers!

Image Files - JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, RIFF, Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR, Kodak KDC, Fuji RAF, Canon CRW, Canon CR2, Minolta MRW, Olympus ORF, Sigma X3F, Sony SR2, Sony SRF, Pentax PEF, Leaf Aptus22/ Valeo11 MOS.

Audio/Video clips - AIF, AIFF, DVF, M4B, LSO, ASX, MIDI, RM, RA, 3GPP, 3GPP2, M1V, mp1, FBX, MP3, MOV, MID, AVI, RMI, WAV.

E-mail Files - EML, NSF, URL.

Document Files- HLP, LWP, RPT, WRI, VSS, VST, MBX, PDF.

Office Files - DOC, XLS, VSD.

Archive Files - BKF, JAR, GZ, GZIP, ARJ, RAR, CAB.

Graphics Files - FH11, EMF, JP2, FH9, FH8, DWG, AI, WMF.

Database Files - Lacerte Tax (.MDX) MYOB Data (.PRM).

Miscellaneous- HTML, EXE.

That list is huge! No more lost music, photos, emails files, or documents EVER AGAIN!

I know your thinking this software is going to cost a fortune because of what it does... BUT THAT'S NOT TRUE because we were able to get this for just $4.97!!!

Think about what those geeky guys at the big box store would charge you to look for your files! Spending less than $4.97 could save you a fortune! Because this deal is so amazing, we were able to only get a few hundred of these and once it's gone... that's it!!!

So stop thinking about it and put it in your cart NOW!

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