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- 2014-11-23

This Is WAY Too Exciting!

My staff and I wanted to blow you away and I think this newsletter will pretty much do it! 

We gathered FIVE amazing, super cool, gotta have items that we think you're going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

It took a lot of work, but we think it's just what you're looking for!

Scroll down and see for yourself - you'll be SO glad you did ;)


This Has GOT to STOP!

Aren't you SICK of those IRRITATING "card full" or "buffering" messages that only seem to come up when you're taking important pictures? 

Same goes for when you're using your camcorder - during the most CRUCIAL moments, you get that dreaded "card full" message and you have to stop filming! It's your slow, WEAK memory card with NO space!


Eliminate that problem FOREVER!

HUGE Storage Space!

Sure, you've heard that before...but check this out! 

How great is that gonna be for your next vacation?

Pop the card in and forget all about it!


To be honest, if you have a card reader (or a computer with one built in) memory cards are WAY better than flash drives! They're easier to store and less likely to get damaged!

Plus if you need to take them somewhere, you can keep them with your camera case or even IN your camera! Good luck finding a device that has flash drive storage!

I wasn't kidding about these being under $5!

YOU CAN GRAB ONE FOR JUST $4.97!! But beware: a price like this means they're gonna move QUICK! So be one of the first to get yours, or you might be one of the first to miss out!

 PS: This offer will NOT be available after Monday - don't miss your chance


Around my house, dust is PUBLIC ENEMY #1. Truthfully, I can't figure out where it all comes from.

Maybe it's the opposite of the way socks disappear into some mysterious vortex in the dryer. Dust mysteriously appears in my house and I'm sure having pets and kids running in and out all the time doesn't help matters.

It's like some kind of alien invasion. It's everywhere, I don't know where it came from and it won't stop!

Dusting is probably my least favorite chore on the planet. Mom used to bribe me with comic books and ice cream sandwiches and that still didn't make me like it any better.

These days, I don't even get a treat. Just that look from the other half that says, "Weren't You Supposed To Dust?"

I'm tempted to say, "So what, it's just dust." Then I did a little research.

Dust not only looks bad, do you know what lives in it? DUST MITES! Take a look at this nasty bugger.  He loves dust. And he causes asthma and allergy symptoms like wheezing.

These 8-legged freaks lay up to 100 eggs each during their two-month life span and according to what I looked up online "A house dust mite will produce approximately 2,000 fecal particles and an even larger number of partially digested enzyme-covered dust particles."

Well, know I know where all that extra dust comes from. YUCK! I am so ready to dust.

And these little monsters also belong to the Arachnida class of insects... Yup they're spiders. Can I clean the house with a flame thrower?

Fortunately I have a secret weapon in the fight against the dust mite invasion. This Spic & Span Disposable Dust Mitt.

Unlike rags or dusters that just knock dust and its creepy inhabitants around your house, these mitts pick it up.

One wipe and the dust (and dust mite poo) is gone from your surfaces. And because it's disposable, you toss those disgusting little dust-dwellers in the trash. SEE YA LATER  Creepy Crawlies.

This mitt is great for getting into nooks and crannies and keeping those tight spaces dust-free. It slips right on your hand!

The super-soft material is safe for all surfaces. So don't worry about scratching your TV or Grandma's table. Great for cleaning knick-knacks and other small items. Plus, it's easy to get where you need to reach on shelves and to clean dust-collecting items like lamps.

I am still no fan of dusting, but this mitt makes the chore a lot easier. Plus, now that I know about dust mites, I sort of feel like Godzilla crushing their city. It's kind of fun. Take that micro-spiders!

Plus, the house truly looks Spic & Span. And check out the price. Not one but FIVE of these great mitts per pack for less than $1! Bust the dust and massacre the mites for $0.97 by clicking the store link below and adding a pack or two to your cart!

Take note, this deal ends on Monday ! I don't want you to miss out and be bummed the day after because the price went up to $2.97  before you could buy them. So order now!

It could be the dead of Winter and your office would STILL be way too hot!

Computers and small rooms generate then trap in that heat so even if it's 5 below outside you'd feel like you were trapped in an oven.

And then when the Summer finally does roll around, you're wishing you lived in an igloo!

I found the most adorable way to keep cool. And the best part?

Because it's powered by either USB or batteries!

So when you're sitting at your computer, happily typing away, this fan can plug right into any available USB port to power up and keep you cool!

Using it's 3 soft blades, it churns fresh air right in any direction you choose to point it, making it safe to use even in a child's room! If they get curious and go to touch the spinning blades, the foam won't even leave a scratch!

Being USB powered is great, because the last thing you need to have near your computer is ANOTHER device running to your power outlets.

Assuming you even have any available, you're going to cause an overload with all that electricity. This lets you get a cooling fan right at your desk (in a convenient size, too!) that doesn't cost you an extra outlet.

So if you're on the road, or in a hotel with no good plugs near your bed, or anywhere else you'd like to stay cool, this WILL keep on working no matter what!

Or, sometimes you just don't have an available USB port.

No problem!

All you have to do is plug in 3 'AA' batteries and it works just the same.

Flip it between off and on to save battery life!

The fan itself is built right into the snail's "shell"!

Kids and adults alike won't be able to help but smile when they see this.

Plus, when they realize they're not sweating from a heat wave, they'll REALLY appreciate this portable, anywhere-you-need-it fan.

Check out this MAJOR discount:

JUST $12.97 - assuming you buy it TODAY! If you wait until tomorrow, you're out of luck!

Remember, this sale ends Monday!


Don't Get Lost!

So there you are, out hiking or just taking a leisurely nature stroll when it hits you:

"Where AM I?!"

Even if you can tell East from West due to the Sun, that's just going to give you a general direction at best. You REALLY need to know where yo're going.

Maybe you're taking a trip and the route that you're supposed to take is closed off.

After several left turns, you're not even sure which direction you're headed anymore. What'll you do?

Well guess what?

When this is clipped to your keys, you'll always be prepared if you get lost whether you're driving or walking.

You may already even own a compass...


It just takes 5 minutes of driving after taking a wrong turn or two to wind up COMPLETELY out of your senses.

Here's something else you'll need to be prepared for: answering the same question over and over again: "Hey, where'd you get that SWEET keychain!?"

Of course, that's up to you to tell 'em.

But one thing's for sure - they won't find it for $2.97 anywhere else! ESPECIALLY not with the buy one, get one free deal we got goin' today!

Grab it NOW!

Add it all up and you're lookin' at a SWEET deal! We were able to snag a limited quantity of these at a great price, and we're passing the great deal directly on to you! Order yours today and pay only $2.97!

Get yours now! The price goes back to $4.97 Monday!


Getting Locked Out... It's TERRIBLE!

It's happened to the best of us.

You set down your keys, walk away for 10 seconds... and then they MAGICALLY disappeared!

It doesn't matter how high or low you look - it's like someone is hiding them!

One little key gone and your car turns into the biggest waste of space ever! And if it's your home key? You can't just leave the house unlocked! That's just ASKIN' for trouble!

Bottom line: you NEED to keep track of your keys and keychain.  If it's your house key, your car key, an office key, or anything else... you can't afford to lose them!

Lucky for you, we've got a BRILLIANT key finder that responds to your whistle - check this out!

And that's the most important thing, right?  We've all felt the panic.  The cold sweat on our shoulders.  

Losing your keys is SCARY!

With the Whistle Keyfinder, all you have to do is whistle!  Once you do, this brilliant device responds with a series of loud chirps and beeps - immediately allowing you to find your key set! It couldn't be any easier!

After all, have you ever tried calling your phone to find it? You can hear it but you can't QUITE pinpoint where the noise is coming from... THIS SOLVES THAT COMPLETELY! You can get the general idea from the beeping, then the flashing light gives you the EXACT location! It's a two-hit combo of AWESOME!


Brilliant, Practical Device - Stunning Price!

Ok, we're going to make this a really easy decision for you.

Today and today only, get your Whistle Key Finder for just $2.97! 

WARNING: EVERY SINGLE TIME WE HAVE THESE THEY SELL OUT! If you want an easier way to keep your keys handy - do NOT wait!

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