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- 2016-06-24

The Crystal Clear Sound That Breaks The Rules Of Science!

If you think bigger means better when it comes to speakers, I'm about to prove you VERY wrong!

This pocket speaker will generate a sound as loud and clear as you've EVER heard! And it works with any device that has bluetooth or a standard headphone jack!

There's only one given in the audio world: if your device has built in speakers, they're probably complete garbage!

Your phone, your laptop, your tablet... they all have speakers that make you feel like you're listening inside of a trash can! And, of course, there's the MP3 players that don't even HAVE speakers... are you kidding me?!?!

You probably don't even USE the speakers as much as you thought you would! You either avoid watching movies on your tablet, or stick to wearing headphones with your phone/MP3 player!

That's why you NEED to upgrade your audio with this incredible Bluetooth Rechargeable Pocket Speaker!

You'll want one for EVERY device ya got!

I know my kids do... the few I brought in to test all disappeared into their rooms, and I don't think I'm getting them back.

Once you hear it, you'll look at your old speakers and wonder why you ever bought them!

These just get better and better...

This speaker charges via the USB port on your computer.  If you're using these solely for your computer for music, movies or anything else, relax! You'll never have to worry about charging them.

But if you're using it for other things, like as a speaker for your iPod, when the battery gets low, all you have to do is stick them in your computer for a short time and BOOM - it's ready to go again!

That means you can take them on the road, use them out on your porch, or take them to a party... the possibilities are endless! These are speakers you'll ALWAYS be able to use, no matter where you are!


For just $12.97 you can have portable amazing audio!


Hurry and grab yours before Saturday or else the sale ends.


This is the easiest way EVER to transfer files to and from internal hard drives! Sounds simple - but the uses are off the charts! 

Look how simple it is:

You take an internal hard drive - IDE or SATA (that's pretty much everything from the last 10+ years) and plug it into this device. Then plug the USB cable into your computer - that's it! 

The hard drive you hooked up will show up as a removable drive under My Computer! 

No pesky driver install required! How cool is that?


This is the biggie! Let's say you have an old computer laying around and you REALLY want to get the info off the old hard drive and onto your new computer. 

With this, just pop out the old hard drive, hook it to this little gadget, and plug the USB cable into your new computer.

You just got your data back!

Oh, and if you're like me and have been computing for awhile, you probably have an old hard drive or two lying around. If so, just hook it up to this and have instant USB access to your files! Now THAT'S smart!

My favorite use for this? Using it as a cheap backup device!

See, hard drives come in two forms: internal or external. External ones are much more expensive for the same capacity as internal ones! Grab a MUCH cheaper internal drive OR just grab an old hard drive you have lying around that's not gettin' any love - then hook 'em up to this cable - instant backup device!

When you're done, just stick the drive in your desk drawer! Hey, that's my backup plan most of the time! Internal drives are easier to store, cheaper to buy (think WAY cheaper) and just as reliable!


So, you have a large file - or group of files - that just won't fit on your flash drive but you need to get them to another computer. Hmm. what to do...

I know - grab that old hard drive sitting in your drawer and use this handy cable put them on there! After all, this cable is basically turning your old hard drive into a giant flash drive, right? Why not use it like one?


OK, this may not be for everyone, but I've done this several times with these cables and it works GREAT!

See, I get a lot of people that come to me with infected computers. Well, some of those infections take HOURS to get off their computer because every time you boot Windows, the virus turns on as well. 

So, instead of taking hours to try and manually remove a bad virus, I just pop out the hard drive and - using this cable - hook it to my personal computer. Now I have access to the everything but since windows didn't boot on the infected drive, the virus STAYS DORMANT - and is helpless to stop me from killing it! A quick scan and removal with from my AV software and the problem is fixed!

All thanks to this handy little cable!

We've had cables like this before, and they're ALL wildly popular. The last few times they went on sale, they were gone by morning.

But now we've got something that's making EVERY techno-savvy person's mouth water.


Because this one is USB 3.0. That means instead of transferring at 480 Mbps... you can go up to 5,000 Mbps!

That's MORE than a 10x increase in speeds! That makes everything easier. From backups to extra storage and more!

Versatility Baby!

Getting easy access to the data on an internal drive that's been removed from a PC is impossible without either a cable like this or tearing apart a compatible computer and hooking the drive back up (assuming you even have the proper connection on the new computer).

Oh, and if you went from a desktop to a laptop - forget it - THIS is the ONLY solution to retrieve that data once you remove the drive! It's one of those tools that every PC user just needs to have, that's for sure!

Of all the extra computer accessories I've purchased over the years, I use THIS cable the most!

Brace yourself - you get all this hard drive and file finesse for just $19.97!

Check it out: 

 Watch out - the sale ends soon, but hey - they may just sell out first!! (Price is heading back up to $39.99)  

If you thought Wireless signal was as good as it could get, you are in for a REALLY nice surprise!

Because this adapter is gonna BLOW YOUR MIND!

It's everything you've been wanting and it's all in ONE USB ADAPTER!

If you don't have wireless capabilities in your laptop or PC, I'd recommend just ordering one of these right now. If you have an Internet connection, your home PROBABLY is set up for WiFi (if not, your internet provider can tell you how or even do it for you!) but your computer/laptop needs one of these to connect to it!

If you DO have wireless...

Put simply, wireless has gone through a number of technologies.  Wireless-G used to be the "standard". It was good, really good. But SOOOOOO slow compared to N!

Using any outdated wireless adapter is going to cost you speed.

All you have to do is plug this in to get wireless compatibility on your laptop or PC.

Wireless-N technology is great!

And here's why:

The speeds you get on your WiFi are affected by a lot of different things, but the most important one is your wireless adapter. Like I mentioned above, a slower adapter will limit the speeds your wireless can handle.

Because even though your wired Internet is fast, the adapter can only handle as much data as it's designed to. If it's too slow, it gets all clogged up and you start noticing that it takes a LONG time to load that video or webpage!

Wireless N gives you up to 300 Mbps of speed. Compare that to 150 Mbps!

If you're trying to access iTunes, YouTube, your e-mail, a webpage, or anything online... this is the difference between waiting 20 agonizing seconds for a page to load or just 2 seconds.

Never deal with a slow load time again!

Wireless-N increases your wireless range!

The older wireless worked by just sending the signals EVERYWHERE it could and hoping they ended up at the device trying to use them.

It's pretty consistent if you're in the same room as your router, but you probably noticed how bad your WiFi gets when you start moving away or put a wall or two between you and the router...

...This Wireless-N adapter has a technology called "Intelligent Antenna Technology" that lets you transmit multiple streams of data which enable you to receive wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home.

That means better range, and less chance for lost connections! YEAH!

It also means you can maintain higher WiFi speeds at longer range. We've NEVER been closer to making wired connections obsolete!

We have so much to hook up online, like steaming HD movies, television, or games on smartphones, music players, laptops, and tablets.

Wireless N can handle all that we want to hook up to the internet!

So when you're trying to read e-mails but your wife and kids are watching Netflix or Hulu, you won't even notice.

If you're concerned your old router won't work, DON'T BE!

This Wireless N adapter works with ANY of the old standards so replacing your wireless adapter won't be a headache. Just pop this in where you had the old one plugged in and you're good to go!

EVERYONE can make use of this, all you need is a wireless connection for your device and this adapter lets you use it!

With the touch of a button you can have a secure connection to a wireless network! This adapter supports the latest wireless security features to help prevent unauthorized access. With WPA and WPA2 you will have the best possible encryption available!

Now I am sure you are thinking "ok, this is perfect. But, what's the price?" Well, I am here to tell you, you're not gonna pay $100 or even $25 for a WiFi adapter like this! We've got 'em for much CHEAPER!

ONLY $14.97!

$14.97 !Imagine yourself cruising across the web at neck breaking speeds!


It's ALL About You!


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