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- 2016-08-29

A Frustrating Task Made Simple!

Have you ever tried to get your data OFF your phone?


Not only is it a pain to have to connect your phone to your PC just to transfer, finding the files is just as bad!

(And let's not get into hoping your computer recognizes what you're trying to DO with your phone, instead of just trying to update or charge it)

You can't even transfer over WiFi without paying for an app!


Check THIS out!

It works on computers.

It works on Android phones.

It even works on Android TABLETS!

Plug it in. Save your data. Transfer it ANYWHERE!

No cords, no weird software, no hunting for files... just save your pictures to the flash drive & plug it into your PC!


The genius is in the simple design! It's a standard USB connector on one end, and a micro-USB connector on the other!

(Everyone in the world just went "Oh man, I should've thought of that!")

If you've ever used a card reader for your memory cards because you were tired of hooking your camera up to your computer... this is kinda like that, except even BETTER!

It's just like a flash drive!

That means it's simple, fast, and AWESOME! All you have to do is plug it in to the device you're using and move the files onto it!

Now you can finally get all your photos and videos off your phone to share them on your computer!

But this isn't a one-way street!

If you're trying to get music, or maybe a movie on your phone or tablet? It's JUST as easy!

Simply plug this flash drive into your computer, drag the files into it, and then connect it to your mobile device!


I can't tell you how excited I am about this! I absolutely HATED data transfers between my mobile devices and my computer. It was ALWAYS a pain... not anymore!


If you don't need to transfer some data right now, you can use it as extra storage! But it STILL works with everything for that!

16 extra gigs is a LOT, especially on a smartphone or tablet!

Those devices don't come with a lot of storage... so you're increasing storage by up to 50%!

Squeeze some extra music on your phone even though the internal storage is full! Keep a backup of your PC's most important documents and photos!

This device does EVERYTHING and it makes it look so easy!

Hold Onto Your Jaw...

...because it's about to hit the floor!

These are an AMAZING deal! But check out just how amazing they are!

You could get the 16 GB drive for just $14.97!


Make sure you get it quick! These kinda flash drives ALWAYS sell out quick!

The sale WILL end Tuesday - but it might end sooner if we sell out of these completely!


Forget EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Flashlights!

Nothing you've used before compares to what just arrived here. This thing is top of the line, cream of the crop, the Big Cheese... WHATEVER you want to call it... it's the down-right most incredible flashlight you'll EVER use!

Think of ALL the problems you've ever had with your current flashlight: The light is too dull. You can't get the focus right. It feels like it's gonna break in your hand.


It's earned every part of that name! It uses high-intensity Cree LEDs that last over 100,000 hours! This is the kinda technology trusted by the top military and police forces! Talk about heavy-duty!


Let's start with the most important part...


All I can say is OOOOH YEAH! This thing is B-R-I-G-H-T BRIGHT!

You're gonna get light that shines HUNDREDS of feet away! This is NOT your everyday kinda device!

Save A TON on Batteries!

Right off the bat, this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The WORST part of flashlights is that if you can't find batteries, you're outta luck!

Or even worse, dropping HUNDREDS on batteries over the years! That gets expensive!

No matter where you go, you can power this baby up without having to drop an extra fortune!

You get HOURS of lighting with each full charge, too!

Just pop 'em in the battery shell and you're good to go!

It's got more than just brightness! Three different modes open up TONS of utility!

Press that button once: You get the low-intensity beam. That gives you a softer light that lets you see what you need to see without wakin' up the neighborhood!

Press it twice: Now we're cookin'! This is the high-intensity beam that you've been dreaming of!

Do NOT look directly at this thing! Shine it across the yard, down the road, or over the field! You're gonna see EVERYTHING!

Here's where it gets cool: The THIRD press gives you the self-defense STROBE effect! It's bright as heck and if you shine this directly at someone it is extremely disorienting!

I've NEVER understood why this isn't standard on every flashlight! It's so essential, but only the really quality ones seem to have it!

With the simple twist of the focusing head, you can turn a wide, flooding light into a sharp, focused one.

That means you have the option between illuminating an entire yard or hitting a specific area with a beam as bright as the Sun!

And the adjustable focus works with all the different available lighting modes too!

It even comes with an emergency safety wand adapter. It turns the flashlight into one of those cool guiding lights similar to the ones you see the runway workers use at airports!

This thing is HANDS DOWN the most reliable, durable, brilliant little flashlight you'll EVER use.

Once you have this in your hands, you'll never find another flashlight that compares!

There's a REASON these are the kinda ones military outfits use!

Despite all the power, utility, and technology packed into these... they're only $14.97!

A full tactical rechargeable flashlight + accessory kit? For HALF the price of the competition? Yeah... you KNOW these are gonna sell out fast! Hurry over to the store!

Remember the good old days when TV was free? Well, the good news is - the best TV is still free.

Yeah, your cable or satellite provider is charging you a fortune for TV stations, you don't even watch - BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

These days you can already watch most of the stuff they show on cable for free on the Internet. But what you can't watch on your computer is what you want to see most, local news, sports and your favorite network programs live when they air!

It hooks up to your HDTV in a flash. Just plug it into your TV using the included coaxial cable,  and BOOM you've got yourself some cool HIGH DEF 1080i HDTV!

It's super-light-weight and ultra-thin! Just over an inch thick and stylishly slim-lined. It looks good everywhere!

This takes all the hassle of finding channels away!

You paid a lot for that HDTV, but some cable companies charge you extra for a high-definition picture! Why pay extra?

You see it all the time now, cable and satellite providers getting into fights with local TV stations and pulling your favorite channels.

No local news, no big game... None of the things you got cable for in the first place!

Even if you're planning on keeping your satellite or cable subscription, this digital antenna is great to have as back up.

With all the contract disputes going on between cable and satellite companies, you need this antenna as insurance!

It used to be, having an antenna just brought in two maybe three channels, but nowadays - there's way more.

But most cable and satellite providers don't even bother to show it to you. Here in my town, you can pull in sixteen channels over the air from the network affiliates, but only if you have an antenna!

As long you live somewhere where you can pick up local TV signals - you can have HDTV signals with no monthly fee!

"We used to get about 30 basic channels for free through our cable line. That ended rather suddenly and the cable company wanted to charge us $16.99 a month to get the channels back. I ordered this antenna and voila! The channels are back and just as clear as ever. Works great with our brand new tv." - S. M."

"Works really, really well. Can't get over how nice the picture is compared to the poor feed we were getting on our basic cable." - M. J.

"I must say that I was surprised by the quality signal received by this antenna! Although it is not powered, I received multiple local channels with very clear pictures. This is an excellent antenna!" -K. H.

IT'S ONLY $19.97!! This thing is less than a FRACTION of your monthly bill... and it has NO recurring fees!


Stop getting ripped off!  Click the store link below and get this brand-name flat digital antenna for only $19.97!

Due to the AMAZINGLY LOW price we've got these at, we can not accept coupons on it. We are sorry... Don't wait until they pull your favorite channel off the air. Get yours for only$19.97  while they last. If there are any left on Tuesday , it's going to cost you $39.97 !

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