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- 2017-01-21

Hey everyone Steve here and I’m going to keep this simple. 
We have a deal of a lifetime on MASSIVE 128GB 3.0 flash drives.
First off, yeah, you read that right - we’re talking 128 whopping gigs of storage goodness right at your fingertips, coupled with the fastest USB connection you've ever had. This is beyond ideal for backing up or transporting photos, video, and more. 
Think about all you can store on it - probably every file, photo, and video on your hard drive with room to spare.
Ever run out of space? Not anymore! The KING of flash drives just walked into your life!
It’s bat-poop crazy to mess with dozens of smaller flash drives when all your stuff will fit on just ONE massive drive, isn’t it? Why take a chance on losing bits and pieces of your digital life with a bunch of smaller drives? (You know the drawer you keep ‘em in eats them.)
Why not keep all your files in one easy to locate place with MASSIVE storage that you can access with a quickness?
You may be thinking that the speed of your USB drive DOESN'T matter. But it totally does! USB 2.0 is redicuously slower than you would think. You don't even notice how slow it is until you use a USB 3.0!
I mean heck, I used to think putting some pictures on a flash drive was SUPPOSED to take 15 min... Then I got a 3.0 USB drive and WOW 15 min dropped down to 90 seconds - THATS 13 1/2 EXTRA minutes I have to do other stuff!
Here - let me SHOW you!
NOW How could you not want all that storage to have that kind of speed!
Until now, if you wanted storage of this magnitude, you’d have to pay dearly for the privilege.
Not today, not for you. 
Look at what other places are selling these for!
Today only, you can get this for just $34.97!
Pretty much the biggest no-brainer of all time. 
Check it out, but you need to move fast. There are only a handful of these available and once they sell out, it could be years before we see them again for this kind of price!
PS - Seriously - less than a hundred of these at this price. You’d have to be crazier than an outhouse rat to miss this one!



Guys, I have got a kicker of a deal for you today!

One of my suppliers just gave me a sweet deal on an awesome LIGHT UP charging cable  that can charge just about ANYTHING!

A charging cable is a must for all of your portable devices!  Without one you're dead in the water! So why are they all so expensive?

So Many Questions! One Perfect Answer! And this one is practically a steal!!!

OH MAN is this thing COOL!

And to boot, this is ONE LONG CABLE! At a whopping two and a half feet long, you'll be able to finally put your phone or tablet on the table while it's charging instead of the floor!

Oh, I almost forgot! While it's charging, enjoy the COOLEST light show EVER! Yeah, you read that right! You know this thing is working because it gives you a neat light show while charging!

Now you might expect to pay upwards of $15 or more per cable... But I told you that I got a DEAL OF A LIFETIME on these! So for just $4.97 you can replace all those other charging cables with just this ONE!

But ya gotta hurry up! Supplies are low and once this is gone they are gone!

JFK: 50 Year Commemorative Collection (6 Disk Set)- Sale Price $14.97
(Original Retail $34.99)

It has been 50 years since President Kennedy was in the White House. Witness the most important moments of his 1,000 days as president in JFK 50 Year Commemorative Collection featuring more than 8 hours of content from the United States National Archives and the Collection of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. - Click For Full Review

North America's National Parks DVD- Sale Price $12.97
(Original Retail $39.99)

Explore some of North America s most celebrated landscapes in North American National Parks DVD Collector s Set. Filled with overwhelming and astonishing glimpses of nature s most glorious wildlife, waters, wildflowers, sunsets, mountains and meadows, this DVD collection will take you on four unforgettable, mind-blowing journeys. - Click For Full Review

Instant Immersion Italian Audio CDs - Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $14.99)

This 3-lesson course uses the audio-lingual language-learning method, which emphasizes listening and repeating, and is reinforced by practice drills. Instead of focusing on grammar instruction, sentence structure, or the rules for writing, this Instant Immersion program is designed to quickly and effectively familiarize learners with the conversational aspects of a new language. The lessons cover beginning topics, such as alphabet, sounds, basic words, introductions and gender differences. A 66-page PDF course workbook is included with the audio and contains a full transcript of the lessons along with quizzes to help further reinforce what you’ve learned and to gauge your progress. - Click For Full Review

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