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- 2014-09-02

This Sucks!

And It's A GOOD Thing!

Our first item below is a super cool, crazy popular USB vacuum that every computer user needs! (see the info below - you'll understand). 


We have some really (and I mean REALLY) cool items below that you just gotta see. Make sure you scroll down and grab all the deals you can!

You are not gonna believe what we've put in this newsletter today!

Have a GREAT Monday err, Tuesday!



Can you guess what one of the most vulnerable areas of your computer is?


Whether you're using a laptop or desktop, one thing's for certain: crumbs, hair, lint and dirt will DESTROY your keyboard!

If you're using a laptop, guess what? The entire motherboard sits directly under the keys... and you DO NOT want to damage that! Not to mention, laptop or desktop, once enough grime gets between the keys, you will NOT BE ABLE TO TYPE ANY MORE!

AND...let's not even get started with how disgusting the average desk can be! You wanna talk about dust and dirt getting into the crevices of your computer... your desk is a haven house for dirt, hair and crumbs that are eager to destroy your computer!

The Best Way To Keep That Area Clean...

...Is To Make Cleaning It EASY!


No more gnarly crud under your keyboard inhibiting your typing and ruining your motherboard. No more grime in the corner of your desk just waiting to get inside of your computer.

This BRAND NEW design is packed full of features that make it the absolute last mini vacuum you'll ever need.

HUGE Power - Compact Package!

The first thing you'll notice about this thing is the size. Small enough to stow away in your briefcase of book bag, this can be kept on your desk without getting in the way. At all.

In fact, this guy is meant to be left in your desk drawer or, to sit inconspicuously in the corner, just waiting to eliminate ALL the mess.

But don't let the size fool you, this thing is one mighty vac!

It's USB Powered!

This guy was meant for your computer, and it's got the hardware to prove it! Included in this package is a power cord that plugs into the vacuum at one end...and into the USB slot of your computer on the other end! It's THAT EASY to get sucking!

Simply hook it up to your computer and immediately suck away all the dirt and grime! It's a universal USB end, so it'll plug into ANY USB port! No batteries to worry about, no AC power cords that are either too long or not long enough...just simple, uncompromising power and convenience!

Amazing Suction Power!

Let's be honest. You'll probably need some high power in order to thoroughly clean your keyboard/computer/desk.

This thing is no joke: you'll immediately feel the sucking power and know that you're dealing with a high-quality mini-vacuum - not some cheap junk that's gonna break down on you in a week.

But no matter what, you can rest assured that you're getting rid of harmful debris - and that doesn't SUCK!

What Can it Clean? There's NO LIMIT!

No matter how small that garbage is, trust me - with the LED light on, you'll see EXACTLY what you're sucking up! This bright light, as you can see, is found at the bottom side of the top of the vacuum. It points down, shining SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHT into all those dark little crevices and corners - you won't miss a thing!

You'll be shocked, and probably a little disgusted, by how much grime this bright light will reveal. But not to worry - it's all about to disappear!

That's one of the great features found on this guy: you know it's working because you can SEE THE RESULTS!

Comes With A Brush Attachment - DOUBLE Your Cleaning Power!

The brush is fantastic! This is EXTREMELY USEFUL for that stuck-on grime. After dust settles for a while, it starts to get hard and sticky. Use this brush tip to knock it loose while you suck it up! This attachment is great for those with extra dirty computers to clean.

Performs Like a Million Bucks.

On Sale for Less than $7!

That's right! This high-quality, super powerful mini-vacuum can be yours for just $6.97!!!

That's a lifetime of clean, flawlessly functioning keyboards, computers and more for less than ten bucks!

PS: We have a limited supply of these on hand - don't miss your chance to get yours today! Once they're gone, they might be gone for good!

You Know What's Just Foolish?

Using Paper Towels to Clean Your Glasses! REALLY?!?!

You’ve been ignoring your optician’s warnings, haven’t you?! They weren’t kidding when they said that wood-based products like tissues and paper towels will scratch your lenses – permanently!


And what about your sensitive electronics? Touchscreens? Monitors? Televisions? They get dirty and smudged up too...

Why even clean 'em, if you're just going to ruin 'em?

You need this MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth!

It'll be the LAST Cloth You'll EVER Buy!

Seriously, for less than the price of lunch, you can get a cloth that was actually meant for cleaning your eyeglasses and electronics! SAFELY!

And you'll never have to worry about replacing it, either - it's woven strong and it'll NEVER wear out!

Plus it's big enough for ANY job!

This guy is programmed to defeat dirtiness of all kinds!

So, keep those lenses clean and clear! And once your glasses are clean, you’ll probably notice a lot more things! Like all that dirt on your electronic equipment!

It’s OK!




Some materials just instinctively attract crud - it's like dirt, dust and lint are magnetized to them! And really, they are, due to the static electricity they create! All you're doing with those other rags is wiping dust right back onto what you're trying to clean off.

Talk about counter-productive!

BUT NOT WITH THIS CLOTH! This material is actually anti-static and will not attract lint or dust - it'll just eliminate it from your electronics for a clear, clean finish!

So it won't leave some greasy, streaky residue. Use it once, and you'll see: it's the BEST cleaning cloth EVER!

Here’s the bottom line! You can clean your eyeglasses safely, with no scratching, no residue, no smearing.

You get to see clearly again and again!

AND because of this cloth’s special properties it will safely snatch all that crud off your electronic equipment too, like your TV screen, monitor, cell phone etc.!

And then you can wash it and reuse it over, and over, and over! It even comes with its own carrying pouch!

The BEST part...  It's REALLY inexpensive!

That's right - for today and today only, you can get the MicroFiber cloth for just $0.97!

Can I ask you a quick question?

Do you keep your computer connected to a surge protector?
Of course you do - stupid question, right?
Well, what about your laptop, phone, and tablet?
Well, you should! After all, they were expensive, why not keep them protected?
Yeah, that’s what I thought!
Here’s the thing. So many times when we travel, we forgo the simple idea of keeping our laptops, phones, tablets, and other electronics connected to a surge protector. We act as if somehow surges can't happen on a trip!

Think about it - you don’t know what your neighbors at the hotel are hooking into the wall socket, do you? You have NO CLUE about the reliability of the wiring in the hotel either!
I mean, do you want to risk your expensive electronics on some lady in the next room blowing everything out with her hair dryer??? Or maybe a passing thunderstorm attacking the hotel’s wiring? 
 Heck, what about plugging into random receptacles at the airport?
 At restaurants?
 Conference rooms?
 Other businesses?
 Even a relative’s house?
Who knows what may happen?!?
When you think about it, it actually makes MORE sense to use a surge protector when you’re traveling than it does at home!
And yet, almost no one takes a surge protector with them - and then they wonder why their stuff doesn’t work right anymore - or not at all. 
I know, I know, the last thing you want to do is pack some big, bulky surge protector when you travel - and I hear ya!

It’s the amazing Belkin Travel Surge Protector and it’s here to save your electronics from frying’ at the socket! And hey, for this kind of money it’s CRAZY not to grab a couple!
Just plug this in and the LED indicators will light up to show you that you are protected from surges and that your connection is grounded!
The reason this is so totally sweet is that many surge protectors have NO indication to warn you that they are no longer effective - but this does! You’ll ALWAYS know if you’re protected!
So, not only can you keep your laptop or tablet safe, you can also charge your phone knowing that an errant surge isn’t going to fry the thing while you sleep!
Oh, and you are not going to believe the price!
We're talking just $5.97! 
Think about how much your laptop, phone, or tablet would cost to replace - talk about cheap insurance! Total no-brainer if you ask me. Check it out and get ‘em before they’re gone!
PS - It’s crazy to travel without a surge protector, and this compact little unit not only protects your expensive electronics, but it’s dirt cheap. Why not grab a couple - you’ll be glad you did!

Ever have this happen before?

"What'd the doc say?"

"He told me I need to... uhh... he said the muscle will heal as long as I... dangit, I don't remember."


And sometimes that information is CRUCIAL!

We use glasses to supplement our vision, we use hearing aids to hear better... why aren't ya using a recorder to help remember stuff?!

Oh right, because most of them are way too EXPENSIVE!

You used to have two options:

You could go with a $70 recorder to give you real audio quality, or you could go with an $5 piece of junk that's so bad you can't even understand the recorded audio.

We managed to hunt down an incredible voice recorder!

Oh, and it's CRAZY inexpensive!

Pretty sweet, huh?

Record Now, Listen Later!

The WORST part of standard recorders is they don't actually "save" anything. They just hold onto it until you record over it.

Not only does that mean you can upload it to your PC or laptop to store forever - it means you can "organize" your recordings.

It stores files just like a flash drive would, so when you plug it into your computer the files pop up immediately and you can listen, transfer them to your computer, or save them for later!

Yep! You won't get stuck "surfing" through one continuous recording to find the specific part you need!

Turn it on, it starts, turn it off, it stops and saves that whole "part" to one file. Turn it back on right after and it's recording in a separate audio file!

It was already gonna save you tons of stress, but now it's gonna save you TONS OF TIME!

(Not that we're encouraging it, but this is even perfect for more... "discrete recording." Now you can finally catch your Aunt Lily tellin' one of her inappropriate jokes with PROOF!)

Yeah, those dinky tape recorders can't do that!

You could turn this on, set it down ALL DAY and it'll record the WHOLE thing!

If you tried that with a regular tape recorder? You'd get maybe 2 hours before you ran outta space & then the batteries would die out and you'd have to replace those too!

Use this recorder for WEEKS without needing to recharge or make space! When you need to remember your groceries real quick, when you take a trip to the doctor's, then when you're at a meeting at work.

Steve Lays The Price SMACKDOWN!

Recorders at this quality would cost you upwards of $60

I did a quick search for 2GB voice recorders and this was the first thing that popped up:

Why pay double the price for the same high-quality audio you can get from this discrete rechargeable recorder?

For a limited time only, we've got these for just $21.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!

Click the link below!

This price is ONLY going to stay so long as our supplier lets us get them as the crazy low price we did - so next time you see these they might not be at such a bargain!


Your laptop speakers are the WORST!

It's funny to think about, but using your laptop speakers is one of those times you'd be better off having NOTHING. I don't know about you, but I'd certainly prefer silence to those tinny, distorted, low-quality speakers!

Seriously, what is it with those things?

They take up WAY too much space on your desk, and you're wasting a valuable plug port on your computer or power strip to run them.

Toss in a long, obtrusive cord taking up space on your desk and you're probably left wondering why you even bother with them in the first place.  

If you're ready for a change, pay close attention: this brilliant set of speakers are USB powered and streamlined! 

Oh, and fantastic sound, too - check these out!

I hope you're ready to free up a TON of desktop real estate.  

I hope you're ready for 100% SUPERIOR sound.  

I hope you're ready to fall in love, because these speakers are TOPS!

USB Powered Awesomeness! First thing's first here. Never again will you have to worry about trying to find a plug for your speakers. No more wasting valuable AC or powerstrip outlets to get audio on your PC. No more cords coiling around your desk, cramping your work style.

See, they're powered by the USB port, and you just stick the universal 3.5mm jack into the appropriate spot on your computer and BOOM - you're now experiencing superior sound quality.  And speaking of sound...

Loud & Clear - Amazing Sound Quality!

Of course, this is the big deal.

If you listen to anything with your computer or laptop, these are going to be a sound for sore ears!

As if it were a surprise to anyone, the speakers built into your laptop or the ones that came free with your PC aren't necessarily... the highest quality. In fact, it was probably farmed out to the lowest bidder so they could cut costs.

Speaking of size, these will fit anywhere. ANYWHERE! No desk is too small. If your laptop/computer can fit, these DEFINITELY will find a place!

Look, you NEED speakers for your computer. You could run out to the store to buy a $50 set... or you could get the same quality from these bad boys for a WAY better price:

JUST $12.97!

YES! $12.97 for this awesome pair of speakers! But only if you order today! Hurry to the store with the link below!

Enough Storage For Everyone!

It's a brand new flash drive for just $1.97!!

What else do I need to say?!

Look: big flash drives are great... if you need them!

But unless you're moving data back and forth for a tech job, or storing a big computer backup... chances are, you probably only need a few gigs of space!

Photos only take up a few megabytes, and documents only a FRACTION of a megabyte!

The point is, you wouldn't waste your time driving out to a football field just to play catch with your kid!

So why are you spending $30 for a flash drive if you only need 1/16th of its space?

Back in the day, computer hard drives weren't even this big!

So for $1.97 you can STILL store all your documents, photos, and even some songs... without having a bunch of wasted space and wasted cash!

Did I mention how cheap these are? Just $1.97!

That's less than a dollar per gigabyte for a fancy new flash drive you're gonna love!

Of course, if you don't grab one or two quick, you'll miss out entirely. These practically disappear from our shelves they go so quick!

PS - The sale ends Wednesday and these go up to $6.97!

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