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- 2014-11-26


Hey everyone, I've got something special that's going make Black Friday discounts look like a joke: because you're getting this stuff FOR FREE!

You can't beat that, huh?

That's right: if you place ANY order today (11-26-2014) then you will be prompted to add the WorldStart Gift Bag to your cart at no additional cost!

Inside you get not one, not two, but THREE completely free gifts!

If you didn't see above, let me show you exactly what you get:

Awesome, right? And it's all completely free.

Just remember, ONLY orders placed today are eligible to add this to your cart. When tomorrow rolls around, you'll be out of luck!

So please, please, please make sure to get your order in today!

PS - The entire store is still on sale through the 30th, so you can order ANYTHING we have and you know it's at the lowest price it can be. So don't wait, get it today to save big AND get your free stuff.

HDTV Without and HDMI Cable: What a WASTE!
If this has happened to you, don't worry - you're not alone! You finally get that HDTV after suffering through years of blurry, fuzzy sports games and television programs. Good for you!  So you bust through the door, give your old TV a swift kick in the...antenna, and immediately set up your shiny new piece of technology...

Then the depression sets in...because you flip it on, get it programmed, and the picture looks no different than that old TV now cowering in the corner with a bent antenna...what's going on?  Did you just burn $1500 or so?

Whether your new HDTV is LCD, DLP, Plasma or anything else, your picture will remain blurry until that HDMI cable is hooked up.  Once it's like heaven in a box!

Seriously -  Other cables simply can't provide the bandwidth you need to get HD video to your TV at full resoultion.

Bottom line: if you've got the HDTV, you MUST have an HDMI Cable!

And if you've got an HDTV hooked up and ready to go, do you REALLY want to have to get back there and fiddle with it later?

That means no risk of it getting tugged out, damaging your TV, cord, and preventing you from having to rummage back behind there!

The Price is RIGHT!

Here's a simple equation:

Box Store Price: $16.99 - Worldstart Price: $4.97

What make more sense to you?

Same cable, same quality.  Which one are you gonna choose?  Oh - and for anyone who would like some proof, go ahead - observe!

Bottom line: If you've got an HDTV and you're not using an HDMI cable, you're not watching HiDef TV - you're really not.

Finally - A Little Sanity!

My special locking HDMI cable is just $4.97!!

Anyone with an HDTV who's not using a cable is like a guy who won't drive his Ferrari past 25MPH! Grab one today!

PS - Get yours today...the price is going up to $7.97 Sunday!

Can I ask you a quick question?

Do you keep your computer connected to a surge protector?
Of course you do - stupid question, right?
Well, what about your laptop, phone, and tablet?
Well, you should! After all, they were expensive, why not keep them protected?
Yeah, that’s what I thought!
Here’s the thing. So many times when we travel, we forgo the simple idea of keeping our laptops, phones, tablets, and other electronics connected to a surge protector. We act as if somehow surges can't happen on a trip!

Think about it - you don’t know what your neighbors at the hotel are hooking into the wall socket, do you? You have NO CLUE about the reliability of the wiring in the hotel either!
I mean, do you want to risk your expensive electronics on some lady in the next room blowing everything out with her hair dryer??? Or maybe a passing thunderstorm attacking the hotel’s wiring? 
 Heck, what about plugging into random receptacles at the airport?
 At restaurants?
 Conference rooms?
 Other businesses?
 Even a relative’s house?
Who knows what may happen?!?
When you think about it, it actually makes MORE sense to use a surge protector when you’re traveling than it does at home!
And yet, almost no one takes a surge protector with them - and then they wonder why their stuff doesn’t work right anymore - or not at all. 
I know, I know, the last thing you want to do is pack some big, bulky surge protector when you travel - and I hear ya!

It’s the amazing Belkin Travel Surge Protector and it’s here to save your electronics from frying’ at the socket! And hey, for this kind of money it’s CRAZY not to grab a couple!
Just plug this in and the LED indicators will light up to show you that you are protected from surges and that your connection is grounded!
The reason this is so totally sweet is that many surge protectors have NO indication to warn you that they are no longer effective - but this does! You’ll ALWAYS know if you’re protected!
So, not only can you keep your laptop or tablet safe, you can also charge your phone knowing that an errant surge isn’t going to fry the thing while you sleep!
Oh, and you are not going to believe the price!
We're talking just $5.97! 
Think about how much your laptop, phone, or tablet would cost to replace - talk about cheap insurance! Total no-brainer if you ask me. Check it out and get ‘em before they’re gone!
PS - It’s crazy to travel without a surge protector, and this compact little unit not only protects your expensive electronics, but it’s dirt cheap. Why not grab a couple - you’ll be glad you did!


The Best Way To Charge!

You KNOW you need a better charging solution. You've been having to unplug a bunch of stuff just to make sure your iPod, phone, MP3 player, etc don't die right when you walk out of the house.

So you say "Hey, I'm just gonna go to the big box store to get one of those GREAT wall chargers..."

Don't blow 30 bucks on a USB charger at your local Big Box Store! And don't pay even MORE at your local Cell Phone Store!

The amount of money you'd spend on on a USB charger there is RIDICULOUS!

But, if you use any kind of a USB device, this is a MUST-HAVE! This USB Wall Charger easily allows you to adapt your USB charging cable to work from any 110V AC outlet!

The awesome part is we're charging less - A WHOLE LOT LESS when compared your Big Box Store or Cell Phone Store!

Now, sure some of the chargers come with different cables and cords...but you don't need all that. All you need is the USB cable that came with your device... AND THIS!

So, all ya gotta do is plug your USB cord into the wall adapter (and the device you're using of course) and you're good to go! You can use it to charge your iPod, MP3/MP4 player, PDA or mobile phone! Talk about ease of use ~ this is going to make traveling so much easier!

Not only will this charge up two of your devices in a snap, you can use it to power devices that run off USB!

Got a USB fan? Light? Mini vac? Just pop 'em in this thing to get a quick USB device working away from your computer!

Two USB Ports Come At One Amazing Deal!

You can snag one of these handy charges for just $2.97! IS THAT INSANE OR WHAT?!

PS - The price will increase to $6.97 on Sunday so be sure to get your order in today to take advantage of the great savings!

Never in my life, did I think I would be this excited about a measuring spoon. A measuring spoon is a measuring spoon, you can't really re-invent the wheel...or can you?

Amazing Magnetic Spoon Sticks Right On Your Fridge

Say goodbye to digging in drawers for measuring spoons. Measuring spoons are never where you need them to be and you'll always find yourself rummaging in a drawer when your hands are already covered with flour or sauce from cooking. WHAT A PAIN! 

You could just grab a soup spoon, but accurate measurement is so important when you're cooking or baking. That shortcut could ruin your entire dinner. You'll end up with flat cake or an unbearable spicy sauce. Yuck!

You need an accurate measuring spoon, but you also need to be able to find it.

The Cucina Vita Magnetic Measuring Spoon is the spoon you've been waiting for. Yeah, I know... You didn't know you were waiting for a spoon, but when you see this you'll say...



Each delightfully decorative spoon is really 4 SPOONS IN ONE!  One end measures Tablespoon and Half-Tablespoon and the other Teaspoon and Half-Teaspoon. The four most common measurements in one handy spoon that sticks on the fridge or any other metal surface!

Plus they are so cool to look at!

And they aren't just for cooking. Use them anywhere you need a measuring spoon. They make great coffee scoops.

Perfect for the laundry room and great for the garden shed or medicine cabinet.

Anywhere you need a small scoop or a measuring spoon, just stick the Cucina Vita Magnetic Spoon on a metal surface and you are good to go!

You could also slip it in a drawer, but these are too darn cute to hide!

They make great refrigerator magnets, too! The strong magnets keep pictures, memos, menus and kids' masterpieces in place, plus you have a spoon when you need it!

You know you want more than one and at only $3.97 , you can afford them. When I showed these to the folks in the office here at WorldStart, they went nuts for them!

Judging by their reaction, these are going to go fast when people have the chance to buy them. So click the store link below to add one or two or ten to your cart before they are all gone!


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