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- 2015-10-06

Ok, you guys are not gonna believe this!

Have you ever wanted to connect your MP3 player, DVD player, or even your TV to a Bluetooth speaker, but you can’t because none of them have Bluetooth technology? Well… Hang on to your hats, because I have found the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) item!

This guy is so insanely cool! All you do is plug this guy into ANYTHING - like a DVD player, TV, or MP3 player. Then pair with a Bluetooth speaker, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself sound no matter where you are!

The easy-to-use audio cable will fit anything that has a 3.5mm audio jack! So you wanna listen to the football game outside on your Bluetooth headset? PERFECT! Just plug this bad boy into your TV, pair it to your device, and you are good to go!

But what if you wanna listen to the game and don’t wanna carry around your phone? EASY! This thing will…

Now you can have two sets of headphones, or maybe a speaker and an earpiece, or whatever you want! Pairing two devices at once will let you to listen to your game and still be able to still take phone calls with your headset!  All while you do something like rake the leaves! TALK ABOUT BEING EFFICIENT!

My favorite use - My tablet! It's awesome, but those tinny little speakers - FORGET ABOUT IT! I've got a great tablet, but it doesn't have Bluetooth - Do I spend a fortune on a new one just for one feature? No way. I just plug this bad boy in and I can listen on my Bluetooth headphones. No more wires tying me to the tablet. It's fantastic!

You’ll never look at Bluetooth technology the same again! It’s not just for your smartphone, anymore! You can decide what you want to make Bluetooth!

Oh and don’t let me forget how LONG this thing will last! For just 1.5 hours of a charge you get

That's what I'm talking about! Yeah!!! I told you this thing is like Bluetooth technology on STEROIDS!

Now I know you’re thinking “geez, this is gonna cost me a small fortune!” NO! It won’t cost you an arm and a leg! For a very limited time, it's just $19.97! See I told you this was a deal!


At a price like this, these things aren't gonna last long, so grab yours today before the sale ends on Wednesday !!!

Hey everyone, I hope you read that all really carefully, because I REALLY want to make sure that nobody misses out on this amazing deal.

Our backup batteries lately have been INSANELY popular... to the point where we've sold out of pretty much every single one we've had.

From Just 1600 mAh All The Way To The Big Ones Like This, They Just KEEP Selling Out.

I have an inbox full of e-mails for people begging me to get more of this one, or more of that one.

Well, I simply can't. But this is still good news...


2200 mAh for UNDER $10! NO JOKE!

I know some of you out there are going "Hey Steve, what ARE these things?"

Well, you know how when you want to charge up your smartphone, your MP3 player, or other device... you need to plug it into a USB port? This is a MOBILE USB port that can charge your device even if you're nowhere near a computer, a laptop, or even a wall adapter.

You can keep it in your glove box, your purse, your pocket, or luggage, and when you need a little extra boost of power for your mobile device, just plug it in to this!

It is invaluable for travelers, campers, business people, or really ANYONE. Because, we all know our phones have a battery life of about 20 minutes, right?

At 2200 milliamp hours, you're talking at LEAST double the power of any typical smartphone. Take your device from 0% to 100%! It Will BLOW YOU AWAY!

So, if you've got an iPhone, Android, or WHATEVER... This guy can charge it! No need to carry around a ton of cables either for all your devices, just put the proper tip on the USB cord and BOOM YOU'RE READY TO GO!


With the fuel indicator light you'll always know how much charge you have left! No more guessing! The light is easy to read! It's just like your gas tank gauge. Red is very low and Green is good to go!

This guy charges up in a flash! Just use the included USB to Micro USB charging split cable. With the split cable you can charge your battery backup and charge your phone - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

To be honest, I used to be a little sceptical of battery backups for USB devices... That all changed now that I have this guy! You'll even find yourself using it at home becuase it's that easy to carry around!

You can get all that for just $9.97!

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to grab yours today!

Grab yours up before Wednesday. Because that's when the sale ends.

Peel & Stick LED Touch Light- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $18.99)

This bright, single touch, LED lights are ideal for power outages, camping, closets, sheds, stairs and recreational vehicles! So easy to install you'll never be caught in the dark again! - Click For Full Review

Black Stereo Earbuds- Sale Price $1.97
(Original Retail $14.97)

The Sentry Stereo Earbuds provide outstanding sound quality while also working to reduce the noise around you! It is perfect for use with your iPod, MP3 player, CD player, and more! - Click For Full Review

USB Outlet W/ Pull-Out Cradles- Sale Price $14.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

This amazing USB Outlet Multiplier holds two smart phones while charging. - Click For Full Review

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