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- 2015-08-04

Hey everyone, Steve here, and I’m going to make this quick - we just received some amazing 2-in-1 Stylus Pens and it’s an item you (yes YOU) are going to LOVE!

You know, one of those things where you say:

First off, FORGET the idea that a stylus has to be plastic and cheap feeling.

This bad boy is all metal and has absolutely perfect balance and weight.

It feels so great in your had you’ll end up looking for excuses to use it!


It'll keep the grime off your screen and make those tiny little buttons MUCH easier to press - and it just oozes quality the entire time!

In fact, it’ll remind you of a really high quality premium pen.

In fact, it’s not just a pen - it’s the kind of pen that makes writing a treat instead of a chore. It feels good, writes amazingly well, and you won’t want to put it down!

Talk about the ultimate one-two punch huh?

I can tell you from personal experience, once you start using a stylus with your touch screen devices, you’ll really wonder how you ever got along without it.

We all get accustomed to staring at a grimy, nasty, smudgy touchscreen. Pretty ironic when you think about it - since you probably purchased your device in part because it had a gorgeous screen, right?

Well, once you start using a stylus, you’ll fall back in love with that beautiful touch screen again since it will actually STAY CLEAN!

And hey, I personally like using a stylus better anyway - seems less clumsy than my clunky fingers and makes the tiny buttons WAY easier to press!

PLUS - no risk of scratches!

PLUS PLUS - You’ll always have a great quality pen handy! (Just don’t let anyone steal this one - it’s a keeper for sure!!)

I can’t recommend this highly enough - once you get it in your hand, it’ll take you all of three seconds to realize you’ll NEVER go back to your fingers or some cheap stylus.


Frankly, these should be selling for a $20 or more - but I did mention a deal, didn’t I?

Yup - how about just $2.97!

For that kind of money, I’d say you’d better grab a handful of ‘em! Check it out at the link below:

Warning - This is a limited quantity item, so if you wait too long these are going to be gone forever - and you’ll be stuck smearing your finger across a slimy, gross touch screen - EEEWWW!!!



Do you ever sit for long periods of time?  When you stand up, does your whole body ache? Is it darn near impossible to find a comportable position to sit? If you have ANY of these issues…

Cushion your tush with 1 MILLION AIR BEADS!  This miracle cushion perfectly conforms to your shape! It actually improve your posture by taking serious pressure off pressure points in your spine.

It has a super- soft removable fleece cover, so it is ultra-comfortable. If your cushion gets a little dirty, don't worry! You can easily pop the cover off and wash it! So feel free to take this guy OUTSIDE and enjoy nice weather. If you attend any kind of kids' sporting events, you know those benches are HARD! Plop this baby down before you plop your backside down and you'll actually enjoy the game!

Stop standing up, rubbing your aching bum and back and asking "WHY AM I SO SORE?"

Use this everywhere you sit. It’s so comfortable, you might not want to stand up! Instead of getting stiff and sore, you’ll actually feel renewed after siting.

Treat yourself for just $12.97! Your derriere will thank you!

CLICK THE LINK BELOW To add one to your cart!

This sale isn't gonna last long so grab yours before Wednesday and give your tuckus a break! 


This Is The One!

Look - you've got a ton of stuff on your computer. Everyone does. Even if you just opened it up yesterday, you probably already have pictures or music or software on that thing!

Eventually, you're going to need more storage space. Or maybe you want to move some data.

Or hey, maybe you're security-conscious and know you NEED to backup some of those important files.

But what you don't need is to be paying those OBSCENE big box store prices! When I got them for just $5.97!!!

Don't believe me that other places have them for double or triple the price? Feel free to head over to any store and see what they are charging!

That is SO much data! It's perfect for moving data, storing data, making backups of important files... it's perfect!

Oh, and I might have forgot to tell you that this flash drive comes with a password- protected folder! Easily set up your own personal and private - password-protected folder for all your information!

IT'S ONLY $5.97!

What else is there to say?

Just this: do NOT expect this deal to last long. If there are any left tomorrow, I'd be shocked! So hop to the store, time is a factor!


I'm not kidding, don't risk missing our on this deal! Grab them today because once they are gone - THEY ARE GONE!

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