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- 2014-10-31

The Only Thing Scary About My Deals Is The Realization That You Might've Paid TWICE This At A Big Box Store!

These are my "secret weapons!"

Beat slow Internet, lost hearing, impossible-to-use outlets, and even cords or cables!

But only if you scroll down and take a good look at everything below!


Whether you're on the computer daily, hourly, or all night... the LAST thing you want to be fighting with is a spotty, "dragging its feet" wireless Internet connection!

E-mails taking forever to load, videos buffering for 10 minutes, and your kids sent you a great vacation photo... but it refuses to download!


You've tried everything! You reset the router, you unplug the modem and plug it back in, you've even called out your ISP to check on the issue!

Guess what?

The solution is WAY simpler than you thought!

You need a LAN adapter that's not holding you back!

See, no matter what kind of Internet you pay for, if your LAN adapter isn't up to par, it's costing you speed and stability! All of the data has to go through there, and poor adapter performance is notorious for being the bottleneck ruining your online experience!

If you never updated your wireless, you're living in the PAST!

Wireless-G is what used to be the standard... so if your laptop or PC is on the older side, you've got a DECADE old adapter trying to handle modern Internet!

This will make a HUGE impact and improve your quality! If you're replacing an older adapter, you're going to INSTANTLY tell the difference!

Not only can it handle ANY home network...

Not only does it setup in SECONDS by simply plugging into a USB port...

Not only will it increase your speeds...


So you get all the benefits of increased coverage without having a GIGANTIC antenna sticking out!

That room you WANTED to use your laptop in, but the Internet always dropped the moment you walked in?

Or maybe your basement/upstairs that never could even FIND the WiFi before?

Now you CAN! And you don't have to have a gigantic antenna sticking out to do it!

You can use this Comtrend adapter anywhere and you won't have to worry!

Talk about being travel-friendly!

It's an eyesore, it blocks other devices, and honestly it puts them at big risk for getting snapped off!

(Once you snap a USB device out of the port... you're going to lose the port too!)

Despite it's mini design, it's still PACKED with power, especially with the internal antenna!

To test it out, we hooked it up to one of the computers in the office that's furthest away from the router!

I went from having a moderate connection to a strong one instantly!

And it STAYED there! No more drops, no more loading errors!

"Hey Steve, what about security?"

Of course! I would NEVER recommend any wireless network device that wasn't secure!

This thing comes with all the standards:

  • WPA
  • WPA2
  • 64-bit WEP
  • And 128-bit WEP!

That means you can do anything from logging into e-mails, to online shopping, to even online banking and you don't have to worry about a thing!

One WICKED Price!

Okay, so get get this...

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I'm selling this monster LAN adapter for just $14.97!

That's cheaper than we usually have wireless adapters that only go to 150 Mbps!

So yeah, this is a deal you do NOT want to miss. Make sure to grab one before they're gone, because you KNOW they're gonna be gone soon!

If these sell out, the sale is OVER! Even if there's a few left, Saturday they go back to $19.97 so don't delay!


Speak UP Sonny... I Can't Hear You!

Hearing is a funny thing. We take it for granted when we're young and sorely miss it when it starts to fade. Of the many, many reasons our hearing starts to fade over time, age and lifestyle are the main culprits.

Maybe your career has been in noisy construction. Maybe you've been to one too many rock concerts. Or maybe age is finally catching up with your eardrums. Regardless of the reason, we can help!

You've GOTTA HAVE these Things!

Comfortable AND Discreet!

Gone are the days of having gigantic contraptions you need to hook to your waist and run headphones up to your ears.

This awesome sound amplifier is 100% built into an earpiece! It looks just like those Bluetooth ones people use with their smartphones!

Once these thing are in your ears, it's going to open up a whole new world of CLEAR HEARING!

Simple to Use - AMAZING RESULTS!

DID YOU HEAR THAT?! Seriously, these are simple to use and yield unbelievably clear results. Even with perfect hearing, you wouldn't be able to clearly hear a conversation going on 60 feet away - but you can with these!

Turn it on and you're all set! There's also an adjustable volume control depending on the level of intensity you need. So, let's just say you're at a bingo hall, or church - crank that volume up, and hear everything!

Perfect for Anyone - You Don't Need a Hearing Problem to Need These!

This is important! Even if you have "20/20" hearing, it's guaranteed that you'll find a use for these!

Here's just a small sampling of people who could use the Loud 'n Clear Sound Amplifiers:

College Students: If you've ever sat in a huge lecture hall, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's kinda hard to hear the professor when you're in an auditorium the size of a football field!

Church Goers and Bingo Players: Really, any extracurricular activity that lands you in an auditorium type setting. Even a movie theater! Whether you're hard at hearing or not, if you're too far away from the action, you won't be able to hear!

International Spies...Well OK - this is just an example; but if you've ever wanted to discreetly hear a conversation going on oh, say 60 feet away...just put these on and adjust the volume!

ANYONE With Hearing Problems: Naturally, that's who these were made for! Keep these with you at all times and pop 'em in when you need to. You'll be BLOWN AWAY by the clarity, comfort and quality!

Amazing Deal Today Only!

We searched high and low to find this deal, and it's only good for a limited time! So if you're having any trouble at all hearing, or if you'd just like to be able to hear better in ordinary circumstances - these are EXACTLY what you need!

So with that said, for today only, this amazing Loud 'n Clear Sound Amplifier can be yours for just $12.97


How many outlets do you have that you CAN'T USE?!

Maybe one behind the couch.

One near the TV stand.

What about those ones in your bedroom?

Despite how many outlets we all have in our homes, we're ALWAYS hunting for a place to plug stuff in. Because half of them are in places that make them IMPOSSIBLE to use!

It takes all those outlets that you can't really use and turns them into MORE outlets that you CAN!

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that simple!

By taking the outlets that face outward and making them face the side, you don't need to have that extra 5-6 inches of clearance to plug in your device!

After all, most devices have big bulky plugs on them (especially home appliances!) so it's always been impossible to put furniture in front of your outlets! With your outlets now being "low profile" you won't have to hunt around to find a different place to plug in your vacuum, TV, computer, or whatever else you need to plug in!

The unique pivoting design gives you a lot more options, too!

For instance, maybe your outlet is too near a corner or something that's right up against the wall! That's okay, because you can just angle the outlets forward a bit!

Or maybe it's one of those BIG plugs and a normal outlet adapter prevents you from using that device at all! Same solution, just pivot the plugs a little outwards!

No matter where you plug this bad boy in, and no matter what you're plugging into it, this swivel adapter is going to make things so much easier to use!

And that's only half of what these awesome Swivel 'n Swirls do! I mean, you can't forget that it gives you MORE outlets too!

Everyone has a spot or two in their house that has that old, worn out socket. Because it's just the prime real estate for plugging stuff in.

The sweeper can hit every corner from that one plug, the lamp that perfectly ties the room together needs to be right there, or the TV stand with all the speakers and Blu-Ray players and cable boxes plugged in...

My point is, you KNOW you could use more outlets here or there. And now instead of just adding one or two, you get FOUR extra plugs!

Here's the deal: I managed to find these just before they sold out! So we have a very limited number of them!

And I got them in at an INSANELY low price that's absolutely killing the competition!

Seriously, I looked around online to see what other reputable sellers had these at... and I was SHOCKED:


And combine that with the insanely low price of just $12.97 - well, you know these are going to sell out quick!

Click the link below to get one before they're gone!

If there ARE any left Saturday, the sale is over anyway, and these go up to $19.97 !



One Button Syncing, And It SAVES Your Synced Devices!

It's The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

It's CRAZY Easy: Plug This In, And You're DONE!

This Amazing Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Gives YOU Syncing Power!

Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Phones, Headsets...


Ditch The Wires, Wireless Is FINALLY Simple!


Bluetooth Is EVERYWHERE!

But if your PC doesn't have compability, it's leaving you in the dust!

Who would've figured upgrading for Bluetooth would just take one tiny little adapter?

Plug this bad boy in your USB port and BOOM! You're livin' in a wireless wonderland!

And you know what? EVERYTHING nowadays has Bluetooth versions!

GPS Units!
MP3 Players!
And TONS More!

And that's just the stuff that I can think off right off the top of my head, too!

Chances are, if it has to work with another device, there's a version of it with Bluetooth!

Just cutting the wires out of the equation is the best part!

No more crawling under the desk.

No more getting tangled up.

No more fighting to get that extra one inch of cable you need to be able to actually USE your device.

But you can do some other REALLY cool stuff like... TRANSFERRING DATA! Yep, some devices fully support transferring data over Bluetooth! That makes it so much easier to update or move files like pictures, music, or more to your portable Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players or devices!

Concerned About Security?

There's no holes in Bluetooth!

Actually, it's even MORE secure than WiFi wireless! And EVERYONE is using that... so you KNOW Bluetooth is going to keep your tech safe!

So whether you're just connecting devices or transferring data from one to another, you don't have to worry even for a second about intruders or prying eyes!

Speaking of Bluetooth Versus WiFi...

You ever notice how when you have WiFi enabled on your phone it drains the batteries WAY faster?

Bluetooth was specifically designed to AVOID that extra drain! That means you can keep it on and ready without turning your 24 hour battery life into a 2 hour battery life!

It's low-power, high-security, infinite convenience! YES!

Bluetooth Just ROCKS!


$5.97! For that kinda price, you'd be CRAZY not to grab one for your computer!

DON'T WAIT UNTIL Saturday! That's when the sale ends and these'll go all the way up to $12.97!!

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