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- 2016-05-03

We all know that severe weather could hit at any time this time of year. And what comes with wicked weather? POWER OUTAGES. When weather emergencies happen (and you know they will), the LAST thing you want is to have  to hunt down batteries for your flashlight or lantern. You've got your smartphone or tablet to help keep you up-to-date on the situation, but what happens if they aren't fully charged when the power goes out?

You'll end up sitting in a dark basement watching the battery power drain down to nothing!

Don't worry! There's one perfect solution to all of your problems.

With a hand crank, you can kiss batteries goodbye! Just turn the crank a few times and you’ve got light! What more can you ask for?!?!

But that’s not all that this thing can do!

The dual options for light make this beauty PERFECT for camping, your car, and your home!

And don’t let the compact design fool you into thinking that this thing isn’t bright! You’ve got 5 SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTS! LED lights are bright, strong, and last practically a lifetime!

So with a couple of turns, you get light AND you can charge your USB powered devices!

Think about this… When an emergency strikes you don’t wanna be left outta the loop on what’s going on. YOU NEED YOUR PHONE to call for help or your tablet to keep up on your local news!

And it's not just for emergencies! How great is this for camping or the beach?

I told you this hand crank lantern with 2 USB was pretty much the coolest thing ever!  How could it get any better? What if you could get this lifesaver CHEAP! For just $19.97!!! That price is so good you can get one for your camper, car, home, and boat!


How annoying is it to have all the outlets in your house taken over by stupid charging ports and cables? It turns into a tangled mess. Your outlets look like there should be a great, big warning sign flashing "Electrocution Danger Zone!" And forget about plugging in your vacuum, because there ain't any open plugs.

Super-easy and convenient charger lets you charge up to 12 devices at once, with JUST ONE outlet! All you do is plug the 12 port charger into a single outlet and plug your devices into one of 12 USB ports!

Oh, and don’t worry about over-charging! This guy has automatic identification for your device's charging needs! That means you can charge up your USB-powered flashlight,   tablet, and cell phone with no need to worry that you'll fry ‘em!

Anything you plug in with a USB cord you can plug into this guy!

Even though it charges up to 12 devices, this thing is COMPLETELY PORTABLE! The compact size lets you take it anywhere!

Now, you can designate a spot in your home where all your devices can charge. This is so much smarter than charging two in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in your bedroom – You’ll have it all in one simple, safe spot!

These guys are so popular that I had to strike a special deal with my supplier! I was only able to get a very limited amount of these at a super-low price!

For just $19.97 you can grab yours up today!

That's a STEAL compared to what other people are charging!


This sale ends Wednesday and if there are any left, the price goes up to $24.97 !

I’m going to keep this simple because we don't have much time!
We just got an unbelievable deal on a HANDFUL of SuperSpeed 16GB 3.0 flash drives! For less than $10 you've got super speeds, super capacity, and meter that tells you HOW MUCH ROOM YOU'VE GOT LEFT!!!
I’d even call it dirt cheap! If I were you, I'd add it to my cart right now! This deal cannot last!
First off, yeah, you read that right - we’re talking 16 whopping gigs of storage goodness right at your fingertips, coupled with the fastest USB connection you've ever had, and a capacity meter so you always know how much room you've got left on your drive. This is beyond ideal for backing up or transporting photos, video, and more. 
Think about all you can store on it!.
Ever run out of space and not know it? Not anymore! The capacity meter will keep you informed on how much space you've used and how much space you've got left!!! NO MORE GUESSING!
Have you added this MASSIVE SuperSpeed Flash Drive to your Cart yet? Do it now before they're all gone!
You may be thinking that the speed of your USB drive DOESN'T matter. But it totally does! USB 2.0 is ridiculously slower than you would think. You don't even notice how slow it is until you use a USB 3.0!
I mean heck, I used to think putting some pictures on a flash drive was SUPPOSED to take 15 min... Then I got a 3.0 USB drive and WOW 15 min dropped down to 90 seconds - THATS 13 1/2 EXTRA minutes I have to do other stuff!
Here - let me SHOW you!
NOW, How could you not want all that storage to have that kind of speed!
Until now, if you wanted a flash drive that does as much as this guy, you’d have to pay dearly for the privilege.
Not today, not for you. 
Today only, you can get this for just $9.97!
Pretty much the biggest no-brainer of all time. 
Check it out, but you need to move fast. Click the store link below NOW!

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