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- 2015-01-25

What more can I say?

This stuff is causing EVERYONE to lose their minds: they're cool, new, and you'll NEVER see them at a better price anywhere in the world!

Scroll down and check them all out ASAP. Stuff like this always sells out quick!


Have you tried these yet?

All I can say is WOW! These are just amazing!

They are a microfiber material and just seem to suck the dust off of stuff! You can say goodbye to dusters that just seem to spread the dust around!

I felt like I was living in some TV commercial watching how easily this took the years of accumulated dust off stuff!

If you've never tried microfiber, trust me, you don't know what you're missing! These are incredible!

You don't even need to use any soap or chemicals, they're just that good!

And they will not scratch surfaces! I've had the experience of a harsh cleanser RUINING a brand-new stove with scratches. So that's really important to me. I want to clean my stuff, not destroy it!

You don't get just one flimsy little cloth, you get a 4-Pack of durable microfiber cloths to handle every household chore imaginable.

Though when you have these helpers on hand, you may not even want to call them chores anymore!

  • You get a Kitchen & Bath Cloth For Keeping Sinks, Countertops & Appliances Sparkling!
  • A Floor Cloth To Bust The Dust & Keep Floors Spotless!
  • A Glass Cloth To Keep Your TV, Computer, Tablets & Phone Screens Dust & Streak Free!
  • Plus An All-Purpose Cloth To Take Care of Walls, Woodwork & Anything Else You Can Think Of!

Of course, all of these are the same cloths. They're just so versatile it feels like they were specially made for each task!

I'm sure you've seen all those disposable cleaning products that you use once and throw out. I mean, they have them for dusting, cleaning counters, cleaning the shower, washing windows, cleaning electronics... Heck they make one for for EVERYTHING! I mean, there's a whole aisle of them at the store.

But they are EXPENSIVE and WASTEFUL. You use them once and throw them away. It's like tossing your money in the trash. You could spend hundreds of dollars a year!

And a 5-pack is only $5.97!

Keeping your house clean will be a breeze! YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE THESE!

Let's go over this deal again! A 5-pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Kitchen, Bath, Floors, Glass & More!

These completely resuable cloths clean your house safely and economically for less than $6! How could you beat this deal?

We have a limited quantity of these available so please click the link to the store below and orders yours right away! I know these are going to go fast. And, with the great price, you definitely don't want to miss the boat on this one!

Get them now! This sale only lasts until Monday and then you'll pay $7.97! 


You Have Had ENOUGH!

Those Dark Rooms Are Drivin' You NUTS!

But Don't Spend $150 On A Brand New Lighting System!


3 Super Bright LEDs - No Wiring At All!

Just Pick It And Stick It...


Closets, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Attics, The List Never Ends!

No Tools, No Wires, No Trouble!


Don't Just Sit In The Dark!

You've tried and tried and tried!

That room, pantry, closet, attic, wherever. No matter what you've tried it's STILL not getting the light you need!

Every time you're in that area you stumble into some hidden furniture, or knock over something expensive, or just can't find what you need!.


You'd LOVE to light that place up but you asked for a quote for some new lighting and they sent you back some CRAZY numbers ($150?! $250?! Are ya kidding?!)


3 LED Lights. No Outlets. No Wiring. NO ASSEMBLY!

This is like one of those inventions that has EVERYONE saying "Oh man, I should've thought of that!"

It's so simple and that's why it's so incredible!

Imagine being able to walk into that dark closet, hallway, pantry, garage or anywhere else you lack light...and being able to turn on 3 super bright LED lights with the tap of your hand! That's what this does!

And it's unbelievably easy to use, too.  There's no assembly required, no electricity, either.  This runs on batteries that last FOREVER (due to the efficiency of LED bulbs).  In fact, you don't even have to use tools to hang it!!

Universal LED Lighting - Tap Technology!

Remember - this is 3 LEDs we're talking about! It's bright and efficient sure, but going ANYWHERE? You don't need wiring, light sockets... anything! Wherever you want this light, just stick it in place! FINALLY!!

Tap It On! Forget about looking around in the dark for the switch.  Don't worry about a pull chain.  All you have to do to turn this thing on is tap it! It's fast and easy without having to scour for that tiny switch!

Tool and Hardware Free Hanging - Pick it & Stick it!

Yep - the old pick and stick. That's the first thing you'll notice about this light.  There's no need to drill it in.  No need for tools and messes.  Just stick the adhesive backing anywhere you need light, and it's hung!

If there's ANY room in your home that doesn't have wiring and you need BRIGHT light, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! 

Works perfectly in your car, too!  

That's right, it's self adhesive, so you can stick it on the inside roof of your car for a FAR better light than that weak yellow overhead bulb.  

We spend a lot of time in the car, and this awesome feature shouldn't be overlooked!

It's Also QUITE the Looker...

It's an elegant looking light, as you can see.  So if you'd like extra light in a common room like a kitchen or living room, you don't have to worry about an eye-sore! 

This light is sleek and slim, and there's no ugly chain hanging down.  Couple that with the stylish color, and you're looking at a nice, fully functional piece of LED art!  Seriously, hang 'em in the kitchen and people are gonna think they cost a fortune!

And Speaking of Costing a Fortune - This Does NOT!

Hey, this is Worldstart you're dealing with, not some big box store! Your price for this super versatile, super bright light?

Just $4.97!

This amazing offer is ONLY good for today, so order now!

PS - Monday the sale ends and these bad boys go all the way up to $8.97 - you'd be CRAZY to wait!


Slower and Slower...

It seems to happen everytime! I know I've had my fair share of it with all the computers I've gone through...

You get it that first day and it's WICKED fast! Everything opens instantly, you boot up in seconds, and there's no freezing or stalling out.

Then as you use it, it gets slower. Software stops functioning properly. Booting up takes a few minutes. Nothing feels the same!

And unfortunately, without some extra help it only goes downhill from there until you're standing at your computer wondering why it won't turn on!


You can make it FASTER!

You can make it EFFICIENT!

You can make it feel BRAND NEW!

One software suite has ALL the tools to do it - and if that weren't cool already, THIS SOFTWARE MAKES IT EASY & SAFE!

First Up is PC TUNE-UP!

Remove Corrupted Files!
Disable Unnecessary Startup Software!
Clear Registry Errors!
Scan For 'Bad' Files w/Suggested Fixes!
Remove Clutter & Clear Space!
Defrag Your PC Quickly!

It all does it with an easy to use interface that makes sure you don't do ANYTHING you don't want it to do!

In fact, PC Tune-Up even backs up all your settings and options so if you change your mind, you can go right back to where your PC was before!

I've had all kinds of issues with tune up software that just "does what it wants" and makes you deal with it... not this software, though! It makes sure you stay in control start to finish!

And after you run it, you get to see THIS lovely screen:

That means your PC is going to start faster. You'll click to open programs and they'll ACTUALLY open instead of taking 45 seconds to start loading. And those stupid error messages you get EVERY time you turn your PC on will go away!

It's like getting your own personal mechanic maintaining your computer's internals! YES!

But that's only one THIRD of this suite!

Your Privacy Is Important - PROTECT IT!

One thing that surprises almost EVERYONE is just how much data and information your computer keeps that you never expected!

Visit a website? Your computer keeps cookies for any logging in or user accounts you setup for it. Settings and recent websites are saved in temp files and options all over your computer.

Remember when you went to get your wife a gift online, and deleted ALL traces of your history... but she STILL found out where you went? It's because just pressing "erase history" isn't enough!

YOU NEED My Privacy Cleaner Pro!

It deletes EVERYTHING that you'll want gone!

Search histories turned INTO history! Recently viewed pages won't pop back up if you don't want them to! And those 'cookies' that got saved without your knowledge? Removed without a trace!

But Privacy Cleaner Pro doesn't stop there! It even removes chat conversations that might've been saved from popular chat software like AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!

The interface couldn't be easier to use and it doesn't just delete those privacy concerns... it gives them a digital shredding that means even the most sophisticated data recovery tools won't get them back!

Clear Search Histories!
Remove Recently Viewed Web Pages!
Delete Chat Logs!
Remove Automatically Downloaded Cookies!
Delete Hidden Downloaded Files!
Clear Out Temp Fles, Recent Documents, And More!

Wow, that sounds awesome!

But you know what? I'M NOT EVEN DONE YET!

There's STILL more software!

SOS Online Backup!

You know what makes a backup useless? If it's just as vulnerable to data loss as your computer!

Hard drives and flash drives are popular for backups, but they can fail too! And what if you're out and about when your laptop crashes? You need those files NOW, you can't wait to get home!

If you saved your backups online you could access them ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

Included with this suite is an ENTIRE YEAR of service from SOS Online Backup! That's up to 150GB of online storage!

Those important financial documents? Your cherished family photos & videos? All your business or office work?

Keep them safe! It's like having a hidden security deposit box for your data!

"But I need to know my data is secure!"

Security is #1 with SOS Online Backup!

With military-grade 3-tiered encryption, NOBODY is going to get access to your backups but you!

It's compliant with government regulations for security and backup - that means this is the kinda stuff they'll even trust top secret data with!

SCHEDULE BACKUPS! Save Your Data Without Even Thinking About It!

That's what makes this software so amazing! You don't have to manually backup all the time!

You can setup hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly backups for specific files and folders to make sure that data is always backed up with the most up-to-date version!

Nothing is worse than going to recover your backup only to find out it hasn't been updated in months!

SOS takes care of that for you! Set it up and FORGET ABOUT IT UNTIL YOU NEED IT!

Three Awesome Programs - ONE CRAZY LOW PRICE!

This is the kinda suite that normally retails for $80! In fact, even THAT would be a steal, because SOS Online Backup is a $199.99 value!

But you know WorldStart better than that!

We took the 'regular' retail price and smashed it, slashed it, and crushed it up into little pieces!


That's a LOT of software for a price like that!

Enhance your computer's performance. Keep your data protected. And even lock down your privacy! All with one suite for one low price of $22.97!

Monday the sale ends and this suite goes to $29.97 - that is, assuming there's even any left by then! With a limited quantity we could sell out at any minute!



The One-Stop Toolshop Lifesaver!

Look, if you're on the road or at home you don't want to be lugging a gigantic toolbox all over the place.

But there is one tool you KNOW you can't be without...

If you think about all the tools you use in your lifetime, there's one that seems to be needed WAY more frequently than others...


Everything needs a screwdriver now! From gadgets to cars to furniture.... and everything in between, you need a screwdriver ten TIMES as much as anything else!

But which one do you grab? The flathead? The Philips head?


This guy right here is the one you need, big job or small, to get it done right, and to get it done quick.


It's got two double-sided bits, for large and small versions of the two common screwdriver types!

That means no matter what you need a screwdriver for, this is the one that'll do it, guaranteed!

And the built-in flashlight is just icing on the cake! How often are you working in a space with perfect lighting? Probably about one time short of NEVER! Stop asking Billy from down the street  to hold a flashlight for ya (besides, he's kinda weird, isn't he?), this has one built right in!

And if that wasn't enough, there's even a level too! You can screw a picture into the wall, not have to worry about bad lighting, AND make sure it's level all at once!



So What's The Deal?

$3.97! There's no excuse not to have this when it comes so cheap! You're talkin' about the one tool that's gonna cover almost EVERYTHING you need to do and it's not even $4!!!

Hurry over to the store before these are ALL gone!

Monday these'll cost ya $12.97 because the sale will end! Don't wait! 


Warmer weather is FINALLY here and we're all enjoying it!

That's why I was so excited to find your new and amazing healthy body buddy that's gonna help you keep track of your daily health and exercise progress!

I know what you're thinking - what's so special about this just tells time, right?

Well, this isn't your typical run of the mill watch - it does a whole lot more than tell time!

This Smart Health Walking Heart Rate Monitor is gonna BLOW - YOUR MIND!

This is the fully loaded Mercedes of heart rate monitors!! Even better, it's perfect for men AND women!

All ya gotta do is strap this baby on your wrist and it's ready to go! To measure your heart rate you just touch the sensor for a few seconds. You'll get an precise reading - heck, it's as accurate as an EKG machine and measures 30-240 bpm (beats per minute)!

It'll even alert you if your heart rate is too low or too high.

Pretty impressive, huh?

It's like having a personal health assistant wrapped around your wrist!

Plus, this even comes with a Pedometer that tracks your total number of steps, distance, and speed in just the press of a button!

It has a built-in Accelerometer chip that will give you accurate results!

Oh, and it's super easy to set up too! Most heart-rate monitors require those AWFUL chest straps that you have to wear. They're uncomfortable and REALLY annoying to wear (not to mention putting them on/taking them off!)

This doesn't require ANY of that nonsense! Just pop it on your wrist and you're GOOD TO GO! YES!

Backlit Display - If you prefer early mornings or late nights for your walking/jogging/running... PERFECT!

With a backlit display, you'll always be able to read your data & the time!

Now - I've seen similar Heart Rate Monitors sell for $150 all day long online.

Heck, I've even seen some go for upwards of $300! That's crazy!

That's why I was so excited when I found and incredible blow-out deal on these!

Are ya ready for this one?

Hang on tight and get ready to be blown away!

These are just $18.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

PS - Sprint on over to the store today and get your pedometer - before they're gone! This is a limited quantity deal!

I'm the first to admit that I don't sew much. So, when we got a sample of this great little product into the office, I handed it to a gal who is an avid sewer and crafter and said, "Check this little thingy out and let me know what you think."

She REFUSED to give it back when the test was over, and here's why:

It makes sewing so much simpler! Even non-sewers know that threading a needle can be almost impossible sometimes.

Needle threaders are handy little devices that help you pull the thread through the eye of a needle.  But sometimes it is so hard to see the thread and the eyes of the needle! This threader has a super- bright LED to shed some light on the situation.  It's a heck of a lot easier to thread a needle when you can see what you're doing.

The other problem with threaders is that they are usually pretty small and easy to lose. Not this one! It has a  handy clip that can go on your keychain, sewing basket or even a belt loop.

Belt loop? You ask. Yep, or your back pack, because this also works for threading fishing line. And when you're trying to thread a hook just before dawn, you need some light.

My sewing sources tell me that's easy for threaders to get bent in a sewing kit. That's why this one has a handy protective cover to protect the threader and the light. How amazing is that for less than $1?

It was holiday time when we tested this out and my tester said it not only helped with mending tasks at home, but also with making popcorn strings and other craft projects.

Then she took it with her when she was working backstage at a big Christmas pageant, taking care of missing buttons and broken straps on costumes.

That meant switching out the thread colors to match the costumes, which could have been a nightmare in the dark backstage area, but the bright light on the threader saved the day. The show must go on!

They seriously need to find a way to add this to a Swiss Army Knife! And don't worry, batteries are included, so you can use this right out the package.

The bright, white LED light isn't just for threading needles. Use it whenever you need a light!

And you can't  beat the price of only $0.97 ! You NEED at least one of these on hand. Even if you don't sew often, one time or another you'll at least need to reattach a button and this makes it so much easier. And the limited supply won't last long at this price. Click the store link below to add it to your cart ASAP!

Hurry! The sale price ends on Monday! Maybe sooner if these sell out. Get yours right now!



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