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- 2014-08-21

We're Blowin' Everyone's Mind!

An amazing  7" Touchscreen Tablet - Dual Core - for less than $50!

A 16GB Backup Drive - for less than $10

A super handy headlamp - for less than $3!

And... An incredible Photoshop alternative for less than $7!

And THAT'S how we blow you mind!

Scroll down and see what everyone is going CRAZY for! Get 'em before the sale ends! 

And have a GREAT day!





And I'm jumping around the room it's so exciting!

If you've got a laptop, now is the perfect time to GET RID OF IT FOREVER! Those tablets you've been dying to get? I finally have one at an unheard of price!

You can even consider ditching your home PC too!

If you're like me, you're tired of those bulky machines!

Sure, we use 'em everyday but they cost a fortune and take up a LOT of space!

Not to mention laptops being practically impossible to take on the road (despite being sold as mobile computers!)

I know a LOT of people have been dying to get a tablet, but they just haven't found the one that combines quality with a jaw-dropping deal yet...

That's why I fought tooth and nail to get a tablet that you can snag for only $49.97!!!

That's right! A tablet for just $49.97!

I'll be able to keep them at this sale only until supplies run out. I CAN'T get these at this price again... so even if I do manage to get more, they're not going to be even CLOSE to this discount!

Think about how much you'd have to pay for a modern laptop... $300? $500? Heck, they go up to $1000 easy!

And for that price you don't get ANYTHING special!

Everything you do on a computer can be done on a tablet.

Love to browse the web? There's an app for that.

Do you check your e-mail all the time? There's an app for that.

How about keeping notes, using a calculator, tracking important dates and times on a calender, watching movies, playing games, reading eBooks, listening to music, reading the newspaper...

You've never been so comfortable using a computer!

Okay, sure, it's not your traditional computer, but that's a GOOD thing! For starters, you don't have to be tied down to that desk anymore.

With a tablet, you can use it sitting in your favorite chair, lying down on the bed, lounging out in the backyard, or even right in the car!

This thing is the perfect size, it's a 7" tablet, so you have the freedom to use it wherever you want!

Browsing the website? Tap a link and go right to it! Same for e-mail, just tap your finger on the e-mail you want!

This tablet has it all: the perfect size, great performance, lightweight design, and an UNSTOPPTABLE price you simply will not find at any other store!

$49.97 (with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US!) for a tablet that's going to blow your laptop or aging PC away!

You'd be NUTS to pass up this deal!

Chances are, by this time tomorrow, there won't be any left!



No Hard Drive Lives Forever...

Hard drives are sensitive, complex mechanical devices. Most modern hard drives can hit over 7200 RPMs!

But it's not without a cost: No matter HOW hard you try, 100% of hard drives will eventually crash.



What do you do when your hard drive crashes?

Well, there are only two outcomes...

1. If you don't back up your data:

It's gone. Throw your hard drive in the trash and start fresh... because you are NOT recovering that data. A dead hard drive is just that. It's game over.

2. If you DO back up your data:

You take your handy little Super Talent 16GB back up flash drive and put all your saved files on your next computer. With JUST ONE CLICK!

You don't lose a single file, and you don't spend the weekend wishing you had printed those vacation photos that you'll never get back.

Which one would you prefer?

There's only ONE reason not to back up data: it USED to be hard. It took a lot of time, it took expensive hardware or software, and it took some tech-savvy. You had to know file extensions, directories, the whole works.


The Super Talent 16GB Instant Backup Flash Drive!

NO software. NO set up. NO time consuming steps. All you do is plug it in and click "backup"!

Could it BE any easier?

The first time you pop it in, it just asks you what directories you want to backup. After that, every new backup is just a click away.

What's great is that it keeps ALL of your directories and folders right in the order you have them on your PC. So you'll know EXACTLY where to find them on the flash drive or after you back them up to another PC!


Think about everything you have on your computer: TONS of photos. ALL of your favorite music. Family videos and contact information.

How about work documents, important files, sensitive documents. Even your passwords, e-mails, favorite web pages... EVERYTHING!

After a crash, you can't get those photos back. The videos are now distant memories. And your passwords? Good luck remembering the ones you haven't had to type in for years.



And with backing up this easy, you won't even have to think about it!

This DEFINES User Friendly!

We tested it out, just check out the video:

Ultra Sleek, Ultra Secure, ULTRA FAST!

It looks, feels, and acts just like your standard flash drive (of course, standard flash drives can't hold a candle to this one) so you know it's gonna be easy and lightweight to move or store.

Plus, when you aren't using it, you can flip the drive around to protect the connector! YES!

That's right - Just drag and drop files to it and use it like any other flashdrive! Talk about the best of both worlds!!

Take it anywhere! Back up any PC or laptop! Use it for EVERYTHING!

And if you're looking for fast, this thing is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

This is a Super Talent high-speed USB 2.0 drive.

We're talkin' up to 480Mbps of PURE SPEED!

Last but not least: IT'S SECURE!

When you back up anything on this drive, you can choose to encrypt it and guard it with a password of your choice! Nobody but you or those you trust get access to YOUR files.

So all your tax, financial, and confidential documents? You can back them up too without worrying! FINALLY!

It's not just passwords, either. It's full-power encryption!

All those passwords on your PC don't mean a thing if you don't have SECURE backups.

But with the included backup software, it's not a problem.

A Backup Drive For UNDER $10! WOW!

If you go anywhere to try and get a backup drive, you'll be looking $40 for the BARE MINIMUM! And those are bulky, heavy external hard drives that you really can't move or store.

Personal note - I needed another backup drive for all my photography, and these were just PERFECT for the job! They're sooooooo handy!

You will NOT find a faster, more convenient backup drive out there for just $9.97!

These are simply one of the coolest devices I've ever seen. PLEASE don't miss out on this deal. We only have so many and once they're gone... that's it.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Seriously! If these run out, they're gone! We don't always get to offer items like this! And after Friday this sale will end, with the price going back up to $22.97! HURRY TO THE STORE!

You've Got No Light...

Your Hands Are Occupied...

And You NEED To See...



From The Best Brand In Flashlights: Camelion!

The Most Convenient LED Headlamp Out There!

Great for Working, Reading, Repairing, ANYTHING!

Darkness Will Never Hamper You Again

And It's Only $2.97!!


Ever wish you had three hands? Me too. Especially when you're working at night or in a tight space and have to sacrifice half your fingers to hold a flashlight.

I can't tell you the number of times I've dropped stuff,

Convenience Redefined - Bring the power of light anywhere without clogging up your hands with a bulky flashlight. It's almost like shooting sunbeams out of your eyes.

Sounds amazing, right?

A comfortable, adjustable headstrap means you'll be enjoying hands-free illumination with literally zero downsides.

These are some powerful LEDs.

Love to read at night? Those little booklights can be so annoying, sometimes they only light up half the page, sometimes they barely light up at all!

Don't put up with it anymore!

Just aim that light exactly where you need it.

With a flick of the wrist you'll have brightness shining RIGHT where you're looking.

No more angling the flashlight to get light where you need it. If your eyes can see it, so can the headlamp.

Buying your own personal Sun isn't even expensive. With a ridiculous price of only $2.97  you can have totally hands-free illumination.

PS - Don't get left in the dark. You'll feel gloomy if you don't pickup at LEAST one of these before they go up to $8.97 on Friday


When you really want to get into serious, powerful image editing, you’re only choice is usually Photoshop. Nothing else really comes close, so you fork out the big bucks for Photoshop.

What if I told you I found a photo editor that was was so much like Photoshop you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference?

What if I told you that it was less than $7? (For a very, VERY limited time)

And what it it worked absolutely GREAT?

Well, you guess it, I found it!

It’s Serif Photo X4 Plus and it’s all that - and MORE!

First off, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it really was Photoshop. All the main tools are there, and 90% of the controls and tools work about the as they do in Photoshop! In fact, I can REPLACE Photoshop with this - it’s that close! (It even opens Photoshop files!)


Sorry if I seem overly excited, but I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw this - for a second I thought I’d hit the wrong button and opened Photoshop on accident!

I’ve seen a LOT of great deals in my day, but this was a shocker even to me!

Check it out, it’s all there - layers, masks, brushes, red eye remover, filters, tools, and more!

Crop, straighten distort, resize, selection (lots of selection tools), brush, pencil, clone, pattern, blemish remover, scratch remover, patch tool, red eye, smudge, blur, sharpen, burn, dodge, sponge, replace color, erasers, gradient, warp, pinch, twirl, test, pen, shapes, and MORE!

Need to make an adjustment to your photo? Oh, you are TOTALLY covered!

We're talking adjustment layers for levels, curves, color balance, hue / saturation, selective color, channel mixer, gradient map, lens filters, black and white, threshold, posterize, and negative image!

Yeah, pretty much everything you'd ever need - and pretty much everything you'd find in Photoshop too!

Things like PhotoFix that gives you instant result with a LOAD of amazing presets. You can spruce up the color, add contrast, make the photo more dramatic, saturate color, or even make some quick adjustment with the handy sliders!

This ALONE is enough to process almost any image! Check it out, I turned the image below into an "old time photo":

Or things like Image Cutout that allow you to quickly remove a person from one photo and stick them in another!

In this one, I took my prom photo of my daughter and stuck her in front of a waterfall!

Or a WHOLE SLEW of amazing filters - many of which can’t be found in even the most current version of Photoshop! We're talking over 60 filers - PLUS the regular "Photo Filters" adjustment that has even MORE!

With this, you have everything you need - and probably WAY MORE - in a program that seems like an ingenious hybrid of Photoshop!

Plus, it has a really FANTASTIC help section that will show you, step by step, how to use each and every feature! Oh, and if you already know Photoshop, the learning curve is even shorter! WOW!

I’d love to list everything you can do with this, but the truth is that, like Photoshop, it's really only limited by your imagination! Pretty incredible.

Let’s face it - we all take digital photos, and sometimes they need a little editing. After all, that's one of the major perks of shooting digital!

This makes it easy to fix the color, or contrast, or maybe clone out a bit of garbage. Maybe we want to stick someone into a photo or take them out. No matter how large or small the editing task, this high-powered software can handle it - for a FRACTION of what you'd pay for Photoshop!

Not only do you get the photo editing software, but you also get an amazing FREE BONUS!

It's PanoramaPlus - a $29.99 value - and it's included FREE!

This amazing software makes it EASY to create AMAZING panoramas from your photos! (It can even do them from VIDEO!)

Included FREE!

Now, we all know how expensive Photoshop can be - and now they want you to actually PAY a monthly for a subscription to use the current version! That’s NUTS!

Look, I know this deal seems WAY to good to be true - I was blown away the first time I looked at the software too. But don't worry - it's the real thing!

Again, the price is just crazy good - we’re talking just $6.97!

That's the lowest price EVER - but ONLY for a VERY limited time! How’s that for a deal? Check it out:

PS - You’ll never find THIS much editing horsepower for this cheap ever again! This is THE best Photoshop alternative I’ve ever come across and I hope you don’t miss out. Adobe gets about 90X the price for basically the SAME THING!


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