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- 2016-02-07

It's crazy, I know!

If you purchased a notebook recently, you might've been surprised to realize it DIDN'T COME WITH A DISK DRIVE!

That's not as uncommon as you might think.

To make laptops smaller, lighter, and cheaper... corners were cut. And by "corners" I mean they took away your disk drive and left you without a way to use ANY disks.

But you still want to use it to watch movies. Or BURN your own DVDs, right?

Just plug this baby in and in just a few minutes - you've got yourself a DVD drive!

PLUS - this bad boy is fast - we're talking 8X write speeds here for DVDs and 24X write speeds for CD-RWs!

Now that's smokin' fast, baby!

This is something EVERY computer needs!

Depending on what you have, you might not be able to even PLAY DVDs... let alone create your own! That's rough!

I mean, if you want to do physical backups on CDs... you're gonna need a whole STACK!

Say you wanted to back up 100GB of data... you'd need nearly 150 CDs to do that! TALK ABOUT INSANE! You NEED that extra DVD space.

And just check out that slim and sleek design! It hardly takes up any room!

I mean, the reality is, even if you don't care about burning your own DVDs or CDs... it's important that you can simply USE them.

Not all software comes in a digital download. If you want to get that new security suite, or update your tax software, or even just install a new video game...

It seems every day, more and more people are e-mailing me "Hey Steve... what do I do with this laptop? It doesn't even have a disk drive!"

This is what you can do! Grab one of these, plug it into a USB port, and BOOM! Instant DVD/CD capabilities. It IS that easy!

It's Compatible with nearly EVERY version of Windows! It works with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It even works with Mac OS!

Perfect for all of you who have ordered WorldStart's Video Guide On Windows 10!

All I can say is, "'This thing ROCKS!" Your savings are equally amazing - just $24.97!

Don't get stuck $150 for similar drives! With all the options crammed into this one, you're really gettin' your money's worth!

PS - This Slim DVD/CD Burner has got to be the deal of the year! This is like buying a fully-loaded vehicle for the price of the basic model. Who would pass that kind of a deal up??

PPS - Quantities are limited - and the price is headed up to $32.97  Monday  - so be sure to grab yours today!!


First Things First...

We all know what flash drives are good for: Everything.

So let's not waste your time or mine telling you what they do or how to use them. They're an essential and practical part of every day life for everyone, from students to business professionals and everyone in between.

We use them to store files, music, pictures...pretty much EVERYTHING. These days, it's pretty much impossible to get by without at least one. Which brings up some food for thought:

How Many Flash Drives do you Have?

Do you have four 4gb flash drives? One 16gb? Eight 2gb's?

Hey, we understand - flash drives aren't cheap, so we accumulate ones with less storage capabilities so our pockets don't feel it as much. 

Well...we're about to change your life! Check this out!

Here at Worldstart, we pretty much sell all flash drives all the time - mostly smaller ones. You don't see the 32GB ones very often!

It's not that we don't love 'em (we do!) it's just that it's so hard to find them at the prices you've come to expect from us.

Well guess what... WE FOUND 'EM!

32GB - Just $14.97!

See, you don't have to have a big flash drive to get big flash drive space!

32GB is Like a Black Hole in Outer Space - Pretty Much Endless!

1 Up to 19,200 Photos!
1 Thousands Of Documents And Files!
1 8000 MP3 Songs (that's over 2 weeks worth!)
1 96 Hours Of MPEG4 Movies - Better get a MONTHS supply of popcorn!

That's AMAZING!! 

Isn't it? It is definitely your smartest portable storage solution, allowing you to carry a HUGE 32GB of your documents, spreadsheets, files, programs, photos, videos, music, and important back-up material, all in one extremely small device!

The drive will show up under My Computer or This PC depending on the operating system. Just drag the files over you want to put on the drive! That's it!


Again, the price is AMAZING, so now's the time to buy! Just $14.97Did you expect anything else from US? Get yours now - they won't last! 

PS - We're not sure how long our inventory is going to last on these as it is a limited time deal! So, get to the site as soon as you can ~ before these run out! 


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