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Your Memorial Day Weekend Just Got Even Better!!

We're Giving You ONE LAST Random Freebie Day!

MORE Random Freebies Than Ever Before!

One LUCKY Person Will Get A FREE Blu-Ray Player!

Every Shipped* Order Gets One Of Items Below!

Amazing Panasonic Blu-Ray/DVD Player! ($100 value)
Awesome Microsoft Wireless BlueTrack Mouse! ($40 value)
Blazing Fast Wireless N Router! ($80 value)
Sweet JVC Vertical DVD Burner! ($100 value)
Incredible Hanging Tomato Planter
Sweet HDMI Cable
Handy Super Hooks
Cutting-Edge Projector Alarm Clock
Cool Keychain Compass

Super Absorbant Microfiber Gloves
iCon Laptop Backpack
Neat Belkin Headphone Cable Capsule
Super Cool Talk-It Type It Software
Sweet 6-in-1 USB Adapter
MAGIX PC Check & Tuning
Phenomenal Big Screen Weather Station Alarm Clock
Always Handy Pocket Knife
Compass Keychain

Blindin' Bright LED Flashlight
Super Powerful Magnifier
Money Saving Tire Gauge
Massive 8gb microSD Card w/ SD Adapter($60 value)

Whoppin' 4gb microsSD w/ Card Reader($40 value)

You Don't Know WHAT You'll Get - But You Can Tell It's Gonna Be Good!

We Guarantee We're Givin' Away The Blu-Ray Player Today!

We'll Randomly Add An Item Mentioned In This Ad To Your Order - FREE!!

You Can't Lose!

OK, your favorite sale is back for ONE LAST DAY! Now, you've seen us do "Buy Something From Our Store, Get This Freebie Or That Freebie," but we're going to make it a little more fun today!

Order ANYTHING of ANY amount from our online store today, and we'll throw in something for FREE!!! 

Now, here's the trick - it can be one of ANY of the items in the video below! I'm so excited about the freebies we're giving away today, that I thought I'd better show you! Check it out:

All you gotta do is make sure to check the "Random Freebie" selection during the checkout process - that's it. This is computer generated and there is no way for us to determine what freebie you'll be getting with your order.

You might get a free awesome Compass Keychain, or maybe a Projector Alarm Clock, or could end up with a free Wireless N Router (valued at $80) or maybe a super awesome Tire Gauge...

You'll be one of the lucky few to get a FREE Panasonic Blu-Ray/DVD Player (valued at $100), or a FREE DVD Burner (Valued at $100)...or MAYBE you'll be lucky enough to snag a FREE Hanging Tomato Planter!

Told ya we had a fun idea!
You'll definitely get one of the great items mentioned above or below or shown in the video with your shipped* order today - but what will it be?????????????

One very lucky person's gonna get a Blu-Ray Player valued at $100!! WOW!!
You may even get a Wireless Microsoft BlueTrack Mouse valued at $40 OR a Vertical DVD Player valued at $100!
We also have a BLAZIN' FAST Wireless N Router valued at $80!
Or you may get an ultra-handy Pocket Knife worth $20!
You might get a fantastic HDMI Cable valued at $50!
You may even get MASSIVE 8gb microSD Card w/ SD Adapter valued at $60!
You could end up with an amazing LED Flashlight valued at $20!
Who knows - you might be lucky enough to get a Compass Keycahin worth $15!

Hey, point is, you won't know what you're going to get when you order today - but you WILL get one of the above! 

So, head to the site and place an order for ANY item (or items) for us to ship to you, of ANY amount, and we'll toss in one of the incredible freebies above! Isn't this fun?

The Random Freebie Sale does expire at 11:59pm, CST tonight - so head to site today to get your Random Freebie!

I know you'll find something that you just can't live without below! Be sure to check out all of our categories!!

On Sale - One stop shop for EVERYTHING that's on sale in our store.
New Products - See what's hot now - the latest and greatest!
Featured Products - Every day there are new featured products!
Cool Gadgets - My personal favorite! Lots of great stuff for your computer and MORE!
Software - Over 1,500 software titles for your PC - Everything from Games to Cooking to Business Software.
PC Hardware - Cables, Cameras, Flash Drives, USB Hubs and tons more of accessories for your PC.
Music and DVDs - Incredible prices on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs!
Console Games - Load up on your favorite games for XBox 360, Wii, Playstation 3, DS, PSP, and GameBoy Advance

Remember, this is just for today, so make sure you run to the site and get yourself some deals! 2000 items - you know you'll find some incredible stuff! Offer only good 5-29-2011, void where prohibited.


We've Extended Prices - Just For YOU!

Dash On Over To The Site ASAP!

Sweet! You're in luck! We've extending all of our sales for our Memorial Day Weekend Blowout! Yup, that's right - everything in Software Deals Friday, Saturday & Sunday is still on sale through 12:00 noon, CST tomorrow (5-30-11)!

Keep in mind - some of these items may be sold out, so you'll wanna be able to sprint to the store if you see somethin' you can't live without!

Saturday's SD:

Friday's SD:

Please note - the Freebie in today's newsletter will apply to any purchases made today (5-29-11).


If You Haven't Heard Music ROCKING Through Neons Earbuds...


There's Absolutely NO WAY your hard plastic little TOYS compare to these RUBBER BEASTS!

Premium Sound!

Noise Reduction!

Extra Bass!



Of course you wanna ROCK OUT and look good while you're doing it! That's why YOU'LL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE stylish, discreet pieces of AUDIO BEAUTY. Are you tired of your uncomfortable earphones giving you a SKULL SPLITTING HEADACHE? Of course you are! That's why you absolutely have to have these BAD BOYS! The ergonomically designed rubber earbuds combine the ROCK with the COMFORT!

Neons Earphones are the ANSWER to your audio problems! The sound quality is AMAZING! We're talking EXTRA BASS, NOISE REDUCTION, and STEREO sound! Oh, and the ergonomically designed shape coupled with the soft rubber material provides enough COMFORT TO KEEP YOU ROCKING FOR HOURS!

Go ahead and empty your wallet on a big name brand...but your ears won't be thanking you unless they're comfortable too! These earphones match the high sound quality that you expect from the big brands, but are so comfortable that you won't even notice they're in!


Each earpiece is made of soft rubber designed to fit almost any ear, and actually stay in place! The slight suction created by the rubber earpiece assures extreme comfort and security. They'll never fall out!

They're Versatile!

  • Have an iPod? Compatible!
  • Use an MP3 Player? They work!
  • At a desktop computer? Go for it!
  • Using a laptop? Plug 'em in!
  • They're even compatible with your DVD player!

Ever been walking down the street, ROCKING OUT and minding your own business when suddenly, between HEAD BANGS, your cord comes flying out of your device? IT SUCKS! What genius decided to make the cord so short, anyway? Well, the people at Neons feel your pain, so they had the BRILLIANT idea to make the cord 4 FEET LONG! It's like an umbilical cord feeding the ROCK directly to your EARS! Even a GIANT can TOTALLY ROCK OUT!

"But what about my old earphones?"

THROW 'EM AWAY, SET 'EM ON FIRE, BLOW 'EM UP! Once you've had these babies in your ears, YOU'LL NEVER LOOK BACK!

If you aren't feeling lucky today, you should be now! We're letting these go for the UNBELIEVEABLY LOW PRICE of $8.97! Did we mention that the shipping in the US is absolutely FREE? Feeling economical? Buy two pairs and give one to a friend. They'll thank you!

Would you rather pay almost $15.00? It's your decision, just order them tomorrow!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This price is gonna increase soon, so ORDER THEM NOW!

Still haven't found anything you want yet, but wanna get in on today's Random Freebie Giveaway?

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Memories Fade...BUT DVD's DON'T!



Don't Let This Happen to You!




Airlink 101 USB 2.0 Video Capture Box w/Audio




OK, let me guess - you have a bunch of old VHS tapes sitting around and wish there was some way to put 'em on DVD. Maybe you have a bunch of home movies you Airlink 101 USB 2.0 Video Capture Box w/Audioshot with a camcorder and wish you could get 'em on DVD, but just don't know how. Well, we just discovered an amazing little device that's going to make all those wishes come true! Wait till you see this!

EasyCap Video Capture Box takes your videos and transfers 'em to your computer (then onto DVD or Video CD)!

How's it work? Pretty simple really. You just plug your VCR / DVD Player / Video Camera into the standard Audio / Video inputs on this device (or, for even better quality - plug into the "S" Video plug). Pretty easy so far huh? Now, just plug the EasyCap into your USB port and run the software!

To transfer, just hit PLAY on your VCR (or DVD player, or camcorder, or whatever) and RECORD on the included software! That's really it! This can record ANYTHING that you can plug into it! Old VHS movies, your favorite home videos, even copy DVDs to your computer so you can watch them on an iPod or portable video player! Pretty sweet huh?

Really, just plug in a couple cords, follow the software prompts, and you're good to go! Just check out the video at our site - Gary will show you how incredibly easy this actually is!!

If you have a closet full of old VHS tapes, why let them deteriorate to the point of no longer being playable?
Hey, VHS doesn't have that long of a shelf life - 15 years is probably optimistic.

If you have a stack of VHS tapes that you want to keep, you absolutely HAVE to get them transferred to something more reliable - and this makes it easy!

Besides, when was the last time you saw a new VHS player at a store? Doesn't happen very often now - they are an endangered species, and they aren't far from permanent extinction! The day is coming where even if you WANT to buy a VHS player to look at those old tapes it simply isn't going to be an option! Better transfer 'em while you can!

Oh, and do you have a camcorder that uses an odd-sized tape - you know, so
you have to hook the camcorder up to the TV to see your videos? Well, why not hook that little camcorder up to this and finally get all those tapes transferred over to digital? From there, you can enjoy them on your computer or create your own DVD / Video CD to watch in a standard DVD player!

That's right - you don't even need a DVD burner on your computer - you can make a Video CD that will play in any standard DVD player!

Plus, everything is really easy to work with - so you'll be able to get things transferred over in no time!

Why let your tapes fade into an analog ether? This can save 'em before it's too late!

Your cost? Get this - Just $22.97 and US Shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, it's crazy not to grab this and start transferring all those old VHS tapes and camcorder movies to your computer or DVD! Heck, this can even record from a DVD player if you need an extra copy of something! Check it out, but hurry - this is something we've had a LOT of requests for and now that it's finally here, it's bound to fly!

PS - Don't miss out - this little gadget makes transferring your old VHS / Camcorder tapes to DVD incredibly easy - get yours today before the price heads up to $29.97!

Still haven't found anything you want yet, but wanna get in on today's Random Freebie Giveaway?

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Is it a Flashlight? Is it a Wall Light? IT'S BOTH!

Ever Feel Like You Need MORE LIGHT In Your Life?


Power Outage? Dark Closets, Pantries and Sheds? NO PROBLEM! Mount it, Click it, LIGHT IT!

They're PORTABLE! After you Mount it, You can DETACH it and Carry it with you ANYWHERE!



The LED Bulb is BRILLIANTLY BRIGHT, and you'll NEVER have to change it!


PERFECT for Closets, Pantries, Sheds and Utility Rooms!
Cut Down on Energy Costs..TAKE THAT ELECTRIC BILL!
Stop FUMBLING AROUND in the Dark!
Lose Power? NO PROBLEM! Long Lasting Battery Life keeps you LIT UP!

Power outages always seem to happen at the ABSOLUTE WORST possible time! What's up with that? One minute you're microwaving dinner, listening to music and watching the game on TV; next minute it's PITCH BLACK and you can't even remember the last time you used your flashlight, let alone where it is. With an LED Handy Light mounted on the wall, YOU'LL ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO FIND LIGHT! Simply walk over to it, press the button, and YOU'VE GOT LIGHT! Even better? IT'S DETACHABLE! Now you can pull it from it's mounted holster and carry it around the house. Your own personal, PORTABLE light source! It's an INCREDIBLE invention!

We've All Been There...

Problem: Stumbling outta bed in the morning, walking into that DARK pantry to look for that fresh can of coffee...You knock over a bottle of jam that explodes at your feet followed by that 3 pound bag of flour. Now you're seething and fully awake, waking the rest of the house when you scream, at the top of your lungs "WHERE IS IT?!" Kinda makes you wonder what genius designed a room with no lights, huh?

Solution: Stick this sucker on the wall, push the button and BAM! Let there be light! BRIGHT LIGHT!

Running Late?

Problem: Oversleep? Alarm didn't go off? Whatever! YOU'RE LATE! You jump outta bed, rush to the closet to grab a shirt and you remember: YOU CAN'T SEE A THING IN THERE! After grabbing the wrinkled shirt that you wore two days ago and a pair of pants that don't match, you fly outta the house only to realize you're sitting at work dressed like a clown. Just in time for your meeting!

Solution: Snatch this portable light from it's holster and walk right in. You're STRAPPED!

Sometimes it Hurts...

Problem: Finally, it's Saturday! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and you just finished mowing the lawn. Pushing the mower back into the dark shed you have a brilliant idea: "I'll trim the bushes!" So you immediately start fumbling around for those trimming shears...they're hanging off one of those hooks, keep trying...all of the sudden you feel them. Then you feel them drop. You get where this is going?

Solution: Mount your LED Handy Light right inside the shed door, walk in and push the button! WOW! You just saved yourself 5 minutes...and a trip to the emergency room!


These things are AWESOME! You can mount them literally ANYWHERE! It's simple! Now with the simple press of a button you can light up your closet, your shed, in cabinets, in pantries, ANYWHERE! Stop aimlessly fumbling around for what you're looking for, stop wandering into a dark pantry or shed begging for a stubbed toe!

These Things Were Designed by a GENIUS!

You know what makes something special? VERSATILITY! And this baby has it! Once they're mounted into their "holster" you can simply pull the light out and walk around with it. So the next time you have a power outage, or need to walk deep into your closet or shed, YOU CAN ACTUALLY BRING THE LIGHT WITH YOU! BRILLIANT! Now you have your own personal, high-efficiency LED light that you can LITERALLY PUT IN YOUR POCKET!


The beauty of this product is the fact that literally ANYONE CAN INSTALL IT! There are two simple ways to mount the LED Handy Light, and they're both RIDICULOUSLY EASY! Take your pick:

PICK IT and STICK IT! Yep, this baby comes with foam tape, making installation a BREEZE!
Screw mount for EXTRA SECURITY! It comes packaged with keyholes and screws for wall mounting . SO EASY!




Wanna grab this AMAZING light for a BLAZING HOT PRICE?

OF COURSE YOU DO! Order the LED Handy Light within the next 24 hours and pay ONLY $8.97 TOTAL! Don't forget that we include FREE US SHIPPING with our orders! ORDER NOW!


BY THE WAY...don't hesitate if you want one of these BAD BOYS! Not only does EVERYBODY WANT ONE, at this price, MOST PEOPLE WILL BUY SEVERAL OF THEM! So don't wait, order your Handy LED Lights today! REMEMBER: after 11:59 PM, the price goes BACK UP!



Never Scramble Around the House, FRANTICALLY Searching for Batteries Again!

The ReZap Battery Converter Turns Your AA Batteries into C & D...


Can You Think of a Reason NOT to Own This?



Save TONS of Money!
Be Way More Efficient!
Save Time and Energy!

This INGENIUS Invention Comes With Two C and Two D Converters...

Don't Be Left in the Dark...SEE THE LIGHT!

ARE WE NUTS? Only $8.97? That's Right, But Only for Today!

Say goodbye to dead flashlights forever. Never find yourself with the wrong size battery every again! This wonderful product allows you to convert a smaller battery into a larger size!

It's a pain. If you live in the midwest as I do, you're probably all-to-familiar with the "dead-flashlighs-at-the-worst-times-ever-syndrome." It storms here every week in the summer, so bad that it knocks out our electricity quite often (yeah, I live in the country).

Picture this. Your power goes out in your house. When this happens, and you have a basement, what do you think about first? That's right, your sump pump. You're gonna have-to stumble down to that dark basement and make sure everything's in-check. You need a flashlight.

There's only one problem. You have to first find your (lost) flashlight (in the dark) - but that's just a small problem - because the REAL stress sets in once you actually find your flashlight and realize it doesn't work! The batteries are all dead! All of them! Again!

I blame the kids. They probably raided the entire house and stole all the C & D batteries for their RC Monster Truck, Rock Band Gear, or something.

Good news -- all this isn't a problem. Its a huge opportunity for you!

Here's Why:

"ReZAP Battery Converters allow you to save the stress and convert your AAs into Cs and Ds instantly! Each pack contains 2 C-size converters and 2 D-size converters."

NOTE: You may want to read the statement above a few more times because this is a major engineering breakthrough!

Here's a few examples of this amazing battery wizardry:

  • Convenience - one size fits all, no more hunting around for different size batteries for different devices.
  • Very easy to use - snap a AA battery in and out of the case in seconds and you're ready to go.
  • Reduce weight - AA battery plus converter weighs less than a C or D size battery.
  • Save money - AA batteries are generally cheaper than equivalent C or D size batteries.
  • All the power you need - AA batteries deliver the same power as C or D batteries and pack almost as much capacity too!
  • Great for emergencies - you know, like.... unexpected power outages or emergencies.

How Does It Work and
Why Is It So Successful?

  • It's simple. First open the converter case, insert one AA battery, and close the case.
  • Works with any AA battery, but works even better with high energy batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Alkaline).

Question: So let me get this straight, if I run out of C or D batteries and I have some AAs laying around, I can use them in these "battery converters" - and turn them into Cs or Ds?

Answer: Yes! I think you got it. Take a look at the picture I have to the right, notice the 4 cases in the package. The 2 smaller cases are C sized converters, and the larger cases are D sized converters. All four cases use AA batteries to make them work..

Makes Life So Much Easier! Got an electronic device that requires MORE than 2 C or D batteries? No problem.
Because even if you use the 2 good converters and keep an old dead battery in, for example, a flashlight. It will still work like a charm.

Customer feedback: I will never ask you to judge us on our own words; Just take a look at the product reviews below, You'll be delighted!!

  • "I cannot praise this product highly enough. ...if you are a big battery user, get one as soon as possible, you won't regret it" -Vocrobot, Review Centre.
  • "A terrific product. Will pay for itself in 6 months." -Edmund Harrison, Victoria.
  • "I bought the Rezap Battery Converter because it seemed like every time a thunderstorm knocked the power out all our flashlight battery's were dead. Now I don't have to worry about that. Thanks for a great product." -A. Banks, NSW.
  • "I wish I'd known about this years ago! With four young kids, the amount of batteries we use is enormous. We'd been keeping Energizer in business!" - Mrs P. Benskin, WA.

Hats off to these guys!

Just think... You’ll never have to suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to find C & D replacement batteries.
Trust me. When you're in a bind, this product will pay for itself in-one-use. Order Now!

... and by the way:


Sweet. If you're procrastinating right now, just remember our GUARANTEE, which makes it as if you purchased this for FREE! Our Guarantee is a 60 Day - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Plus FREE SHIPPING! You Have nothing to lose. Order now!

P.S. Take action now! Don’t wait a second longer. Due to the enormous demand for the Battery Converters we're not sure how long they'll last, and the price goes up to $14.97. And, you know what? in 60 days if you don’t feel like it lives up to its promises, we will give your money back, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Still haven't found anything you want yet, but wanna get in on today's Random Freebie Giveaway?

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Flat Soda SUCKS!

Ever Wish There Was Something Out There to Keep it Fresh?

Well Now THERE IS, and You've GOTTA HAVE IT!

Do You LIke Your Soda to Stay in the Can?

Ever Accidentally Swallow a Bug? DISGUSTING!

You Know What You Need? BOTTLE TOPS!





Get a SMOKIN' HOT DEAL Just in Time for the HOT WEATHER- 6 for Just $8.97!!

Ok, so how many times have you been taken a can of soda with you in the car and then one small bump later and it's one sticky mess?

Even worse is when you're drinking a can of soda and you set it in the fridge to finish it later...a couple hours pass and you go to grab it and take a sip..."EWWWW!". There's nothing worse than flat soda!!

I have these issues repeatedly happen to me all the time...that's why I was so excited when I found these incredible Bottle Tops!

They easily turn your favorite beverage can into a bottled drink in a snap!

All ya gotta do is snap the bottle top on any beverage can and it instantly creates a leak-proof seal bottled beverage! Just pop open the lid when your ready for a sip and pop it shut when you're done. It doesn't get much easier than this!

Not only does this help to keep your beverage carbonated longer, but it also prevents ants and other bugs from crawling in...and believe me, it won't be long before they're here - with warmer weather just around the corner.

Oh, and you get 6 of them, in multiple colors when you order today!

Order now and start saving money! Just think of how much money you'll save by not having to throw out flat cans of soda!

Have we ever got one heck of a deal for ya today! Just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE!!

PS - Better get in on this deal before we sell out or before the price heads up to $14.97!

Still haven't found anything you want yet, but wanna get in on today's Random Freebie Giveaway?

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Wait...You're Still Using a Mouse to Edit Photos? Do You Still Have an 8-Track, too?


The New REVOLUTION in Graphics and Photos is Here...

And You'll NEVER Look Back!

Get the USB Graphics Tablet and Become a Better Editor NOW!

Fear Not, Mr. Old School. This Thing is SIMPLE to Use...Plug it in, and You're Ready!

You've GOTTA Have it!

CUTTING EDGE Technology Allows You to Edit with a Wireless Pen For AMAZING PRECISION!

DRAW on Screen and TRACE Your Photos Using the BRILLIANT Pressure Sensitive Pad!

Ready to be COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY? Watch the NEW Video With Even More Features!

I can't wait to share this one with you! I wish I could be there to see the smile on your face the first time you try it! You just gotta check out these fantastic Graphics Tablets!

Oh, WOW!! Once you discover how these work, you'll want one for sure!

First off, if you're not familiar with a graphics tablet, it's something that anyone doing any kind of photo editing or graphics work will absolutely LOVE!

Basically, it allows you to use a "pen" to "draw" on your screen!

See, this cool little tablet sits next to your keyboard like a mousepad, then you grab the included pen, and as you "draw" on the tablet, the mouse follows along on the monitor! The pen becomes the mouse for your graphics program (see video)!

(Psst - Don't worry, it doesn't replace your mouse, just supplements it).


I mean, let's face it - drawing with a mouse is about as natural as driving with your teeth!! Grab a pen though - now THAT feels RIGHT - and THAT'S what this tablet does! It makes working on photos and graphics SOOOOO much easier than that old mouse of yours!

PLUS, this works with EVERY program out there since the pen is the "mouse"! If you're program can use a mouse, then this will work!

Once upon a time, in the bad old days, everyone used a mouse in Photoshop (and other photo editing programs) to make selections, use brushes, erase - pretty much everything. If you've ever used a mouse to make a tricky selection, you know how incredibly frustrating that can be!

Well, this tablet comes to the rescue! Instead of trying to trace, brush, select, etc with your mouse, this allows you to "draw" or "paint" with a pen! If that sounds like a great idea, just wait till you try it!

Easier to show you than tell ya, so I made a video demonstration!

Here I am, in photographic bliss using my graphics tablet! Just click the image below to view the video at the product page!!!

What a surprise - tracing and brushing with a pen is easier than a mouse!! Honestly, once you try it, you'll never go back to editing photos using a mouse!! The difference is night and day!

You can even lift up the transparent drawing grid, slide your favorite photo or picture underneath it and trace over your picture! Before you know it - your favorite picture will soon become an incredible digital drawing!! Just try to do that with your mouse!

PLUS - this is a pressure sensitive pad! If your program supports it (Photoshop does - and many others), then you'll really love this! You can generally set the pen to apply "more" as you press harder! So, let's say you're brushing in an area in Photoshop - You can set this so the harder you press, the more "effect" you put down! For example, if you're painting with black, a light touch would only put down a light grey, harder would be a middle grey, and full pressure would be black.

Of course, it's great for other graphics work as well. If you're a digital artist, this will feel like the most wonderful invention you've ever used! When you're drawing on screen with this, it even feels like you're using a real brush or pencil!

Here are some of the features:

  • 4 x 3 Drawing Surface ~ great size for portability and it doesn't take up half your desk!
  • Stylus pen that features the same functions as a mouse (stylus pen holder included).
  • USB interface ~ USB cable is connected to the tablet.
  • Soft-tip pen with 1024 levels of pressure for drawing programs such as Painter and Photoshop.
  • Capturing signatures and drawing for inserting into documents.
  • Pen commands for control and editing functions.

What about setup? Easy! Just plug it into your USB port! A lot of people worry that they have to use this instead of a mouse, and don't worry - that's not the case at all. You can use your mouse and tablet side by side!Use the tablet when you're doing photo editing or graphics, switch to the mouse for the regular stuff! That's what I do!

Here's the thing - we all do at least a little photo editing anymore - it's the way digital photography works! This makes it sooo much more enjoyable - and sooo much easier!When I first stared using these tables, I was blown away at how simple it was to make a tight selections and tricky brush strokes compared to my mouse - and I never looked back!

Your cost? Well, you can easily spend $300- $500 for a graphics tablet - but not today! We got an amazing deal on this - right now it's on sale for just $28.97 and US shipping is FREE! WOW!!! For that kind of money, you've just gotta try it! You'll be glad you did, that's for sure!

PS - Once you try this, you'll never go back to using a mouse with your graphics or photo program - it's that good! Give it a try, you'll be amazed too!

PRICE WARNING - We're getting these are a special price from our supplier, and I can't guarantee the deal after today. RUN to the site and grab this - the price will increase to $42.97 soon!

Still haven't found anything you want yet, but wanna get in on today's Random Freebie Giveaway?

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It's Like Being at a Concert...WHILE SITTING AT YOUR DESK!

Looking for BRILLIANT Sound at a ROCKIN' Price?

The Search is OVER! You've Gotta Have The USB MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER SET!

2-Piece USB Multimedia Speaker Set

Don't All Those Extra Cords & Cables Just DRIVE YOU NUTS?!


Powered by Your USB, These SUPERCHARGED BEASTS Will Completely BLOW YOU AWAY!



Now this is what I call a set of speakers!!! These are the most exciting sets of speakers you'll ever own! I know, I know, what the heck could possibly have me goin' crazy over a set of speakers? Well, I have had a little too much caffeine this morning, but that's every morning!! These bad boys are USB powered speakers!

What's so special about USB Speakers?

Well, ya know how your computer speakers either need to be plugged in somewhere (adding yet ANOTHER cable to get tangled up - and to eat up a spot on your power strip) or they (yuck) have to have batteries? Well, wouldn't it be GREAT if you could get a set of AWESOME sounding speakers that were 100% USB powered? Think about it - why mess with power cords - or even worse, replacing batteries every few months - when you could simply power your speaker through your USB port?

Heck, a bigger question is why didn't someone think of this sooner?!?!?

Now, being USB powered is brilliant, but if the speakers don't sound good, what's the point, right? Well, no need to worry!
I tested these out and they are WAY better then the speakers I've been using at home! You can BET I'll be hooking these bad boys up to BOTH my home computers! Yeah, they really are THAT good!

They have a great range of sound and the clarity is crystal clear! They sound a TON better than the speakers that came with your computer, trust me. Oh, and if you have speakers built into your monitor instead of regular speakers, you gotta give these a try! Wait till you hear what you've been missing!

Hey, and you can't beat the deal - we're talkin' a mind-bending price of just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! For this price, you just gotta give these a shot - you'll be glad you did!

PS - Seriously, these speakers are such an ingenious invention!! Trust me - you can't go wrong with these bad boys!!

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One Password Organizer is About to BLOW YOUR MIND!

TIRED of Technology Bossing You Around?

That Dog-Eared, Unorganized Notebook FULL of Passwords is About to MEET THE SHREDDER!

Show Your Computer Security WHO'S BOSS With One Password Organizer!

-Losing your password!

-Being denied access to YOUR documents!

-Pulling your hair out playing the guessing game!

So, how many passwords do you have?

I know I try to keep a different password for all my accounts, but it's soooo hard to remember all them, you know? I have different passwords for my email, my online banking account, my instant messenger, my WorldStart account. Don't you just hate trying to keep track of all those random numbers and letters?

Oh, and don't you just hate it when you type in a password, find out it's not right, try another, and another, and another - then get locked out? It's time to keep track of those passwords!

Well, we have a fantastic program called One Password Organizer that can help! Use this and you will never lose a password again! You can organize as many passwords as you would like, and store them safely and securely on a database in your computer!

All you have to do is remember one master password and safely encrypt the rest. You can enter thousands of passwords and keep all of you important security information safe and locked away. Next time you need one of your passwords,
just open the program, enter your master password, and all your other user names and passwords are at your fingertips! How cool is that?

PLUS this even has a password generator that can create super-strong passwords for you. All you have to do is select what type of characters to use - and how long. It can use all lowercase alphabet letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters- you name it and it can create a secure password. You can even choose how many characters your password will have.

Check it out:

Isn't that cool?

Truth is, as time goes on, we all tend to collect more and more passwords. You really need a good way to keep them organized AND secure. This fits the bill perfectly! You've gotta give this a try - you'll be glad you did!

Your price? Get this!!! Today we are going to offer you this fantastic software for an amazing price of just $9.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!!! WOW!!!
But wait - if you want to download this program INSTANTLY and save $3, then get the digital download for just $6.97!! Check it out:

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PS: Imagine all the hassles this is going to save you! For less than $10 (heck, less than $ if you get the digital download), this is a no-brainer if you ask me!

This price will increase to $14.97
(the digital download price will increase to $9.97) first thing tomorrow morning! Get 'em while they're still cheap!

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Home Projects SUCKING Away Your Weekends?!



This Baby Figures out EXACTLY What You Need, WHEN YOU NEED IT!

Ever Want Your Own Secretary, Accountant, Planner and Calculator in ONE AMAZING TOOL?

Well Guess What, Tough Guy? Now You Can STOP DILLY-DALLYING!

The Contractor Calculator is like a double agent productivity tool that moonlights as a calculator! Quit beating around the bush and get that project finished!

WE'VE ALL BEEN know, at Lowe's or Sherwin-Williams, picking out that new paint color for the living room...FOR THE THIRD TIME THAT DAY! You've argued several times about whether the Pastel Blue or the Delicate Mauve would match better with the throw pillows on the couch. You've already spent too many hours debating color swatches, and what started off as a little piece of paper with some project notes has turned into a DUFFEL BAG of unorganized ideas and gallon estimates that NO LONGER MAKE ANY SENSE.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've FINALLY figured out the colors. Hard part is over, right? WRONG!

Sorry buddy, but the hard part has only just begun! Now head back to the paint store and get enough rollers, pans, brushes and gallons of paint to get the job done.


Starting to suck, isn't it? Get ready to make several more trips to the store, spending too much time in line, wasting gas, PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT! Once you're back home, you'll realize that you forgot something else that you need...

The Answer to Your Problems is FINALLY Here!


  • The STEEL TRAP Memory System keeps track of all calculations!
  • Put ALL of your estimates on LOCK DOWN!
  • Keep track of measurements in feet, inches, meters, and yards. GENIUS!
  • LAUGH IN THE FACE of your old notebooks full of illegible scribbles!


Heavy Duty Construction: rubber keys AND folding cover! This thing is TOUGH!H!
Standard and Cost Calculations! Figure out estimates or do simple math!
Memory with Auto-Off: you might forget, but this BEAST never will!
7 Digit Dot Matrix Display
Project Planner allows you to keep track of all the details!
SUPER Long Battery Life! Don't worry, this things got PLENTY of juice!

From the full-time contractor to the weekend warrior, this UNBELIEVABLE piece of technology will be your new BEST FRIEND! That's right, the Contractors Calculator keeps you organized by pulling up all of your estimates when YOU need them. Next time you're at the paint store or hardware store, simply pull this BAD BOY out and pull up EXACTLY what you need, all while keeping your expenses in check.

ON THE JOB SITE? No problem! pull up your project plans, measure area calculations, and estimate necessary materials with LIGHTNING SPEED! The memory system on this BAD BOY makes your cute little palm pilot look slow and dainty. Oh, and it's heavy duty, so it can TAKE A BEATING!


Seriously, you'll be wondering why everyone in the world doesn't own one of these! But that's OK, you can laugh at them while they make countless trips back to the store for more concrete, more mulch, paint, anything and everything! YOU DID IT ALL IN ONE TRIP using these four simple steps:

1. Select Material

2. Accept Default values or Customize the values

3. Select the Quantity Required or the Coverage

4. Enter Data and Get your Answer (Simply press the "UNIT" key to display a different unit)

IT'S A WORKHORSE THAT YOU CAN HOLD IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND! Get ready to calculate materials like Blocks, Bricks, Carpeting, Concrete, Deck studs, Fence posts, Gravel, Mulch, Paint, Roof Bundles,Tiles, Wallpaper, and 4' x 8' Sheets.

WE'RE NOT SERIOUS...ARE WE? Yep, we are. You can own this piece of TECHNOLOGICAL BEAUTY for the tiny price of $11.97, with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! But ONLY FOR TODAY. This tough, handy calculator will pay for itself in wasted gas alone! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, YOU NEED THIS!

It doesn't matter if you're a contractor or if you're a DIY kinda guy...This thing will BLOW YOUR MIND!

THINK ABOUT IT! Because tomorrow, it'll cost ya $18.97

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Got a New Computer But Miss Your Old Mouse or Keyboard?

Well, my Nostalgic Friend...It's Time to Get REUNITED!

So SIMPLE, Yet So Brilliant!

You'll absolutely LOVE This Thing!

-Throwing Away Perfectly Good Equipment!

-Losing Your MIND Trying to Operate that Finicky New Mouse!

-Bangin' Away on That Strange, Unfamiliar Keyboard!

Have a PS/2 keyboard or mouse but nowhere to plug them? Well, this little adapter is coming to your rescue! Just plug your keyboard and/or mouse into this little adapter then plug into any free USB port! Couldn't be easier and works great for USB 1.x or 2.0! No drivers, just plug and play!

You know how it is - newer computers sometimes don't have the standard PS/2 plugs on them -
especially laptops. Bad news is that if you want to use your still very functional PS/2 mouse or keyboard (green or purple round plugs on 'em), you can't do it without some kind of adapter.

Well, this is the adapter you've been looking for! Plug your favorite PS/2 mouse or keyboard into any USB port with this handy little adapter! If you have a PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse, why ditch 'em just because your new computer doesn't have the right plugs? This little adapter gives 'em new life!

Also, if you're thinking of getting a new computer - and especially if it's a laptop - might want to buy one of these so you can continue to use your old keyboard and mouse with it!

Your cost for all the adapting bliss? For today, just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! It sure beats buying a new mouse and keyboard! Check it out:

PS - This price WILL increase to $9.97 soon!

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