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The One Issue You Can't Miss!

Trust me when I tell you that you don't wanna miss out on todays deals! We were able to get our hands on some Targus transfer cables and our supply is dwindling...FAST! Heck, it looks like we may even sell out today! Just a reminder - EVERY TIME WE HAVE THESE - THEY SELL OUT!

Plus - you gotta check out how we can save you money and make old hard drives useful again! And if you're sick of a dead cell phone - we've found the solution! Keep on scrollin' to see how you can save even more on today's order!


Holy Cow! The rate these cables are flyin' outta here is UNBELIEVABLE! Race on over to the site today - before we SELL OUT!

The Most Exciting New Item We've Ever Offered!

"How'd I Ever Live Without It?!?!?!"

The ONE Incredible Tool Every Computer User Absolutely Must-Have!

Finally! A Quick, Easy Way To Transfer Files From PC To PC!

WOW! Check It OUT!

No Software, Drivers, Or Setup - Plug & Play!

You Won't Believe The Deal!

THE Hottest Item We've Ever Seen!

WOW!! This is SOOOO exciting! We just found your computer's new BEST FRIEND!! You are absolutely gonna LOVE this - It's the Targus High-Speed Transfer Cable and it's totally gonna change your computing world - FOREVER! It's the ONE accessory EVERY computer user positively MUST-HAVE!!

See, we've heard about you and it's no secret - You need to get files from one computer to another! Only problem is getting the files from one place to another can be as frustrating as riding your bike across the Grand Canyon!

I mean, don't you just hate it when...

6 You get a brand new machine and your photos, music, and documents are all trapped on your old computer?
5 You have a desktop and a laptop but sharing files between them is a complete nightmare?
4 You and a friend want to swap files, but there just isn't an easy way?
3 You have more than one computer in the house, and you'd like to get files from one to the other?

Bottom line - You're gonna need to get files from one computer to another sooner or later!

Sure there's lots of ways to do it - and they all fall under "hard and miserable"! You could spend your afternoon burning CDs, emailing the files to 7yourself (please tell me you don't do that), or grabbing an Ethernet cable and networking the computers together.

Yeah, that didn't sound very good to me either. Come ON! Your time is WAY more valuable than that!! Right?

Join us here in this decade doin' it the EASY WAY...

Grab the amazing Targus High-Speed Transfer Cable! It effortlessly networks your two computers together with just a cable - all automatic!

I looked up the word "easy" in the dictionary and I think I saw a picture of the Targus High-Speed Transfer Cable!

How's it work?

Simple! Just plug one end into each computer's USB port - you're over half way done! That's right - if you can use a USB plug - YOU'RE already an expert! EASY!

Oh, and you'll absolutely love this - once you plug in, a friendly "Windows Explorer" style window automatically pops open so you can quickly drag and drop your files from one computer to another! That's really it! So easy it ought to be illegal!

YESSSSS!! This is works back and forth with everything from Win 98 right up to Windows 7 - talk about great compatibility!!!


Plus it's lightning fast too! This uses high-speed USB 2.0 so it's the smokin' hot Ferrari of data transfer! There's nothing like a fast, zippy progress bar on your screen to bring a smile to your face!

Without a DOUBT - this is the one accessory NO computer user should be without! Just imagine - next time you need to transfer documents, loads of photos, tons of music - it can all be done with this little cable! Oh, and you are in for a real TREAT when you upgrade to your next computer! You know ALL those files you need to get from one machine to another? Yup, use this cable, sit back, and relax! It's done baby!!

You and I BOTH know you've gotta be crazier than an outhouse rat to sit there trying to copy all your data to CDs or flash drives - or worse - trying to network two computers together just to get your data moved!

If you're ever, in your life, going to buy another computer YOU need this!! Heck, if you're ever going to transfer a batch of files from one computer to another you need this!

Best computer accessory. EVER.


YOU get a deal so smokin' hot you should need a permit from the fire dept.!

Today only, you can get this for just $13.97 and US shipping is FREE! Oh, and take it from me - once you get your hands on this bad boy you'll be patting yourself on the back for grabbin' it!! It's THAT good!

A word of warning though - this was a VERY limited quantity buyout, so once these are gone, we can't get more. Don't get left out in the cold - GRAB this deal today!

We've had Hard Drive Docks before...but NEVER for this cheap!!! This super-cool Hard Drive Dock not only lets you easily connect your external hard drive to your computer - BUT - it also has one touch back up built in!!! How awesome it that??

Don't Pay $39.97 Or Even $38.97!!

Lowest Price EVER!!! Now Just $29.97!!

Save Big Bucks On Hard Drive Space!

Ingenious Hard Drive Dock Pays For Itself!

Best Way To Manage Your Extra Files!

Here's one you'll really LOVE!

Do you use external hard drives for your backups or extra storage? I know I do - well, I used to anyhow!

We just found an item you're really gonna be excited about - it's got to be one of the best ideas I've seen for saving some big bucks in storage! It's a Hard Drive Dock and it's gonna be your new best friend!

First - the problem: External hard drives are stupid expensive. OK, they are getting cheaper, but ever notice how an internal hard drive of the same size will ALWAYS be cheaper then the external version? Sometimes by a huge margin too! Of course, the internal drive doesn't need a fancy case, switches, or power cords like the external drive does, so it should be cheaper.

Now, wouldn't it be great if you could use an internal hard drive outside of your computer for backups and extra storage? That's EXACTLY what this does!

This cool little dock lets you use any SATA or eSATA hard drive just by popping it into the dock! (note - that pretty much covers any drive less than 5 years old - and quite a few older than 5 yrs)

PLUS it works for regular 3.5" desktop drives AND 2.5" laptop drives - both sizes are covered!

So, if you have an old SATA hard drive sitting in a drawer, in an old computer, or whatever - you can get some new life out of it by popping it into this dock! Think of it as an almost free external hard drive!

On the other hand, if you're like me and take a lot of photos (or video), you can just buy a less expensive internal hard drive next time you need more space and plug it into this dock!Heck, I got a 300GB drive the other day on sale for $44! An external drive would have been easily three times that much! When you think of how expensive external hard drives are compared to internal drives!

You can see this will easily pay for itself the first time you use it!

Besides, since I'm just using these for backups and extra storage, why do I need some slick-looking case? I'll save my money, thank you!

Plus, just wait till you go to store those internal hard drives - you're in for a treat!! You know how those external drives are big, bulky, and just take up way too much space? Well, when you use internal drives with this dock, you can just stick 'em in a drawer like I do! I'm actually thinking about taking apart a couple of my old external drive cases to pull the hard drives for use with this - I'd love to save some space since I feel like I'm getting overrun with external HDs!!!

Worried about speed?

Well, this is just as fast as any external hard drive - it's USB 2.0, so it's really, really gonna move your data quickly!

You get the same speed and performance of an external HD, without the extra expense and bulk! It's even hot-swappable!

These are also great for getting data off other hard drives to copy over to your computer!

My sister's laptop just died, so I took it apart and pulled the little hard drive out of it. Since this works with regular size and laptop drives, I plugged it into this dock and we copied all her old files and photos onto a new computer - now that's cool!

Your cost? Just $29.97 and US shipping is FREE! No, it's not the cheapest thing we've ever offered, BUT I'll bet you'll easily save the price of this dock by the money you'll save buying internal rather than external drives! It really does pays for itself!

Choose your color:



PS - Note that there is a limited number of these available, so you'll have to hurry or you'll miss out! Don't get stuck with big, expensive external drives - grab one of these today! You'll love it! 

Hey You!

Quit Putting Up With A Dead Cell Phone!

Ingenious Pocket Battery Gives Your Phone 3.5 Hours Of Talk Time!

Works On Practically Any Phone!

Fits In Your Wallet - Just The Size Of A Credit Card

Never Worry About Not Having A Cell Phone Charge!

Charge Practically ANY Phone With This!

You Know How it Goes...

So you're away from home for a while. Maybe you're on a road trip, maybe you're camping. Maybe you're just at work. Doesn't matter. What matters is that you forgot your cell phone charger...AGAIN!

So you know that important call you were either expecting, or were supposed to make? Well...good luck with that! Hopefully it wasn't too important, because you're gonna have to wait 'til you get home and get that phone charged now!

Doesn't it ALWAYS seem like you're cell phone dies at the most inopportune time? WHY?! Ready to do something about it?

Never Worry about a Charge Again!

This incredible Kensington Rechargeable Pocket Battery Pack has gotta be the handiest invention since the cell phone! Someone definitely had their creativity on overdrive when this incredible idea popped into their brain!

The absolute best feature is that this handy little device fits compactly into any wallet! It's super lightweight and incredibly thin!

Just plug the USB cable into any USB outlet to charge its rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery! When you're on-the-go and you need a charge - just flip out the micro USB or mini USB adapter, plug into your phone or device and you're good to go. With a full charge you can get up 3.5 hours of additional time! Talk about a life saver!

The next time your cell phone goes dead - you'll know EXACTLY where to find a charge!

As soon as I saw this amazing Kensington Rechargeable Pocket Battery Pack- I knew I just had to have one!

This includes the 2 most common USB adapters known to mankind - microUSB and miniUSB! Just about every USB charging device these days uses a microUSB or a miniUSB adapter to charge! Not only does this Kensington Pocket Battery charge your cell phone, but it will charge anything that uses a micro or mini USB cable!

Check out EVERYTHING that this baby can charge:

Cell phones
MP3 players
GPS units
Gaming devices
& More!

Quick Fun Fact: Did you know that just about every cell phone manufacturer has agreed (with the exception of the iPhone) to use a microUSB cables as the industry standard? It's true. So, this is compatible with nearly every cell phone.

But the absolute hands-down, best part is the incredible deal we got on these bad boys! They retail at $40! Yikes!

But your cost today is just $19.97 and US shipping is FREE!

PS - Be sure to order yours today, because this is an EXTREMELY limited quantity item! Once these are gone, it doesn't look like they'll be available ever again!


We KNOW You LOVE Stretching Every Dollar!


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