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- 2015-05-30




Okay guys - I've got some GREAT news! We just wrapped up on the biggest project we've ever done! We put EVERYTHING we could into this, and finally... WorldStart has its very own complete guide to Windows 8.1! It's a full-on HD video packed to the brim with Windows 8.1 basics, advanced information, even some tips & tricks!

If you buy ONE thing this year - make it this guide right here!

Windows 8.0 was AMAZING! It's packed with tons of features and tools that you're going to wish you had YEARS ago... there's just one catch: it's NOTHING like the Windows you've been using for years!

And when Windows 8.1 came out, EVERYTHING CHANGED AGAIN!

So I took our insanely detailed guide and remade it for 8.1!

Everything you need to know about using your 8.1 computer is RIGHT HERE, narrated by me, Steve!

You use your computer for almost EVERYTHING nowadays! From banking, to shopping, and staying in touch with family... you NEED to know how to use it!


Windows 8.1 users already know that it's a COMPLETELY different experience than anything they've used before! If you've used Windows 7, Vista, XP, or earlier: almost NONE of what you know even APPLIES anymore!


On top of that... older versions of Windows are getting their support completely cut off!

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft is making sure that your computer will be a Windows 8.1 computer.

That's why we dedicated ourselves to putting together the most thorough, complete, informative, and easy-to-understand guide to learning EVERYTHING you need to know about Windows 8.1!

Learning Windows 8.1 on your own can be a NIGHTMARE!

Trust me, even I was kinda shocked at how different it was!

Everything you're used to is either gone or changed! Start menu? Nope. The desktop you've used since the 90s? 100% different!

It's a WHOLE new ball game!

But every single lesson in this video will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to know!

Here's a peek at what you'll learn with this ultimate guide!

Nearly 3 and 1/2 Hours Of Amazing Video Lessons!!

Upgrading to Windows 8.1!
What Tiles and Charms Are!
Setting Up Your Personal User Account!
Updating Apps, Windows and Anti-Virus!
Learn How To Make Win 8.1 More Like Win Xp, Vista & 7!
Backups And HD Clean Up & Optimization
Use The Amazing New Snap Feature!
Instant Home Network - Share Files, Music, Photos, And Printers!
Live Tiles vs Static Tiles! Move & Create Columns!
Boot To Desktop Mode - Like XP, Vista & 7!!
Searching the Charms Bar!
The New Start Button!
Resizing And Moving Tiles!
Sharing Devices And Settings With The Charms Bar!
Accessing Desktop Mode!
Free Office Suite & Video Software!
Wi-Fi Network Setups!
E-Mail Setups!
Personalizing Windows 8.1!
The Microsoft Store!
Using Calendar, Finance, Weather, Video, and Skydrive Utilities!


That's a LOT of stuff...

But it's STILL only A FRACTION of what's explained in this guide!

START TO FINISH - Not a Single Step Missed!

You get EVERYTHING! From the moment you upgrade/install Windows 8 to the last steps of security and backing up when you've got it all setup and understood!

This video covers every single key feature, every part of the new design, and every part of the process that YOU need to know!

There's NO comparison: WorldStart's Guide to Windows 8.1 is THE guide to get you on the ground running in no time!


This isn't a hard to use software or a gigantic book to read: it's EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW in a concise, clear video!

You're walked through every step with narration and the Windows 8 interface shown on screen!

It's IMPOSSIBLE to use this guide and not learn Windows 8.1! It's just too good!

By SHOWING you the screen as each section is explained, you'll become instantly familiar with all the key components of this new operating system!

After this guide, you'll feel like you've been using Windows 8.1 for years!

If you don't know what a charms bar is, or what the heck it means to setup your tiles then this guide is just what the doctor ordered!

Whether you're thinking about upgrading, already purchased a computer with Windows 8.1, or plan to purchase/upgrade a computer anytime in the next DECADE - you're GOING to wish you had this instructional guide!

Do NOT go into Windows 8.1 blind!

WorldStart is going to save you hours, weeks, or MONTHS of struggling with this brand new operating system - YOU CAN LEARN IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT!

BONUS #1 - Included on this flash drive is a 100 page PDF E-Book that's just brimming with even MORE Windows 8.1 tips, tricks, and advice! A must have - by itself it's worth the price of the enter program - and it's yours FREE with purchase!

BONUS #2 - We've also included a bonus video that shows you all the most common touchscreen gestures!


You simply WILL NOT find this guide anywhere else! And the guides out there already cost upwards of $50!! TALK ABOUT A RIP-OFF!

You NEED to know this information - so learn it all for just $8.97!

As noted above, we are COMPLETELY out of the DVD version!

So please grab one of these flash drives before they're gone too!


We'd LOVE to get this ultimate Windows 8 guide to everyone - but our supplies are LIMITED! Make sure to get your copy before they sell out! Besides, the sale ends Monday and these skyrocket up to $17.97!!!


Every once in a while, I'll come across a deal that I can't even believe. When I got a sample of these TekNMotion Air Capsule speakers and tried it out, I checked the price twice to make sure the decimal point wasn't in the wrong place.

It sounded as good or better than those fancy speakers my brother-in-law spent a house payment to buy.

When I shut my eyes, I thought for a minute that the Rolling Stones were actually in my office. I opened my eyes and there was no Mick Jagger, just this tiny little audio powerhouse.

You can bet I called my supplier ASAP and said, "I'll take all that you've got!"

I read an online review of this amazing speaker that asked "Why does no one know just how great it is?"  I don't know, but I'm sure glad they don't know yet, because then I wouldn't be able to give you this amazing deal!

Oh, and that tremendous value comment came from someone who paid $39.99 and not our amazing price of only $12.97!

How much do I love this little speaker? Let me count the ways!

Use a wireless Bluetooth connection or plug it in! That's right! It works with almost every device!  Use Bluetooth to instantly pair it with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Or plug it into any device with a 3.5 mm jack! The high-quality Bluetooth v3.0 connection give you crystal-clear audio.

Use It With - Phones, Tablets, Music Players, Computers.  iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones & tablets, PCs, Macs - it works with everything!

Bluetooth or wired, it doesn't matter! 

The technology on this tiny dynamo is astounding! The drivers are magnetically shielded to give you a dynamically tuned, full-range sound for less than $13 !

I know some of these little speakers just sound like you're using a tin can on a string. Not this one. You have to check out the deep, tight bass! I've never heard anything like it at this price.

Thanks to the powerful, omni-directional built-in mic, it's easy to have hands free calling.

I know speaker calls can be full of noise and hard to hear... but not with this phone. The special echo and noise cancelation technology takes out ambient noise, so you can hear loud and clear!  Here at WorldStart, we work with a lot of people who work from home, so conference calls are a must!

But sometimes trying to make out what people are saying on the speaker of  cell phone is impossible! And they can't hear you either! Wait until you make a call with the Air Capsule! Speaker phones finally make sense instead of sounding like the teacher in Charlie Brown. You know, wa... wah...wa... wah...wah... wa...

Oh and the LED indicator lights let you know when you're on standby or receiving a call!

Just recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery via USB. But don't worry, you won't have to do it often. You'll get up to 15 hours from one charge!

This compact, sleek beauty fits right in on your desk without taking up room or right into your pocket, purse or backpack to go anywhere.

You have to hear it to believe it! These amazing little speakers are the best-kept secret in audio. So SHHHH... don't tell anyone. At least until after you've ordered a few for yourself at only $12.97!

Hurry! People are opening their newsletters and adding these to their carts right now!  Click the store link below to get yours now, before they're all gone!

Once the word gets out, I can't imagine that these will last until the sale ends on Monday! Get yours now!


It's a brand new flash drive for just $2.97 !!

What else do I need to say?!

Look: big flash drives are great... if you need them!

But unless you're moving data back and forth for a tech job, or storing a big computer backup... chances are, you probably only need a few gigs of space!

Photos only take up a few megabytes, and documents only a FRACTION of a megabyte!

So why are you spending $30 for a flash drive if you only need 1/16th of its space?

So for $2.97 you can store all your documents, photos, and even some songs... without having a bunch of wasted space and wasted cash!

Imagine 1,000 of your photos or a couple hundred MP3s... It's a lot to imagine, I know. But...

Did I mention how cheap these are? JUST $2.97!

I told you this deal WAS INSANE! CLICK THE LINK BELOW!

This deal isn't going to last long so hurry up and grab yours before Monday when this deal ends! Also, due to this amazing deal I have to put a limit of 3 per customer. 

LOL - You're still hooking your devices up to your computer!

Know what I saw the other day? I actually saw a guy hooking his camera up to his computer to download photos! Helllloooooo - why on earth would you NOT use a card reader?

Anyone who's ever used a card reader to transfer their photos from a memory card to a computer NEVER goes back to the old, "Golly gee, let me hook my camera up to the computer" method!

You need to find the stupid cords, make sure the stupid battery is charged (or worse, you need to have the camera plugged in - and find the cord for that), and get the whole stupid setup to work with the chintzy software they gave you!


I can erase that hassle - easily - and you get a jaw-dropping deal!

Using a surprisingly small combination of threats, begging, and blackmail, I was able to snag an amazing price on this Lexar USB 2.0 microSD/microSDHC Card Reader!

Sure, I may end up spending a few nights at the county jail (something about extortion being just south of legal), but YOU snag an amazing card reader for just $1.97! Yeah I know - it's insane!

This little card reader is going to brighten your photographic life in ways you, quite frankly, never thought of. When you discover how much better photo transfers can really be, you'll be pounding your head into the wall crying...

"Oh the wasted years!"

A window will open with all your camera's photos on it - just drag and drop to the folder of your choice, or use your photo software to import your images.

See? No cables, no battery worries, no power connections - NO HASSLE!

I shoot gobs of photos and let me tell ya - only crazy people still hook their camera up to their PC! Join us here in this century and grab this killer card reader for just $1.97!!

PS - This is SOOO GOOD - That I gotta make sure EVERYONE gets one, so only 3 per order. THANKS!

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