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- 2014-10-21

You HAVE To See This Stuff!

If you have a phone, a tablet, an eReader, or any mobile or touchscreen device... then today is your lucky day!

From the PROPER way to utilize that touchscreen, to extending the life of your device twice over, to even keeping it SAFE!

This e-mail is LOADED with great deals, but you have to scroll down and grab them before they're gone!

Everyone has touchscreens on everything nowadays. And while it may only take two seconds to cover a screen in smudges, it takes a lifetime to clean them off. Not to mention those scratches that NEVER go away!

Why not just save yourself the hassle?

The precision tips ensure that you can quickly and easily use your touchscreens without the risk of turning your screen into a blurry mess.

Lightweight and comfortable, you'll forget you're even holding it!

It's like writing with a feather.

Each pack comes with three stylus pens of varying colors, and they'll fit wherever you want to keep them!

You'll always have one nearby!

As if this stylus pen wasn't great already, you get THREE PENS PER PACK for just $4.97!

PS - Make sure you get this ASAP, before the price goes up to $9.97 on Wednesday!

You Know How it Goes...

You're on the road. You're at work. You're at a hotel. It doesn't matter where you are, you're NOWHERE near a USB port!

That important call you were either expecting, or were supposed to make?

Well... good luck with that! Hopefully it wasn't too important, because you're gonna have to wait 'til you get home and get that phone charged now!

It feels like your phone is waiting until the worst possible moment to die! EVERY TIME!

Don't put up with it anymore!

This incredible Rechargeable USB Charger has gotta be the most useful device invented in the last decade! Someone definitely had their creativity on overdrive when this incredible idea popped into their brain!

All you do is plug it into your device with the USB cable you always use and it'll charge your device directly! The indicator light lets you know it's charging and you can go back to having a phone that's actually USABLE!

It's small enough to fit in any pocket, any purse, luggage, your glovebox - literally anywhere!

When you're at home, just power this up with a USB port and then keep it with you on the go! No matter where you end up, you'll know you have a couple extra hours worth of charge JUST IN CASE!

If you don't need it right away, you can keep it "at-the-ready" for a LONG time!

So, the next time your cell phone, MP3 player, etc goes dead - you'll know EXACTLY where to find a charge!

As soon as I saw this thing - I knew I just had to have one!

Quick Fun Fact: Almost EVERY portable device used nowadays charges via USB. This device is basically a USB port that fits in your pocket.

So ANYTHING you'd charge at your computer can charge on this!

Your cost today is just $9.97!!

That's an unheard of price for a device like this! Grab one while you can!

  PS - Be sure to order yours today, because this is an EXTREMELY limited quantity item and the price is headed up to $14.97 Wednesday Once these are gone, it doesn't look like they'll be available ever again!




Don't Suffer a $500 Slip!

When you were getting that new notebook or tablet... you took your time, right?

You researched, you planned, you saved. Then you got it and you couldn't be happier.

But if you're carrying it around all the time without a case.... you're grade A crazy!

Best case scenario is an unsightly scratch or two that will mess up your screen forever. Worst case scenario... you have to buy a brand new device. Neither seems too appealing to me!

And when I say case, I'm not talking about those crazy, bulky, heavy bags that look like suitcases.

Get all of the protection of big cases, without making your device less portable!

I mean, that IS why you got it in the first place, right?

It fits any device up to 14.1"!

That's a pretty wide variety of devices! That means your 14" notebook will fit snuggly inside.. and anything else will go right in with room to spare! Maybe you can put your tablet in with some accessories? Or an eReader with its charger?

It's up to you!

In fact, the interior is lined with a soft, cushioned material to give extra protection. And the padded sleeve makes it even more secure!

Neoprene is amazing, because it's the best of both worlds!

On one hand, it's strong, resilient, and protective. But on the other, it's soft to the touch, lightweight, and flexible so it won't make traveling a nightmare!

It's like having no case at all, except you don't have to worry about all the risks that normally means!

So when you're on the road, going to work, or in the airport, you won't have to worry about dings, nicks, bumps, scratches, scrapes, or drops from ruining your expensive tablet or notebook!

Speaking of the airport, this sleeve helps you get through security faster!

With the CheckFast design, your stop to get your bags checked will go that much faster! It makes it easier anyone to take a quick look at the contents of your sleeve without the typical hassle!

Wait until you see this!

Don't pay that much! I have it for an amazing deal! Just $4.97! You could grab two and still be paying less than you would at Amazon!

Of course, that's only when this is on sale! And that sale ENDS in less than 24 hours!


AND IT'S ONLY $0.97!

"Wow, that's simple!"

So there I was, working late one night... I head out to go home and it was dark. Since it starts getting dark around 5 PM this time of year... by 7, it's practically the middle of the night!

I reach for my keys, and I quickly realize I have no way to see the lock. I need to lock up the office, but I just can't get the key in the keyhole!

Now, I could carry around an extra flashlight, but that's a big bulk for a 2-second chore.

Who wants to fill a pocket with a big flashlight just to see keyholes?!

I'd love to give you full instructions on how this thing works... but I already did!

All you have to do screw this little cover on top of your key and you're ready to shine a light where you need it!

With this thing on, when you have to navigate around at night, you can quickly and easily get into your car or home! No more scratching up all the paint, no more frustrated jabbing of the key!

You know those REALLY tough to open locks? The ones that take power-tool level torque to get opened up? It hurts your fingers just thinking about it!

Well, this comfortable key cover is going to make that less painful!

We ALL have those one or two keys we use 90% of the time! This even makes 'em easy to get out of the crowd! I don't know about you, but I've got WAY too many keys and now I can find the important ones faster!


But this sale ends Wednesday and that means this goes up to $4.97!!

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