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- 2014-07-28

Time's Up.

It's time to panic! Everything below - and in our store - is currently on sale, but there's less than 24 hours left before it all jumps back to normal price!

I've put the hottest items below, but check out the site too - you do not want to miss this!




No Hard Drive Lives Forever...

Hard drives are sensitive, complex mechanical devices. Most modern hard drives can hit over 7200 RPMs!

But it's not without a cost: No matter HOW hard you try, 100% of hard drives will eventually crash.



What do you do when your hard drive crashes?

Well, there are only two outcomes...

1. If you don't back up your data:

It's gone. Throw your hard drive in the trash and start fresh... because you are NOT recovering that data. A dead hard drive is just that. It's game over.

2. If you DO back up your data:

You take your handy little Super Talent 16GB back up flash drive and put all your saved files on your next computer. With JUST ONE CLICK!

You don't lose a single file, and you don't spend the weekend wishing you had printed those vacation photos that you'll never get back.

Which one would you prefer?

There's only ONE reason not to back up data: it USED to be hard. It took a lot of time, it took expensive hardware or software, and it took some tech-savvy. You had to know file extensions, directories, the whole works.


The Super Talent 16GB Instant Backup Flash Drive!

NO software. NO set up. NO time consuming steps. All you do is plug it in and click "backup"!

Could it BE any easier?

The first time you pop it in, it just asks you what directories you want to backup. After that, every new backup is just a click away.

What's great is that it keeps ALL of your directories and folders right in the order you have them on your PC. So you'll know EXACTLY where to find them on the flash drive or after you back them up to another PC!


Think about everything you have on your computer: TONS of photos. ALL of your favorite music. Family videos and contact information.

How about work documents, important files, sensitive documents. Even your passwords, e-mails, favorite web pages... EVERYTHING!

After a crash, you can't get those photos back. The videos are now distant memories. And your passwords? Good luck remembering the ones you haven't had to type in for years.



And with backing up this easy, you won't even have to think about it!

This DEFINES User Friendly!

We tested it out, just check out the video:

Ultra Sleek, Ultra Secure, ULTRA FAST!

It looks, feels, and acts just like your standard flash drive (of course, standard flash drives can't hold a candle to this one) so you know it's gonna be easy and lightweight to move or store.

Plus, when you aren't using it, you can flip the drive around to protect the connector! YES!

That's right - Just drag and drop files to it and use it like any other flashdrive! Talk about the best of both worlds!!

Take it anywhere! Back up any PC or laptop! Use it for EVERYTHING!

And if you're looking for fast, this thing is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

This is a Super Talent high-speed USB 2.0 drive.

We're talkin' up to 480Mbps of PURE SPEED!

Last but not least: IT'S SECURE!

When you back up anything on this drive, you can choose to encrypt it and guard it with a password of your choice! Nobody but you or those you trust get access to YOUR files.

So all your tax, financial, and confidential documents? You can back them up too without worrying! FINALLY!

It's not just passwords, either. It's full-power encryption!

All those passwords on your PC don't mean a thing if you don't have SECURE backups.

But with the included backup software, it's not a problem.

A Backup Drive For UNDER $10! WOW!

If you go anywhere to try and get a backup drive, you'll be looking $40 for the BARE MINIMUM! And those are bulky, heavy external hard drives that you really can't move or store.

Personal note - I needed another backup drive for all my photography, and these were just PERFECT for the job! They're sooooooo handy!

You will NOT find a faster, more convenient backup drive out there for just $9.97!

These are simply one of the coolest devices I've ever seen. PLEASE don't miss out on this deal. We only have so many and once they're gone... that's it.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Seriously! If these run out, they're gone! We don't always get to offer items like this! And after Tuesday this sale will end, with the price going back up to $22.97! HURRY TO THE STORE!


Tired of Gross, Smudge-Covered Screens?

Always Hunting For a Pen?

Wish You Could Have An LED Light Anywhere?


ONE DEVICE: Stylus - Ballpen - LED LIGHT!

Precision Writing, Pristine Screens, & Awesome LED Power!

Everything You Need & It Fits Right In Your Pocket!

You're Gonna Keep These ALL Over Your Home!

Cell Phones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, ANYTHING...

Plus Paper, Notepads, or Sticky Notes TOO!

Any Screen, Any Paper, ANYTIME!


Pen and Stylus... COMBINED!

Have you ever been sitting there, fighting with your phone, just trying to dial in the right numbers? But the touchscreen buttons are too small, your fingers are too big, or the phone just seems not to want to listen to you?

Or maybe you noticed that after just a couple uses, your touchscreen device is COVERED from top to bottom in nasty smudges that look awful and get your screen blurry!

Oh, and scratches? Those are PERMANENT DAMAGE!

And how many times have you been out-and-about, ready to write a check, note, sign something... only to realize YOU HAVE NO PEN! It's infuriating!

Let's not forget how often you're DYING to find a flashlight, too! Whenever you need one, they all seem to disappear!



It's a capactive touchscreen stylus , plus a smooth and precise pen!

And to top it all off, there's an LED light built right in! SWEET!

How has nobody ever thought of this before?!

If you've never used a stylus on your touchscreen device... you're in for a HUGE TREAT!

All those times you couldn't quite hit the right button, couldn't get your phone to "feel right", or were just fed up with all the oily smudges all over... NO MORE! They are PROBLEMS OF THE PAST!

And if you're gonna carry a stylus around... why not make it a pen too?

All of your writing needs = fully covered!

The stylus end is covered in a rubber-tip which glides smoothly across your touchscreen! And because of it's soft-rubber texture, it won't risk scratching your screen!

No smudges? No scratches? FINALLY!

Lightweight Design - Yep! This thing is light as a feather (but still feels solid as stone in your grip) for the perfect touch! Whether you're writing on paper or on your phone... you're gonna LOVE this!

That grip is comfy as a pillow, too!

There's a lot of stylus designs out there... but none of them come CLOSE to this! Not only does it FEEL like a real pen... IT IS ONE!

And to top it all off... if you buy one during this INCREDIBLE limited-time deal... YOU GET ONE FREE!


I know it sounds insane (and maybe it is!) These crazy stylus-and-pen-all-in-one are only $4.97 and if you BUY ONE, YOU GET A SECOND FREE!

Grab 'em here!

PS - These are a special offer for a short time only! Grab yours QUICK before they're all gone! And Tuesday  the price goes up to $8.97!!


I am so excited to offer you this amazing kitchen gadget that not only saves water and energy, but gets your dishes and pans cleaner that they've ever been before.

You saw the fantastic user ratings and the rave review from Cook's Illustrated Magazine above. Let me tell you, that really impressed me.

Those guys are brutal when they review kitchen gadgets, so when something gets their Highly Recommended ranking, it has to be great.

My only problem is I don't know what to tell you about first: How much water and energy it will save you or how amazingly clean your dishes will be!

Let's start with the money $$$

Studies show that rinsing dishes under running water for only five minutes before you put them in the dishwasher wastes up to 25 GALLONS OF WATER every time you pre-rinse.

In a year that adds up to more than 9,000 GALLONS!  Not to mention the the money you spend on gas or electricity to heat that water. TALK ABOUT POURING MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN! But you don't want dishes coming out of the dishwasher with food still crusted on. Because then you've wasted water and energy washing them.

Dish Squeegee to the rescue!

This amazing flexible silicon tool quickly removes even the crustiest baked on food WITHOUT USING A DROP OF WATER!

Plus, because it's silicon it won't damage Teflon or other delicate surfaces.

There's nothing worse than scratching an expensive pan. I have one of those enameled Dutch ovens and I accidentally took the finish off the inside while trying to pry loose some stubborn baked on tomato sauce.

Let me tell you... I was mad. That thing cost more than my first car! (Well, almost!) 

Crusty lasagna pans, sticky mixing bowls, caked-on casserole dishes... This takes care of them all.

Because the Dish Squeegee is flexible silicone, it works on hard-to clean surfaces like Bundt pans. No water needed! Seriously. Why pay to wash your dishes twice? 

Can you afford to pour 9,000 gallons of water down the drain every year?

But even if you're made out of money and don't mind paying for the water, you need the Dish Squeegee because your dishes will get sparkling clean in much less time.

You don't need a dishwasher to appreciate Dish Squeegee!

Why hurt your arms scraping off a caked-on mess when Dish Squeegee dispatches the gunk in seconds? And the special ergonomic design is easy on your hands!

You could soak your pots and pans in the sink and end up with a nasty soup of old food... Why not put it in the garbage when it belongs? The less clean-up the better.

Oh, and don't worry about cleaning up Dish SqueeGee! It's dishwasher safe, so pop it right in there with your soon-to-be sparkling dishes!

Dish Squeegee saves you thousands of gallons of water and your dishes and pans will be cleaner than they've ever been!

But the best part is the price: Only $5.97 ! Stop pouring money down the drain! Click the store link below to put one or more of these in your cart.

You know our deals don't last long, but I can't imagine there will be any of these left on Tuesday , but if there are, the price jumps back to $9.97 !

Tough, ROCK-SOLID Metal Construction...

9 Blindingly Bright LED Bulbs...


Our Best LED Flashlight Deal Of ALL TIME...


That's an UNBELIEVABLE Deal for a QUALITY Flashlight!

Grab As Many As You Can...



Passing AMAZING Deals DIRECTLY on to You...

I just LOVE it when I get a call from a supplier and they say something like, "Hey Steve, I got a problem. I have a bunch of extra 9 LED flashlights I need to move. Can you help?"

So, after a little back and forth, we agree on a price that even I couldn't believe I got! Soooooo - YOU get a jaw-droppin' deal on some fantastic 9 LED Flashlights! We're talking just $1.97 for a 9 LED Flashlight! We've never had 'em that cheap! Heck, I'm not sure anyone has ever had 'em that cheap! It's a knock-out deal, that's for sure!

Oh, and wait till you try 'em!

Turn it on BUT don't look into it - this baby is really BRIGHT!

It's absolutely amazing how much light those 9 LEDs throw out! You wouldn't think a flashlight this small would be this BLINDIN' BRIGHT!!!

Speaking of size - wait till you feast your fingers on this little guy! It's super-compact and easily fits in the palm of your hand! Makes it super-easy to take anywhere!

I already have one in each of my cars, and my wife keeps on in her purse. It's so small you don't even know it's there - till ya need it.

Grab one for each of your cars, your camper, boat, house, garage, camera bag - anywhere you need a small, bright, reliable light!

SOLID, Heavy Duty Construction!

Don't let the price fool you! These aren't some cheap plastic lights - this bad boy is SOLID!

We're talking a heavy-duty all aluminum barrel that can really take some serious poundings! Plus, the grip is just fantastic and I can personally attest that even when your hands are dripping wet (or snow covered), it's easy to keep a hold of! The design also keeps it from rolling around!


Changing batteries or running out of juice is going to be a very RARE thing now! Oh, PLUS don't forget that you won't ever have to worry about the LEDs burning out - Even if you kept it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take 11 YEARS before they would burn out!


If you've looked at LED flashlights, you know they are the pedigree of the lighting world - for a light like this, you're looking at least $20-$30 easy. Your cost? Again we're talking just $1.97!

It's the BEST DEAL we've ever offered on an LED Flashlight! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

PS - At this price, you'd better grab a few! Not sure how long these will be available to us at this kind of price, so RUN to the site and get in on this as soon as you can! The price will increase Tuesday to $6.97 - get 'em now!


You Need A Night Light That KNOWS When You Need a Light!


 Bathroom, Hallway, Even In A Closet!

No Outlet Required!

Stop Wasting Power! Only Turns On When You Need it!

Just TRY And Tell Me You Don't Have a Place To Put This!


Perfect For... Well, EVERYWHERE!

I can't even BEGIN to explain how cool these are!

Does ANYONE enjoy stumbling around in the dark?

A night light seems like a good solution, but they hog your electrical outlets.

And, if you're like me, and have trouble sleeping when there's even a low light shining in from the hall, they can be an real inconvenience.


Here's the one that does - and it's gonna rock your WORLD!

Check out this LED Light with a built-in motion sensor! Move around near it? You get the light you need!

This COMPLETELY CORDLESS Motion Sensor light is EXACTLY what you need!

No More Fumbling Around In The Dark - Period!

This bad boy can detect movement 20 feet away!

That means if you set it up in your bathroom, hallway or kitchen - ANYWHERE - it's gonna turn on right when you need it!

It's not going to flip on some blazing light that blinds you and wakes up the dog, the kids and your spouse.

That doesn't make much sense, does it? You turn on the light so you can see, not so it can make it impossible for you to see anything!

The gentle glow makes it easy to see without out disturbing anyone.

You've heard of a smartphone? Well, this is one smart night light!

And you won't waste energy keeping it turned on when it's not in use. I mean, we all need night lights for safety's sake, but who wants to pay for electricity you aren't using?

Not with the price of utilities these days. I don't know about you, but we had a horrible winter where I am and I don't want to spend a penny more on utilities than I need to.

And no more being tied to an outlet. This motion activated night light uses batteries, so you can put it ANYWHERE. But since it only turns on when you need it, the batteries will last a long, long time! And the LED light, those last for years!

You'll want more than one!

Jaw-Dropper Price For a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

But that doesn't mean you gotta break the bank just to afford it! This little guy is only $7.97!

I gotta say - you do NOT want to miss this one! Make sure you get to the store before they all sell out!

PS - Tuesday the sale will end and these will go up to $14.97 so don't miss out!


Why Do Batteries So Small Cost SO MUCH?

Because Big Box Stores Are Robbin' You Blind!

We've Got THE Package You Need!

All 6 Common Alkaline Button Cell Types - 30 Total Batteries!

The Whole Thing Is ONLY $2.00!!!

You'd Pay Twice This For ONE BATTERY Anywhere Else!

6 Of Each For The Most Common Batteries Used!

Labeled For Easy Use!

No More Struggle To Find The One You Need!


Warning: Low Battery...

...oh no! You knew it was coming, but it still made your heart stop.

You think to yourself "I have NO CLUE what battery this is using. All those little button ones look the same and more importantly, they cost 10 bucks per battery to replace!"

We've all been there. Heck, I've played with more clocks and watches and flashlights that need button batteries than I can even remember!

But you know what?

It DOESN'T have to be hard.

It DOESN'T have to be expensive.


Stop going to the big box stores for these things!

They'll charge you $8-10 for a battery or two and send you on your way! You aren't even sure if they're the right one, and besides - if you have to replace the batteries again, it'll end up costing more than the device you're using them with!

We've got EVERY common button cell battery RIGHT HERE!


Watches, calculators, thermometers, radios, alarms, toys, games. It doesn't matter what you need 'em for - now you'll finally have them.

And we're not kidding! Feel free to walk to any big box store and see what they're charging for small packs of two or three batteries! It isn't cheap - they think you don't know any better!


PS - Sale ends Tuesday and these will cost $8.97 then!

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