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- 2016-07-26

Some people think LAN adapters have outlived their purpose... they're CRAZY!

That's what your computer manufacturers WANT you to think. Sure, your PC or laptop may have come with integrated wireless support... but what you didn't know is that they LOVE to stick in the cheapest part they can find for that.

"How are they gonna know?" they say. But when you're trying to watch that video on YouTube or Facebook, or check your e-mail... and it just loads and loads forever... oh, you know.


You're paying for FAST Internet... but your computer's lackluster wireless is HOLDING YOU BACK!

It's like paying for HDTV channels and being stuck watching the standard definition channels!

To see for myself, I checked the computers around the office...

It was no surprise - the HIGHEST speed on the built-in adapters? 150 Mbps.

The average router can handle TWICE that... but with the crappy integrated wireless support computers come with, it doesn't even matter.

"Can it really be that simple?"


This LAN adapter may look small, but it is packed with HUMONGUS power, speed, and even security!

At 300 Mbps, this LAN adapter can handle any home connection you've got. You won't have to sit there wondering if your wireless is holding you back - because it won't be.

Whatever speed connection you have, this will let you get the MAXIMUM effect out of it!

See, it has this awesome feature that automatically detects the optimal network transmission rate for your connection!

To put it simply: without this feature, your network might try to send too little (which makes your speeds slooow) or too much (which overloads your network and can cause your Internet to "die" for a brief period. You've probably experienced this before with "random outages!")

This LAN adapter helps optimize that transmission rate so you always get the BEST experience - that means consistant, quality connections 24/7.

That's not even everything: the integrated antenna gives you extra range WITHOUT making this a bulky nightmare - since you might be using it on a laptop, you don't want some monstrosity sticking out the side, right?

Tiny adapters CAN pack a punch - this one proves it!

You might not even know if your integrated wireless is secure or not. Sure, it PROBABLY has some base level protection... but is it the kind of protection you trust when you go to bank online? Log into your e-mail?

There's nothing worse than uncertainty. That's why this LAN adapter's list of encryption means you've got peace of mind to go with that ultra fast speed!

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption.

It's okay if that's a bunch of gibberish - let me break it down:

This is like wrapping your connection up in an electrical, barb wired fence with armed guards every 3 feet.

Nobody gets in without your permission.


It's a two-step process.

1. Plug in your LAN adapter.

2. Install the drivers from the disk.

After you take the one minute to do that, your PC or laptop now has wireless. Or if it had wireless, it now has FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER RANGE wireless.


It's only $14.97!

Only $14.97 for better Internet. That's less frustration, less wasted time, and for LESS than you'd ever imagine! WOW!

It's probably no surprise that I'm gonna urge you to be QUICK on this one! I don't know when these are going to sell out, but it won't be long.

A lot of us out there have issues with pain in our hands or with grip strength due everything from injury to arthritis to plain old getting older. These days my hands hurt all the time.

So opening a jar of pickles or spaghetti sauce can sometimes be a real hassle! There's nothing worse that trying with all your might to open a jar only to have that lid not budge at all!  Not to mention how hard it is to sometimes to just open a stinking bottle of water or soda.

That’s why I was super happy when I found the ultimate handy kitchen helper!

You get 4 openers in one handheld gizmo! Pop a bottle top, open a jar, twist off caps, and pull tops off of cans! I mean seriously this thing is revolutionary!

You know how you slam a jar on the edge of your counter to get it to loosen up? Well stop doing that! It’s dangerous and it nicks your counter! I’ve even heard of people using hot water to get the jar lids loose! Stop doing that as well! You can burn yourself!

So if it’s spaghetti sauce you’re after, or that jar of homemade jam – YOU CAN OPEN IT WITH EASE!

The super-slim design stores right on your refrigerator or easily slips in a drawer. Toss out all those other openers and add this handy must-have kitchen item. Grab yours for just $12.97! Heck, that price is totally worth it to your poor hands!

Hurry and click the link below to add it to your cart today!

Remember the good old days when TV was free? Well, the good news is - the best TV is still free.

Yeah, your cable or satellite provider is charging you a fortune for TV stations, you don't even watch - BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

These days you can already watch most of the stuff they show on cable for free on the Internet. But what you can't watch on your computer is what you want to see most, local news, sports and your favorite network programs live when they air!

It hooks up to your HDTV in a flash. Just plug it into your TV using the included coaxial cable,  and BOOM you've got yourself some cool HIGH DEF 1080i HDTV!

It's super-light-weight and ultra-thin! Just over an inch thick and stylishly slim-lined. It looks good everywhere!

This takes all the hassle of finding channels away!

You paid a lot for that HDTV, but some cable companies charge you extra for a high-definition picture! Why pay extra?

You see it all the time now, cable and satellite providers getting into fights with local TV stations and pulling your favorite channels.

No local news, no big game... None of the things you got cable for in the first place!

Even if you're planning on keeping your satellite or cable subscription, this digital antenna is great to have as back up.

With all the contract disputes going on between cable and satellite companies, you need this antenna as insurance!

It used to be, having an antenna just brought in two maybe three channels, but nowadays - there's way more.

But most cable and satellite providers don't even bother to show it to you. Here in my town, you can pull in sixteen channels over the air from the network affiliates, but only if you have an antenna!

As long you live somewhere where you can pick up local TV signals - you can have HDTV signals with no monthly fee!

"We used to get about 30 basic channels for free through our cable line. That ended rather suddenly and the cable company wanted to charge us $16.99 a month to get the channels back. I ordered this antenna and voila! The channels are back and just as clear as ever. Works great with our brand new tv." - S. M."

"Works really, really well. Can't get over how nice the picture is compared to the poor feed we were getting on our basic cable." - M. J.

"I must say that I was surprised by the quality signal received by this antenna! Although it is not powered, I received multiple local channels with very clear pictures. This is an excellent antenna!" -K. H.

IT'S ONLY $19.97!! This thing is less than a FRACTION of your monthly bill... and it has NO recurring fees!


Stop getting ripped off!  Click the store link below and get this brand-name flat digital antenna for only $19.97!

Due to the AMAZINGLY LOW price we've got these at, we can not accept coupons on it. We are sorry... Don't wait until they pull your favorite channel off the air. Get yours for only$19.97  while they last. If there are any left on Wednesday , it's going to cost you $39.97 !

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