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- 2017-05-27

So you buy some great looking pictures to hang on the wall... You think your house is going to look like an art gallery and instead, it looks like a crooked, sloppy mess when you've finished.

Don't look so sad stock photo lady! 

It's not your fault! Ordinary levels aren't designed for hanging pictures!  You need the tool the professionals use to create great-looking spaces!

This is no ordinary level! All they do is measure straight lines!

Check out how this works!


You just place it on the wall where you want the picture to go and you actually hang the picture on it to make sure it looks just right! 

The level (and your eyes) tell you if it's straight and if it looks good there!

I know? Why didn't someone think of this before? It sure would have saved me a lot of time.

But that's not even the best part of this incredible tool. As they say in the commercials, BUT WAIT -- THERE'S  MORE!


Say goodbye to marking up your walls with pencils or pens while you try to find the right spot to put a nail or screw.

Just tap right where you want the screw or nail to go and Hang & Level will mark the wall for you.

You and I both know how easy it is to mess up a pencil or chalk mark and start hammering half an inch off.  Not with this! Just tap!

 Hey, I told you this was something special, didn't I?

Guess what?  It also works with picture wire hardware. We all know how tricky that is to get right? SINGLE & DOUBLE HOOK SYSTEMS! Plus sawtooth hooks, D-rings, and keyholes!!! If you hang pictures with it - this lets you hang them perfectly with no fuss!

This could be you - all smiles because your pictures look so good hanging all straight on the wall. When they ask who your decorator is, tell them it's Mr. Steve!

But I haven't gotten to the most amazing part. Our price! Other guys are charging $15 for the same tool!  Not a bad price for a great item, but we've got them for 1/3 of the cost! YEP! Just $4.97 !Nothing like a 66% savings to make you smile!

The catch, as always, is that we've only got a limited quantity. So click the link below to drop this in your cart ASAP.

Remember, our sales don't last long. So if you think you want this, act now. Because when you check back on Monday , the price will be $9.97 .


I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the most excited I've been for a gadget in months!

When it comes to hard drives, a LOT of people get scared off. They don't want to open up their computers, they don't want to mess with cords and power plugs, and they definitely don't want to risk losing their data.

This hard drive dock lets you get the most out of your old, unused internal hard drives in a way that's so easy ANYONE can use it!

For starters...

Simply plug in any 2.5" laptop hard drive or 3.5" PC hard drive, and connect the dock to one of  your computer's USB ports.

Your computer will automatically recognize the hard drive and you'll have all that extra space to save data!

Internal hard drives are almost always cheaper than external ones. You could save anywhere between 15% to 40% buying an internal 500GB drive versus an external 500GB drive.

So once you have this dock, you'll never have to pay for those absurd external hard drive markups. YES!

But it's not just about new drives, this lets you get the most out of your OLD hard drives too. If you have an old PC just sitting somewhere in storage, you're letting a perfectly good hard drive go to waste! Now you can salvage lost data or simply use it for extra storage by popping it in this dock!

So now you can consolidate old drives onto one big giant drive!

This guy can even support up to a 3TB hard drive! Just think of all the old data that you can finally save by just using this guy!

Whether you're rescuing old files or backing up new ones, it really couldn't be easier! You take a hard drive, insert it into the dock, and go!

Oh, and get this: the whole dual dock is just $29.97!


Hurry and click the link below and order yours today!

Due to the great deal on this, we are unable to offer a coupon discount on this item.  

Puts Inferior Mice to Shame!

Everyone knows that optical mice are the way to go - hopefully no one is still surfin' along with a ball mouse! Optical mice are the smoothest technology out there, and this mouse is going to put EVERY other mouse you've ever used to shame!

Cutting-Edge Optical Technology...

Trust me, once you go optical, you'll NEVER go back to anything else. This is superior tracking at its finest!

We're talking smooth as glass scrolling!

There's a fine line between "excellent" and "unbelievable," and this mouse crosses that line into a territory all its own. While the accuracy and smoothness are basically unmatched, there's also a ton of features that make this mouse superior in EVERY way to what you currently have.  

This mouse is wireless AND RECHARGEABLE!!! It runs on ONE SINGLE rechargeable battery (Included!) and it comes with a USB charging cable. When you're ready to recharge, simply plug your mouse into a USB port with the INCLUDED charging cable, and you are good to go! You'll be recharged in no time flat! Imagine how much money you'll save by NOT HAVING TO BUY BATTERIES! And we all know what a pain it can be to get a battery into the tight little compartment on a wireless mouse.

And the wireless range is 30 feet - which means you get HUGE flexibility

Imagine that... you'll be using a mouse that doesn't chain you to one spot on the desk with its stupid cord!   

Something about this Mouse just feels right. You can tell immediately upon using it that a lot of time was spent on the design.

And You Can Have It For Cheap!

For just $12.97 you get THE BEST, COOLEST, AND EASIEST to use mouse out there!


At one time or another we've all wanted to quickly create a greeting card or flier. But most programs are so complicated, there's nothing quick or easy about the process. It's complicated and overwhelming. Or maybe you want a nice brochure, calendar, or a poster for an event. But the product turned out by your word processor some online program is underwhelming and unprofessional. What you want is something with high-quality images and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

And there was a great option out there... Print Shop.  It has always been my favorite go-to software for these kind of projects. So why didn't I offer it to you sooner? It was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I couldn't get a deal on it to save my life...believe me, I've tried for years!

So you have to imagine how excited I was when I found a deal Print Shop 20 Essentials - A DIRT CHEAP DEAL!

YEAH! You read that right.

If you've never used a Print Shop program, you'll swoon when you see how simple the interface is!

As soon as you open this program you are greeted with a list of things you can create!

Wanna make a banner? EASY! How about a greeting card for a birthday? BOOM DONE! A sign for your craft show? COVERED! And that is just 3 things off the long, long list! Or just start from scratch and do whatever you want, however you like it.

Each and every one of those templates is completely customizable!

Yeah! We are talking access to over 100,000 super-high-end stock photos and sleek graphics that will be sure to give that presentation or report cover professional pizzaz it needs to stand out from the crowd!

Plus a choice of 500 Fonts! Not to mention 5 collecitons of amazing fine art!

Most Greeting card programs have just a few pre-loaded cards. You might be able to change a name or the greeting, but you can't change the font, color, or even the images! Believe me, I've been stuck in that nightmare with Microsoft Office's measly offerings.

With this program, you make a customized keepsake and not the same card everyone else in the world picked up at Walmart. And have you priced greeting cards lately? Nice ones are outrageous!

And don't think Print Shop is just a pretty face!

Doing a mail merge in Microsoft Office with Excel is probably one of the most annoying and cumbersome thing to ever have to do... It's not fun and trust me I know! With Print Shop 20 you can just add new people to your list and with one click of a button print off the whole list without blinking an eye or changing to another program!

If you're familiar with Print Shop, I know you've already added it to your cart. If you haven't checked out this amazing program yetI am telling you, it seriously has everything you need!  I am not sure if you caught this... but... THIS IS LESS THAN $1 !!! Yeah that's right! You can grab this software up for just $0.99 !!!!

Stop messing around with over-complicated and over-priced programs and click the link below to grab yours today!

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