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- 2015-05-03

AND THEY'RE ONLY $11.97!!!


Superior sound, top-notch comfort, and a price that NOBODY can beat. If that hasn't you sold you already...

TONS of Features - Unbeatable Quality!

There’s a mic, right there, on the line! It’s so small yet powerful enough to pick up your voice. And a simple squeeze answers or ends your call!

Talk about handy! Now you can talk on the phone without having to pull it out of your pocket!

"Hands-free" has never been easier!

And if you've ever used earbuds before, you probably know that BAD FITS = NO FUN!

If you can't comfortably wear your earbuds, you can't even really use them!

With the additional 5 earbud cushions, you're SURE to have no problem finding the perfect fit that lets you wear these all day without EVER getting sore ears!

Get hooked into your mp3 player, iPods and iPhones!


For just $11.97 you can have the audio that you've ALWAYS DREAMED OF!

At that price these aren't gonna last long - So GRAB YOURS TODAY!

Get a drink from any sink!

Water is EVERYWHERE! But... if you don't have a cup, you  might be left getting a little wet. Sure, cupping water with your hands works... but it sure can make a mess!

And if you're trying to take your pills on the road, you need a quick and easy way to store your pills and get them in your system, right?

It's such a simple concept, applied to something we use daily. How didn't anyone think of this sooner?!

To the untrained eye... it's just a small 3 inch cup, very similar to disposable cups you get at the dentist or at an office meeting for water.

But once you realize that it has specially-designed edges that collapse when you don't need it, you'll be like "WHOA! How cool is that?!"

And here's the thing: it comes with its own lid that works as a pill holder too!

First, it keeps any wetness from touching your stuff. That's a big deal! Since you'll be using this thing all the time, you definitely won't want to share that moisture with the contents of your purse or bag. And you won't have to!

But that also makes it GREAT for overnights or long trips. Keep your essential medication handy and available... right with the device you'll need to swallow it!

Like I said, this idea is so simple it's great! Because those really are the ideas that work the best.

And check this out: it's only $4.97!

Compare that to the cost of a stack of desposible cups. After 5-6 fill ups you'll be saving money.

PS - The sale ends Monday!

There is something worse than being in a car accident.

And that's being in a car accident with someone who's dishonest with nothing to lose. They run the red light, accuse you of cutting them off, and there's no witnesses to say otherwise.

So now it's he-said, she-said, and you're just trying to make it all stop!

Dash cams provide irrefutable evidence - and that's why they're getting more and more popular every day!

There's over 600,000 reported hit and runs a year... you never think it will happen to you, but nobody knows for sure!

JUST $49.97 for the ONE thing every car owner needs!

Record everything! Leave nothing to hearsay!

Dash cams are just perfect!

You set them up, switch them to "motion detection" mode, and go!

Of course, if you're concerned about vandalism or parking incidents, you can just leave it on the regular recording mode to keep a recording of your parked car too!

I wish I had one of these when I was in school, some of those kids had NO idea how to drive (and probably still don't!)

And this dash cam is LOADED with high-tech features, making this deal really unbelievable!

That means you'll be able to see anything in your recordings crisp and clear! License plates, car models, the whole works! You'll be shocked at how clear this thing records!

Using special IR lights, the camera will be able to record things that even YOU can't see! After all, what use would a dash cam be if it only worked during the day?

With a standard cigarette lighter socket plug and a USB plug, you can charge this battery on the road or at home!

I've already mentioned motion recording, but this even has loop recording! That means you don't have to worry about "erasing" pointless data! If nothing worth saving happened, just let the dash cam keep recording... it'll automatically overwrite early data to make room for new recordings!

Want to record a TON of driving? Pop in any microSD card from 4GB to 32GB to expand your storage and keep hours of driving footage at once! YES!

Speaking of memory cards...

You're more than welcome to use it with this dash cam (as you WILL need a memory card to save video) or you can use it for anything else! It's a fully-functional SD card, so it works with anything that uses them!

Hey - don't think this is just for insurance and accident cases!

If you're an adventurer or just love road trips, this is a great way to document your travels and keep events forever!

Sometimes you see some crazy stuff on the road, now you don't have to ask people to believe you! YOU CAN JUST SHOW THEM!

Dash cams are like an added level of insurance that don't cost you an extra dime after you have one!

And remember the amazing deal on this thing?


If you only need it ONCE in your life, it'll have paid itself off 1,000 times over!

Grab one quick, this was a special item my supplier offered us and we can't get many of them before they'll be gone forever!

PS - I'm not kidding about grabbing one quick, last time we had one of these devices they went fast... I don't know if I'll be able to get anything like it after these are gone!

Why is this wipe different from every other cloth out there?

When you take one out of the package, the first thing you'll notice is that it is super-soft. So it's absolutely safe for any surface. No scratches! The wrong cloth can permanently damage delicate surfaces! This specially-designed wipe is 100% safe.

Now unfold it to the full size. It's HUGE! Just shy of 2 square feet of cleaning power. This isn't some dinky little square of paper towel that's going to fall apart. There's no job that's too much for this big boy! Wipe down a whole counter, large table or even your minivan in minutes.

You know the ones where you knock over a pitcher and it looks like a dam broke on your dining room table! So you grab a roll of paper towels and keep pulling and pulling to stem the tide and what you end up with is a bunch of soaking wet paper towels in the the middle of a pool of water.

Not with this cloth. It's made with a specially designed super-absorbent material! It'll soak up that water like there's a Shop Vac hidden in there somewhere.

These wipes work perfectly WET or DRY.

These super-absorbent wipes are a MONSTER in the kitchen.

Wipe down your countertops in minutes! Polish your stainless steel appliances to a beautiful shine. I know when I whip up a big Sunday dinner, my stove sometimes looks like a tanker full of sauce overturned on it. And if you don't get it off right away, you've got a dried-on mess! With this generously-sized towel and spritz of degreaser, spills disappear in an instant. Paper towels cannot compete!

Getting rid of all the water fast is the secret to streak-free windows! You could wash then squeegee your windows. Or you could use one of these amazing wipes and watch the liquid vanish before your eyes!  Your windows will sparkle like diamonds!

If you get a really nasty icky spill, say a 2-liter of Mountain Dew that your kid decided to give a shake, or as I had the pleasure of doing this week, cleaning up after my cat after it decided to eat a bunch of Easter grass from a basket and felt a little ill, go ahead and toss the wipe in the trash.

But if you've used it for dusting or wiping up a little water, go ahead and reuse it!

Now let's take this baby outside to your car. I left out one great feature of these wipes. Open up that package again.

Breathe in. Notice that subtle scent. It feels fresh and expensive. Does it smell like a new car? Yup it does! Not only does it make your vehicle look brand new, it'll smell brand new!

Use it to wipe down your dashboard, doors, clean the vents or any other surface in your car. Oh, and you'll want to keep a pack in the glove compartment. 

Say you're driving down the road and have to stop short because of some idiot laying on the brakes in traffic. Splosh! Your morning coffee goes everywhere. Pull over and pull out one of these super-absorbent wipes out and you can take care of that spill in no time. 

And wait until you try this out when you wash your car! The generously sized cloth wicks away water for a gleaming, streak-free shine.

Can one wipe do it all! YES IT CAN! You won't believe this deal. You get not 1, not 2, not 3 but 6 of these incredible wipes for only $2.97 .

Click here to add one to your cart right now!

Here's the deal, this sale only lasts for a limited time! So don't be mad if you wait until Monday  and the price has jumped back to $6.97! 




You know how it goes, you settle in to your comfortable recliner all ready to watch your favorite TV show and you hear it.

The horrible buzzing sound that lets you know there's bug in the house. Pretty soon the darn thing is dive-bombing you and ruining your peace and quiet. 

What are you supposed to do? You could grab some toxic bug spray and chase it around the house. But who knows if it's safe for pets or kids? And who wants a sticky, nasty-smelling insecticide residue clinging to everything in their house?

You could put out some traps, but who knows when the fly will finally get lured into there? You want that darn thing gone now and I don't blame you.

Because if you don't get rid of it, it's going to start laying eggs. Did you know a fruit fly lays up to 500 eggs in a lifetime? And those eggs can hatch within 24 hours!

Another fun fact about flies - they basically throw up on everything they land on. And go to the bathroom!  They're nothing but flying poop machines! You don't want these vile things buzzing around your house for one second longer.

That's why I say, it's time to go old school.

Swat them dead before they have a chance to make more! 

But don't use just any ordinary fly swatter. If you pick up one of those flimsy things with a short handle, you'll just be waving it around in the air.

They would work fine if flies always sat still, but they don't... They fly! 

There's nothing more frustrating than chasing a bug around the house and always having it land just out of reach! You end up slumping into your chair exhausted and then the flying poop machine buzzes right by your head!

That's why this sturdy bug killer has a telescoping handle.

It extends to a full TWO FEET!

You won't have any trouble reaching the ceiling or a dark corner where those disgusting pests try to hide.

Plus there's a special comfort-grip handle that makes it easy to hold on to.

 Just check out those ridges! It is so easy to grip!

Instantly take care of flies, bugs, mosquitoes, spiders... any creepy crawlie you can think of!  No chemicals, no traps to mess with.

And check out the price on this insect assassin!

Only $4.97 !  You'll want one of these ready in every room of the house and on the porch!

Click here to add product 9661 to your cart right now!

You know the deal! Our quantities are limited, so our sales don't last long. Don't wait until Monday ! The price jumps back to $8.97 !


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