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- 2016-05-30


You know how it is, you're driving in the rain and it looks like someone is throwing buckets of water right onto your windshield. Your windshield wipers are doing the best they can, but you still can't see a thing. IT IS DANGEROUS!

And it's not like those wipers are falling apart, you just bought them. And if you're out driving on the highway with big trucks throwing water back at you, it can be pretty darn scary.

The solutions is Repel-It Windshield Treatment. It makes your windshield hydrophobic. That means water (and the grime and gunk that can splash up on your windshield with it) will bead up  and make it much easier for your windshield wipers to swoop it away.

It's not just rain that will stay away... Dust and bugs are much easier to clean off.

EVEN SNOW AND ICE will be easier to take off.

Where I live, there's a saying. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. We get it all. Rain, snow, ice, sleet... We'll go from 70 degrees and rain on Wednesday to 20 degrees and snow on Friday. And let me tell you, I end up doing a lot of driving not matter what the weather is like. This treatment is absolutely perfect.

Look at the difference it makes!

                                    TREATED                         UNTREATED


You could have it done at your car dealer, but look what they charge you! I grabbed this shot from an actual car dealer's website. the price starts at $29.95 and you know how they love to tack on extras.  

Repel-It Windshield Treatment is only $6.97 !

 This durable treatment can last for up to six months! Plus it's a wipe, so it's super easy and convenient to apply to your windshield.

Not only will this improve your vision, your wipers will last longer because they'll have a lot less work to do.

There's no bottles or applicators to fuss with! Just open the convenient package and apply the treatment with the disposable wipe for streak-free protection!

We managed to get a special deal on these, so we're doing Buy One Get 4 FREE AND dropping the price to our lowest ever - just $6.97! WOW - they won't last long.

So click the store link below and get yours now!

Hurry! If we have any left on Tuesday , the price will jump back up to $8.97 !

A Frustrating Task Made Simple!

Have you ever tried to get your data OFF your phone?


Not only is it a pain to have to connect your phone to your PC just to transfer, finding the files is just as bad!

(And let's not get into hoping your computer recognizes what you're trying to DO with your phone, instead of just trying to update or charge it)

You can't even transfer over WiFi without paying for an app!


Check THIS out!

It works on computers.

It works on Android phones.

It even works on Android TABLETS!

Plug it in. Save your data. Transfer it ANYWHERE!

No cords, no weird software, no hunting for files... just save your pictures to the flash drive & plug it into your PC!


The genius is in the simple design! It's a standard USB connector on one end, and a micro-USB connector on the other!

(Everyone in the world just went "Oh man, I should've thought of that!")

If you've ever used a card reader for your memory cards because you were tired of hooking your camera up to your computer... this is kinda like that, except even BETTER!

It's just like a flash drive!

That means it's simple, fast, and AWESOME! All you have to do is plug it in to the device you're using and move the files onto it!

Now you can finally get all your photos and videos off your phone to share them on your computer!

But this isn't a one-way street!

If you're trying to get music, or maybe a movie on your phone or tablet? It's JUST as easy!

Simply plug this flash drive into your computer, drag the files into it, and then connect it to your mobile device!


I can't tell you how excited I am about this! I absolutely HATED data transfers between my mobile devices and my computer. It was ALWAYS a pain... not anymore!


If you don't need to transfer some data right now, you can use it as extra storage! But it STILL works with everything for that!

16 extra gigs is a LOT, especially on a smartphone or tablet!

Those devices don't come with a lot of storage... so you're increasing storage by up to 50%!

Squeeze some extra music on your phone even though the internal storage is full! Keep a backup of your PC's most important documents and photos!

This device does EVERYTHING and it makes it look so easy!

Hold Onto Your Jaw...

...because it's about to hit the floor!

These are an AMAZING deal! But check out just how amazing they are!

You could get the 16 GB drive for just $19.97!


Make sure you get it quick! These kinda flash drives ALWAYS sell out quick!

The sale WILL end Tuesday - but it might end sooner if we sell out of these completely!

Are you super-tired of struggling to find an Internet signal in your home? Maybe your office or garage workshop is a serious dead zone. I know I have some issues with spotty internet signals when I am in my basement on my laptop. And I can't tell you how disappointed my daughter was when her brand new iPad refused to pick up a signal in her room!

It seems as though certain spots in my house on certain days tend to lose signal. When I call my internet provider they just tell me “there’s nothing we can do”. Well, that’s not true because I found…

This has got to be the coolest, easiest way to not only extend your WiFi range, but to also strengthen your signal to eliminate dead spots!  You know that helpful YouTube video on how to fix your car's alternator? Well, now you can watch it in your garage WHILE YOU WORK ON YOUR CAR! Just imagine being able to get a signal like that without having to see this!

Get the latest wireless N technology for increased speed and range! Plus, it has a repeater mode to extend the reach of your existing wireless network! It even provides up to 300Mbps of speed! See I wasn’t joking about the whole "no more buffering" thing!

If you're one of those folks who enjoys Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming services on your TV, you are going to love this.

And if that's not sweet enough, you can...

So while your old router may be in your living room, you can put this guy into your bedroom or garage and directly plug in your smart TV, laptop, or just get the most powerful WiFi signal you could’ve ever imagined!

Before I got this, streaming movies in the bedroom was impossible. Now I can stay up late binge-watching all my favorite shows. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea after all!

Just think… You could plug in 4 Internet-enabled AV devices! That would take your home theater set-up to a whole new level!

If your iPad or Android tablet isn't picking up the WiFi signal when you go upstairs, it's pretty useless. So much for being portable! And it's not like you can plug anything into a tablet to improve the signal. A range extender is the only way to solve the problem!

Let me tell you, my daughter was thrilled when she was finally able to use her tablet in her room! And I was thrilled because she stopped complaining about it!

I know what you’re thinking now… “This thing must be seriously complicated to set up!” Well good news!

We are talking NOTHING to install! Even though there is nothing to install, this guy still comes with a user manual and an amazing quick-start guide to help walk you through! You’ll be up and running in NO TIME! One thing that sets D-Link apart from the rest of the crowd is their incredibly helpful instructions. You know how some electronics manuals look like they were written by someone who doesn't even speak English?  Not this one. Clear and accurate instructions make this a breeze. You are ready to go right out of the box!

This thing has everything you need to have a better, stable, and more powerful WiFi range! And you can have all that for just $24.97!

This deal is too good to pass up!


Since this deal is so good we are unable to offer a coupon discount. We are so very sorry about that!


Cars Accidents Happen EVERY Day!

In fact, the statistics say that serious injury from car accidents happens about once every 10 seconds.

The unfortunate truth is it doesn't matter how well YOU drive, if the OTHER people on the road are driving like idiots!

I'm not tryin' to scare ya... I just want EVERYONE to be prepared & safe!

I saw one of these things in action and I gotta tell ya, I got one for EVERYONE in my family.

They're these handy little 3-in-1 emergency hammers and if I need to use one just ONCE in my life, I know it'll have been worth the purchase!

Think About This:

You or a car you see gets broad-sided on the road. The doors are jammed shut, the window motors smashed, the seatbelts are caught.

The driver or passengers are trapped and they NEED to get out. What do you do?

You grab this tool and in SECONDS, the windows can be smashed out and the seatbelts cut free.

When seconds matter, this can be the difference between getting out unscathed or suffering a serious injury... or worse!

That window breaker tip is INCREDIBLE!

(Don't test it on your window, not even a tap, it means BUSINESS!)

They're specially designed to to focus ALL the momentum of a hit right into a tiny point on the glass. After all, if you've had something SMACK into any of your windows, you know those things are resilient!

You need something SPECIAL to bust it open and that's what this is!

Seat Belts - They're DESIGNED To Hold You In Place!

After all, in 99% of cases, that's what we WANT them to do.

But if you're in a burning or sinking car (hopefully never!) you need to make sure sure they can let you GO!

They're not gonna just pull apart. Those things are STRONG!

And a regular knife might be just as dangerous if you're struggling to cut through.

This has an ultra-safe "slotted" blade that you can just slide over the belt and pull!

It'll cleanly cut through the seatbelt and let you get out IMMEDIATELY!

Bottom line: this is the tool you're going to want when things go wrong.

You CANNOT predict an emergency situation. You can't PREVENT another driver from driving stupidly.

But you CAN be prepared for anything. You might NEVER need to use this, and I hope that's the case. But if you DO need it, you're gonna be glad you had it.

AND IT'S ONLY $3.97!!! Your well-being is worth WAY more than that!

PS - The sale will end quickly though, and these go up to Tuesday!! Safety is worth any price, but don't pay more if you don't have to!


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