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- 2014-12-20

Closeout Special!

Oh, did we score a deal for you!

We have an incredible closeout deal on Slide Show Expressions! 

This amazing software makes it SO EASY to create amazing DVD slide shows from your photos - that you can play right on your TV! 

VERY limited quantities and at this price they are NOT going to last. 





What if you could take all your photos, videos, and favorite songs, then put them together in a fantastic slideshow to show off to everyone?


Now what if I told you that you could do it even if you barely know how to use a computer in the first place?!

It's true!

If you think your photos and videos were jaw-dropping, wait until you see the reactions of people who see them in a musical slideshow! They'll be speechless!

When you open Slideshow Expressions, it displays all the photos and videos you point it to. So importing them into a slideshow is literally point-and-click!

It's the fastest, easiest way to possibly get started! Within seconds you'll be able to begin getting your photos in order for your masterpiece!

Don't be fooled - easy doesn't mean basic!

Your friends and family will be asking you "Who did you get to make this? Can I have their business card? How much did they charge you?!"

They might not even believe you when you tell them you did it yourself!

WOW! This is gonna come in handy! Sure, your photos are great... but maybe the brightness was off a bit? Or the color tone?

Or hey, maybe there's a lot of empty space and you want to trim it up a bit.

NO PROBLEM! With the photo editor, you can take any picture and give it a quick touchup!

After all, a better photo makes for a better slideshow!

Once your picture is looking perfect, ADD CAPTIONS WITH THE CAPTION TOOL!

Think a photo is just a photo? Nope!

When you use the pan & zoom tool, you can truly bring a still shot to life!

For instance, you can start a scene with a shot focused on you... then slowly pan out to show the beautiful beach and sunset off in the distance! It makes for an amazingly cinematic experience that'll have people wide-eyed in amazement!

But that's just the beginning!

Now that you have your photos and videos in place, you can start taking advantage of the AMAZING special effects tools!

It's simply jaw-dropping how thorough this software is!

Finished Your Slideshow? You STILL Have More Tools!

For starters, you can make a fantastically unique DVD menu! Including sorting parts of your slideshow by chapters!

Throw your wedding slideshow on there and your vacation one! Then separate them with different, easy to access chapters! It's like a professional DVD!

And you can even use Slideshow Expressions to design and print LABELS for your CDs and DVDs!

Slideshow Expressions does ALL the work for you!

Sure, it sounds like a big, complicated program... but that's because the software does all the heavy lifting! You simply pick the photos, the videos, the transitions, and the theme you want... THAT'S IT!

With the ability to save your slideshows on CD or DVD, converting them for other devices (like iPods, Sony PSPs, and more) or even publishing them straight to the web on your favorite social media (like YouTube!) you'll be showing off these creations in no time!

I've been trying to get my hands on a few copies of this software for WEEKS now... and I finally did! Even better... I got it at an AMAZING deal - so I'm passing that deal onto you!

While these last, you can grab your copy of Slideshow Expressions for JUST $5.97!

That price + limited supplies = act fast or miss out!

I can't promise these will come back after they sell out. Grabbing a copy today is the only way to guarantee you'll get it!

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