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- 2016-06-28


If you thought Wireless-N was as good as it could get, you are in for a REALLY nice surprise!

Because Wireless AC is here and it's the next step up.

It's everything you've been wanting and it's all in ONE USB ADAPTER!

If you don't have wireless capabilities in your laptop or PC, I'd recommend just ordering one of these right now. If you have an Internet connection, your home PROBABLY is setup for WiFi (if not, your internet provider can tell you how or even do it for you!) but your computer/laptop needs one of these to connect to it!

You won't be replacing this one for probably a decade because the technology is THAT new!

If you DO have wireless...

Put simply, wireless has gone through a number of technologies. Up until recently, Wireless-N was the "standard". It was good, really good. It blew the previous versions Wireless-G and Wireless-B away! Not only are some of those older ones not compatible anymore, they are SOOOOOO slow compared to AC!

Using any outdated wireless adapter is going to cost you speed.

All you have to do is plug this in to get wireless compatibility on your laptop or PC.

Wireless AC is the latest and greatest.

And here's why:

The speeds you get on your WiFi are affected by a lot of different things, but the most important one is your wireless adapter. Like I mentioned above, a slower adapter will limit the speeds your wireless can handle.

Because even though your wired Internet is fast, the adapter can only handle as much data as it's designed to. If it's too slow, it gets all clogged up and you start noticing that it takes a LONG time to load that video or webpage!

Wireless AC gives you up to 867 Mbps of speed. Compare that to Wireless-N's 150 Mbps (or 300 Mbps on their pricier models).

If you're trying to access iTunes, YouTube, your e-mail, a webpage, or anything online... this is the difference between waiting 20 agonizing seconds for a page to load or just 2 seconds.

Never deal with a slow load time again!

Wireless AC increases your wireless range!

The older wireless worked by just sending the signals EVERYWHERE it could and hoping they ended up at the device trying to use them.

It's pretty consistent if you're in the same room as your router, but you probably noticed how bad your WiFi gets when you start moving away or put a wall or two between you and the router...

...Wireless AC has a technology called "beamforming" that lets it identify WHERE your smartphone, TV, or laptop is and directing the signals towards it.

So instead of shooting information everywhere, it sends data right where it's supposed to go.

That means better range, and less chance for lost connections! YEAH!

It also means you can maintain higher WiFi speeds at longer range. We've NEVER been closer to making wired connectons obsolete!

We have so much to hook up online, like steaming HD movies, television, or games on smartphones, music players, laptops, and tablets.

Wireless AC was specifically designed to be able to handle all that we want to hook up to the internet!

So when you're trying to read e-mails but your wife and kids are watching Netflix or Hulu, you won't even notice.

And since this is a dual-band adapter, it maximizes power between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to prevent interference or anything like that!

If you're concerned your old router won't work, DON'T BE!

This Wireless AC adapter works with ANY of the old standards so replacing your wireless adapter won't be a headache. Just pop this in where you had the old one plugged in and you're good to go!

EVERYONE can make use of this, all you need is a wireless connection for your device and this adapter lets you use it!

It's VERY rare for technology to make such drastic improvements.

Heck, the last time wireless adapters were upgraded like this was back in 2007 (that's 8 years ago!) In technology terms, that's practically going back to hard-wired everything!

But it doesn't even come CLOSE to what we have them for!

ONLY $24.97!

$24.97 !Imagine yourself cruzing across the web at neck breaking speeds!



Over the years we've tested a lot of wireless headphones, and all I can say is that these are so VASTLY superior to ANY others we've tried, that it isn't even close! If you think I'm excited about these, you're absolutely right!

Let me tell you why...

What can you do with them? Sit outside and listen to music, chat online, listen privately to the radio, and more! And since these come with a built-in microphone you can even make and take calls!

Listen to anything, AS LOUD AS YOU WANT - without disturbing a single person in your home!

Oh - these aren't your average wireless headphones either!

They are a 4-in-1 Wireless Headphone kind of deal! Just check out all these babies can do...

Bluetooth Headphones (works with any Bluetooth enabled device!!)

Wireless FM Radio (built into the headphones)

Wireless Microphone

Wired Headphones that come with an audio cable (just in case you want a wired connection!)

Put your music on a microSD card and use it as a music player all by itself!

These have so many uses! Just imagine...

You could be mowing the lawn while listening to your favorite FM radio station...maybe catching the ball game!

If you get restless late at night and can't sleep and want to jump on the computer and listen to some videos on the problem!

You can even watch a movie on your tablet without disturbing anyone around you!

Heck, when you go to the fridge to grab a snack, you don't even need to take off your headphones! Ahhh...the freedom to roam without being tied down to the computer or stereo by a cord!

Put in your own microSD card and load it up with tunes or any other audio you want to listen to!

These wireless headphones  give you incredible sound all without disturbing anyone around you!

When you take these out of the box you're gonna be amazed! They LOOK & FEEL so rich!

The earpieces have a soft, cushy feel to them. Even the band that rests on the top of your head is covered by the same soft, luxurious, padded covering!

Before I even plugged them in, I had to try them on to see how they felt - boy these are SO incredibly comfortable! And they're incredibly lightweight to top it off - I couldn't believe it! You can walk around with these on all day and never get tired of them!

And as far as the sound goes, these headphones sound CRYSTAL CLEAR!!

When you turn these on, oh my're NOT gonna believe what you hear!

And the volume - let's just say that you can really crank these up if you want to conveniently on the earcup. No tinny, thin sound here! These have a strong, robust sound that just surrounds you in music and quality sound!

Oh and by the way, you can use these wireless headphones with just about ANY audio device - an mp3 player, CD or DVD player, your computer, game player, radio, and your TV! You don't need a separate set of headphones to work with each piece of audio equipment...this does it all in comfort, style and with the convenience of being wireless!

And the price that we're giving to you is absolutely INSANE!

For just $19.97 you can have wireless audio FREEDOM!

HURRY AND CLICK THE LINK BELOW! This deal isn't gonna last long!

PS - this deal ends on Wednesday, so you've gotta act fast!


We get asked all the time "How can I extend my WiFi signal through my home?" or "How can I make my signal strong enough so my iPad picks it up upstairs?"  You could try an antenna for your PC, but that won't work for your phone or tablet. And who wants to lug an antenna around with a laptop?

But don't worry! After some looking around, we found the coolest solution EVER!

Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this has to be some super-complicated piece equipment! WRONG! It is SUPER-EASY to use.

Just plug it in and hit the special D-Link One-Touch Extender Setup button! That lets your current WiFi connect to the D-Link and EXPAND your WiFi range. IT TOTALLY ELIMINATES DEAD ZONES!

So if your router is in your office, you can plug this guy in the living room and get a WAY BETTER signal through the rest of the house!

I mean you bought that tablet because you wanted to use it all over the house. But if you can't stream a movie or play a game upstairs in bed, what good is it? Your signal should be just as good whether you're using a PC in the office, playing a game on your phone in the living room, or relaxing with a movie in bed. Well now it can be!

You’ll never have to worry about surfing the net! And say goodbye to buffering while you're streaming a movie on your tablet or phone!

This guy keeps your connection ROCK SOLID! Think about it… A wired connection is great, but it limits where you can go!  WiFi is great, but sometimes your router just can't get the signal where it needs to be! With this guy you can get an AMAZING Internet connection anywhere in the house!

When we found this deal on these guys – WE WERE FLOORED! Just look at what another online retailer is charging!

Heck, you’re not even gonna pay HALF that, because we got them for just $24.97!!! That's CRAZY cheap! This is such a good deal you'll want to grab yours RIGHT NOW!


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