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- 2014-09-01



And I'm jumping around the room it's so exciting!

If you've got a laptop, now is the perfect time to GET RID OF IT FOREVER! Those tablets you've been dying to get? I finally have one at an unheard of price!

You can even consider ditching your home PC too!

If you're like me, you're tired of those bulky machines!

Sure, we use 'em everyday but they cost a fortune and take up a LOT of space!

Not to mention laptops being practically impossible to take on the road (despite being sold as mobile computers!)

I know a LOT of people have been dying to get a tablet, but they just haven't found the one that combines quality with a jaw-dropping deal yet...

That's why I fought tooth and nail to get a tablet that you can snag for only $49.97!!!

That's right! A tablet for just $49.97!

I'll be able to keep them at this sale only until supplies run out. I CAN'T get these at this price again... so even if I do manage to get more, they're not going to be even CLOSE to this discount!

Think about how much you'd have to pay for a modern laptop... $300? $500? Heck, they go up to $1000 easy!

And for that price you don't get ANYTHING special!

Everything you do on a computer can be done on a tablet.

Love to browse the web? There's an app for that.

Do you check your e-mail all the time? There's an app for that.

How about keeping notes, using a calculator, tracking important dates and times on a calender, watching movies, playing games, reading eBooks, listening to music, reading the newspaper...

You've never been so comfortable using a computer!

Okay, sure, it's not your traditional computer, but that's a GOOD thing! For starters, you don't have to be tied down to that desk anymore.

With a tablet, you can use it sitting in your favorite chair, lying down on the bed, lounging out in the backyard, or even right in the car!

This thing is the perfect size, it's a 7" tablet, so you have the freedom to use it wherever you want!

Browsing the website? Tap a link and go right to it! Same for e-mail, just tap your finger on the e-mail you want!

This tablet has it all: the perfect size, great performance, lightweight design, and an UNSTOPPTABLE price you simply will not find at any other store!

$49.97 (with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US!) for a tablet that's going to blow your laptop or aging PC away!

You'd be NUTS to pass up this deal!

Chances are, by this time tomorrow, there won't be any left!

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