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- 2016-12-05

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty useless first thing in the morning. I'm only focused on two things:

I can haul my behind out of bed, turn on the TV, and listen to a bunch of blah, blah, blah on a morning show. But that will likely give me a headache before I'm even awake. I could fumble with my smartphone, but frankly, I can barely make my fingers work that early in the morning. In fact, I'm so uncoordinated before my coffee, I'm likely to drop my phone on the floor!  UH OH!

Forget that! How about this:

Yep, you read that right. It actually projects the time on the wall!  How great is that?  How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night and wondered what time it is? (For me, it's a big problem when I know I have something important to do the next day. I wake up every half hour wondering what time it is). You try to twist your neck to read the clock screen, but you can't see. So you grab your glasses and get up for a closer look. Then you find out it's actually 2 a.m. and you could have just rolled over and slept for five more hours. But guess what! You're awake now. Plus you woke up your spouse!  You're not going to hear the end of this. And you'll be exhausted the next day.

If you had this clock, you could easily just project the time on the wall where you could see it without getting up. You'll know whether it's time to roll over get more sleep or if you might as well get up.

It's Completely Portable! Put It anywhere! Sometimes trying to find space for an alarm clock can be a problem. Not everyone has room for a bedside table. The compact beauty is only 6" long, so it fits EVERYWHERE. And, NO CORD REQUIRED!  It runs off 2 AAA batteries. (And it runs for a long, long time.)  But if you want to plug it in, you can. Just use any DC 4.5V  adapter!

That makes it PERFECT FOR TRAVEL. It fits right in your luggage, purse, or even your pocket!  No matter where you are you, you can wake up on time and see the temperature, humidity, and a calendar!

So let's go over what you get!

A perfectly portable alarm great for home or travel! An accurate clock that projects the time on the wall or ceiling for easy night reading! A calendar plus the temperature and humidity!  And all for less than $17 !

No, your glasses didn't suddenly go bad. You read that right, all those features for only $16.97 ! 

Just click here to add it to your cart before time runs out.  Get it? Time runs out?

I know you're asking, "What's the catch here?"  Just one catch!  We have a super-limited quantity and this sale only lasts until Tuesday !  If you don't grab your clock by then, I can't guarantee we'll have any more available and you'll pay a lot more! The price will head back up to $19.97  on Tuesday !  So don't miss out!

Let's get this one out of the way first: you've got mobile devices. It's practically a given now.

If you're reading this e-mail, I bet you have a smartphone or similar device.

Then you also probably know that the battery life on these things SUCK!

What good is that? If your phone is always dying because you had the "audacity" to actually USE it?

That important call you were either expecting, or were supposed to make?

Well... good luck with that! Hopefully it wasn't too important, because you're gonna have to wait 'til you get home and get that phone charged now!

It feels like your phone is waiting until the worst possible moment to die! EVERY TIME!

Don't put up with it anymore!


It's just like ANY backup device out there: you never realize how badly you wish you had one... until ya need it. Don't get left out in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone!

Get this BEFORE you need it so you have it WHEN you need it! Simple!

If you think about it, the average smartphone is about 1,700-2,000 mAh. That means this can power one back up about 5 full times!

Even if you have a BIG battery in your phone, this can still recharge it from dead to full 2 or 3 times.

That means a few extra days a week where you can forget to charge it up at night and still be okay. Or maybe you don't have a convenient place to charge it on the road... now you can go the whole week without worrying!

You simply will NOT find a charger with this kind of storage anywhere else.

That's practically unheard of with a portable charger... those tablets hold a LOT of energy!

But this thing holds way more, and it's absolutely a jaw-dropper!

All you do is charge up this device and then keep it with you on the go!

It's great to leave in your car, purse, bag, or even your pocket. It's no bigger than a typical phone, so it really is easy to travel with!

There has simply never been a mobile charging station quite like this.

It's compact, lightweight, and can charge your devices for dozens and dozens of hours.

Think of just how many devices you have that could use an extra boost of power when you're not home.

Quick Fun Fact: Almost EVERY portable device used nowadays charges via USB. This device is basically a USB port that fits in your pocket.

Anything your computer can charge, this can do it too!

Just look at what other people are saying about how GREAT this guy is!!!

See everyone loves this super powered USB charger!

Now I know you're thinking that power like this is gonna cost you an arm and leg...

We've got the this thing for just $19.97!!! SERIOUSLY, just $19.97!

HURRY AND CLICK THE LINK BELOW to grab the most popular and trustworthy USB charger TODAY!

The sale does end Tuesday though, making these go up to $29.97 !

All Purpose Super Glue- Sale Price $2.97
(Original Retail $6.97)

Great for bonding any surface, this All Purpose Instant Super Glue features strong adhesive in a stay fresh container with a one drop applicator. Works on plastic, metal, wood, rubber, glass and ceramic. Tube contains 3 grams. - Click For Full Review

Repel-It Windshield Treatment Wipes Buy One Get 4 FREE!- Sale Price $5.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Repel-It durable windshield treatment wipes dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield while driving. - Click For Full Review

Super Talent USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive- Sale Price $36.97
(Original Retail $89.99)

The Super Talent 128GB Super Speed USB 3.0 Flash Drive delivers USB 3.0 performance at a USB 2.0 price. - Click For Full Review

Cable Organizer - Buy One Get One Free!- Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $14.99)

The perfect way to organize your cords. Perfect for your office and household uses such as, computer telephone, and lamp cords, power cables, and stereo wiring. Holds up to 13 feet of cable. Just wrap the excess cable inside and your done. - Click For Full Review

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