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- 2014-09-30


Guess how many items I just put on sale...

If you guessed anything less than "ALL OF IT" then you're wrong!

This monumental sale is YOUR chance to get anything you want!

Check your wishlist - if we have it, it's on sale!


Not only can you order ANY item today at its insanely low sale price...

It's SO easy: After you add an item to your cart, you can add the Random Freebie during checkout! That's all you have to do! Finish checking out and when we ship your order, you get a RANDOM FREEBIE included!

It could be ANY of these!

This is YOUR chance to get literally ANY item we have availabile... at the LOWEST price they've ever been!

Just click the link below and get shopping!

Do NOT miss out - a sale this monumental doesn't come around every day. (On top of that, the sale AND the random freebies only last for a limited time... you might ONLY have today to take advantage of this!)







The Do-It-All Wonder Cable!

I keep hearin' the SAME complaints over and over and over!

First it's the sync cable.

"I lost my sync cable and they're tryin' to charge me $25 for a new one! COME ON!"

After all, without that cable, what can you do? Once the batteries run out it's dead for good. And you won't be able to transfer new data to it!

Speaking of dead batteries, that's complaint #2!

Does ANYONE'S new phone last longer than a day? Maybe two tops?

Remember when you only had to charge your phone once a week? You need to be able to rely on that thing!

I've got the COOLEST little device that blasts both of these problems into the past where you won't have to worry about them for another second!


Just look at that thing - it's so compact and portable!

You pop this bad boy on your keychain and you'll ALWAYS have an extra charge no matter where you go!

It's got enough power for up to 40% extra battery life!

So when you find yourself stranded in parts unknown... and your phone died... YOU won't feel isolated! Just pop this bad boy right in the micro-USB port you always use to charge it and you're good to go!

This thing can give you HOURS of extra lifetime!

Sync Cable For LESS!

Remember: this thing can function JUST like your ordinary sync cables too! Plug one end into a charger or your computer, and the other into your phone. BOOM! It's a full-on charging, data transferring dream!


It does MORE... it costs LESS...



If this thing could do the dishes it would be the total package!

Right on the side is a little switch that lets you activate the big, bright LED!

No batteries required, either! It uses the built-in rechargeable battery for this too! YES!

So it's charging your phone, syncing your phone, saving your phone in an emergency, and now it's a flashlight...


And there's the clincher! This IS the coolest thing... ever!

If it had a jaw-dropping price, you'd feel like you were in a dream! Well, you aren't dreaming, it really is ONLY $8.97!

WOO HOOOOO! Click that link below to get in on this deal before they're all gone!

The sale ends Thursday and these go up to $16.97!!


One Turn And Your Phone Goes FLYING Against The Window!

You Need To Stick That Thing In Place!

Here's The Easier, Safer, BETTER Way To Hold Your Stuff!

Phones, GPS, MP3 Players... ANYTHING!

Special No-Slip, Stick-On Gel Pad Holds It Firmly In Place!

(And Leaves No Gross Residue!)

We Tested It Doin' Donuts In The Parking Lot...

My GPS Didn't Move An Inch!

You Gotta Try It To Believe It!


Designed By Science... Tested By Me!

They can say what they want, but until I try something out - I don't believe it! That's why when I saw this thing, I thought to myself "No way!"

Holy cow this thing is the real McCoy! I popped it on my dash, stuck my GPS on there, and did everything I could short of joining a destruction derby to get this thing to drop my GPS... it didn't move at ALL! Not an inch, not a hair!

And there's was no mounting equipment, no screws, no suction cups involved.

After you set this down on your dash, you can angle it EXACTLY where ya need it!

Not only does it swivel a full 360 degrees around, you can even tilt the mount up or down to get this thing at the perfect eye level!

It takes all of 5 seconds to shift the orientation so even if you swap drivers all the time, any device on this thing will be 100% ready to go in a flash!

Stop fighting with screws, suction-cups, vent clips, and all those crazy devices that take 45 minutes to setup and leave a gigantic "HEY THERE'S A GPS TO STEAL IN HERE" sign on your car!

When you're gettin' out of your car with this, you can just pull this off and go about your day!

Despite all the strength it holds when you're driving, pulling it or your device off is pretty effortless!


Even though you can get one of these AMAZING mounts for just $6.97 that deal won't last forever! Get yours quick!

You only have until Thursday before the sale ends! Then these run all the way up to $14.97!!


The Best Way To Charge!

You KNOW you need a better charging solution. You've been having to unplug a bunch of stuff just to make sure your iPod, phone, MP3 player, etc don't die right when you walk out of the house.

So you say "Hey, I'm just gonna go to the big box store to get one of those GREAT wall chargers..."

Don't blow 30 bucks on a USB charger at your local Big Box Store! And don't pay even MORE at your local Cell Phone Store!

The amount of money you'd spend on on a USB charger there is RIDICULOUS!

But, if you use any kind of a USB device, this is a MUST-HAVE! This USB Wall Charger easily allows you to adapt your USB charging cable to work from any 110V AC outlet!

The awesome part is we're charging less - A WHOLE LOT LESS when compared your Big Box Store or Cell Phone Store!

Now, sure some of the chargers come with different cables and cords...but you don't need all that. All you need is the USB cable that came with your device... AND THIS!

So, all ya gotta do is plug your USB cord into the wall adapter (and the device you're using of course) and you're good to go! You can use it to charge your iPod, MP3/MP4 player, PDA or mobile phone! Talk about ease of use ~ this is going to make traveling so much easier!

Not only will this charge up two of your devices in a snap, you can use it to power devices that run off USB!

Got a USB fan? Light? Mini vac? Just pop 'em in this thing to get a quick USB device working away from your computer!

Two USB Ports Come At One Amazing Deal!

You can snag one of these handy charges for just $3.97! IS THAT INSANE OR WHAT?!

PS - The price will increase to $6.97 on Thursday so be sure to get your order in today to take advantage of the great savings!


When you really want to get into serious, powerful image editing, you’re only choice is usually Photoshop. Nothing else really comes close, so you fork out the big bucks for Photoshop.

What if I told you I found a photo editor that was was so much like Photoshop you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference?

What if I told you that it was less than $7? (For a very, VERY limited time)

And what it it worked absolutely GREAT?

Well, you guess it, I found it!

It’s Serif Photo X4 Plus and it’s all that - and MORE!

First off, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it really was Photoshop. All the main tools are there, and 90% of the controls and tools work about the as they do in Photoshop! In fact, I can REPLACE Photoshop with this - it’s that close! (It even opens Photoshop files!)


Sorry if I seem overly excited, but I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw this - for a second I thought I’d hit the wrong button and opened Photoshop on accident!

I’ve seen a LOT of great deals in my day, but this was a shocker even to me!

Check it out, it’s all there - layers, masks, brushes, red eye remover, filters, tools, and more!

Crop, straighten distort, resize, selection (lots of selection tools), brush, pencil, clone, pattern, blemish remover, scratch remover, patch tool, red eye, smudge, blur, sharpen, burn, dodge, sponge, replace color, erasers, gradient, warp, pinch, twirl, test, pen, shapes, and MORE!

Need to make an adjustment to your photo? Oh, you are TOTALLY covered!

We're talking adjustment layers for levels, curves, color balance, hue / saturation, selective color, channel mixer, gradient map, lens filters, black and white, threshold, posterize, and negative image!

Yeah, pretty much everything you'd ever need - and pretty much everything you'd find in Photoshop too!

Things like PhotoFix that gives you instant result with a LOAD of amazing presets. You can spruce up the color, add contrast, make the photo more dramatic, saturate color, or even make some quick adjustment with the handy sliders!

This ALONE is enough to process almost any image! Check it out, I turned the image below into an "old time photo":

Or things like Image Cutout that allow you to quickly remove a person from one photo and stick them in another!

In this one, I took my prom photo of my daughter and stuck her in front of a waterfall!

Or a WHOLE SLEW of amazing filters - many of which can’t be found in even the most current version of Photoshop! We're talking over 60 filers - PLUS the regular "Photo Filters" adjustment that has even MORE!

With this, you have everything you need - and probably WAY MORE - in a program that seems like an ingenious hybrid of Photoshop!

Plus, it has a really FANTASTIC help section that will show you, step by step, how to use each and every feature! Oh, and if you already know Photoshop, the learning curve is even shorter! WOW!

I’d love to list everything you can do with this, but the truth is that, like Photoshop, it's really only limited by your imagination! Pretty incredible.

Let’s face it - we all take digital photos, and sometimes they need a little editing. After all, that's one of the major perks of shooting digital!

This makes it easy to fix the color, or contrast, or maybe clone out a bit of garbage. Maybe we want to stick someone into a photo or take them out. No matter how large or small the editing task, this high-powered software can handle it - for a FRACTION of what you'd pay for Photoshop!

Not only do you get the photo editing software, but you also get an amazing FREE BONUS!

It's PanoramaPlus - a $29.99 value - and it's included FREE!

This amazing software makes it EASY to create AMAZING panoramas from your photos! (It can even do them from VIDEO!)

Included FREE!

Now, we all know how expensive Photoshop can be - and now they want you to actually PAY a monthly for a subscription to use the current version! That’s NUTS!

Look, I know this deal seems WAY to good to be true - I was blown away the first time I looked at the software too. But don't worry - it's the real thing!

Again, the price is just crazy good - we’re talking just $6.97!

That's the lowest price EVER - but ONLY for a VERY limited time! How’s that for a deal? Check it out:

PS - You’ll never find THIS much editing horsepower for this cheap ever again! This is THE best Photoshop alternative I’ve ever come across and I hope you don’t miss out. Adobe gets about 90X the price for basically the SAME THING!


Spic and Span Duster - Buy one Get one FREE- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $9.99)

Spic and Span multipurpose duster is perfect for your car, home or your electronics. With it's easy fold down handle for travel you'll never have to leave this guy behind. - Click For Full Review

Dish Squeegee- Sale Price $5.97
(Original Retail $14.99)

The Dish SqueegeeTM - it's simple, fast, and eco-friendly, making cleaning off plates, cookware, and bowls a whole lot easier, faster and more efficient! - Click For Full Review

VIBE 3-Button USB Optical Scroll Mouse - Red- Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Grab the perfect companion mouse for your system with this VIBE 3-Button USB Optical Scroll Mouse! - Click For Full Review

White Stereo Earbuds- Sale Price $0.97
(Original Retail $14.97)

The Sentry White Stereo Earbuds provide outstanding sound quality while also working to reduce the noise around you! It is perfect for use with your iPod, MP3 player, CD player, and more! - Click For Full Review

Microfiber Multipurpose Towels - Buy One Get One Free- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $18.99)

Thicker than the average microfiber cloth, these cloths are the perfect tool for dusting or cleaning. Great for dishes, sinks, countertops, electronics, tiles and walls! Buy one cloth get the second free! - Click For Full Review

Glove Box Auto Registration and Insurance Case- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Keep all of your important automobile documents safe and easily accessible with the Glove Box Auto Registration and Insurance Case! - Click For Full Review

Telescopic Back Scratcher- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Get that itch with ease with the Telescopic Back Scratcher! - Click For Full Review

Magnetic Door/Window Alarm- Sale Price $1.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Magnetic and inconspicuous Door and Window alarm allows you to protect your home and family from intruders. - Click For Full Review

Fabric Storage Cube - Sale Price $2.00
(Original Retail $26.99)

Fabric storage cubes are the perfect way to manage toys, media, office supplies and more! Storage cube easily pops open for immediate use or simply fold back down when it's not needed. - Click For Full Review

Travel Paper Soap- Sale Price $1.97
(Original Retail $12.97)

These handy travel companions dissolve in water. You get 20 biodegradable sheets per container (one container per order). - Click For Full Review

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