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- 2014-04-23

What's The Best Update For Windows 7?


It's true - the best update for Windows 7 is actually to LEARN how to use it - the right way! Hundreds and hundreds have already purchased the software below over the last two days (Thanks!!) and will soon be on their way to a better experience with Win 7.

We've already sold well over half of our stock and it's all going to be gone soon - make sure you grab your copy while you still can!

(Hint - we ALSO have some pretty sweet "under $5" deals too, so scroll on down)

Have a great day!!

~ Steve


Got Windows 7? 

It's time to get the MOST out of it! Steve here, and we have some absolutely amazing software that's going to be a godsend for EVERY Windows 7 user!

This ingenious software will show you everything you need to know about Windows 7 - in a fully interactive, easy to understand hand-on way!

There's never been a more complete and informative tutorial before... EVER.

I gave this tutorial to my friend (who claimed he's a Windows expert...) a few days later he called me back and was SHOCKED at the sheer volume of new things he never even knew he could do! It's THAT thorough!

And hey, I'll admit it...

I even found a new trick or two and I've been at this stuff for DECADES now!

If you've ever been fed up trying to get Windows 7 to work how you need it to, you are NOT alone! It doesn't matter how much experience you have with computers, every version of Windows changes so many things!

Stop the headaches and get control of your computer!

Over 170 Lessons!

YES! When we say “complete”, we mean CRAZY COMPLETE! Every nook and cranny of Windows 7 is put into an interactive, multimedia instructional to make you tech savvy.

Did I Say Multimedia?

Yep! You aren't just sitting there reading some text on the screen, you get fully-engaging audio and visual presentations that make you feel like you have Bill Gates sitting right next to you!

Check out my video demo:

Every topic and every click is covered fully so you aren't EVER confused or left guessing!

Tired of figuring out what these computer terms are? Professor Teaches Windows 7 includes a full glossary of ANY key terms it uses or you need to know.

And it features a simple list and alphabetical search to find out what you need!

It even highlights keywords you may not be familiar with during the lesson so you can quickly look them up and not fall behind!

Hands-On Learners Rejoice! I don't know about you, but I have a WAY easier time learning when I can try it myself. And that's why I LOOOOOVE  these tutorials! They don't just tell you what to do, they give you realistic simulations and have you ACTUALLY go through the process, step-by-step!

That's two HUGE advantages - One, anyone will remember better by actually performing the tasks... and two, because it's a simulation, you can't mess anything up! No risks, no worries!

Think you have it down? Take the quiz at the end of the chapter and find out for sure! If you're missing something, it's easy to go back and review. 

And with the Professor Answers quick assistance, if you forget something down the road, you'll have an informative lifeline to get you the answers you need!

There's simply no smarter or easier way to learn Windows 7.

Check Out This Small Selection of the Lessons!

  Windows 7 Basics
  Using The Desktop
  Working with Files and Folders
  Personalizing Windows 7
  Printing and Printer Features
  Working with Applications and the Internet
  Creating Shortcuts
  Working with Desktop Gadgets
  Personalizing the Desktop and Folder Settings
  Searching for Files and Folders

Wow! That's a lot of information... and this is just a tiny taste of the 170+ potential lessons!

Maybe you don't need every lesson! No problem! You are completely free to pick and choose each individual lesson! Each section covers a very specific topic, so just hit Next to skip the stuff you already know!

Oh, how long will it take? No worries - each chapter gives you an estimated time to completion!

Done with the basics? Step it up to Windows 7 ADVANCED topics! Give yourself the edge when using Windows 7 and make sure that your time at the computer is as quick and simple as you want it to be!

It's no surprise how fantastic this software is when you look at the facts: Professor Teaches has been a huge name in tutorial software for YEARS! You don't get respect like this for nothing:

I can't stress how much you get with this software. There's simply no FASTER or EASIER way to learn Windows 7! Novices and pros alike will get SO MUCH out of just a small amount of time spent with it!

You spend hours and hours with your computer - why not make those hours 100X more enjoyable by simply LEARNING how to use it better??

It really is the ultimate upgrade!!

Oh, and check out this price - it's the lowest ever! Make yourself a Windows 7 master for only $9.97 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! WOW!

PS - WARNING - This was a one-time buyout for this price and once these are gone, you'll be lucky to find this for under $35!  If you don't grab a copy quick, they might be all gone! And on Thursday the sale ends, sending the price back to $14.97


 This Deal Will Be Gone in a FLASH!

An 8 Gig Flash Drive... FOR JUST $4.97!!


EVERYONE Needs a Couple Flash Drives!

Take Your PC's Data Anywhere...


Bottom Line: Get This Before They're GONE!


This flash drive is proof that begging and pleading works! We wanted to feature a HUGE 8GB flash drive in the newsletter today, but MAN - almost EVERYONE'S price on these is just CRAZY! So, we talked to every supplier we knew and told then what we were trying to do - and we almost gave up!

But then...

One of them came to the rescue with an absolutely insane deal! So, for today ONLY, we're giving you a chance to grab a whoppin' 8GB flash drive for just
$4.97 WOW!

Do you know how much "stuff" you can put in this baby? We're talkin' thousands of files here - it has the capacity of 11 CDs! On ONE little drive!

This 8 GB flash drive is the Grand Canyon of the storage world! You can store up to...

2 7 4800 Photos
6 2000 MP3 Songs
5 24 Hours Of MPEG4 Video
4 400,000 Typical Size Documents

Massive storage in the palm of your hand!

Plus, these are some tough & durable flash drives (with a protective connector cap) so you KNOW it's gonna be good - talk about built to last!

Then to top it all off, it's the best price we've ever been able to offer on an 8GB flashdrive! $4.97 - that's insanely LOW! In fact, I was at a local Target store last night and guess what - they had a 4Gb flash drive - HALF THE SPACE - for four bucks MORE than what we want for our 8GB drive!

OfficeMax was even WORSE at $27.99 for a puny 4GB drive!! That's like paying for a large pizza and getting a small!!

I was also at Best Buy so I checked there too - and almost fell over from sticker shock! How do these people sleep at night?

We're talking BIG BUCKS for a "geek squad" 8GB flash drive - and here we are nearly giving this away for just $4.97 - and if your order is over $5 we even ship it FREE in the US!

Pass on this one and they'll have to admit you to the asylum for the financially insane!

Grab yours today:

PS - This amazing once-in-a-lifetime deal is ONLY good for today, while supplies last (which won't be long!). So don't mess around - grab yours NOW!

It's 100 Freakin' Degrees Out...

The LAST Thing You Need Is Your Water To Be Scorching!

BLECH! That's Not Refreshing At All!

You Need An Ice-Water Bottle That Keeps Your Drinks COLD!

Keep Frosty With Three Easy Steps:

Pop the Gel In Your Freezer...

...Let The Gel Get Frozen...

...Put Your Favorite Drink Inside & Enjoy For HOURS!

Keep Your Drink Cold Until It's Gone!


Keepin' Cool In The Heat Wave!

Is there ANYTHING worse than grabbing your cold drink, going to down a big gulp... only to realize the 15 minutes it's been sitting there made it 80 degrees.

And with the Summer we've been having, there's no time to mess around with warm drinks!

You want your drink cold and you want it to STAY cold.

Here's the solution: Pour it in this bottle!

If it sounds simple - that's because IT IS!

The Freezer Gel Gives Your Drink A LONG-LASTING Chill!

Honestly, this is pretty cool!

Here's how it works: There's a pack lining one side of the bottle that you can freeze! After that, you can pour whatever drink you want inside and that frozen gel will act like a gigantic reusable ice cube for ya!

So when you go outside in the 90 degree weather and don't finish your drink in 15 seconds... it'll still be cold!

Talk about a life-saver! If you do yard work, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Sometimes that bottle of water you have with you is the only thing that can keep you moving when the heatwave has you feeling like falling asleep right on your lawn!

It's great for walkers, sporting events, ANYTHING! Whatever bottle you used, this'll keep your drink cold for TWICE as long at least!

Holds Almost 17oz!!! That's half a LITER!

So not only are you gettin' a perfectly chilled beverage, you can bring a TON of it around! What's not to like about that?!

With a twist-on top and a flip-off cap, this thing DEFINITELY isn't rocket science to use so it's perfect for all ages too!

(And the cap is even tethered to the bottle so if you're lettin' your kids use it, you don't have to worry about losing parts of it!)

The only thing that could make this deal cooler is a sweet deal - so how about $4.97 with FREE US SHIPPING on any order over $5?! YES!!!

The price'll be $8.97 Thursday when the sale ends - don't delay!



You thought you'd NEVER see another jaw-dropping memory card sale after that last one, right?


There were a TON of people who missed out last time so I've been hunting high and low to find another deal like that one...


The SanDisk 8GB Class 6 SDHC cards are HERE! You're getting a second chance! Even if you DID get in last time, you can NEVER have too much memory!

I did everything I could to get this one - please don't let this opportunity pass you up! If these last through the day, I'll be surprised!

Here's the deal: Our supplier just got some factory refurbished SanDisk 8GB SD cards - and let me tell ya, they are CHEAP! Take a look...

These are class 6 SDHC SanDisk cards - EXACTLY what you need for just about every digital camera on the market, plus a TON of different MP3 players, video cameras, digital recorders, and more. They can hold around 4000+ photos, 2000 songs, and hours and hours of video.

Truth is, I think pretty much everyone has SOMETHING that needs an SD card - and these fit the bill - and did I mention they were cheap?

Plus, these are top of the line SanDisk, so even as a refurb, you know they’ll be reliable and last a LONG time... Like YEARS.

Since these are Class 6, that also means they are pretty darn fast! That means less wait time when your camera’s buffer gets full before you can start shooting again AND it's the most affordable card you can get that STILL records high-def video! And, not sure if I mentioned it or not, but yeah, these are crazy cheap!

Plus, these are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof - perfect for all your adventures! And cheap too :)

OK, I’ve left you in suspense long enough. Everyone who has purchased an 8GB SD card knows they’re expensive - generally between $20~30 dollars (or more), depending on where you buy and who has what on sale.

How about $4.97? Oops - I hope you were sitting down for that, but I did warn you these were cheap! Get yours here:

PS - This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on a MIND-BLOWING deal for some top of the line SanDisk 8GB cards - and you KNOW you’ll end up wishing you had one (or two) this summer.

Don’t mess around - these ARE going to go fast. Hurry before someone snatches up YOUR card(s)! (I already grabbed a few for myself!)


The Most A-PEEL-ing Kitchen Tool Ever!

Say Goodbye To Sore Hands

Hello To Perfectly Peeled Vegetables and Fruit Every Time

Durable Stainless Steel Blades! Rubberized Comfort Grip!

Faster... Safer... More Comfortable!

2 Fantastic Hand Peelers...1 Low Price

This hand peeler has got to be the most a-PEEL-ing kitchen helper I've ever seen! You have to HAND it to whoever came up with this one. Okay, enough with the CORN-y jokes...

Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself. But I want to tell you about this totally cool little kitchen device that has changed my attitude in the kitchen.

Now, doctors say we're all supposed to eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day, which fortunately isn't a problem for me because I love fruits and vegetables, as long as they're fresh.

What I hate is prepping them. I hate peeling! Ever since I was little kid and my mom handed me a vegetable peeler to take care of some potatoes.

I nicked my knuckles with the blade and holding the handle in my hand for so long made my fingers stiff and sore. Not to mention that I was initially holding it by the blade when I tried to peel...but that's a whole different story. (One my mother loves to tell people)

When it comes to veggies and fruits, if I can avoid peeling it, I do. But that doesn't always work. You don't want a carrot with the peel on it or an apple pie with apple skins inside. (YUCK!) And if you want really smooth mashed potatoes, those peels have to come off.

Meet my new best friend! This amazing hand peeler slides right on your finger and rests against the palm of your hand. You have TOTAL CONTROL while you're peeling. And that means that peeling goes FASTER. I mean way faster...  You'll be matching the speeds of those TV chefs. Grab a potato and start making a back and forth scrubbing motion. ZIP... BOOM...BAM! You are DONE!

Check out the durable stainless steel blades. They only take off that thin layer of peel and leave your expensive fruits and vegetables intact. And if you want paper thin slices for salads, quick-cooking soups or kettle style potato and vegetable chips... this is the tool for you!

Oh and let's not forget the COMFORT FACTOR! If you're starting to get a little arthritis in your hands, (and eventually we all will) you will really appreciate how much easier this is to use that an old-fashioned peeler. The SUPER-SOFT rubberized top makes it so easy to grip and the finger grips are completely adjustable to fit almost any hand.

Faster... way more comfortable... Plus completely compact for easy storage in a drawer!

Peel mountains of potatoes in a flash, zest oranges, lemons and limes, zip through a bushel of apples at record speed!

And you won't be too tired to eat all that good food! Plus your hand will still be able to hold a fork.

So how much would you be willing to pay for the PERFECT Addition to your kitchen? What if I told you that you get TWO of these outstanding hand peelers? How about I throw in FREE U.S. SHIPPING on any order over $5? How does $4.97 sound? You're probably already clicking on the store link below to buy a set. While you're at it, grab more than one. Believe me, you will thank me when Thanksgiving rolls around again.

These will be gone faster than you can peel a potato with one of them. Grab them before Thursday , because if any are left, the price jumps back to $10.97 !

You Can't See Anything In This Weather!

Windshield Wipers Can't Do The Job Alone!

Repel-It Windshield Treatment Clears Things Up!

Convenient Wipe Lasts For Up To Six Months! No Streaking!

Car Dealers Charge Outrageous Prices For This Treatment

We've Got It For Under $5 !

You know how it is, you're driving in the rain and it looks like someone is throwing buckets of water right onto your windshield. Your windshield wipers are doing the best they can, but you still can't see a thing. IT IS DANGEROUS!

And it's not like those wipers are falling apart, you just bought them. And if you're out driving on the highway with big trucks throwing water back at you, it can be pretty darn scary.

The solutions is Repel-It Windshield Treatment. It makes your windshield hydrophobic. That means water (and the grime and gunk that can splash up on your windshield with it) will bead up  and make it much easier for your windshield wipers to swoop it away.

It's not just rain that will stay away... Dust and bugs are much easier to clean off.

EVEN SNOW AND ICE will be easier to take off.

Where I live, there's a saying. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. We get it all. Rain, snow, ice, sleet... We'll go from 70 degrees and rain on Wednesday to 20 degrees and snow on Friday. And let me tell you, I end up doing a lot of driving not matter what the weather is like. This treatment is absolutely perfect.

Look at the difference it makes!

                                    TREATED                         UNTREATED


You could have it done at your car dealer, but look what they charge you! I grabbed this shot from an actual car dealer's website. the price starts at $29.95 and you know how they love to tack on extras.  

Repel-It Windshield Treatment is only $4.97 !

 This durable treatment can last for up to six months! Plus it's a wipe, so it's super easy and convenient to apply to your windshield.

Not only will this improve your vision, your wipers will last longer because they'll have a lot less work to do.

There's no bottles or applicators to fuss with! Just open the convenient package and apply the treatment with the disposable wipe for streak-free protection!

We managed to get a special deal on these, so we've got a limited quantity and at $4.97 , they won't last long.

And if your order is over $5, you get FREE US Shipping!

So click the store link below and get yours now!

Hurry! If we have any left on Thursday , the price will jump back up to $8.97 !


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