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- 2015-11-25

Have you EVER said to yourself: "Boy, I wish I knew what to do with all these USB ports!"


Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is always on the hunt for more USB ports. They're one of the most popular pieces of real estate on your computer... almost ANY device needs one nowadays!

You've got your mouse plugged in, a keyboard, your webcam, a card reader, a flash drive, an external hard drive, maybe a USB fan, your phone, your MP3 player, your GPS...

Whether it's charging, syncing, or updating... those ports are LOADED!

So you're crawling around, unplugging this and moving that, trying to get ANY port open so you can charge up your MP3 player.


You just multiplied a USB port times FOUR!


It just takes ONE USB port and makes it usable with up to FOUR devices.

That's practically magic!

You know why I love these things? I'm always taking my laptop on the go, but at home, I LOVE to plug in a real keyboard and mouse.

Instead of having to plug a bunch of stuff in every time I sit down... I just keep them plugged into my hub! And then, when I sit down, I plug the hub in and I'm good to go!

So you can always make sure your devices can plug in, no matter what angle or size they are!


But that's not all!

This hub is SPECIAL - it has tips for EVERY kind of USB device!

You see, some mobile devices don't use regular USB ports. They have "mini" or "micro" ones. If you have an MP3 player or older device, it might use the "Mini" type plug.

And your modern smartphones or tablets? They definitely use micro-USB.


This hub covers them ALL!

So you're getting 4 times the ports.

With all 3 types of modern USB connectors.

In a flexible, 'any angle you need' style.

And it just takes 2 seconds to plug in.

Could this get ANY better?

Duh - of course it could! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE DEAL!

These insane little multi-function hubs are ONLY $4.97!

Quick, the link is just below - click it to get in on this deal while supplies last!

You GOTTA head over to the store before Thursday - or else this sale will be over and these go up to $12.97!!

If you take one look at your phone, tablet, laptop, or monitor when it's off then you KNOW it needs to be cleaned.

Whether it's oily smudge marks from your fingers...

...dust and grime from travel or being left sitting for a while...

...or mystery spots and specks that you DEFINITELY want gone...

See, there's two HUGE mistakes that almost everyone makes when it comes to cleaning their electronics: they think chemical sprays are fine, or they think they can just use a paper towel.

NO and NO!

First off: harsh chemicals are NOT designed for sensitive surfaces, especially when it comes to your touchscreen devices.

All it takes is one mistake to turn your brand new smartphone into a huge, expensive paperweight.

Nobody wants that.

And paper towels? Sure, they seem soft, but they're STILL too tough for these gentle screens.

If you've ever ruined a pair of glasses with a paper towel, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Paper towels WILL permanently scratch your screens.


And it's ONLY $6.97

SERIOUSLY - $6.97 and you're ALL set!

You get TWO awesome parts.

What's it do? Well, it takes ALL that stuff that normally builds up on your phone surface or other device and gets rid of it.

We're talking all the skin oils, the smudges, the smears, the dust, the dirt, and even BACTERIA and GERMS.

It doesn't matter what you have your device, the Cleaning Formula will make sure it's gone.

This'll leave your device SPOTLESS and germ-free.

No more blurry screens, no more of that weird rainbow-color oil smear just from your hands. Just a clean screen.

(You might consider searching online for information about how GROSS touchscreens really are. Statistically, they have more bacteria on them than TOILET SEATS! the cleaning formula cleans that up too, so your phone isn't just visually clean, it's practically sterilized!)

Remember what I said about paper towels? I wouldn't just leave you hanging!

Microfiber isn't just a great way to clean electronics, it's practically the ONLY recommended material to do it with!

The unique design of microfiber makes them excel where other cleaning materials fail.

They clean deeper, they clean more thoroughly, and they do it all without EVER risking even the slightest scratch.


You get the cleaning formula, which will last you AGES and keep any of your devices clear, crisp, and clean.

Plus, you get a microfiber cloth too that would probably retail for about $5 MINIMUM, but averages about $10.

But if you grab this kit RIGHT now, you get them both for just $6.97!

That's gotta be at least a $15-20 value for a fraction of the price.

The ONLY limitation on these is the available quantity. You HAVE to act fast, last time I sold these, we had to pull the plug the very next day!


It's Simple...

You've got cables.

They're disorganized.

You want them organized.


With a few simple flicks of the wrist you'll have your cable tied up neatly! The rubber design grips the cords and makes sure that they don't come undone.

You can release some of the cord (or maybe all of it) with a simple tug! You can have as much or little of the cable as you need!

It takes just seconds, and can make an office or  computer area cluttered with headphone cords, and charging cables looking incredibly clean!

Okay, so maybe appearances don't matter to you: it's also going to keep your cords safe!

Any cable or cord that's just lying around is at risk of getting rolled over, stepped on, or just plain lost.

3 different sizes make sure that all of your cables and cords will have a new home!

You don't want to have to run out and buy a $15 cable because you accidentally sliced it with your office chair!

Protect your cords, get organized, and do it all for the SUPER-LOW price of $4.97! This is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Click The Link Below To Order Yours Today!

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