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- 2014-08-23

It's Enormous! And Cheaper Than Ever!

Hey everyone, Steve here. You just gotta check out the deal we have on a whoppin' 64GB flashdrive! It's - BY FAR - the best deal we've EVER had on a flash drive!

So much bang-for-the-buck it's make your head spin! Lowest price ever too!

PLUS - there's a couple more surprises below, so make sure you scroll down and see everything. You (really) don't want to miss out :)



It's an UNBELIEVABLE 24 hour deal on a HUGE 64GB Super Talent Flash Drive!

Yeah - you read that right - 64 tremendous gigabytes of speedy USB flash drive bliss!

It's the largest flash drive we've ever offered - and just wait till you see the price! WOW!

Get Ready...

Let's Face It - Files Keep Getting Bigger and Bigger...

And You Need Storage That'll Keep Up!

Think about - photos keep getting more megapixels, video keeps getting higher def, even word docs and spread sheets are growing in size!

With 64GB, not only are you storing documents and spreadsheets, you're FINALLY able to store large quantities of high resolution photos, HD videos, and music! Even use it in place of an external hard drive!

Plus, with 64GB available, 95% of computer users could literally use this to backup ALL their data.

Just imagine - you could carry JUST this flash drive and have access to ALL your data wherever you have a computer handy! Home, friend / family / office! It's your new office!

Hey! Don't just TELL folks about your vacation - Keep this baby with you and SHOW 'em all the photos and video!




With 64GB of space, this flash drive really can go where no flash drive has ever gone before! It's a PERFECT backup device AND it's FANTASTIC for transporting ALL your files!

Holds 16,000 songs, 12,0000 photos, and up to 20 hours+ of video! (assuming average file sizes)


Extra Computer Storage

Most people think of flash drives as just a way to move files, but once they get this large, they become something MORE - like an external HD!

Think about it - this massive 64GB monster is probably all you need for extra storage! And it's WAY better on space than those bulky external HDs!

Just plug it into your computer and you've instantly added 64GB of storage! SMART!


Lifetime Warranty

Whoa - you read that right! This 64GB whopper also have a LIFETIME limited warranty too!



Just wait till you see the deal on this - you're gonna FLIP!

Are you ready for this? Here's a few sample prices - kind of high huh?


You can get this bad boy for just $32.97 and US shipping is FREE! Talk about a no-brainer! Check it out NOW:

Watch out - the sale ends Monday, but hey - they may just sell out first!! (Price is heading back up to $39.97)



Ever tried to enjoy a nice night outside? After all, the weather is finally warm enough!

But there's one big problem... those mosquitoes. They're around every corner!

You step outside, and before you can even close the door behind you...


There's one. Then two. Then a dozen of them!

So how do you deal with them? Hopefully not sprays and chemicals!

In fact, I have to say, bug spray is one of the WORST solutions!

In addition to all the obvious things that we all hate about it, it's potentially dangerous!

Prolonged use can even lead to severe skin conditions, rashes, or burns! The National Institute of Health has an ENTIRE article dedicated to the potential hazards of bug spray!

"Persons who use very high concentrations of DEET [the chemical used in most bug spray] on their skin over a long period of time may have more severe skin reactions that include blistering, burning, and permanent scars of the skin."

What are you other options?!

Bug zappers? The mosquitoes are all over you, they don't care about some silly light! And mosquito nets are terrible - you went outside to enjoy some SPACE, not to be confined in a net!

Look, you can enjoy your outside WITHOUT mosquitoes, nasty chemicals, or useless zappers!



It's not even 5" tall and keeps your area completely bug free!

It has 3 frequencies that it emits that keep mosquitoes from coming anywhere NEAR you!

Two of the frequencies keep female mosquitoes away by mimicing the sound of males. (If you didn't know, only female mosquitoes are after your blood... meaning no more bites!)

But if that wasn't enough, it ALSO emits a sound that mimics the dragonfly: the mosquito's natural predator!

So any of the little blood-suckers that weren't scared before?

Oh yeah, they're hightailing it out of there now!


See, these freqencies are loud and clear to mosquitoes... but to you? Practically nothing! Chances are you won't hear a thing!

So you can avoid the sticky bug spray WITHOUT making any tradeoffs! In fact, it's completely safe for people, kids, even pets! Only mosquitoes are gonna be annoyed by this!

That's a win-win if you ask me!

Speaking of a win, check THIS out!


This is perfect for decks, patios, backyards, camping, even social events! Cover a HUGE area!

So if you're on the go, pop some batteries in this bad boy and you can put it anywhere! At less than 5 inches tall, there's no place this won't fit!

But if you're at home, feel free to plug this into any outlet and BAM! No batteries, no mosquitoes! YEAH BABY!

Keep The Bugs At Bay For CHEAP!

Only $14.97 and you don't have to worry about those nasty, itchy bites all over your limbs! That's a great deal to finally take back your yard and LITERALLY save your skin!

Grab 'em below, but be quick! Last time we ran these, they COMPLETELY sold out!

Warning: I wasn't kidding - these ALWAYS sell out! And if you wait until Monday the last few will cost $21.97 anyway!


You don't have a webcam?!

Then you aren't getting the most of out of your computer or laptop that you could! Honestly, if there's ONE device (besides a mouse and keyboard) that you'll get the most out of, it's a webcam!

Why? Because it's like they bring you anywhere in the world!

If you're away on vacation and missing the family?

Working on important job duties and need to conference with the boss? No need to drive to the office, just open a quick webcam chat!

Are your kids or parents on the other side of the state? Country? Planet? THE WEBCAM "BRINGS" THEM TO YOU!

Heck, you can even use a webcam for making YouTube videos, recording home movies, or just taking quick snapshots to show off your new gadget, outfit, or hairstyle!

And the best part?

It's FREE to use! With all the instant messaging programs like Skype and Gmail video chat, you can use that webcam without having to pay an extra dime!

Remember when long-distance chatting used to cost a fortune?

The trick to enjoying your webcam... is NOT using the one that came built into your laptop!

You think "Oh boy! I get a free webcam!" but then you go to use it and realize that you can't even tell where it's capturing its image from! Even in decent light, it looks like nothing more than a pixelated shadow!

It's almost funny how bad they are!

And in low-light or no-light shots... they don't even work!

This webcam is better, brighter, and more versatile than whatever archaic one you've got!

And if you don't have one at all, well... you're missing out BIG time! After having a webcam, you'll realize how essential they really are!

Oh, and I should mention...

Once you plug this webcam in to a USB port... you're done! Windows may pop up and let you know about it, but you won't have to install anything extra! No strange programs or difficult drivers!

Is that cool or what?!


This camera is amazing - that's why you'll find it at other stores for prices like this...

Of course, if you're looking for an awesome camera AND a good price, just get it here!


By this time tomorrow, they might be all gone though... so follow the link below!

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