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Nexus Dock

In the past we have run many different types of Desktop Enhancements. Well, I was browsing for new programs out there and found one that I just could not pass up. It’s called Nexus Dock, and it is completely FREE!


After you install the program, it starts pinned to the top of your desktop. This can easily be changed, as can a lot of features of this program. A tips window is also installed, and runs on first launch. It’s very useful in getting used to navigating the different features of the program.


You’ll notice that Nexus Dock displays a series of icons that include: The Start Menu, Time and Date, Recycle Bin, CPU Meter, The Weather, RAM Meter, Firefox, and a Screen Capture Tool (these may be slightly different, depending on your machine). By one simple left click I was able to launch each one of these applications. By right clicking on them I could view a menu that had many options available for that specific icon. You can remove the icon from the dock, or simply change the preferences for it. Adding an icon to this dock was as simple as everything else – you simply drag it from your desktop into any position you want and you’re all set!

The best part about this program is that everything is customizable with just a few simple clicks. You can change so many features I could not even begin to list them all here. Just download and see for yourself!


So, if you’re always looking to change things up on your computer I would recommend giving Nexus Dock a try. Click here [4] to give it a shot!