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Nitro Reader – Best Free PDF Software

PDF is a document format used on the web and by companies to transit product guides, manuals, brochures and other documents in a format that can be universally read and will print exactly as the person sending it intends. The most common reader for PDF documents is Adobe Reader available here [1]. The problem with Adobe Reader is it’s basically just a viewer. You can’t use it to edit, create or extract text or images from the files. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a free PDF viewer to do all of that?

Nitro Reader is the software of your dreams if you work with PDF documents or want to start working with them. What does Nitro Reader do for you? Let’s go over a basic list of features:

All of that for free? You bet. The software is simple to install. Click here [2] to download Nitro Reader and run the program and you’ll be walked through the setup. When you open Nitro Reader¬†for the first time you’ll be prompted to make it the default program for your PDF files. The program interface itself is very simple with a Home, Advanced and Help tab at the top.

Using the features is as simple as clicking one of the menu options such as Add Note and typing your note or Type Text and clicking where you want to start typing the text.¬†Once you’ve added a note or added text you can click the save button to save the PDF file or go to the File menu for more options.

The create from file option is really fantastic because it lets you create a PDF file from many popular formats including pictures, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Click Create from file then select your file you want to create a PDF from by clicking the browse button and locating the file. You can then choose 3 different size options (Print for large files/high quality, Office ready for medium file sizes and Web ready for smallest possible file) and click create.

One final feature I’ll go over in this review is the print to PDF feature which lets you create a PDF from anything you can print using the built in print driver. Once Nitro Reader is installed you’ll see an option in the print dialog of any windows application for a Nitro PDF Creator printer. Selecting that printer will send the document to the PDF printer and ask you where to put the output PDF file once you click print. This will allow you to make anything you can print into a PDF document you can share.

Nitro Reader is free but does offer a paid Pro version which offers OCR (optical character recognition), form editing and more file formats for $99 but I believe the free version will suit most peoples needs.

You can read more about Nitro Reader and download it by clicking here [3].