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No Access: Why?

No Access: Why?

Have you ever tried to access a certain Web site and weren’t able to get through? I mean, no matter what you did, you just could not get access into the site. If this has happened to you before, I’m guessing that it happened while you were either at work or maybe even at a school. Here’s why I’m so confident in my accusation.

A lot of workplaces and most all schools have a different security setup for their computers than most of us have on our home PCs. They also usually set up a more strict access control and firewall plan for their network. The Web sites that are most affected by those standards are chat sites, blog sites, certain personal e-mail clients, etc. Basically, if a certain site seems to be inappropriate for a school or the workplace, it’s going to be blocked.

The guidelines are placed on those computers to help protect employees and students from using the computers improperly. It’s really done for the safety of all who use the computers in either the work area or at a school. Also, it’s best not to try to get past the security measures, because most of the PCs are tracked and you could put yourself at risk to be fired or, if it applies, kicked out of school. So, if you’ve been wondering why you couldn’t access some Web sites, this is why. That’s just the way it is!

~ Erin