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No Can Do

No Can Do

Ever since I mentioned the trick you can do with music in your e-mails when using Outlook Express, many of you have been asking me if you can do the same in other e-mail programs, such as AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird. I’ve e-mailed several of you back letting you know that I wasn’t sure if it could be done in any other program besides OE, but that I would look into it and see what I could find.

Well, I have done that and I unfortunately, have some bad news. I wasn’t able to get this trick to work in any other e-mail program. I tried all of the ones listed above and they just don’t offer the feature. I of course, was a little disappointed, because I knew it would be cool to come back and tell you all how to do it, but it’s just not available.

You can still add pictures and attach music files, but you cannot add the music to the background of your e-mails. Maybe these other e-mail clients will soon create something like this for their own programs, but until then, all we can do is wait. But, if you use OE, have fun adding music to your e-mails. It’s a new and exciting way to send e-mail that you surely don’t want to pass up!

~ Erin

P.S. – If anyone can prove me wrong on this tip, I gladly welcome it!