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No Horizontal Scroll in Page Layout View

What’s your preferred View when working in MS Word?

If it’s the Print / Page Layout view then you don’t have a clue about what I’m about to ask, but for the rest of you…

Do you find that when working in MS Word you’re constantly scrolling left and right to see all of your text?

Maybe your monitor isn’t as wide as you would like or maybe you have to use a couple of programs windows side-by-side and it causes some issues with the amount of text you can see.

Whatever the case, you find yourself wishing that you could avoid the left right movement.

Good news! Microsoft has thought of this one and we can set Word to wrap text within the document window – you just have to know where to make the choice.

Let’s start with older versions of Word:

First step is the Tools menu, Options choice.

On the View tab, bottom section check “Wrap to window“.

Click OK.

Using Word 2007? No problem.

You go to the Office Button, Word Options button.

In the Advanced Options category, “Show document content” section, select the “Show text wrapped within the document window” checkbox.

Click OK.

That’s it – now when you’re working with a document in a document window that isn’t as wide as you’d like Word will give you a helping hand by wrapping for only the space you can see.

Oh, and no worries – there won’t be any consequences for your printed document – this one is all about what you can see.