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No More Mouse Wake Up

When I’m going to be away from my computer for a little while, I usually just put it to sleep rather than shut it down. This comes in pretty handy, but because my mouse is so sensitive, if I even so much as tap my desk the computer wakes right up again. This is because my mouse is set up to wake my computer if I move it.

So today we’re going to learn how to disable that in Windows 7.

Click Start, and in the Search Box type Mouse. Select the mouse icon that appears in the results above or just hit Enter.

After the Mouse Properties window appears, select the Hardware tab and click on Properties at the bottom.

Click the Power Management tab. If you don’t see it, then click the Change Settings button at the bottom of the Window.


Now simply deselect the option to Allow this device to wake the computer, click OK and you’re all set! Instead of using the mouse to wake your PC from sleep, just tap a key on your keyboard instead!


Don’t like it this way? Just follow the steps again and re-select Allow this device to wake the computer.