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No More Saving One at a Time

No More Saving One at a Time

Tired of saving e-mail attachments one at a time in MS Outlook?

I mean, you have to save them all, but who wants to go through opening each one and saving them separately? Not me! So, how can you expedite the situation and save them all in one quick move?

That’s a good question and fortunately, I have a good answer!

Here’s the scoop on saving many attachments (to the same folder location) with one swift move.

First, select the e-mail that has the attachments to be saved.

Next, you’ll need the File menu, Save Attachments submenu.

When the submenu opens, it will list all of the attachments and at the bottom, you should see a choice for All Attachments. Go ahead and select it.

The Save All Attachments dialogue window will then open, allowing you to modify your choice from “All” to just some of the files. You may need to use the Ctrl key to deselect something if you really weren’t looking to save all of them.

When you’ve made sure the highlighted list represents the files you need to save, click OK.

A window will then appear that works just like all of the windows where you save files. Navigate to the folder where the files should be saved and click OK.

That’s it! They’ve all been saved with one quick process.

Now, obviously, that method puts all of the files into one location. If you have different locations for different groups of attachments, you will need to repeat the process and select different files to save each time.

Save one, save two or save them all. It’s up to you now!

~ April