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No More Suggestions

No More Suggestions

So, you’re working in MS Outlook. You’re getting ready to send that e-mail and as you quickly glance it over, all of the sudden, you say, “Now, what’s that in the To field”?

Not the address you thought you’d put there?

Ever notice that Outlook is always suggesting an address as you start typing? Did you ever end up with an unintended address, because you accidentally chose one of those suggestions?

While many people like the suggestions, not everyone does!

If you’re in that second group of people, then maybe you’d like to know how to tell Outlook to keep its suggestions to itself.


No problem.

We’re looking for the Tools menu, Options choice.

Now, we need the Preferences tab, E-mail Options button.

Once in the E-mail Options, we need the Advanced E-mail Options button.

At this point, you need to uncheck the “Suggest names while completing To, Cc and Bcc fields.”

To complete the change, simply click OK three times to back out into Outlook.

Voila! No more suggestions, no more accidental addresses. Yes!

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