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OpenOffice.org Writer: No Page Number on the First Page

When you set your OpenOffice.org Writer documents to have footers with page numbers, you’ve probably noticed that every page is numbered.

Which sounds great, unless you aren’t looking to number the first page… which can often be the case with many different types of documents.

If you try to go into the footer of the first page and delete the page number then it will delete it for the whole document.

Oops! We just made the problem worse, not better.

Now what?

I suppose that we could choose to put the page number field inside the regular body of the pages – not in a footer – but that’s not where they belong… and you’ll have to insert it manually on each page.

No… too much work.

Fortunately, there’s now a better option.

I’ve stumbled across an extension for Writer that will actually create a Page Number choice in the Insert menu. It’s called Pagination [1] and I love it!

Once installed and you access it (Insert menu, Page Number) you’ll get a dialog box like this one:


As you can see, from this one dialog box you can put a page number in the header or footer from this one location, change the page number type, set the starting page number and, most importantly, tell Writer to not number the first page!

Problem solved – Yeah!

~ April