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No Pictures In My Yahoo E-mail

Mitzi from Florida writes:

I switched to the new Yahoo! e-mail and now I’m not getting pictures in some e-mails, but not all of them.  Also, some things are ending up in the spam folder that aren’t spam. How can I get the pictures back?

Mitiz, it’s probably a default setting designed to protect you from images you don’t want to see. But we can change it easily.  Let’s start by opening your Yahoo! Inbox. Click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

Now choose Mail options from the drop-down menu. Or you can select the Options tab at the top of your inbox.


Make sure you have General selected under Mail Options on the far left:


You’ll see a variety of options for your mail settings.


Scroll down to Spam Protection.


You most likely have Show images in emails only from my contacts and certified senders selected. From the drop-down menu, choose Always except in Spam folder. Images will be displayed in any message that isn’t classified as Spam.


If a message you wish to view turns up in the Spam folder, here’s how to take care of that. Open the message and select Actions. From the drop-down menu, choose Add to contacts.  Messages from that sender will now go into your inbox with images displayed.


 ~ Cynthia