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No Send All In Outlook.com?

Richard from Philadelphia asks:

In Outlook.com how can you mail to all in your address book at once?

There is no send-all in Outlook.com. However you can easily create groups.  Here’s how to do it.

Click on the arrow next to Outlook in the far right corner.

Then choose People.

You’ll see a list of your contacts.

Select the contacts you wish to add to the group by ticking the box beside his or her name. The selected contacts will appear to the right.


When you have selected everyone you wish to add, choose Save as a Group.



Name your group


Then choose Save


As you add new contacts, you’ll need to edit the list to add them to the group.

When you create a new e-mail, click To to choose the recipients.

Then type the name of your group.

Select the group as the message recipient.

But I will suggest that users ask themselves if they really need a send-all group. Unless it’s something major like a change of e-mail address or perhaps telling someone that the user has passed away, very few e-mails would need to go to everyone on your contact list. A better solution might be to create smaller groups like family, friends, business associates or people that share a common interest with you.

~ Cynthia