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No Spell Check In Outlook.com

C E from Mobile AL writes:

There was a red line under misspelled words in Hotmail, now Outlook does not underline misspelled words, I get a message that says I have misspelled words, but they do not underline them to let me know what the words are.

Answer: The issue could be with browser you are using to view Outlook. When I compose a message using Internet Explorer I have the option of a spell check.

When I use Firefox or Chrome, there is no spell check option offered.

That’s because if your browser has a built-in spell check it will override Outlook.com’s and do the spell checking for you.  As you can see, the misspelled words in this message composed using Internet Explorer are underlined in red.

If your browser has a built-in spell check, the method of notification may be a message instead of a red underline. If you are using another browser, you might want to try opening Outlook.com in Internet Explorer to see if that helps.

~ Cynthia