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Northwest Waterfall Survey

Waterfalls are one of my favorite things existing out in nature, and whether they are big or small they always fill me with wonder. So I was thrilled when I found a waterfall database filled with images and reviews of waterfalls.

You’ll want to start navigating the site by either clicking here [1], or scrolling down and clicking the Start Here link. It will explain how the waterfalls are named, the icons used on the site, the rating system, photographs, physical location, location and directions, mapping, locating additional nearby waterfalls, additional resources, posting comments, and the FAQ. The page literally tells you everything that you need to know about navigating the site.

To browse by State, just select Washington, Oregon, or Idaho from the navigational strip at the top of the page. Mousing over them will make drop down lists appear to narrow the location down with, or you can click them and go to that State’s page.

On the main page you’ll find the most recent Headline for the site, as well as older posts, and poll. You’ll also find two of my favorite categories:

Best of the Northwest – here you will find one hundred of the highest rated waterfalls on this site. This is a great way to tour the waterfalls. The ones in tan do not have pictures with them, but they were still quite interesting to read about. The ones in the blueish-grey color have images, and let me warn you that they are breathtaking! I spent all afternoon here just browsing the falls in this section.

Waterfall Photography – has this site made you want to go find a waterfall near you, or visit one of the ones on the site? It sure made me want to. But that also means you might want to take photos of your own. I certainly do! I love that the site provides tips for photographing waterfalls. You’ll find those tips in this section.

This site has a wonderful assortment of waterfalls for you to see, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out today!