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Norton Removal Tool

Norton Removal Tool

This week’s download is not the most exciting piece of software you’ll ever see, but you may find it very useful, nonetheless. In all my years as a tech, Symantec has dominated the PC security market with their Norton line of antivirus software, among other security based applications. The products are very good, which is the reason the company has stayed on top for so long. There has however, been one problem that, in my opinion, has plagued the company’s software and that is the ability to properly remove it from one’s PC.

I have seen it time and time again. A piece of Norton software (usually the antivirus program) simply does not uninstall. Sure, it will appear as though it uninstalls, but the next time you reboot your computer, you get some error message, because Norton cannot launch like it should. Well, of course it can’t launch normally. Half of the components of the program have been removed and the other half are looking for them. This situation has cost me plenty of frustrating hours over numerous machines. It’s literally come to the point where, if I have to uninstall a Norton product, I perform the procedure like a neurosurgeon, methodically going over every process in order for a smooth hassle free removal.

For me, I know what’s going on and the program doesn’t throw me too many curve balls anymore, but for your everyday user, this can seem like a routine uninstall until the next reboot, which is where you notice the orphaned processes of an uninstalled Norton. The bad thing is that if you choose to install another Norton program or antivirus solution, you are going to have to remove the old Norton in order to proceed. This can cause problems when the new antivirus install still sees the Norton as being installed. This consequently blocks you from installing your new antivirus software. This can take a seemingly normal uninstall and make it an absolutely long, boring and frustrating process.

Since everyone who has owned a PC seems to have had the Norton antivirus program at some point in their life of computer exposure, I thought the pick for the download would be great. Now, after a long winded introduction, I will finally reveal it. It’s called the Norton Removal Tool and it can take all the worrying out of removing your Norton products.

The Norton Removal Tool is small, easy to use download. Just double click on the icon and watch it take care of business. The Removal Tool can handle not only antivirus software, but a slew of Symantec’s more popular programs as well, including these:

There really is nothing to it either. After it reboots your system, you should be ready to perform the install of your new antivirus solution, without the error message from Norton continually showing up.

So, if you have a Norton product on your PC, this is the tool you’ll want to use when it’s time to remove it. It will give you no problems. It’s fast and most importantly, it’s complete. The Norton Removal Tool can put the age old Norton uninstall issue to bed, once and for all.

There are two versions of the Removal Tool available. Choose the one that is right for your machine and get started. You can find a complete set of instructions, as well as, the downloads for both the Windows Vista/XP/2000 and the download for ME/98 here.

~ Chad Stelnicki