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Not the Usual Paper

Not the Usual Paper

Have you ever tried to print something from MS Word onto a special sized piece of paper? Maybe you’re printing an invitation, announcement or something similar.

If so, how did it go?

For those of you who answered something along the lines of “not so good,” let’s take a look and see what other solution we can come up with.

First, I’m sure you took the time to set the proper paper size and orientation in Word. (If not, you need to make the necessary adjustments in the Page Setup/Page Layout section of the program).

What’s that you say? You did that, but you still had trouble?

That could be because you have to set the printer properties to the correct paper size as well. That’s easy though!

You can do that in the Print dialogue window (Ctrl + P).

When you get there, click on the Properties button.

At this point, things will differ depending on the type of printer you use. You simply need to locate the paper size and set it to match what you specified in Word.

Click OK to go back to the Print dialogue window.

From there, you should be able to print anything your little heart desires!

~ April