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Now Where Did I Put That File? What Did I Call It?

Now Where Did I Put That File? What Did I Call It?

Ever find yourself wondering these exact things?

I know I have and it’s a big pain when I’ve lost something I’ve recently worked on but can’t seem to relocate.

If you’ve gone through this, then you already know how quickly files seem to rotate off the Recently Used File list at the bottom of the File menu.

Then what do you do?

Well—if you’re using Office 97 (as I often find myself doing) then I really don’t know—I haven’t found a good answer there. Possibly it may do to increase the size of the list of files as the bottom of the File menu. (See the April 16, 2002 issue in our archives at http://www.worldstart.com/archives/index.htm [1] for instructions concerning the recently used file list.)

But… if you’re using a newer version of the Office Suite then there is a solution. (Yeah!)

Next time you’re searching for that file that is just “on the tip of your tongue”, or your fingers in this case, try going to File menu, Open choice. (Or Ctrl + O for my keyboard enthusiasts.)

When you get to the Open window you’re looking for the History folder on the left side. See it?


Click the History folder.

You’ll find a more complete list of the things you’ve recently opened. (The last 36 files or folders to be exact.) You can double click on a file name to open it or double click a folder to see it’s contents.

And that’s it!

This may not stop all your “forgetting” problems but it might be a step in the right direction.

~ April