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Now, Where Did I Save It?

Now, Where Did I Save It?

Here’s a tip idea that stems from a reader question! Specifically, she’s looking to put the file name in the footer of an MS Word 2007 document and she can’t seem to locate that option in the new program.

So, let’s go search for the file name field for Word 2007’s footers.

First, you need to create the document’s footer. That can be done under the Insert tab on the ribbon, Footer button.

Once you’re in the footer, under Header and Footer Tools, the Design tab will open.

From that tab, choose the Quick Parts button.

Choose Field from the Quick Parts list.

In the Field dialogue window, choose FileName in the left column.

In the middle column, choose the formatting you want Word to use for the file name.

Finally, in the right column, be sure to check the “Add path to file name” checkbox if you want the entire location of the file in the footer. Without that option checked, you’ll only get the file name and not the actual location where it was saved.

Click OK to save your choices and return to the document’s footer.

Voila. You’ll never have to wonder where you saved a file again!

~ April