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Now Why Are These Columns Numbered?

Now Why Are These Columns Numbered?

Here’s a little tidbit that comes from a reader question.

The reader was having difficulty with the Excel labeling of the columns. Instead of letters for column headers, she had numbers!


(Did you notice the cell name given in the corner? Obviously not what most of us are used to.)

It was driving her crazy since it didn’t match the other systems she worked on at school and / or work.

So – what’s the deal here? Is the one system just “out of whack” or what?

Can it be “fixed”?

Good questions! (Thanks for asking since it brings me to the answer – which we all knew I was going to give anyway.)

Yes – it can be fixed. (Yeah!)

To retrieve our beloved letter headings simply begin with the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options window you’re looking for the General tab.


Now uncheck the R1C1 reference style box.

Click OK.

And Poof!

Your missing letters have been returned.

If only everything could be so easy to retrieve.