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Nudge in MS PowerPoint

We all know that with an object selected (such as a shape, picture, textbox, etc…) you can use the arrow keys in PowerPoint to nudge them around the slide.

Basically, the amount of movement you get depends upon the grid size setting. The larger the grid spacing is set to be the bigger the nudge the arrow keys will give your object.

But what about the times when the arrow key nudges are still too big?

We could try the drag and drop idea but if you’re really working in a detailed manner then this probably won’t cut it.

You’ve got to ask yourself, is there a way to still use the arrow keys to nudge objects but decrease the size of that nudge?

Of course the answer is yes so here’s what you need to know…

While the arrow keys nudge using the grid setting size, Ctrl + the arrow keys nudge the object a very tiny amount, regardless of the grid size settings.

That’s all there is to it.

To control the “nudge” in more detail just add a little control… or control key, as the case may be.