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Number MS Word Tables Quick!

Often I find myself working with a table in MS Word and trying to number each row… whether it be that I’m creating an answer sheet of some sort for my students or just a table of data where I need the entries numbered.

It seems that I’m forever typing 1, down arrow, 2, down arrow, 3, down arrow… and on and on and on…

And, at times I’m tempted to use Excel for such things just because I can fill the numbers down without all the extra work. The problem with that idea is that often what I’m placing in the table really works better in Word.

… So, I forgo the easy Excel numbering in favor of the abilities I need from Word.

Or not…

Here’s a great tip for my Word table users who need the rows (or, for that matter, columns) numbered on a regular basis:

Use Word’s Numbering feature, yep – the one we use for lists of text – it works in tables too!

Start by highlighting the cells (row, column, group of cells) that need to be numbered.

Now click the Numbering button



Cells are numbered without a lot of effort on your part.

Oh, and I should add that adjusting the settings (such as starting number or number type) is business as usual.

Whatever the situation, start numbering at 203, roman numerals, a table with 150 rows… No Problem!