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Numbered Lists in Word

So, I’m sure you all know about Word’s ability to create numbered and lettered lists.

I’m also equally certain that you’ve had Word take over a list or two and do the numbering for you, once the program noticed the pattern.

So, here’s my question for today: Did you know that there are a variety of formats that Word will mimic as it continues the numbering or lettering of your list items?

Yep, that’s right. Word will continue lists in more formats than just the old standby:

A. xxxxxxx
B. xxxxxxx
C. xxxxxxx

Word will also continue numbering/lettering automatically in other formats, such as:


In addition to the upper and lowercase letters, you can use numbers and Roman numerals in them. Word will “take the hint” and continue to maintain your formatting choice, no matter how you’ve chosen to label the list items.

If you’ve got a formatting idea for your list numbers/letters, I suggest you give this a try. Word may just surprise you and decide to play along!

~ April